The 100 Season 5 Spoilers

The 100 Promotes Tasya Teles (Echo) to Series Regular in Season 5

Like her or not, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Echo when The 100 returns for Season 5.

POST MORTEMThe 100 Boss Explains Finale’s ‘Reboot’ Ending, Introduces Clarke’s Daughter(?) and Shares Major Season 5 Scoop

The polarizing character’s portrayer, Tasya Teles, has been promoted to series regular, reports. Echo was last seen blasting off into space with Bellamy, Raven, etc. during Wednesday’s fourth season finale, “Praimfaya.”

Echo was first introduced as a prisoner in Mount Weather towards the end of The CW drama’s second season, and has maintained a tenuous connection to Clarke and Co. ever since. Despite being one of the “good” (or at least “better”) characters, Echo has been known to behave erratically, occasionally dipping her toe in the betrayal pond.

Most recently, she broke the rules of the conclave, shooting Ilian in the neck with an arrow — an act that forced Octavia to give her new friend (with benefits) a heartbreaking mercy kill. (Would Octavia have had to kill Ilian eventually? Sure. But that doesn’t necessarily make Echo’s actions any less shady.)

But because The 100 giveth and taketh away, Season 4 said goodbye to several former series regulars, including Devon Bostick (Jasper) and Zach McGowan (Roan). And as TVLine exclusively reported a few weeks ago, Isaiah Washington will not return full-time as Jaha.

Your thoughts on Echo becoming a more permanent fixture in these characters’ lives? Anyone hoping (or fearing) that she’ll strike up a relationship with someone previously mentioned in this article? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. z says:

    I wonder if the actress playing Emori will be a regular too, same with Harper.

  2. Upon reflecting on the finale, I made a sad realisation. When we next return to the bunker, Abby will be severely disabled. She wasn’t able to cure herself, as Raven never told her how to reverse the condition. Kane thought he was doing the right thing by saving her but the reality is, he’s just condemned her to live with the condition that will only worsen. I bet when Clarke finally reunites with her, Abby won’t even know who she is.
    So glad, Echo is a regular now though! I just hope they do the same with Emori now too!

    • RedReddington says:

      They dropped a line in the finale basically saying that at least Raven was able to tell Abby how to cure herself. I’m pretty sure Abby will be fine.

      • Who said this? I’ve rewound a few times and can’t see/hear that line anywhere!

        • TVFan says:

          Raven says it.

          • so the comment has been changed to give details of the cure for Abbys injured brain.
            thats nice but….really. they have taken a few leaps with the show already. blood typing has to be a lot more involved. was the arc left in space or forced to the ground. Mayas immune system would have been altered. should have survived until they could suit her up.
            as far as Echo goes-will she be loyal or rogue? shes always been hard to pin down.

        • RedReddington says:

          Bellamy says it to Clarke at the 10ish minute mark when they’re talking on the balcony.

          • I just saw it. I don’t know what’s more depressing – the scenario I described or the fact that they so lazily dismissed a storyline like that! The whole thing was such an ordeal for Raven and then they just sweep it under the carpet in Abby’s regard. Still my favourite show though!

          • Dayzie says:

            I love bellamy and clark they need to let them get together already …i have enjoyed every season…i like echo but she needs to find herself before anything ….let the new season begin already…

          • Alex says:

            No Bellamy is not right for Clarke and besides, Lexa will always be her soulmate. I like the fact they gave Clarke a little Lexa junior and that Clarke is going back to her grounder form which I think is the real her. Bellamy is xenophobic and he shouldn’t interfere with Clarke raising that child.

      • i never saw that either. the only reference to that problem was Raven telling Abby that she knew how and would fix her. that was 6yrs ago. lets hope Abby figured it out.
        all in all It will be interesting to see how they all managed.

  3. Also, why did they make a point of telling us that this new colony are nightbloods? I wonder if this means that any non-nightblood/ solar radiation people won’t be able to survive on the ground? Maybe by season 5, Echo will have solar radiation inside her because she’s… pregnant with Bellamy’s baby! Maybe the people in the bunker will need to harvest the blood of nightbloods…like a certain mountain! So many theories! This wait is going to be painful…

    • Gaby says:

      What are you talking about? The only nightbloods around now are clarke and her adoptive daughter. I don’t understand why people keep confusing this, it’s just clarke and the kid on the ground right now, that’s why she says she keeps talking to the radio to stay sane, because there’s no one else around except her and the kid.
      When she talks “we” she means the girl and herself, and in the end she tells the kid to load the guns, the kid asks “all of them?” and clarke answers “all of them” talking about the guns, but people keep thinking they’re talking about other people with clarke, it’s not, they’re talking about guns, even the show runners have said that clarke has spend the last 6 years alone with her new daughter.

