Chicago PD Recap

Chicago P.D.: Sophia Bush Not Returning for Season 5

Looks like Chicago P.D.‘s Lindsay will definitely be taking that FBI job in New York City.

Sophia Bush, who plays Detective Erin Lindsay, is leaving the NBC drama after four seasons, our sister site Deadline reports.

While Bush will no longer be a series regular, there is a chance that the actress — who is exiting the show of her own accord — will return for a guest-starring arc to wrap up Lindsay’s storyline. The character was last seen contemplating a job offer at the FBI’s counter-terrorism unit in New York City, while ignoring a call from ex-boyfriend Jay Halstead, at the close of the Season 4 finale. (Little did she know, he was planning to pop the question!)

Chicago P.D. returns for Season 5 this fall on NBC, where it will continue to air Wednesdays at 10/9c.

P.D. fans, will you miss Lindsay? Are you bummed it appears she and Halstead won’t get their happy ending?

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  1. Lambsilencer says:

    Next up: Tracy Spiridakos joins as a new regular… fine by me.

    • Pipes says:

      They probably knew Sophia wanted out so they set it up for that next season. No offense to Tracy at all, but SB is the reason I started watching. Yes, I was a OTH fan, sue me. In any case, it’s a shame, I wonder why she wanted out, she seems to really like the city and her cast.

      • Patrick says:

        Chicago is tough. Not unlike Atlanta or Vancouver. Many of them have lives in LA or NYC via friends and family. Being away from them while shooting is hard. Plus, those Chicago winters are brutal.

        • Stephanie says:

          I live here – they aren’t that brutal. She seemed to have built a life here. I am surprised she chose to leave.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I live in Alaska and say the same thing about winter but, when my family visits they think that I’m insane. Just because we’re used to it doesn’t mean that it’s not brutal to those that aren’t or don’t want to be used to it.

          • Katherine215 says:

            I live here too and they really aren’t that brutal. Yes, it gets cold, but pretty much anything is colder than LA. We had about 3 months this winter where we didn’t have any snow at all. We’re much better off than the Dakotas or the Northeast, for example.

          • tristemavero says:

            I highly doubt she’s leaving because of the weather… I mean seriously? Lmao some people are so dense

          • donholley77 says:

            If ur a “warm weather girl” like SB, the Chicago winters can seem brutal! I had a friend move here from S.F. she thought 50 degrees was cold! :D

          • donholley77 says:

            @tristianmavero In 1 of her 1st interviews for the show, Sophia stated she couldn’t believe how bad the winters were here in Chicago, & she was having a hard time adjusting! Don’t you be dense!

        • Amelia says:

          She spent a number of years shooting in NC or SC for OTH.

        • mollytanner says:

          Chicago winters are like winter. It barely even snowed this past one.

          • Jake says:

            I just call them all wimps, I moved to Wisconsin from Florida 9 years ago after living in FL for 12+ years. If I can do it anyone can, I wouldn’t live in FL again if you paid me.

        • Kelli carr says:

          She has Jesse. What else do you need?

      • Jenna says:

        She dated the actor who played Halstead for a while, but they’ve since broken up and supposedly it has been difficult to work together now and she wants out.

        You’d think she woulda learned to steer clear of costars after having to divorce Chad Michael Murray during one tree hill and kee working with her ex husband! Lol

        • Dancer2 says:

          I doubt that’s it. She’s dated several of her other costars (James Lafferty for a year and Austin Nichols for 3-4) and never left OTH. I feel like it has something to do w treatment of women on set as other people have commented, and/or the fact that 2 of the producers have left/been replaced

        • dude says:

          I don’t think that’s the case. They broke up a long time ago and seem to be on good terms, they posted photos together at the Chicago PD/Fire/Med convention in Paris last weekend. Plus, she went through a nasty divorce with CMM where she had to play his love interest and still remained on the show. If she can survive that, I don’t know why this would be insurmountable.

        • Meredith J says:

          I have the feeling you are right, Jenna. I saw interviews after her One Tree Hill and she said that she learned a big lesson about the downfall of dating your costar. I guess she fell back in that mistake again and is regretting it.. Plus, the Halstead actor looks like he is a very likeable guy and very close to the other single guys on the cast and the other girl that plays Burgess is married and having a baby so she probably doesn’t have anyone she is real close to on the cast. That’s sad that she is letting her personal life dictate her professional life.

