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Prison Break Finale Recap

Prison Break Finale Recap: Eyes on the Prize — Plus, Get the Latest Word on Season 6 ('Ideas Are Percolating')

Proving himself to be as crafty as ever, Prison Break‘s Michael Scofield uncorked a few very cool tricks in the name of sinking Poseidon in the Fox revival’s ninth and final hour.

But before we moved forward, we rewound a bit, to the six minutes prior to the gunshot that splattered blood on the lake house’s front door window. It turns out that Jacob had been in the cellar with Van Gogh and a tied-up Sara, struggling to argue his case to his thoroughly disenfranchised wife — resorting to striking her at one point. By the time Michael has “re”-united with his son, Jacob has driven off, while Van Gogh headed upstairs to try to talk A&W out of popping their prey. A&W sees no way out of 21 Void, though, so she paints the door with Van Gogh’s blood.

In the mayhem that follows, Michael sends Mikey outside to run to his Uncle Linc, while Sara cuts free her rope ties and arrives upstairs in time to KO A&W and save Michael’s bacon. Alas, so much bad news awaits them outside: Mikey ran into Jacob’s waiting arms/car, while Lincoln is found shot, by Abruzzi’s men.

After rushing Lincoln to the hospital, Michael and Sara regroup with Whip and his dad (!) T-Bag, whom Michael tasks with “forcing Jacob to let go” of the iron grip he has on them. Meanwhile, Jacob’s computer wonk dives into the code embedded within the “eye” tattoos on Michael’s palms. They’re interrupted when Michael calls and makes his demands crystal clear: turn over the boy, or die. Having already introduced some suspicions about the man claiming to be Michael Scofield, Jacob puts the phone on speaker, so Mikey can hear the threats. The lad buys into it, warning the caller to “stay away from my dad!” — words that rocks Michael to his core on the other end of the line, while igniting the “killing gene” inside T-Bag.

Michael sends T-Bag and Whip to collect a “wild card” whom Jacob doesn’t know about, while Jacob tracks his phone to the zoo and the computer wonk slowly decrypts the code, which spells out the quote, “NEVER INTERRUPT YOUR ENEMY WHEN HE’S MAKING A MISTAKE.” Inside the zoo, Jacob recalls Michael saying years ago, “It’s what’s behind the eyes that counts” — just as Michael, having continued on to the university lair, reveals the back of his hands to be tattooed with Jacob’s face, allowing him to fool the bunker scanner. Inside, Michael rounds up enough evidence to send his nemesis away forever, he tells Jacob over the phone. The gents agree to make a trade the next evening at a shipyard warehouse, while T-Bag and Whip pay a visit to the “wild card” aka “Blue Hawaii,” a meticulous artist. At the hospital, Sara leans on a dying Van Gogh for any clue to her son’s whereabouts, ultimately finding and freeing him, with help from Lincoln.

At the shipyard, Michael pulls a gun on Jacob, only to have it taken away when A&W gets the drop on him. Whip then shows up, only to have his gun shot out of his hands by A&W. All of this while the FBI closes in on the leaked location of “Kaniel Outis.” When Whip snaps and lunges at A&W, he takes a bullet in his belly. T-Bag responds by snapping A&W’s neck, just before the feds arrive and his newfound son soon fades away.

Michael leads Jacob on a chase through shadows, but is ultimately felled by his own gun, which Jacob took earlier. But something is odd about this whole denouement, including how Michael stopped to slip on a coat, and the snowy ground onto which he collapsed. Looking around, Jacob realizes that he has walked into a full-size “diorama” of the cabin exterior where he executed CIA deputy director Harlan Gaines. Michael, shot with blanks, has just caught on camera the footage needed to recreate the deleted part that incriminates Jacob, to “re-frame” him for a murder he actually committed. And just as Jacob starts to lay out his plan to expose Michael’s set-up, the truck which it is housed inside of simply drives away, while Michael beats Jacob to a pulp before getting hauled away by the feds.