      • Sophia says:

        @Gabby the people in the ship are nightbloods….Becca gave the nightblood to prisoners that would be sent to space and that same prisoner ship with the prisoners offspring are landing infront of Clarke the last few minutes of the last episode. Abby spoke of this in episode 5 when Raven was hallucinating.

      • What are YOU talking about? I never said anything about “all of them”! I know that Clarke and the kid are the only people on the ground.
        I was talking about the new prisoners. Why did the show feel the need to tell us they are nightbloods? I’m excited because there must be something significant about that fact.

        • i think the reason they talk of being nightbloods just explains how the little girl managed to survive.
          I cant wait to see Bellamys reaction when he sees her alive. the reunion should be good. i think Clark might find she has a sibbling.

    • I can see Bellamy and Echo together. He thinks Clarke is dead, so he has a choice between Raven and Echo. Echo has kind of a thing for bellamy. we shall see.
      perhaps the radiation readings are too high for the sky and bunker ppl to survive. i wondered how they grounders would manage as they were weaker than the sky ppl.

  4. Dominique says:

    i have so many mixed feelings baout this character, cause i feel like she COULD be great, but instead all they do is use are as an obstacle for other people’s storylines. she was constantly messing with roan’s head, disagreeing with him at every turn, she betrayed the 13 clans by joining the fight, and i’m sure she’ll be used as a foil for bellarke now that she’s been in space with bellamy for over 6 years. i hope her becoming a regular means more will happen with her character now.
    if they did this just to have a prominent azgeda character than they never should’ve killed off roan. still pissed about that one.

    • I thin you’re selling her a bit short! Sure, most of her storylines revolved around others (which is generally the role of supporting characters anyway) but she’s still managed to be a fierce and interesting character within those stories and in her own right. She self-actualizes all the time so it’s not like she’s just a storyline-puppet anyway. She also went a striking journey of growth since the day we met her. I’m excited to see her return!
      I doubt that she’s just been promoted so that they can have a prominent Azgeda character because I don’t think individual clans matter anymore. Everybody is Wonkru now, regardless of what clan they came from. I suspect they’ll drop the whole 12 clans/flame/grounder mythology story now because they’ve all had to unite in the bunker and must all band together against the new threat.

    • Keshia says:

      I’m pissed that they killed Roan too……..they NEVER should have done that.

  5. Emily says:

    I’m 99% sure we’re getting Becho next season. And there go my hopes of her dying.

  6. Lysh says:

    I’m sure space might change her but I two t be hard to forget how terrible she was before the time jump.

  7. Sawyer says:

    Wow, Harper, Miller and Emori should have been promoted before Echo/Becho. Oh well. I don’t hate Echo, she is interesting. I really dig Harper and Miller they are part of the original 100. Emori is shrewd one perfect for Murphy.

  8. Klaussays says:

    Echo has done no worse than any other character on this show.

  9. Ilianna says:

    Great news! I love Echo as a character.

  10. Annie says:

    Becho will rise. Or Braven will rise. Either is good! :D

  11. Max says:

    My only response to anyone left on this sinking ship that is The 100;


    • Michelle says:

      Get over it and move on. Go watch your “Heda” on her show Fear The Walking Dead. Its done. Leave the people who work on the show and fans who enjoy it alone. Stop spamming articles of The 100 with Lexa. Shes dead. It sucka but shes dead. Move on.