        • Kelli carr says:

          I can’t see that though, plus besides Chad being a do*che, she dated almost all the male actors on OTH. Don’t you see the pics and interviews since their supposed breakup, if it’s hard, then it must be hard to stay away from each other. They seem to get along amazingly well. Dating or not. Plus if she didn’t jump OTH after what CMM did, then she wouldn’t do that to a top rated show now!!!!

      • firiy says:

        I agree, Sophia Bush was the reason why i started watching PD. she will be missed.

        • Ally Oop says:

          I started watching the show for Sophia Bush but dropped it in the second season because of all the annoying crossovers with the other Chicago shows that I didn’t watch.

      • Jennifer says:

        She is the reason why I started watching the show. I think she is great and very sad that she decided to leave. Without her there to keep Voight in line I wonder what is going to happen to him now.

        • SALLY says:

          I thought after Halstead ran her DNA and it was mentioned once that her mother and Voigt had a one night stand that he would actually be found to be her father. I was looking fwd to that possibly being developed!

      • S. K says:

        Me That’s why I started to. I loved OTH. I don’t think I will be watching PD if she’s really gone.

      • Grace says:

        My thoughts as well !

    • I came here to ask that. I’m fine with the trade.

      • Lambsilencer says:

        Oh, I’m sorry if you misread it as already confirmed. It hasn’t. But from what happened in the finale, where Tracy was credited as “with Tracy Spiridakos” instead of a “normal” guest star, as she was in previous episodes, I figured that Sophia would probably leave and Tracy would take over for her. The first part of that theory is now confirmed, the second, not yet.

        • I didn’t read as confirmed — that was just my theory as well (I, too, paid attention to the credits though she was still as guest last season). However, if that IS the case, I’ll be verty okay with it.

          • Mark says:

            Theres still antonio and Burgess to come back remeber, but agree with Tracey Spirarkos sticking around but not as another love interest for Halstead please.

        • Kelli carr says:

          Where is it confirmed? Not on NBC or Sophia’s websites…. I’m hoping it’s a huge cliffhanger, and we’ll all be overjoyed come September/October. Tracy can still join. Everyone forgets that technically there’s another spot still open… Mouse’s. Idk who or if they’ll ever fill it, but it is open for a position. Remember first Nadia then Mouse….

    • Jo B. says:

      I totally am on board with Tracy Spiridakos joining as a new regular! She’ll be great!

  2. Kevin Tran says:

    This news makes me very sad. I’m really going to miss Sophia Bush on Chicago PD and Season 5 won’t be the same without her.

  3. April Livings says:


  4. Natalie says:

    Wow..I don’t watch the show except when there are crossovers w/ SVU but I’m shocked by this.

  5. Erin says:

    ugh no!!!

  6. Rob says:

    I started watching the Chicago franchise when Sophia Bush was cast in Chicago PD. Don’t know what the franchise looks like without her and I don’t know if I want to know. What a grave loss for this show.

    • Joy says:

      Me as well. I’ll continue to watch it but I’m definitely going to miss her presence.

      Hope she’s back on the screen in something new soon. Best crier on tv.

    • Jamie says:

      Same here. Her casting tuned me into PD, and then I started watching the rest of the shows. She’s definitely a huge loss for the franchise.

  7. Dominique says:

    what the frak?? that’s lame. even if it is her own decision.

  8. Javi says:

    worst news I coul have received….

  9. SB says:

    No…she will be very missed. The show will not be the same without her on it. I wonder if Antonio will come back now that Chicago Justice was cancelled.

  10. Staci says:

    I like Sophia Bush, but I was never a fan of Lindsay. Maybe Antonio can come back?I’m nervous for next season since there will be a new showrunner.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      The husband will be glad. He likes solving a crime a week and got tired of the side tracking. He hopes Antonio comes back. I just wanted more Voight whatever happened. I hope she and Jay get together someday. I was not a big fan of the character after a while as it was too much emphasis on a hodgepodge tangle.

      • Kay Isenhart says:

        They actually left part of his story out. He is still married and they never resolved that matter. Where is his wife, that’s why him and Erin broke up because he had a marriage to resolve.

    • Jo B. says:

      I’m the opposite. I liked Lindsay but was not a Sophia Bush fan so much. LOL!

