the voice recap season 12 finale

The Voice Finale: And the Winner Is…

Chris Blue, I put my “Money on You” to take home the title. I also spent my money on him, downloading his insanely catchy original single off iTunes. But when the dust settled on Season 12 of The Voice, when we stopped commenting on how mumble-mouthed a singer Hunter Plake is, groaning before every Mark Isaiah performance, doing shots anytime it was mentioned that Quizz Swanigan is the youngest competitor ever, hoping that Lilli Passero would live up to her Blind Auditions potential, and wondering if it was possible for Carson Daly to appear less engaged and more disingenuous, did Team Alicia’s master showman win? Before we get to the results, let’s first review the performances that stretched what could have been a five-minute announcement into a two-hour wait.

Mark Isaiah with Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee, “Despacito” | OK, I still groaned before Mark went on, but he wasn’t half bad here. Maybe it just went to show what he might have been capable of if he’d had time to really prep — and had been really prepped — for every performance?

Brennley Brown with Rascal Flatts, “Yours If You Want It” | Gwen’s country girl sounded like she belonged up on that stage with the country superstars. She also sounded like she belonged on that stage instead of Aliyah Moulden or Jesse Larson.

Jesse Larson with CeeLo Green, “Shining Star” | Often over the course of Season 12, Coach Adam said that Jesse sounded like a white CeeLo, and for better or worse, this Earth, Wind & Fire cover confirmed it. Side by side, Jesse paled by comparison. Also, CeeLo wore parts of a car wash. You just can’t compete with that.

Lauren Duski with Little Big Town, “Better Man” | Yeah, I was rooting for Chris, but a performance this gorgeous sure as shootin’ made the possibility of a Lauren win seem just as appealing. That said, what was up with that LBT singer’s sleeves? Did she think she had to compete with CeeLo’s car-wash chic? I’ve said it before: You can’t compete with that.

the voice recap season 12 finaleHunter Plake with Gwen Stefani, “Don’t Speak” | Gwen might leave something to be desired as a coach, but her dramatic duet with Hunter on her No Doubt hit was lovely. Tell me again why Jesse is a finalist and Hunter isn’t? That howl of his — damn. And I even understood a bunch of the lyrics he sang here.

Zedd and Alessia Cara, “Stay” | I’d turn my chair for Zedd and Alessia, sure. But what I was most into during their performance was a set that reminded me of the Q*bert pyramid. This would’ve been more fun if they’d invited back for it Quizz. Or Felicia Temple. Somebody. Anybody.

Chris Blue with Usher, “Everybody Hurts” | Well, if this wasn’t a match made in heaven! The former Voice coach and Chris’ massive, emotional take on the R.E.M. heartbreaker was as close as I think we could possibly come to a Band-Aid for the soul.

Chris Stapleton, “Either Way” | Before this number, I was thinking, “C’mon, why didn’t they let Jesse sing this with him? Chris wrote Jesse’s single, for Pete’s sake.” But then Chris went on, and I totally understood. It was a kindness not to stack them up against one another. Chris’ intensity didn’t leave room on that stage for anybody else. Whoa.

the voice recap season 12 finale chris blue winsTSoul and Vanessa Ferguson with Gladys Knight, “You Are the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me/If I Were Your Woman” | Wikipedia says that Gladys is 72. Looking at her, listening to her, this is not possible to believe. TSoul and Vanessa sounded fine here, but they were mere Pips next to the Motown legend.

Miley Cyrus, “Malibu” | After dedicating her performance to Ariana Grande and Manchester, the erstwhile Hannah Montana delivered an impressively spirited rendition of her new hit that made me think she’d have made a fine duet partner for Lauren.

Aliyah Moulden with Alessia Cara, “Scars to Your Beautiful” | Watching my second Alessia performance, I have to admire her sweatpant chic — she definitely reports to work comfy. But this performance was kind of a hot mess. Maybe it was sound issues, but it seemed like she and Aliyah were trying to outsing one another, with the result being that they generally sounded shouty.