      • Max says:

        Why would I do that, Alicia Clark and Fear the Walking Dead are trash because that’s NOT Lexa and neither is the actress. And no you can’t tell us what to do. Lexa was the best character on this show and Jason and the blorkers shouldn’t be awarded for the baiting by Jason who targeted online lgbt communities to boost the ratings of this dump and the blorkers in majority openly find the fact that women can be together utterly distasteful. No show deserves respect or reward for that prejudice and he and people like you are paying the price now. And FYI Lexa was a brilliant role model for helping people and her trend last night went in the top ten Worldwide for 2 hours solid and did far better, gaining more views even than the 100 finale did this season. So no we won’t be oppressed, Jason’s two fingered move from how he further disgraced her character this season was swiftly returned and sorry but I sincerely hope your show crashes and burns now. Lexa is more famous than it, that’s a fact and NOBODY can or should even bother trying to replace her.

        • Rook says:

          It’s a tv show dude, chill. If you have that much of a negative reaction to it don’t watch. I couldn’t stand Scandal this season so I stopped watching and it’s all good.

          • Maia says:

            Rook you are missing the point completely. Obviously people have indeed stopped watching, hence the falling ratings. But this is not just a case of disliking a show. What Jason Rothenberg did and continues to do is inexcusable. He treated an lgbt storyline very badly and on his Twitter he manipulated and played mind games on the run up to it and led people astray purposefully. He also sent Shawna Benson to lgbt online communities to recruit viewers for ratings and plug it. And now despite how much that character means to people, he continues to be disrespectful and honestly season 4 in itself was just one big slap in the face to both the fans and Alycia Debnam Carey who put blood sweat and tears into a character he stripped apart and attempted to replace time and time again unsuccessfully. I don’t think you actually realise the impact of what he has done and how huge Lexa is. The whole Briller thing which he eventually discarded quick enough was nothing but a marketing ploy and a defensive strategy so that he couldn’t be labelled as anti lgbt but in the end, he handles that badly too. And apparently if you are bisexual, his view of that means you have sex with anyone. Disgusting. On top of that he is trying to portray the message than only a man and woman relationship can successfully survive, also he rewards Bellarkers who have been openly homophobic, saying things like Clarke shouldn’t be sleeping with women it’s wrong. So no Rook-this is more than just a little sci fi teen show because the unprofessional actions of the producer, the baiting that went on for ratings and the disgusting attitudes of the remaining fans is absolutely appauling. I agree with what Max said, that kind of thing shouldn’t be rewarded. Both lgbt, Lexa and just general viewers who supported them have left and it is hurting the show. But this show is anything but harmless and just not watching is no good. Lexa and her influence deserves to be remembered as she helps people and was a very unique character ini that way. And people won’t stop protesting and they won’t move on until this show is dead and gone and I completely understand why, for that reason I only read up on it now too.

          • Rook says:

            Yeah you just seem to want to argue about how this person is horrible and I just watch the show for fun. Plus I don’t want to read all that so…. pass. Maybe try reddit??

          • Max says:

            Rook just like many people care about the source of where their food comes from, people also care about the source of where their media consumption comes from. And Jason Rothenberg is a toxic source. I don’t know what your attempts at pawning people off to reddit are because you are just continuing to be oppressive as you want to be entertained and don’t want to know about who this show is hurting. But you can’t oppress anyone and people have the right to speak out and voice their opinion that actually this show doesn’t deserve to think it has only people that root for it after what has happened. So we will speak out and no we have no desire to go to reddit to pander to the like of you.You receive too much of that from Jason as is.

        • Linda says:

          I completely agree. Lexa was definitely one the best characters on this show and she was one of my favorites. I really wish they didn’t kill her off so early like that and Alycia was so good playing Lexa. Wish they would bring her back also. She’ll always be the true Heda.

          • Geez… she was not killed off because of her sexuality, nor was she killed off just to progress plot points. She was killed off, because she chose to take another role on another show as a main character and when that show was picked up, she had to leave due to schedule conflicts. Yes, I mean Fear the Walking Dead.

            Bottom line is her contract was coming to an end anyway and she chose to leave the show, because her other show was picked up on AMC. So they had to write her off the show in a way that would move the story forward. That’s show biz… actors and actresses want to do different roles all the time and they move from project to project.

        • LogicalMadman says:

          Puh-lease! They didn’t kill her because shes a lez, they killed her to advance the storyline, just like they’ve done for plenty of hetero relationships on the show. You think she sound get special treatment just because she likes the furry goblet? I’m pretty far on the right politically myself, but to be honest I miss her too because every time I see 2 girls making out or in bed on that show it makes me insanely horny. And the Lexa-Clarke relationship was built up so much I knew that the moment they actually hooked up Lexa was going to die, and the writers certainly didn’t waste any time afterwards. They’re following the old Joss Whedon trope of “happiness is not allowed.”