  11. T.W.S.S. says:

    I know Chicago P.D. looks like an ensemble show, and it sometimes looks like Voight is the lead character, but don’t be fooled: This was Sophia Bush’s show. This is like saying, “Stephen Amell Leaves Arrow Ahead of New Season.” WHAT!?!

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Not to the husband…haha. After the first year, he wanted her and her problems gone. He kept saying, every week, “What does that have to do with anything?”

      • dude says:

        They’re characters with lives outside their jobs. That’s what it has to do with. Do you have an opinion outside of your husband’s?

      • Jimmy says:

        I agree I think Voight is the lead character. Also your description of “characters with lives outside their jobs” is not how I would characterize the show. There’s no need to be rude dude because Patricia certainly wasn’t. Don’t turn this into a Yahoo! comment section.

    • tristemavero says:

      Lmao the show will be fine without Sophia freekin bush! It is Voights show! There would be no show without him!!!! She is just freekin annoying! And her acting is crap! She was not bad on oth but got worse as she aged not better! The show made a very good decision letting her go!!!

      • Megan shaw says:

        You obviously dont know good acting when you see it. And they actually made a bad decision because 99% of the shows fanbase are #Linstead fans. She’s irreplaceable and is one of the best actresses on TV. She didnt do anything to you so dont be mean. You dont know how hard she worked on all the shows shes on.

        • tristemavero says:

          It’s not being mean! It’s my opinion I’m allowed to have it! Clearly you’re young and don’t know quality! I never said I did know her or anything like that but neither do you! Lol

        • Kelli carr says:

          I’m 40 and agree with her. You’re just being rude and mean. What do you get off on it or something?

      • dude says:

        Voight may be billed as the star of the show but if you honestly think he’s been the focus, then you haven’t been paying attention. She’s the heart of the show.

      • donholley77 says:

        I agree with you Tristan! Mostly.

      • Kelli carr says:

        Dude, just go away, if you can’t say anything nice about who the article is about, and seemingly can’t stand her acting, why’d you bother to read & comment nasty crap? Go away.

    • tristemavero says:

      Lol that’s a joke! There is no show without Voight! Bush was annoying and not a good actress! Glad she’s going!!

      • T.W.S.S. says:

        What is the show’s central romantic relationship? Linstead. What is one of the ongoing mysteries? Who is Erin’s father. Who is a notorious recurring villain? Troublemaking Bunny Fletcher. Yeah, there’s gonna be an Erin Lindsay-shaped hole in this story.

        • tristemavero says:

          THe show isn’t a freekin romance!! It’s a cop show! Action! A lot of people didn’t want the romance they want the action! Plus there’s Burgess and ruzek who are way better!
          And they said they may bring her back to tie up those story lines!!!
          Characters leave storylines changes! Get over it

    • Kelli carr says:


      • Kelli carr says:

        Exactly about it being Sophia’s show, no Sophia, no Chicago for me… and for the tristian guy…. get the hell off an article about Sophia bush if you can’t stand her. Shut up if you can’t just be nice… even once….

  12. Mary says:

    I think that after 9 years in north carolina and almost 5 in chicago, I think sophia wants to have a job that is in los angeles,

    • Haz says:

      Then why join PD in the first place? I know she had a couple of pilots and short lived series before she joined PD and after OTH so why not keep trying to book jobs in LA? Also weren’t her and the guy who played Halsted a couple outside of the series as well? I dropped PD due to the crossovers and with Justice coming it was just too much but Bush/Lindsey was the heart of that show and very important to the canvas so I’m baffled by this.

      • The Rookie says:

        Because she had a steady job and exposure for five years? Maybe now she can find exactly what is looking for. For actors these are jobs, they go, do the work and then find other opportunities.

      • BM says:

        I actually read a while ago that she took the role because she liked the script. From what I remember reading, she had told her agent no because of Chicago winters but he convinced her to read the script and then she said yes. So I don’t think it’s because of Chicago and its winters but possibly because of BTS issues we’ll probably never know about. The showrunner changed and in a recent interview she hinted at prejudicial issues with male co-workers.

  13. dude says:

    This is a huge blow to the show. She was the absolute lead and heart of this series.

  14. Pat says:

    No Sophia Bush? Coupled with the fact that the least inventive executive producer “SVU” has ever had (Rick Eid) will be “P.D.s” new showrunner? I’ve stopped watching.