Questioned by the CIA director, Michael spells out his activities for the past seven years, including how Jacob framed him for Gaines’ murder. And though the CIA director points to possible holes in the evidence — including Gaines’ blood, from the jar Whip found tied to the buoy, planted inside Jacob’s office — Michael has nothing to worry about, seeing as computer wonk Nelson flipped on Poseidon and 21 Void. Heck, the CIA even wants to offer a job to Michael, a man with such a particular skill set. Michael defers, but asks for one favor….

The finale’s coda is a mix of light and dark — first showing us Michael and Linc picnicking with Sara, Mikey and Sheba and without a care in the world. We then see what fate awaits Jacob inside no less than Fox River, where his cellmate is, of course, T-Bag.

Click over to Page 2 for our Q&A with co-showrunner Vaun Wilmott, who weighs in on the revival’s highs and lows as well as teases the Season 6 plan. Plus, grade the revival!

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  1. Mark Green says:

    What an amazing episode and more than I could have ever hoped for

    There really doesn’t need to be a new season as this one tied everything up perfectly and I would hope the amazing writers wouldn’t sacrifice a great story for $$$$

  2. Diane says:

    I just wish the last two scenes were switched in order. The ending was too abrupt and should have ended with the happy family.

  3. Gospino says:

    I’m not picking any nits. I just enjoyed having the show back. Another season would be great.

  4. WS says:

    I found much of this season to be kindof dull and repetitive of what happened in previous seasons.. They really dont need to go back to it again… much as i like the characters to continue to find prisons for them to break out of strains the credibility.

    • Gospino says:

      They don’t have to break out of a prison every season. In the show’s original run, only seasons 1 and 3 centered around breakouts.

      • WS says:

        Season 2 was them on the run after their break and season 4 was an incomprehensible mess.

        • Gospino says:

          I agree that s4 was bad, but that doesn’t do anything to change my point that a season doesn’t have to revolve around a breakout. (And S2 was pretty good and was an on-the-run season.) The writers really just need to come up with a good idea that warrants another season, which I think is very possible. If the show does end now, though, it’s a much better conclusion than the one we originally got, IMO. Michael dying was a real kick in the teeth.

          • michaelA says:

            I wouldn’t call it bad. Just off the path from the previous years. But I still watched the entire run! And I would again!

        • Boone says:

          I agree. Season 2 was a good “on the run” season and season 4 a really unforgettable mess.

  5. Chad drenald says:

    Never want this show to end, love the actors and actresses, love the plots and story behind every episode, every season. Really great show

  6. Moozy says:

    I’m extremely happy with the finale. Michael’s “Love you” to Linc was the cherry on top of the sundae. The Final Break movie left a sour taste in my mouth, but this made up for it. I would love a two hour movie of this in the future. But, no more taking Michael away from his family. We could see him doing some work for the CIA.

  7. Alex says:

    Honestly, it was the best episode of the revival. It was amazing! Michael’s plan was pure genius!! Exactly in line with what he showed he is capable of during the original run. That made up for the mistakes he made earlier in the revival. It showed he is human. I was blown away by that plan. The face tattoo, the re-framing diorama, using T-Bag, the blood, and getting Mike…WOWZA! Also, I never thought I would be sadden on the death of such a new character but Whip…that was so emotional. I can’t believe they killed him off. That was sooooo sad. The few grips I had were that they never did address the tumor and the rushed ending. The co-show runner didn’t even answer that question about his tumor when asked!!!! They dropped the ball on that one. I don’t care what they say, there was room for one line about it! Sara is the type of wife to ask “oh, what is the deal with that fatal tumor?”. I will never know why they cut the original end down to 9 episodes. If they kept it at 10 then they could’ve had a little more Sucre like he said AND stretched out the ending out! WHY WAS THERE NO REUNION WITH SARA AND MIKE??? That alone should have been enough persuasion to get them to make 10 episodes! That ending scene with them having a picnic was nice but no interaction with Michael and his son??? No final kiss between Sara and Michael? They couldn’t have at least made this episode 15 minutes longer to add a more in depth ending to that!? Whatever. All in all I was very pleased with what they gave us! I was so worried prior to its return and I can honestly say they did it justice! Any true die hard fan in love with the characters and the show will have appreciated this revival despite some flaws here and there! WHO ELSE IS EXCITED FOR SEASON 6???? If it happens. It sure looks like it will at this point. “Ideas are percolating” fellow Prison Break fans. Hopefully, I will be back commenting about another great (FULL) season in a few years!