      • Papia says:

        You are right. Most of the people leave your people who work for the show and thats why the rating this season was close to 0.2 and the viewers close to 800000. Last season the rating was 0.6 (s3x06) and the viewers was 1.5 mil). Except the season finale which is obvious all the rating dropped with each episode. Hope that make sense for you that why so many people still recall Lexa even after 1 year of her death. I don’t think people will remember of any so called regular character of the 100 after one year although they are in the show for 5 years.

        • Maia says:

          I agree, I think the impact shows, especially since people were dropping off anyway due to other characters (the grounders mainly) getting killed off and the fact the narrative has become poor in general, I mean Alie, a second apocalypse and a reboot is absolutely poor writing. Season 2 was by far the best. The nightblood child of Clarke’s would have been interesting had they not just wasted yet another season of pure diarrhoea and chasing our tails. Lexa will not be forgotten because she was such a strong presence and her loss was frankly idiotic. They and the remaining 100 fans (probably Bellarkers) will never be allowed to forget this and I agree, she is likely the only character that will outlive this show in memory. Also Michelle when people like Selina from Hypable stop spamming Bellarke leaning articles, then you can talk.

    • Linda says:

      Yes, I’m with you on that!

  12. Kim says:

    Hell yeah I’m glad they made her a regular. I love her

  13. Jason says:

    I’m not surprised. It’s kind of hard to disappear for any length of time, when you’re living among such a small number of people. I think Echo’s story will be one of the most interesting. She’s a complete fish out of water. You could see how lost she was when they were discussing the science of their trip back to space. And she’s not nearly as adaptable as Emori. Echo is a warrior, plain and simple. But that’s a skill that’s of little use on the ark. She’s going to struggle with her role, and that makes for good drama.

  14. ? says:

    I’m a big fan. She’s constantly been a scene stealer. The actress is fantastic. And her storyline next season has so much potential.

  15. mia says:

    i just want a cw seed series of “Grounders in Space”

  16. Terry L. says:

    Couple of things that I hope someone can help with. The arrival of the prison ship presupposes that there must be another ring or space station operating and their arrival now also presupposes that they have been monitoring earth from their ring or whatever. Where is this referenced in previous episodes? Also how did the rover survive Praimfaya when we see that Praimfaya went directly over the entrance to the Lab? How does Clarke survive for 6 years seven days when there were only enough rations for 6 months for two people ( referenced in the show)? I already know that the girl is not (sorry, spoiler alert) Clarke’s biological daughter so how the heck did she survive, even if she is a night blood?Just a few things to ponder when you can not sleep at night.

    • Andrea says:

      I know, I think the girl looks a little bit like a hybrid of Clarke and Lexa, drat. It’s a coincidence but I think it may also have been part of the reason why Clarke warmed to her so much that she would essentially adopt her. I would like to know these questions too. I imagine they will be answered next season but probably only in one episode with Clarke talking about it. I would actually love to see a whole season of Clarke and the child together and how they survived. Clarke supposedly spent a year all alone before finding the child.The girl is a nightblood by her genes so it is quite unusual that she was hidden away rather than sent to the tower to train as the next Commander. She couldn’t have lived in Ton DC or near other grounders who may find out she is nightblood. I imagine her family were not nightblood and died off from the radiation, leaving her alone. I’m bad with judging age but I assume she would have been no younger than six or no older than eight. So two thinks may have happened. Either Clarke went scavenging and came across the child or the child made her way forward herself and Clarke picked her up in the rover. Just speculation though. And how did the rover even have gas to run? Also it mentioned that Clarke had recruited the child to help her dig out the others in the bunker but it failed. I like this turn of events because I am sick of it being about who Clarke will be in bed with. But I am afraid to get attached to Madi because she is a grounder and the show is infamous for bringing down its ratings by killing beloved grounders. Also, since Madi is not her people, I would be disgusted if this ends badly too with Clarke discarding the child or using her like she uses other people. That would be in bad taste.