Jennifer Hudson, “Remember Me” | The incoming coach, as she tends to, slayed. Moreover, she performed with a polish and a power that drew a very clear, very deep line in the sand between superstars like herself and wannabes who try out for — and even make it onto — The Voice without the goods to back up their ambitions.

And, at last, the results…

Fourth Place
Jesse Larson (Team Adam)

Third Place
Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake)

Second Place
Lauren Duski (Team Blake)

The Voice Season 12 Winner
Chris Blue (Team Alicia)

What did you think of The Voice’s Season 12 finale? Grade it in the poll below, then hit the comments.

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  1. JK3 says:

    I’m shocked. I was pulling for Chris, but I thought Lauren was going to take it. Part of me thinks that Aliyah siphoned some votes, but if she did, the blame lies w/ those propelling her to the top 4 weeks after she should have gone home.

    • Voice Fan says:

      I am very disappointed. After Lauren’s stellar performances last night and her blowing up the I-Tunes chart, everybody was predicting her as the winner. Lauren should have won because she had the number 1 and 2 songs and 10 songs in the Top 200 on the ITunes overall chart. The winner should be determined by their record sales. A producer wants the top selling artist and Lauren outsold Chris through the entire competition. Either the Voice App and the twitter voting for the duets threw off the votes or NBC made sure Chris won since Alicia is leaving the Voice so that other coaches would not be discouraged when Blake won for the sixth time. The voting for this whole season has been weird because Hunter and Brennley earned their right to be in the finale over Aliyah and Jesse. She’s probably better off because some Nashville producer is going to sign her. I don’t know of any other winners besides Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradberry who are still signed to the label.

      • Kimme Moores says:

        What kind of idiocy would influence anyone to let the voting be determined by something like iTunes, lol.
        She had an iTunes following but didn’t have an equally strong voting demographic overall, that’s indicative of a weak fanbase.

        • scott says:

          Ummmmmm more sales doesn’t equal a weaker fan base. Quite the contrary. If the same number of itunes purchasers had cast a vote, and most likely they did, then Lauren would’ve won. The whole thing smells of fixery.

          • Kimme Moores says:

            ….she got a crap ton of iTunes sales, but they didn’t think to vote, strikes me as a weak fan base if they can’t pour in PHYSICAL votes to pull through for the win.
            Got time to buy iTunes but not vote online? Strikes me as laziness.
            Suggesting fixery just strikes me as pandering for excuses.

          • Braden P says:

            Perhaps the winner was “selected” by certain key influences, like an electoral college, and not the “elected” by popular vote. Seems like 2 songs for Lauren in top 10 from the show yesterday would wipe-out any difference between her and Chris in app voting, but maybe they only counted one, and Chris had one in top 10..They wouldn’t bother to tell us how that all came about. ??

        • Linda Hofma says:

          good point

      • David says:

        Stellar? Her original was outstanding, solo was very good and it looks like she forgot the words twice on duet which was inexcusable. I think her best shot is as a songwriter which she is obviously great at.

        • Winter says:

          Garbage. HE was just barely ok.
          Pitchy and theatrical every time he sang.
          I have nothing against him and I didn’t watch it hubby did. I listened cuz the tv was so loud and I kept asking who is that person off key but he keeps showing up week after week?
          I guess this is what sells.

      • Becky says:

        Nonsense! Lauren has a great voice however I found her performances boring! He came to win. He is awesome. So are his brothers

      • OrionOnion says:

        With her itunes sales and Blake behind her, Lauren’s career is assured. Winning or second place are the same. Her happiness for Chris shows she knows this. On the other hand, winning for Chris makes a huge difference. Second with no record deal means he might have slipped into obscurity. It was the right outcome.

        • DL says:

          Well said. Lauren will be just fine. In fact I think she’s better off, because signing a deal on her own terms will give her the chance for more creative control over her debut record. These winning contracts rarely produce good music.