  8. It was good, but I still felt shorthchanged by the lack of Michael;/Sara

  9. simba says:

    when the CIA guy offers michael a job and he refuses and then michael says that there is onething you can do for me, what was that one thing?

  10. kaliber says:

    Please don’t put things like “Who died?” in your headline at the top of the front page. West coast folks haven’t watched yet. I should be able to scroll through the page and not be spoiled on something major like that.

  11. Ruth says:

    Love it more season great story and I love all the characters.

  12. Joey Padron says:

    Season finale was really good. Michael played Jacob good. Glad got his son back and have his freedom for real this time. So glad Lincolin didn’t die. Sad Whip died. Poor T-Bag, good he got his revenge. Glad it had a happy ending. Glad the producers are thinking ideas for season 6. So happy the show got to come back.

  13. PatriciaLee says:

    I hope they show Michael as the architectural genius, again, next time. I’m bummed about Kellerman dying. Maybe, they can reveal some deep op, where he is still alive. The husband liked the season, but he wished they had included the rest of the team in the last episode, too.

  14. Casey says:

    Yet no resolution or consolation for Sucre and his “inflatables” that were blown up on the cargo ship??? He spent his life savings on them and literally and figuratively burned his only employment bridge! What was the point of those silly details, hahahahaha.

  15. Steve Davis says:

    So we never really got an explanation on Michael’s brain tumor coming back in the series finale / Final Break. Also, what was up with Sucre having a criminal record. everyone from the finale got an exoneration. This season suffered from lazy writing and the plot was predictable. The finale was the only episode with somewhat impressive twists.

    • Adawa says:

      probably Sucre’s crimes that got him in Fox River in the first place. don’t see a reason why he should have gotten a pardon for that.
      and the brain tumor returning probably was a fake as part of Michael faking his death.

  16. Brenda Park says:

    I would love Prison Break to renew for season 6

  17. Jane says:

    I enjoyed it, and yes, the last episode made the entire run end beautifully. All the intricacies I expected were there, especially the tattoos! Had my money on T-Bag taking the bullet, not Whip. But yes, a nice ending for the T-Bag. What I did love, and I have always loved, is how we have been taken on a journey with T-Bag. The most loathsome and vile man, and yet this season I’ve been rooting for him so hard. Well done, and if the ideas percolate right, a season 6. If not, we can be satisfied with this ending, and we can jedi mind wipe the end of season 4.

    • Gift says:

      Jane it’s nice too know u watch this show too. It’s​ really a beautiful ending. But I didn’t like that T-bag’s son died. But it’s all good.

  18. Dominique says:

    the prison break revival has certainly been a lot better than most other revivals lately, even though it had some serious weak plot points. not a fan of them trying to redeem t-bag somehow, his scenes with whip felt very out of place. this man is a murderer, rapist, torturer. i don’t feel comfortable with the level of redemption he was given. his final scene with jacob on the otherhand was excellent, couldn’t have asked for anything better!
    i’m otherwise happy with how the show wrapped everything up, although i still stand by my earlier statements that sucre should’ve been given a lot more to do, and kellerman should not have died (in my head, he isn’t dead. he’s just once gaain running things from behind the scenes).
    i just wish whip wouldn;t have died. he was the most fascinating new addition to this show, he’s very volatile but interesting and i would have loved to have seen more him in any possible season 6. his death felt very much like it was a set up, and he would just turn out to be alive as part of michael’s plan.

  19. Misty Williams says:

    Prison Break is the best show that’s ever been on TV. Keep the seasons coming please! Loved season 5 but knowing how great the writers and actors are, I’m certain they can come up with several more exciting seasons!!!

