Supernatural Season 13: Mark Sheppard Not Returning as a Series Regular

It appears at least one of Supernatural‘s many finale deaths will stick.

Mark Sheppard will not return to the CW drama as a series regular for Season 13, TVLine has confirmed.

Sheppard first hinted at his departure Tuesday night via an Instagram post: “So to all my #spnfamily everywhere… my crew and my fellow storytellers… thanks for the ride. Time for something new.”

Sheppard’s frenemy character Crowley — who recurred for several years before the actor was promoted to series regular in Season 10 — sacrificed his own life during last Thursday’s finale in order to seal the rift between worlds.

Supernatural returns this fall on The CW, where it will continue to air Thursdays at 8/7c.

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  1. Mark says:

    Had to happen eventually, given how few episodes he and Cas had been in lately. Seems like the Winchesters are so expensive now, they can’t afford any other regular cast members.

    • Casey says:

      I think Jensen and Jared actually asked for / needed more scenes that they weren’t in, since a cast of two regulars was so demanding and they need more work-life balance for their families. Though the producers may be able to do this paying lower guest star fees than per-contract regular rates. Mark is also one of those actors who shows up all over the place as a recurring or guest star, so I totally get it if he wants to keep doing more varied work – he gets the jobs and the King of Hell storyline probably felt a little repetitive to him.

    • chadcronin says:

      I can’t stand unwarranted attacks based on assumed information. Crowley was supposed to be gone pretty fast so he got to stay around for a really long time. But he’s a bad guy and he did something good in the end and changed so he completed his story. What else is he supposed to do, move in with the brothers and be best pales. Just because the cast gets along doesn’t mean sticking around is good for the story. They got stories to tell and I think changing things up can be a good thing.

      • C Roberts says:

        I agree completely. I get that the fans are loyal and true, and that’s great…..but sometimes it seems to be at the expense of good storytelling. Just like with the show potentially ending after #14. If the actors you supposedly love and care for so much want to wrap things up and have more family time, or try different creative avenues….if you care about them you should be happy to grant their wish, not sentence them to an eternity of something they want to move on from. Same with the story. I’d rather see it go out on a relatively high note than drag on until the quality suffers, know what I mean?

        • chadcronin says:

          I totally will support them when they say they have had enough. In a way you want them to retire or just do films that will give them time off as opposed to another show as this is as good as it gets. I will say I have gotten behind 15 seasons as not only will the show be over 300 butbl closer to having a full calendar years worth, but the show would be in 2020 so would be in 3 decades. Of course as I always say they can go for 20 it any number but if they hit 15 I’ll fully feel content and go with the bros. Sooner and I’ll feel a little sad. Since it’s obvious we are getting season 14, we are only talking one more year so not a huge deal but this show has been a staple in My life and they should be proud how much they positively affect us as fans

      • joe says:

        really he might not of been supposed to be there but he was one of the top stars of the show right up there with sam and dean but they kept there mother who really no one cares about gone 30 years then needed a brake and wanted to work with other hunters lmao lose her from the show for real

  2. Kimberly Mlejnek says:

    Well now he could become Doctor Who. I think he would be a fantastic Doctor

    • Billy Bob Johnson says:

      Not a chance.

    • Wordsmith says:

      I suppose there’s precedent, with Peter Capaldi having been in an old episode as another character, but Mark played a pretty major role in the arc with the Silence. He even traveled in the TARDIS, meaning I guess technically he’s a companion, albeit a minor one.

    • Excellent idea but with family and his father getting up in age .. some things may need him to be closer to home . He also had some wonderful cameo’s on some shows while taking breaks from filming .. so the role just didnt do it for him for full time . So Mark is a wonderful and talented actor who I think loves to reach for something higher .

    • Awesome idea!!! He is so versatile he would be great! And don’t forget guys, he’s a passionate drummer and is in heaven when he’s playing. Maybe he’s getting a fatter gig schedule now. Whatever he does, I wish him all the luck in the world. He’s been great.

    • Vannessa Butchart says:

      I think he would as Dr who start a petition xxx

  3. Jen says:

    I’ll be honest, this one hurts a little bit. Love Crowley and love how Sheppard made him such a dimensional character.

  4. Jerry says:

    I love his character and he will be missed. I guess that was the only way to get the devil out. He had to go too. RIP my friend. Let us know what’s next for you!