  17. Sarah says:

    *Sigh* I figured with how things left off but I’m not a fan. I just don’t find her likable after the repeated betrayals and attempts on Octavia’s life. None of her actions have garnered my respect, even grabbing the guard to help Bellamy while she was in the cage was ultimately about saving herself. She never even had to suffer any significant consequences for her actions. She was banished by Ronan only to immediately be accepted into Bellamy’s group going into space. Octavia is likable because she managed to rise above living under the floor for more than a decade. Raven is likable because she preservers through heartbreak and disability and torture. Echo hasn’t overcome anything except the Mountain Men and that doesn’t make her unique. Harper has been shown to display courage and loyalty and she suffered just as badly under the Mountain Men.

  18. Baroque Jordan says:

    Echo is a hot character, i like though, and surely she and Bellamy will be together in the “CIRCLE”, Raven will not hang up with Bellamy, she will be the next “Becca Pramheda”..

    and I think the new character that was shown in the ending will be the new “RUSKRU” russian clan from that “Gagarin prisoners ship”

    and Still I agree that Echo stays the full season 5, SHE IS HOT!!!! :-)

    • Katerina says:

      As much as I don’t want Echo and Bellamy together the way things are going they might end up together, which is hard for me to say because I’m a Rellamy shipper and yes I do agree Raven will be the next Becca Praimheda but Raven is an infinity amount hotter than Echo.

  19. Ashtyn says:

    This is annoying. Still want Clarke and BelLamy to be together! Why must the show ALWAYS SEPERATE THEM AT THE FINALLY! :( No to “Becho” BOOOO

    • Jennifer says:

      No. Stop this, Clarke’s soulmate was Lexa and always will be. Bellamy is toxic for her and needs to stay far away from her and her nightblood child. That xenophobic ass shouldn’t interfere, let him get with someone else or get lost altogether.

  20. Matthew says:

    Don’t really care for Abby anyway

  21. Uno.M says:

    Ermmmmm can someone tell where Clarke got the kid from ( most probably survived the radiation) but more importantly, who are the new people introduced (spaceship i mean)??? Are there other people in space either Bellemy and them??

    • Jenna says:

      Well my favorite theory is that since she looks like a hybrid of Clarke and Lexa that she is a Clexa bby and matures really fast like Renesmee in Twilight. What’s more likely though is that her parents/guardians were hiding her because of her nightblood and when they died due to the radiation, somehow Clarke and the child crossed paths a year later. None of us know for definite the whos hows or whys, we only know Clarke found and adopted her as a daughter. As for what they were eating, also a mystery.

    • Connor says:

      The grounders consistently mention reincarnation. Clarke probably believes the kid is Lexa reincarnated or something. Just a thought

  22. Seriously guys tv show not real life and im saying that after watching all episodes in less than a week. It’s a gd tv show which is needed when a ton of shows are or have ended. Personally i think Bellamy and Clarke belong together and whose to say Echo wont end up with Raven or that Raven wont end up in a three way with Emori and Murphy. Not to mention i think it’s pretty clear that Miller and Jackson are probably together after disappearing together twice and there was also Nyla and Clarke and they’re both still alive but does it really matter if a character is gay lesbian bi, Straight black, white, or anything in between as long as your invested in the character. I hated Lexa in season 2 after she abandoned the fight and i will admit my favourite character is Bellamy. and i can name several straight couples who broke up anyone remember Finn’s line of conquests, but either way i love the show (Even bought the book series) and want it back now cause i am desperate for another 13 episodes hopefully with Clarke and Bellamy getting together. Stop the Hate and supposed oppression if you don’t like then dont watch. simple.

    • Max says:

      No way see right there you are biased af. YOU just don’t want to see this show go downhill or get any more bad press because YOU want Bellarke, YOU want your Adam and Eve. I say screw that. If you really believed it meant nothing more to you than a tv show, you wouldn’t be so desperate to see it end in a male/female ending. They don’t belong together because Clarke’s soulmate is dead and he helped to instigate it. She had so many opportunities to go with him instead of Lexa and she didn’t take them. It’s only because everyone else is dead that they would make her settle and after the disgusting things they did to the lgbt community and the way they were treated, that is SICK. VILE. And FYI Madi is a nightblood who shares Lexa’s dna because of it. And Bellamy hates the grounders guts. Clarke loves that child and Bellamy is a manbaby who will no doubt be jealous that yet another grounder had managed to shift the attention from him. Clarke needs to protect her which involves always putting her before Bellamy or anyone else. And I would rather see this show crash and burn than see shallow shippers like you pathetically attempt to degrade a lesbian relationship so you can big up your man. I for one always hated Bellamy because while Lexa was doing a duty that she hated but was born into, Bellamy ALWAYS hurt people for no other reason than his anger issues and because he felt like it. And guess what Charlene, HE nevef received punishment to this day for his consequences whereas Lexa, well she was punished every time. Again the discrimination, he’s a man so he gets away with it? No. Wrong. All wrong. And did you also know that one ofthe few remaining shows that had a lesbian storyline just got cancelled in season 2? You know what that means, there is a destruction of lesbian representation in the media. And the 100 is part of it. You can’t tell people what to feel because you are too selfish in your own desire. I would rather eat dirt than see Bellamy ever touch Clarke or Madi and I sincerely hope next season fails epicly and is the last because despite the attempts by articles trying to plug Jason, his show has rightfully failed. Buh bye Bellarker but no way in heck.

      • Steve says:

        You seriously need to relax. Its a TV SHOW. No one will mind if you stop watching it. The show is great and Lexa was not even close to being the best character. Her death was was needed for the story to go on. Bellamy and Clarke will end up together. Just wait and see

      • Dan Kwon says:

        Wow! I’m impressed by your commentary. Didn’t know how intense these emotions could get. Thank you for sharing online. I am only beginning to see how much this stuff means to people.

  23. Nikki says:

    I’m want Bellamy and Clarke to be a thing for Christ sake lol. #TeamBellarke

    Echo I’m not a big fan of for some reason. Emori needs to stay for sure she makes Murphy so much more tolerable lol.

    I feel like soon after the first ship clarke sees dropping she will find out who it is which will be a threat obviously & she’ll have no choice but to go to the bunker & see what’s going on down there & open it some how since she said she couldn’t get to it. Then Bellamy & the rest will come to earth shortly after & it’ll be a war again against the prisoners that were dropped.

    AS for the ending where the hell did the kid night blood come from !?

  24. Lysandra says:

    Echo is okay. I am indifferent about her…. I’m still waiting to see Clarke and Bellamy together! The chemistry is there, they keep each other grounded. They are good for each other. Both of them have come so far and grown so much.

    • Tay says:

      The chemistry isn’t there lol Clarke didn’t see him that way because her heart belongs to Lexa. Eliza said her favorite scene in the whole of season 4 was the Clarke and Madi scene in the finale. And good for her, no doubt it’s exciting for her to play Clarke take on a mother role to the nightblood, it’s the happiest she’s been since Lexa. She doesn’t need Bellamy or anyone to lean on. She’s going to put the little girl first now and that’s the way it should be, she has grown up.

  25. Danielle says:

    Please please please bring King Roan back.. Love him in is. I refuse to believe that was the end for him.. Going out like that just not right for the king….. And he is just totally cute.. ☺

  26. BELLARKE💕💕 says:

    Ok, hey everyone. Excuse me for being tardy to this party but I can’t honestly. Bellamy and Clarke were MEANT for each other sense the very beginning. Bellamy’s mom got floated and clarke’s dad got floated and each blamed themselves for it. When they landed on the ground they both lead. And then became co leaders. They keep each other together. Like the sun and moon. Yin and yang. He’s the one that thinks with his heart and she thinks with her mind, but together they stay sane and make brilliant decisions. Not even pointing out the fact that they are ALWAYS there for each other. NEVER do they not have one’s back. They are meant to be. And I don’t HATE echo but I’m 100% for Bellarke and if bellarke can’t happen at least do Braven not Echo.

    • Serenity says:

      I agree completely. Actually in the novels this series is based off of Clarke and Bellamy are endgame. They are in a relationship for most of the series and they get engaged in the end. There chemistry is intense. Lexa, Echo and most of the shows characters are not even in the novels. If you are a Bellarke fan pick up the books, you won’t be disappointed.

  27. Courtney says:

    I would like to see her and belamy together there both craz

  28. Dan Kwon says:

    Hi, I’ve never commented on any movie or TV show before, but The 100 changed this! That is how awesome it is!

    I only just watched all four seasons on Netflix in one weekend after graduation. I heard how awesome it is from a friend!