  20. Boone says:

    It was a really good season. i’m okay with it being the ending though. Thank you Paul Scheuring ! :)

  21. Leesa says:

    What a terrific episode! I just loved how Michael outsmarted the hateful Jacob. It was great to see Michael give the evil Jacob a beat down. T-bag had changed for the better this season and became likable but understandably seeing his son fatally wounded by that horrible A and W brought out the killer in him. Cheers to T-Bag for snapping that ladies neck… It was funny how Jacob was in the same cell as T-Bag and that most likely was the favor that Michael asked for , how funny……The final moments should been with Sara and Michael having a picnic with their child. I loved this show from the very first episode and it would be fabulous if there are more seasons.

  22. MLO says:

    Not sure I understand why T-Bag is back in prison… He was fighting for the ‘good’ side. What did I miss?

    • di Francesco says:

      I think hes not incarcerated based on a crime, but actually a CIA plant sent to Poseidon ro kill/torture him

      I think he is “free” also, just undercover for a possible season 6

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Well, he killed A&W….

      • MLO says:

        Yes, but A&W was the bad ‘girl’. He killed her in self defense…sorta.

        • Leesa says:

          MLO, I agree with ya , A and W got what she had coming to her…. T-Bag killed her because she killed his son .. T-Bag did what most parents would have done…..

        • Bwhit says:

          The authorities didn’t know that, she didn’t even know… she thought that she was acting on the CIA’s orders because of Jacob. To the people that arrested him, he killed a CIA operative just like when Sara killed Christina, a seemingly innocent woman on paper. They didn’t have the full picture and it was still murder no matter what they had on her afterwards.

    • Leesa says:

      I don’t understand why T-Bag got sent back to prison either. I’m hoping we will find out in season 6. Hopefully.

  23. Christine says:

    I hope there is a season 6 so we can see the interaction between Sara and Mike. I was hoping to see more of that through out the season.
    Also want to see what happens to Poseidan in jail with T-Bag. I love Whip, maybe they can “save him” at the hospital and he can come back for season 7. I liked their story line and sad that it only played out in the last 2 episodes.
    I love how Michael and Lincoln work together through everything. It shows that Family comes first. Didn’t like how the show ended with all of them at the park and Michael not even interacting with Sara or Mike. Maybe that can be the start to season 7!!

  24. Wrstlgirl says:

    My only wish, and I can’t believe I’m saying this because I usually feel the opposite, but I hope that if there is another season that they do more episodes and slow the story down a little bit. Some parts of this seemed really rushed like I would have liked to have seen more of Sara and Michael’s *ahem* reunion, I mean they hardly even seemed affectionate towards each other. More of Michael and Mike. Definitely need more of Sucre. But I really loved this revival, it was nice to see the gang again. A sad ending for T-Bag and Whip, especially, but loved that Jacob ended up in a cell with T-Bag. Is is wrong how much I love Theodore Bagwell.

  25. Ernie Banks Busagwa says:

    I really missed mr. Mahone’s tactics in season 5 i hope to see him in season 6 am watching from Kampala Uganda the pearl of Africa

  26. Gina says:

    I thought it was great!! They definitely needed more time at the end. It would have been nice to see Sarah and Michael kiss and talk to his son. I was disappointed
    That they never said what happened to LJ or Sophia.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Sofia was covered last week.

    • Catherine says:

      I know right!? I’m glad to see I’m not the only one thinking this way. I liked the revival overall, but these are some of the issues I have with it (apart from the plotholes). There really should have been a sweet scene between Michael, Sarah and their son. I also can’t believe they didn’t mention LJ, and that they thought it wasn’t necessary to address him. Really? He’s Lincoln’s son! We get to hear Lincoln talk about Sofia (!), how they broke up and it made him go back to his old ways, but didn’t think to mention what happened to his SON (and wouldn’t Michael ask his brother where his nephew is???)? Maybe Lincoln could have said LJ settled down with someone and didn’t want to have contact with him until he was out of trouble to not put him or his girlfriend/wife in danger. It would have been so easy and quick to solve this problem,…

  27. jlz says:

    I enjoyed having Prison Break back on but I feel the ending was rushed and a bit predictable. I think the writers tried to pack 20 episodes into the entire season. I felt like all of the characters were making guests appearances because they didn’t have time to develop a reason for everyone to be together. A little bit of C-note here, a little Sucre there…it wasn’t cohesive enough for me. With that said, I enjoyed having PB back on my screen and loved seeing the brothers together which is the focus and star of the show. If they do bring PB in the future, I hope it is well though out and highlights the group dynamic not just bits and pieces. It was great to have it back though in any form just for the memories.