  5. Mary Smythe says:

    Oh No I’m sad No More CROWLEY?

  6. ZinniQ says:

    Aww, love Crowley, but I agree, he has probably had his run! Good luck Mark!

  7. ZinniQ says:

    And bring back more of Cas next season, on full power!!!

    • L says:

      Luckily, Jared accidentally confirmed that Misha/Cas will be back next season – definitely made me happy, because I can’t imagine the show without Team Free Will. <3

    • tvgeek says:

      If any body has had his run it’s Castiel. He’s been pretty useless the last few seasons.

      • Ninamags says:


      • Azul Jasso says:

        Why they bring Cas? i hope they bring Crowley I am hopeless

      • northwitch says:

        Also Shepard is a much better actor than Collins.

        • Reagan says:

          That’s not really fair. Misha has done way more for society on the show than Mark. Castiel got Dean back from hell and has saved him numerous times. Crowley is a smart alick who thinks he knows everything. I’m glad that Mark is going to go reach for something new but I do personally like Cas.

  8. Chris says:

    RIP He will be missed. He was always a highlight of the series for me (well, actually of any series he appeared in, I love Mark <3). He was pretty much a part of the family, a really messed up one :D. I did like the way he went out, but I hope they open up a way for him to come back from time to time, maybe from the other reality.

  9. Bridget Falk says:

    I’ve been very disappointed by the show’s use of Crowley since they made him a regular. Love, love, LOVE the character. Very disappointed that he’s leaving. Hopefohe finds a show that utilizes his talents properly!!

    • Brandi says:

      Same here. I really like the character, but he’s been kind of bland since him and Dean were BFF’s in whatever season that was. I’m sad to see him go though. Mark is awesome. RIP to the character that came up with Moose and Squirrel. :(

  10. Doesn’t mean he wont be back as a regular in season 14, Doesn’t mean he wont be in season 13. just means he wont be a regular. I have faith.

    • L says:

      I mean, all of Mark’s posts and the fact that he’s not doing SPN cons next year make it pretty clear he’s gone..


    Please?!?! I know Supernatural always acts like they may come back. But if this is TRULY the end, I need closure. TVLine has always done a good job of helping fans with closure. Please… reach out and see if we can get an interview???

    The mad crush of the finale made it difficult to see what was permanent and what was real. But if there is an unambiguous change in status (from being a contracted regular cast member) then isn’t an exit interview fair game?

    Pretty please with cherries on top and a bottle of Snapple for the boss?

  12. Steve F. says:

    Nuts… but hopefully this is a sign that he’ll be cast as Crowley in Good Omens!

  13. pegasusaj says:

    I hate to see Mark go permanently. Maybe the writers will give Sam and Dean more face time now, we miss not seeing them as much as we used to. I would love to see them both find a love interest on the show, maybe with another hunter or something. I want to see them happy for a change. They can go back to killing plain old monsters like they used to. There should still be enough monsters and story situations to intelligently tell a story well enough to not need an exaggerated story line like the devil having a son, for Pete’s sake…… we want to see Sam and Dean work interesting cases like they did before the devil took up so much unnecessary time and space. Come on people! Please don’t move this show out of existence!! That will be an unimaginably crushing day!

  14. Linda says:

    TAKE AND KEEP THE ANGEL INSTEAD … we need Crowley’s sass and humor he brings to Supernatural. His death was heroic but it didn’t accompolish anything in the SPN universe, Lucifer still was freed.

    • L says:

      How about you don’t have to insult one to keep the other?

      Luckily, Jared accidentally confirmed that Misha/Cas will be back next season – definitely made me happy, because I can’t imagine the show without Team Free Will. <3

      • Crowleygirl1 says:

        Jared said it was for a voice over the episode Misha is in for the Scooby Doo episode, it’s only their voices Misha is the one who said unfortunately Cass still has a future. They need to stop bringing him back it’s getting old, the Angel storyline is getting old and boring. Wish they kept Crowley and loose the Angel it’s time to let him go, at least he’s only in episode 16 which is fine by me.

    • Chuck says:

      Dude.. no. We’re keeping the angel. He’s not going anywhere, nor should he. Frankly, J2M2 have always been the heart of the show for me. If we can’t keep Mark, then THANK GOD we get to keep Jensen, Jared, and Misha.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Frankly I think both characters have run their course, but if I *had* to choose one to stay, my preference would be Crowley.