        • The Beach says:

          I agree completely. I think of all Blake’s former country winners, Lauren had the greatest chance for success. She’s certainly way better than Cassidy Pope. I predict success.

      • Lizzie says:

        Lauren is really great, and she will be okay. She and Chris are both so good, it was tough to call which one of them would win. Looks like even with Lauren’s iTunes multipliers, Chris had stronger voting turnout last night, so it’s all good.

      • Sharon says:

        Chris just won.

      • Anita Holmes says:

        She was good, but a lot of people are tired of hearing country music. Not everyone is a fan. The right person won.

        • Lee says:

          I don’t mind some country music, such as Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood. But does it have to be so boring like Lauren’s performances. I’m glad Chris won. The right person won.

      • The Beach says:

        I question today’s influence of iTunes on voting or popularity. Neither I nor really any of my friends have bought music from there in several years. With streaming music services like Spotify, Apple Music, etc one can listen to any song at any time without purchasing it. I pay $10/mo to listen to my choice of 30 milliion songs…works for me. But I do watch The Voice and I do vote.

      • Jess says:

        I think when the vote closed – Chris’s song was number 2. They were both good. I’m so glad Chris won though as I’m not a country music fan. I think Chris’ ability to move is what clinched it for him.

      • Aprillya says:

        I am one who never purchases songs on itunes. I vote via twitter and the app. I personaly went with chris. Overall, he had better showmanship and stage performance. If i had to see any of them in concert i think Chris would be up there with the top.
        Lauren, awsome voice but not for me. So my future money would be on chris. So votes do make a difference. Not just itunes

      • Mary Beth Sweet says:

        Chris won fair and square. He’s amazing!!
        No conspiracy. Get over it.

      • tmc says:

        The winner was not only determined by itunes. Also the singers only had to be in the top 10 to get there overall votes multiplied by 5. They also calculated cumulative votes. So apparently he had more total votes. Lauren is an awesome singer but she is no different than any other country singer, another Carrie Underwood (who I love) there’s just a need for variety in the winners.Lauren did not display any variety in her song choice, meaning she sung the same tempo and melody for pretty much the entire show. Country is about all she would be able to sing. Chris is an all around perform and he could sing anything you gave him including country.

    • My thought is that the producers wanted Chris to win.

      1. He was given the prime last spot (which I don’t think Lauren has had once this season)
      2. The production value on his performance seemed a lot more then the others, it looked like he had more background dancers then the all the other performances combined.
      2. Right before he sings Carson does a rundown of all his great performances on the show.
      3. As soon as he is done Alicia gets to make a huge pitch to promote him (similar to when they were doing for the twitter saves)

      • Carmen Kirkland says:


    • Sherry says:

      Omg!!! Chris won, he deserved to win!! All you naysayers can get over it….. He is awesome!!!!!

      • Jess says:

        I’m with you Sherry! He is awesome! Lauren will be a-ok because she is very talented too. The rest of the field were miles below these two.

  2. Troll says:

    Have to wonder how it is that Lauren had 3, yes 3 songs in the top 10 itunes late this afternoon and was in 2nd place???. Have to wonder really hard about that.. Wish Chris all the best, Lauren will be seen in the Country music venues and shows in the year ahead. Aliyah looked like a young pop star tonight. . Lauren had more over-all itunes sales over the season than any of the other 3.

    • Clare says:

      The voting always matters more. In season 10, Alisan had less iTunes votes than Adam Wakefield but she still ended up winning because she had more votes. All the iTunes does it multiply 5 to the number of votes you already have.