  15. Kerricatt says:

    She’s the only reason I kept watching. Done now.

  16. Rachel says:

    I really hate that she is leaving but I am interested in what happens next including with Antonio Dawson.

  17. I will miss her immensely. Show won’t be the same without her!

  18. PAM says:

    i really like her and will miss her character..

  19. BM says:

    The last episode I watched was the one before they split up Lindsay and Halstead, I wanted to see where they’re going with this first. Looks like I won’t be watching again.

  20. ChicagoDan says:

    This version of story omits the part that it’s not a great environment for women. Interesting that was left out of Deadline story. Says a lot when female lead leaves on her own but not with another gig. Real shame.

    • Rob says:

      I was going to say a version of the same thing in my post. I think it’s become fairly evident that the Chicago franchise has a female problem. They can’t quite figure out how to tell female stories authentically and with care unless their name is Gabby Dawson and even her character sucks now. I wish they would’ve committed to building the PD portion of the franchise around Sophia’s character instead of relegating her to who she was dating, and making Voight the lead character.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        Voight is the only reason I watched the show, then the only reason the husband got on board, later. My next favorite character is the Sgt dispatcher. They had better not kill off her Chicago Fire husband! Bush’s character was fun, sometimes, when not sighing in frustration to the camera. Then again, maybe that shows what you are bringing up…not just simply strong and able.

      • Lily says:

        Seriously? Her character, Lindsay, got 80% of the storylines.

      • Jo B. says:

        HUH? So my story lines revolved around Lindsay. Too much actually. I’m glad that her leaving will give others’ story lines to flourish!

  21. Uno says:

    I liked her on the show… But will be interested to see what they do with the characters going forward… Burgess will be back and maybe Antonio.. Maybe Tracy spiridakos character… Or maybe someone totes new…

  22. Catherine says:

    Wow! Really not happy about Sophia Bush leaving. Cancelling Chicago Justice, and Antonio having left too. Think I may leave as well. Someone is making poor decisions if an Actor/ Actress leaves a top rated show with no new job. What’s up with the Producers? Executives?
    Can’t just leave well enough alone. Oh well, I am about done with TV anyway. So long Chicago series..Adios.

  23. That’s a bummer! I do like the girl that was Antonio’s partner on canceled Chicago Justice

  24. LizWebberFan says:

    I loved Sophia for all her years on One Tree Hill. I’m not a Chicago fan, but I was glad to see she found another series to work on. I think some don’t realize she’s been working in TV as a series regular every year since 2003. She probably just wants a break. I hope to see her return to TV in the future.

    • Nero tTVfiddler says:

      My words exactly… she’s been very busy over the years. I watched her on OTH, and made the migration to following her to the CBS series Partners for a season in 2012, and then to the NBC Chicago series. Indeed, she never really stopped working… about fifteen years straight across three series. Remarkable.

      A break now to recharge is a good thing… we’ll be seeing her again. I think she is on the same career track as Sarah Shahi – both actresses are very popular with audiences, both have good range, and studios/producers/networks line up to try to get actresses like Sarah and Sophia on their new pilots. Shahi has a new one this coming Winter’18 on NBC, and I’m certain Sophia Bush will be on another pilot (perhaps as lead?) by next pilot season.

      I wish both actresses (Ms Bush and Ms Shahi) the very best on their next projects/series.

  25. Catherine says:

    Well, looks like there are problems with the show if an Actress is leaving without another job. Especially, since we are not getting a reasonable reason why.
    Just cancelled Chicago Justice, might as well cancel the others as well. I’m done. Sophie Bush was a staple with the show. SMH. The producers and Executives obviously are screw ups!!!! Adios Chicago series.

    • ndixit says:

      Well we might. Bush hasn’t commented yet but I’m sure she will. Its a fairly major departure so we will hear from someone or another for sure.

      • A says:

        Sophia hinted at disrespectful behavior from certain male co-workers. Now with this news, I can’t help but wonder if she felt pushed to leave because of the environment at work.

    • Morgan says:

      How do YOU know she doesn’t have other projects pending. And no one owes you a reason why. It is her life and her decision. And there are many people who watch the show for reasons other than Sophia Bush. I will continue to support it as long as I find it entertaining.

  26. ahcupcake says:

    I kind of figured that Sophia was leaving…Now get rid of that new chick and BRING BACK Antonio Dawson

  27. Bernie says:

    NOOOOO! She can’t leave! Her and Halstead need to get 2gether!