    • wgsecretary says:

      But, Lucifer is trapped in the alternate world. So, it seems Crowley’s sacrifice did do something good in closing the opening between the worlds.

  15. L says:

    I’m not surprised, honestly. If Crowley had to go, and I think it was time, then at least he had a very fitting end. Because in the end.. the only person who could kill Crowley was Crowley. He had a choice, sacrificed himself for the greater good, and went out on his own terms. I wish half the deaths on the show got that kind of meaning.

  16. Wiz says:

    Everyone’s work load will still be the same because they also made Mark P a regular this season. So if they keep him, nothing will be different. Their just gonna trade Crowley’s hell politics story to Lucifer’s arc.

    I’ll admit it’s gonna be weird not seeing Crowley. But series regular doesn’t mean anything because we saw a lot of him when he was just a guest star.

    I like the way they redeemed Crowley so bringing him back would be for nothing anyway.

  17. Chuck says:

    J2M2 have always been the heart of the show for me. If we can’t keep Mark, then THANK GOD we get to keep Jensen, Jared, and Misha. (Jared’s got a big mouth and luckily spoiled that Cas is returning. Which I had my suspicions about anyway!)

  18. Erica Bertel says:

    I guessing Rowena is really gone too. boohoo

    • ninergrl6 says:

      That’s the death from the season finale that hurt me the most. Maybe because it was off-screen? Then again, maybe that leaves some wiggle room for her return?

      • Miranda Vint says:

        If you don’t see them die/they don’t get a hunter’s funeral, goodbye is not forever. #rulesofsupernatural

  19. I love Mark, but Crowley had run his course. I look forward to seeing Mark in his next project.

  20. I will miss him, and will follow him on whatever is next for him, he is an awesome actor!
    I think us fans should prepare the season 13 is probably going to be the end of supernatural. And I hope they don’t end it weird, I hope some serious thought is put into how the boys go out in their blaze of glory – maybe Jensen and Jared should pick their own demise and have it worked in the show… It is my favorite show and never miss an episode… does anyone know if there is going to be a spin off?

  21. Andrew Hass says:

    Well that doesn’t mean he won’t be in some episodes next season.It may just may mean the show just has to pay him when and if they need him.

  22. I will miss Mark. He adds a fine actor’s ability to the cast and his portrayal of Crowley, the Devil, was inspired. I will look for him in other roles.

  23. Carrie says:

    Bummer. I’m not surprised, but I’ll miss Crowley (and Rowena). He was very entertaining to watch.

  24. irene says:

    It won’t b the same without Crowley…He will surly b missed

  25. Kim says:

    WHAT?!?!? How on earth is this possible? We (my teen & I) LOVE Crowley!!! Good thing it’ll be the last season, when you kill off favorite characters the show dies as well!!!!!!!

  26. taran63 says:

    I was afraid of this. Of the two main deaths in the finale, Crowley’s definitely seemed more decisive to me, more likely to stick. I’ll be sorry to see the character go. Whether as an adversary or ally, Crowley owned every scene he was in, and had such great interactions with every other character. But the character had a great run, and I hope to see Mark Sheppard on my TV again in a new role.

  27. rowan77 says:

    I love Mark as Crowley and while I’m sad to see him go, his character didn’t get the play he used to and his death trying to save the world was a fitting end. Can’t wait to see what Mark moves on to do.

  28. Mo says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Mark Sheppard has made Crowley a compelling character since he first arrived on the scene as King of the Crossroads. He makes you sit up and pay attention any time he is on screen. I know Sheppard will do well wherever he lands (I know it won’t happen, but yeah, I’d love Sheppard as Doctor Who), but I can’t imagine Supernatural without Crowley’s wit, snark, and (yes) charm. At least the character of Crowley went out on his own terms. (But, really, did his mother, Rowena, played by the wonderful Ruth Connell have to die off-screen? She deserved more respect as a character.)

  29. IndiraBela says:

    Crowley’s ‘hello boys’, whenever he entered a scene, makes his ‘goodbye boys’ in the season finale much more poignant and sad! You will be missed Mr. Sheppard aka Crowley aka The King of Hell!