    I really hope they bring back Lexa in a return to the City of Light. This show is so cool, so I’ll be so sad if it ends soon because of the loss of fans.

    So far I’m personally impressed that an Asian guy is a major character in this show with a great-looking white girlfriend. I know I’d be disappointed with that being killed off like when Glen was killed off in the Walking Dead. But at least Glen stayed alive for a while and kept fans happy. It is only through this that I can begin to faintly understand the anger the LGBT community has in losing Lexa as a heroine that legitimizes their existence in the mind of society.

    I only ever used to watch things like Discovery Channel and documentaries like a nerd but this show is making me hang with suspense when the next work of its drama unfolds. Please tell me similar works that can fill my hunger. I understand that there can never be an exact replacement, but I hope you can help me with understanding drama better.

  29. Echo has toggled back and forth between being evil. (trying to kill Octavia) To being an approachable person with feelings. I kind of saw the respect Echo has for Bellamy grow. if 6 yrs in space has brought the 2 together I wouldnt be surprised. Echo always has her own agenda so we get to see, at least hopefully how these relationships develop in space. Echo is needed in the show, like the bad boy we all love to hate. lol.
    how did Octavia fare in the underground with 1200 from all walks of life. i am sure a significant number didnt survive and it will be interesting to see who and how. Abby had a brain issue, was she able to fix it or will she be one of the casualties? perhaps Ravens first fix will be her? who knows…good to know that these characters will be able to return. again I see Clarke save them all. this ship can either pull the heavy rubble to release our trapped underground or fly into space to save those. ( surprising as I was positive the arc was forced to the ground in the first season). Or both with Clarke as the grand saviour. either way, looking forward to future episodes. the little night blood must be a foundling as she is too old to be Clarkes. math. 6 yrs minus a yr for incubation would make Clarkes own no more than 5. plus you need a man to get pregnant and so far she has chosen ladies. well since Finn died. too bad that wasnt reversible….lol

  30. will Raven still be a grouch, tossing everyones faults in their face or will she be in a better place. lets all hope she has tired of being on her soap box. lol

  31. the question of birth control was covered in the series. Abby had installed a birth control device in their bodies before leaving space and was busy removing them after landing.
    i remember her assistant saying she had 12 removals scheduled for that day. made perfect sense. otherwise every female would be pregnant at this time. lol..they dont tell us how much time has passed since landing here so we just guess. i guess.

  32. I can see Bellamy and Echo together. He thinks Clarke is dead, so he has a choice between Raven and Echo. Echo has kind of a thing for bellamy. we shall see.

  33. murphy asks Monty if he has spoken love, then explains that it changed him. Made him a better man.

  34. echo claims Bellamy on the ship. pretty sure that was a set up. lol

  35. Bellarke says:

    Bellarke should happen in season 5 , they are each others soul mates ….lexa and clarke were NEVER soulmates, and Madie wasn’t clarke’s daughter .,,she was just adopted i mean she was a night blood so she survived the death wave , I REALLY WISH CLARKE AND BELLAMY (bellarke) will be together in season 5

  36. Mary says:

    As long as echo keeps her hands off Bellamy, its cooool

  37. Jaycee Charrie Ingalla says:

    It is either belamy or clarke. Haha. I wouldnt want belamy and clarke to end up with each other i think or maybe they could with a twist. I know director jason gothenberg got this. :) i so love the 100. Cant wait for season 5

  38. Jo jo says:

    I think it’s time for clark and bellamy to finally get together.

  39. Linda Adams says:

    One of the best shows in years! Love The 100! Excellent cast, great story line, very captivating!

  40. Jane says:

    I’ve always liked Echo’s character and I think it can develop into a very interesting storyline, so I’m very very glad they made her a regular. I can see where the writers might go with her and Bellamy, since there’s obvious (at least to me) chemistry between both characters, and that would be great, but I hope they stretch out her storyline into something more than a love interest too. I see potential both in the character and Tasya’s acting. Tbh, as someone said below, she has been a scene-stealer for quite some time, even over long time regulars, so I’m really happy and excited to see where this will take us.

    • Robert Lee Quan says:

      me too i like them together Bellamy n Echo …so in their return to ground .as a family ..whats happens when she sets eyes on octavia..n remember Echo was banished from all the clans…