    • Ife says:

      itunes is not the only way to vote you guys. i feel like her fans were too dependent on itunes and didn’t vote as much while chris’s fans were motivated by it to vote more.
      p.s. she has just 2 in the top 10 @ the time votes closed

    • Kimme Moores says:

      The iTunes multipliers are only x5 and have been steadily losing credibility in dictating the flow of eliminations over the seasons.
      So just accept the lose ;)

    • scott says:

      Woah I thought it was 2 songs. Makes the outcome even more fishy. It could be that NBC was tired of us already knowing the outcome based on iTunes and ‘did something about it’

      • Lizzie says:

        It doesn’t seem fishy at all, Chris must have had a lot more votes. So that’s all there is to it. Chris’s performances have been really good, as have Lauren’s, but Chris won. Carson said it was the closest vote ever for the finalists. I don’t think it was rigged. When people are this good, they are going to have fans, and this time Chris got more votes. It’s okay.

      • Becky says:

        It was 2 songs that she performed by noon. That is the cut off.

      • tmc says:

        They only multiply it once I thought? It’s not 5x for each top ten song

  3. Steve Frank says:

    I wanted Chris to win but I knew it was going to be Lauren. Shows what I know. Not that’s a bad thing; I LOVE her voice. But Chris is the most gifted performer coming up I’ve seen in a long time. Also, I really like Jesse but Brennley and Hunter should have been up there. It would have ended the same way though. Jennifer Hudson is freaking incredible. Wow.

    • Durian says:

      Agree 100% with everything you said.

    • Temperance says:

      I agree with all of that, except for the Chris love. He’s just another R&B guy in a genre that isn’t selling.

      • Kimme Moores says:

        If you need a towel to cry into I’ll happily hand you my #ChrisTheCountrySlayer towel.
        It’s woven with authentic hair from salty viewers and handwashed in their tears ;)
        I think you’ll love it.

        • sherr says:

          Chris’s duet with Usher proved to me that he is more showman than consummate singer. Usher’s voice is much stronger and way more appealing. Both you and Charlie Mason are obvious fans of Chris and not objective at all. Lauren’s voice (and I’m not a country fan) blew me away every week. And there’s nothing “boring” about a beautiful voice and a microphone.

          • JMaoooo says:

            Why are you comparing Usher and Chris?! They’re two individuals. Just because music already has Usher, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for Chris. Usher is who he is and that’s why he doesn’t have to compete on a show to be famous. Chris has a more raw voice whereas Usher’s is more smooth. I totally get it.

            And I agree that Lauren’s voice was super beautiful week-to-week, but I am also in awe of how dynamic Chris is. He can just sing, as he did on quite a few weeks, or he can put on a show. I’m happy he won and would have also been happy if Lauren won!

      • Chris is not only R.B he is gifted and anointed that makes a difference

      • tmc says:

        I disagree. Chris could sing anything you gave him including country. Lauren was great but there was no variety. She’s the typical country singer same melody same tune. Don’t get me wrong I love all types of music and I love Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain. Chris deserved this win he worked really hard and did not always choose songs that would be easy.

    • Davey says:

      I think Hunter might have been second if he had been in the final four. We will never know. Happy for Chris Blue. I didn’t vote last night.

      • trainerbt says:

        I’m thinking he would have been third. Just because my favorites almost always end up in third!

    • Michael says:

      Interesting comment and choice of words, and I agree. In some ways a “performer” winning “The Voice” over the person with the “Voice” is a bit questionable. In past seasons singers (Voices) have won. Regardless, The Voice needs to find a way for their top talent to find success in the industry after the show. Only a 2-3 have established a career in music. Curious,….in 2 yrs,….will Chris and Lauren be on the charts? If forced to bet, my money is on Lauren.

    • Alice tippet says:

      Agree with everything you said. I just do not understand why was not in the final 4.

  4. skrable2a says:

    A pleasant surprise. I would have been fine with either Chris or Lauren, but was expecting another win for a country singer. Given that the record company doesn’t have much success pushing these artists forward, Lauren might have lucked out anyway

  5. ChicagoDan says:

    I don’t follow TV, but I saw that LD was blowing up iTunes by a huge margin. Her top song was outselling her song at #2 by 3:1 and she had the Top 3 on iTunes with the others contestants were way behind. The winner wasn’t close. Guess that metric means nothing. Anyway it’s not like anyone from TV has ever had success like AI contestants.