  28. I’m ok with that.

    I think we don’t have much to get from the character and the exit story was good.

    • Megan shaw says:

      The exit story was terribe. She defended her mother who keeps hurting her, she should have just let her mother get arrested. Now poor halstead is gonna be crushed!!!

  29. Jenny says:

    is she still dating Jesse? that might be a factor. I love Sophia and she is the reason i started watching! Well that and Paddy from The 4400 LOL

  30. Evaine says:

    I don’t have a problem with this. The Lindsay soap opera was beginning to wear very thin with me. Way too much DARAMAHHHH!

  31. cuius says:

    Looks like it’s happening (pity about the Comey part!!):

    “So that always stuck with me [Dick Wolf], and two years ago, he appeared at my studio here and said ‘I’ve developed this relationship with Director Comey of the FBI. I’ve always wanted to do a scripted FBI show, it’s been a dream of mine for years. Director (James Comey) and I talked, and he said he’d be supportive (of the scripted show), but he suggested that I first come to spend some time in the New York flagship office, just to get a feel.’”

  32. fernando933 says:

    She was the best part of the show

  33. mike says:

    very bad news

  34. TV Gord says:

    My Wednesday nights won’t be the same without Bush!

  35. Stormie Woods says:

    I’m not a big fan of cop shows. Aside from Chicago PD I only watch Law and Order SVU. Sophia was the reason I even started watching this show. I wish the show the best but I’m going to stop with season 4.

  36. Jorge Castro-Salinas says:

    If this is true then she might pop up in Law and Order: SVU.

  37. Steven Newberry says:

    I don’t miss the fact that she and Halstead may not get married. I’m not too big on show romances. I will DEFINITELY miss her on the show however. Loved the toughness that she brought to the show. In fact that is one reason I love Chicago P.D. these cops don’t have a problem bending the rules to get the baddies. I love my city and I love this show. I could watch it all day. Voight is the MAN!

  38. Steven Newberry says:

    I’m not too big on TV show romances so no I’m not disappointed that they may not get married. I will however miss her character because I love her toughness as I love the toughness of the entire intelligence unit. I love my city and I love the fact that this unit will bend the rules sometimes to get the bad guys. I could watch Chicago PD all day long. Voight is the man!

  39. Summer says:

    Well any motivation I had to keep on watching is gone.

  40. Michele Kane says:

    I am very upset that Sophie is leaving Chicago PD
    I feel like I know the characters personally and I want to cry
    Why can’t something good come out of these shows that are about violence
    Knowing two main characters are leaving Jon and Sophie I may not watch this show anymore

    Also the producers of Chicago Justice are a bunch of losers canceling this show
    Theuy didn’t even give it a.chance

  41. Cobra says:

    I will definitely miss her. But I can understand that her story has been told.

  42. SofiaBerneri says:

    NOOOO! Loved Sophia B as Lindsay (I didn’t even watch OTH), not sure if I would continue watching P.D….

  43. Cyd Matthew says:

    Will miss Sophia

  44. Kim says:

    Very upset that she is leaving.

  45. Cadac says:

    Omy I m so shock. I love her on this show. She was the only reason watched the show.

    I will miss her terribly. I will no longer watched the show if she is not on it.

  46. Morgan says:

    It was her decision and I wish her all the best. Tbh, I’m looking forward to more storylines now for the other actors who are all excellent. And I really hope they bring back Jon Seda as Antonio because I have missed his character on PD so much! For those who are predicting the end of the show, I sincerely doubt it. There are many who watch for reasons other than Sophia Bush. It has happened on other shows and they survive. George Clooney left ER and it went on for years after . . . .

  47. Jacqulyn Mallonee says:

    Sophia Bush is one of the very strong characters on this show! Her relationship with Voight is what keeps the show family connected! She will be missed — it will definitely take a lot away from the show in the future! Very disappointed in this decision! Very sad!!!

  48. Chloe says:

    Please tell me that this means we’ll never have to see Bunny again.

  49. Ella says:

    This is going to be an unpopular and unconventional opinion, I’m aware, but maybe now they can bring back Charisma Carpenter as Halstead’s love interest? :) I miss here on my screen.

  50. Jane Georgousis says:

    Totally bummed, loved her on the show. She and Jay were good together!! Makes me sad!!