  30. Diana Bardwell says:

    Going to miss Crowley!! Especially his humor.

  31. Red Snapper says:

    Well I’m super bummed. I kept telling myself he’d somehow be back. I’m really going to miss him. Supernatural just won’t be the same. I do hope Crowley makes the occasional appearance, like Bobby. I wish Mark Sheppard the best of luck in his future endeavors.

  32. JenJ says:

    What! Awe, they’re kidding, I hope. I love seeing Crowley interact with his love/hate relationship with the Winchesters. He adds so much wit to the show, OMG, I am really bummed about this. I was hoping that he was going to be resurrected or something by the nephalem child. I am so upset with this news.

  33. Pierre Bond says:

    That will be the last season of Supernatural,so they have to get rid of some characters at one point…it’s time to move to something else like Lucifer on Fox…great show and funny..

  34. Mar Tim says:

    My worst fear was confirmed. I love Mark as Crowley and I’m deeply saddened by him leaving the show.

  35. I like Crowley, but he killed too many of my faves, so… good riddance.
    Mark Sheppard, however, is a delight and I look forward to seeing him pop up in some of my shows. Like maybe AOS? Get back to the Whedon-ish fam, Mark.

  36. Pat says:

    Oh no, I really have warmed up to the character of Crowley. I liked when Sam, Dean, Cas and Crowley worked together, which for me was funny at times with some of the bantering that was going on, between all of them. Mark Sheppard, you will be sadly missed.

  37. william says:

    He could come back. Not as a regular though.

  38. A.D. says:

    Man this sucks!

  39. Michelle says:

    I really hope that Mark comes back the show for season 13 it wouldn’t be the same without crowley, I’m really hoping that he’s inside that RAT that he was staring at before it ran away.

  40. ursaltydog says:

    Sorry, but I’m not buying his Sheppard’s character Crowley leaving. From a psychological standpoint, it doesn’t feel that Mark wanted to leave from the tone of his tweets, particularly about a line he wished to be in, was cut out.. Crowley was a perfect antagonist, but also quasi-empathetic partner to Sam & Dean. Yes, the character spoke of how tired and bored he was of being the King of Hell, and of his wishes to be loved, truly loved. His death suited the former, but not the latter. Self-sacrifice indicates a higher love of others and a willingness to believe in part, that one’s life is not of great value, especially if his death becomes meaningless in retrospect of Castiel’s death, Mary’s being locked away in Apocalypse world only to be tortured by Lucifer, angered about his separation from his son.

  41. Dakota60 says:

    Confirmed with who? The CW? SPN? Andrew Dabb? Mark Sheppard? Mark has been known to prank his fans in the past with tweets and comments. If that was his last episode it was a pretty poor send off for an iconic character.

  42. Michael Summerset says:

    There’s no guarantee he won’t show up at some time, just like Bobby. But it all depends on how much longer Supernatural sticks around.

  43. Carolyn says:

    I was looking forward to Crowley having redeemed his soul and Cas running into him in Heaven…WTF?! look and all! And Crowley all growly wanting “off this cloud”! Best of luck to Mark and all the wonderful parts he’ll play out in the real world!!!

  44. haley says:

    Im sad I liked crowley, and his hello darling. Lines were great. He made the show funny.

  45. Ninamags says:

    I loved Crowley and hate to see his character go. Especially how the way he went was so freaking dismissive and overlooked. I think Mark had said a line that he wanted included (it might be what is printed on his shirt) and it was cut from the final version.

    The fact that his death was overshadowed by the sh**t that happened after he stabs himself is maddening.

    Ugh, someone please take these crap writers and show runners away instead of good characters like Crowley and Rowena.

  46. Ella says:

    Honestly, it’s a long time coming. I love the actor but was never able to get behind his status as a “frenemy” given that he killed so many people, including Sarah, in cold blood. I think they blurred the lines too much and he’d long overstayed his welcome – at ;least his fans can take comfort in knowing he went out trying to redeem himself.

  47. queenbrat says:

    He had a great ending. From a character I could hardly tolerate to going out doing a good thing. I just hope not too many of the deaths from the finale are final.

  48. This is devastating even if I already knew his death would stick. I hate season 12.

  49. cj says:

    i have a feeling that Cass will be back. Chuck will make sure of that