  6. Kimme Moores says:

    Cause all the iTunes multipliers and Lauren still couldn’t pull off getting her birthright.
    Oh how beautiful.

    • OrionOnion says:

      I’d hardly call being from Northern Michigan a birthright.

    • Team Can't Vote for the Save says:

      I know for sure that I’m happy that I don’t know you. You are pushy and persnickety; you can’t admit Chris and Lauren were both equally talented. When you wake up from being snarky, maybe you will realize that.

  7. Leroy says:

    Chris is a deserving winner. His Rihanna cover from weeks ago was the single most impressive performance by any artist this season. That said, it’s hard not to notice that the Voice did everything in their control to help him win. Lauren never once got to close out s show despite dominating iTunes. It didn’t help her to also have Adam kinda downplsy her performances two weeks in a row. Also, if the iTunes downloads act as a multiplier if online votes, her dominance by the cutoff time was staggering and should have tipped the scales. Hard to complain as a well deserving winner was crowned; however, Duski appears to have hit the diversity ceiling.

    • JMaoooo says:

      Well said, but let’s be honest…. none of Lauren’s performances were NBC-worthy of being in a close out spot. To them, everything has to end with a bang. Sucks, but that’s the truth and that’s probably what sells…

      I also don’t think diversity is that much of a concern on the Voice… The first two voice winners were black men and then it’s been a mix since then. But then again, I don’t really know what goes on. :)

      • JMark (formerly JM) says:

        Very good point. The Voice likes to end the show with ‘a bang’ as you put it, and Lauren is a quiet performer. She does not have a powerful voice, or if she does, she didn’t show it. But I’m not worried about Lauren, I think she’ll be just fine, especially with the way Blake looks out for his singers.

    • tmc says:

      Actually what happened is the show was loosing ratings when they place Chris anywhere but the end. After Chris performed the viewers would turned off their televisions. So you are correct, they purposely left Chris close out majority of the shows to keep the ratings up. That’s the truth

  8. Eurydice says:

    I think Lauren and Chris both deserved it, so I was going to be happy either way.

  9. Biobo says:

    Not surprised at the outcome, but I thought Lauren would take it from iTunes results. Chris is a really good performer and a good guy… Deserves it!
    As for tonight’s show… not so good, imo! Enjoyed last night, but tonight? Bleh! Oh well, just one man’s opinion…

  10. Temperance says:

    Hunter and Lauren were the only people running. The ‘winner’ Chris is just another faceless R&B singer. Sorry, it’s not selling, and we’re never goign to hear a note from him in the future. Lauren’s ready for a successful country record, and Hunter was, too. This is why I usually never watch the Voice after the auditions a(and while I’m happy to hear Idol will be back).

    • Kimme Moores says:

      4 country winners and now 5 country runner ups and somehow you have the nerve to make some remark about Chris being a faceless R&B singer, lol.
      At least he isn’t some Coldplay reject or another iteration of a blonde haired blue eyed female with twang ;)

      • Davey says:

        Oh, please. I think Chris is great but Hunter is far from a Coldplay reject.

        • Kimme Moores says:

          Eh, liked Hunter but got fundamentally sick and tired of the whispers and mumbles act.
          Hell I started off liking a ton of these contestants, but their lack of variety in performance styles totally turned me off after a while. Lauren included.
          That being said…maybe Coldplay reject is harsh, but he’s working his way to it >.>

        • Janet says:

          Not a reject, but he came off as a Coldplay wannabe. 90% of his arrangements were ripped straight from Coldplay’s playbook

          • T says:

            Which is ironic since some of Coldplay’s hits were ripped straight from other artists. i.e. Joe Satrini, Radiohead, Jeff Buckely- Some of which Chris Martian has acknowledged and others he hasn’t.