    PS. Poor T-Bag can’t catch a break….out of jail finally, new hand, found out he had a kid…..kid dies, back in jail. Michael owes him now.

  28. Bwhit says:

    I loved that the last bit of dialogue was Michael telling Linc he loves him. Michael started this whole thing to save his brother and Linc didn’t stop once he found out Michael could be alive. As for Jacob, I’m happy he didn’t die and hopefully Tbag didn’t kill him because he deserves to be tortured everyday for what he did to the Scofields.

  29. body says:

    it is a happy ending than the last ending
    but we need more seson that LJ there and all the family there and need more appearance of the original actors .. sucre . te_bag..
    and it wiil be need to show the small details

  30. Tonia says:

    Hope there is a season 6th

  31. Wrstlgirl says:

    Question….did they ever explain how Michael paid for or got that Doc to do the surgery that gave T-Bag the robot hand?? Overall that’s really the only thing that bugs me.

  32. I tuned in, having not seen the original PB series, which I am now binge-watching via Netflix. Nit-the show needs to tell us what has happened to LJ.

  33. Ann says:

    Yes I have some quibbles too (mainly I love William Fichter/Mahone too) but overall I loved it. You just need to fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. I think they did an excellent job in 9 episodes and I’m sure they would’ve loved 13-20 to be able to tell their story but it’s the network that makes those decisions. We’re lucky we got what we did. They were actually planning on 10 but had to cut back which they said greatly affected the storytelling. But bravo to the location shoots, special effects and overall production value.

  34. Ben says:

    Why was T-Bag in jail at the end? He killed someone who was guilty so shouldn’t he be free?

  35. Nate Marshall says:

    Having this show been given the breath of life again was a complete thrill from start to finish! I was so not ready for it to end; here’s to hoping FOX will be gracious enough to keep PB fans happy another season!

  36. Tschack says:

    T-Bag going back to prison and the death of his son were stupid things in the finale

  37. willyjaya says:

    ha ha ha ha….
    let’s see for the next season 6 with the title is “to escape and release the T-BAG from FOX RIVER”

  38. Drew says:

    What I wonder is why t bag is bacl in prison. They didn’t witness him snap her neck and even if they had he did it in self defense from her pointing a gun at him.

  39. Biren says:

    Why did T Bag go to jail. He killed A&W in self defense?

  40. L says:

    love it, Love it…. At least there was light at the end for Michael , Sara and Mikey. I would like to see a season 6. I would like to submit some ideas

  41. michaelA says:

    Favorite part of the last episode……..where Jacob gets put in jail and those feet came down from the upper bunk followed by T-Bag jumping to the ground. The look on T-Bag’s face was perfect! I watched that 3 times. I’m going to watch the whole last episode one more time. And I will be waiting for that last scene. Enjoyed the whole season.

  42. Bri says:

    It was perfection.

    Only thing I didn’t like is the forced romance. I mean, Lincoln always ends up with the damsel-in-distress and they always have zero chemistry. (He had more chemistry with Gretchen than with Sofia.) And nine episodes is not enough to waste even seconds on lovesick glances.

    And I’m too old now to write fanfics but after every episode, I ran the story over in my head, always finding things for Mahone to do. Sorrynotsorry.

  43. kerry edwards says:

    There just simply as to be more of prison break i can’ t get enough of it would like to if seen the future of Micheal, Sara and there son the whole cast amazing

  44. Chris says:

    So I’m the only one that isn’t asking why mike didn’t get t-bag freed when what he did was as a favor to mike and the cause as a whole? I didn’t like that part!

  45. helena says:

    i want a T-bag spin off!!!

  46. Kamrul Islam says:


  47. Wait but what about Sucre and LJ??? Will we not know what happened with them? We didnt see LJ the entire season!