      • Leroy says:

        Sadly all of the Voice contestants essentially become faceless and essentially flame out in their respective niche circuits. The Voice serves one main purpose and that is to be a promotional vehicle for the judges. Other than Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera, have there ever really been any really talented judges? Not really. They are just skilled at being celebrities and have cultivated a brand. It’s entertaining but will we remember these artists next season? I mean the single most talked about issue coming out of the finale may be how Miley Cyrus looked kinda normal.

        • Johnson says:

          See Miley’s video on VEVO, She’s a little more uninhibited. And yes, the winners of “The Voice” don’t seem to be seen much after, but the Country girls Danielle and Cassadee are seen around the Country music world , along with non-winner Rae Lynn. And Jordan has been in the Christian charts.But yes, the show is unashamedly about the Celebrity Coaches and giving them Carson-prompted praise over and over and over.

        • Janet says:

          Blake Shelton and Adam Levine aren’t talented? I’m not the biggest fan of either guy, but they are both talented…not to mention crazy successful. Maroon5 has 12 Grammy nominations (3 wins). Blake Shelton has 8 Grammy nominations and 25 CMA Award nominations (9 wins)

        • Cheryl Clark says:

          “Faceless” is not exactly fair. This is almost never mentioned since her fan base is teeny-bopper girls, but Melanie Martinez’s debut album went platinum in March. (She was top 6 in 2012). As for winners, Cassadee Pope was nominated for a Grammy and Jordan Smith’s album reached BillBoard #2. Certainly the exposure doesn’t hurt.

      • Braden P says:

        I love blue-eyed blondes with twang and can sing them roughneck songs .. and the last one took me for a roll of money and favors, then absconded to another city. Now I beware of blue-eyed blondes and still am heartbroken and pis’d,

      • Andrew Brown says:

        Sorry 100% true

    • Janet says:

      Hunter isn’t a country artist, so how would he be ready to have a successful country record?

      I wasn’t invested in any of this year’s finalists. All 4 are talented, and Chris is a deserving winner. But given The Voice’s track record, it’s unlikely that any of this year’s contestants will go on to have much in the way of commercial success. But they all should be able to have some sort of career in the music industry for the next several years.

  11. davmon says:

    FINALS RESULTS NIGHT: PART A: ‘60s style variety show—mostly well imagined and delivered

    – DESPACITO with Mark, Luis Fonsi, & Daddy Yankee was a lively fun Latino entrée. B +
    – Brennley with Rascal Flatts was a messy run-on thing, badly overproduced. B –
    – Jesse with Celo Green–both revelation of possibility & embarrassing planetary disturbance. C –
    – Little Big Town with Lauren Duski was underwhelming because the song was a dud. B –
    – Hunter & Gwen were superb—soaring over the other pedestrian fare. A +
    – Zedd & Alessia were kinda techno-erratic; vocals ok. B
    – Chris Blue & Usher were mostly exquisite with minor overcooking. A
    – Chris Stapleton intended authentic, but his high-part caterwauling was excruciating. B –
    – Gladys Knight with TSoul & Vanessa—well, very uneven bc Gladys was amazing per usual, whereas TS & V were mediocre interlopers from a HS talent show. B
    – Miley was intriguing vocally & musically–part retro, part alt; some high screeching. B +
    – Aliyah with Alessia was pretty terrific bc Alessia lay down a lovely set & Aliyah did no harm. A
    – Jennifer Hudson took us to church with a strident love song. A

  12. davmon says:


    – My Wish: 4) Aliyah 3) Jesse 2) Lauren 1) Chris
    – My Expectation: 4) Aliyah 3) Jesse 2) Chris 1) Lauren
    – Actual Results: 4) Jesse 3) Aliyah 2) Lauren 1) Chris

  13. Angie_Overrated says:

    Correct final 2 and correct winner.
    Color me shocked.

    • Kimme Moores says:

      Ah, you’ve been a Chris fan too this season? :D

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I’d say he was by far the best in a weaker season. I’m not sure he would have been able to have won any other season than this one.
        I’ve liked him since day 1 and I’m happy he did well.

        • John Anthony says:

          Hi Angie, I didn’t watch this season much and I agree with you it was void of star quality. Doubt if we’ll hear from this group in the future. Maybe I’ll see you next season. The Idol is coming back..

        • John Anthony says:

          Hi Angie. I agree about the weaker season. Didn’t watch much. No stars in this group but the Idol is coming back.

    • OhMy says:

      I guess. I didn’t find any of them very compelling, and I can’t imagine Chris doing much. Maybe a producer can get him to stop the silliness.

      • Kimme Moores says:

        The siliness that won him the whole comp?
        Try again.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        He speaks to some listeners. I’ll freely admit what he was doing didn’t always work for me and I wish he had a better ear for pitch, but I appreciated what he was doing and admired how he always went for it.

        • scott says:

          Exactly, it’s ‘the Voice’, not ‘the Choreographed show with a lesser talented and controlled Voice’…but that’s what the kids like these days, unfortunately

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I thought Chris had the best voice too. Don’t get me wrong here. I’d say Chris was the best singer in a weak season.

  14. davmon says:


    – Wow!! I was surprised that Aliyah beat out Jesse, who was much more consistent vocally, but he did have a charm deficit compared to her.
    – Super-Wow!! I really though Chris was best. But I really expected Lauren to lurch ahead. Because her songs were safer, simpler, more accessible to more people. And she was plenty good enough to win.
    – My assumption is that body-of-work is what carried Chris past Lauren. He was best of season. So whether many related well to his 3 up-tempo songs of last night, they had respect for his artistry & variety. He consistently outperformed the field all season, while doing songs of more complexity, more difficult phrasing, & shifting tone.
    – We might have expected that Coach Blake & his country vote might carry Lauren. No doubt it
    – helped her. And this time she was very qualified. Blake had two of the four competitors though. And Aliyah had enormous charm and surged to 3rd place. Which may have cost Lauren some votes.
    – Given Chris talent vocally and with stage performance, we overlook his personal charm. He is a humble guy from Knoxville with a fiancée/cancer survivor. People have a visceral reaction to his humility & charm. I am so happy for him.

  15. scott says:

    The poll question should be, do you think think this show is rigged in any way, shape or form. I refuse to believe with the 5x multiplier going towards two of Laurens songs that ranked higher than Chris’ two songs, that he received more online votes to overcome that deficit. If anything, Lauren would have matched him in online votes corresponding with her sales. And that’s where the fix comes into play. The producers can prop up the online votes as they see fit. Basically, we are watching WWF of singing competitions. So just enjoy the music and hope one of your contestants can last as many weeks as possible. See everyone next season

    • Clare says:

      The iTunes multiplier only goes once. It doesnt matter how many songs make it for them. Besides, both of them had 2 songs in the top ten.

      • scott says:

        Wrong…2 songs equal 5x 2 since each itunes equals a vote. That’s 5x for The Dance, and 5x for her original.

    • Kimme Moores says:

      Yeah, the producers are gonna risk legal backlash for something as stupid and useless and rigging the votes.
      Give me a break lol.
      The show comes on twice a year and the label doesn’t give a damn about the winner, what use is there to ‘rig’ the results to these execs?
      Please, support your assertation.

      • scott says:

        It’s not illegal to have tens of thousands of insiders to vote any way they want them to vote. Especially when it comes to an app

    • Leroy says:

      I think you are exactly right. A viewer should watch this knowing that they are watching entertainment produced by human beings with biases and motivations, whatever they might be. Chris was absolutely deserving but its hard to shake the feeling that some manipulation took place.

      • Kaba says:

        I’m sorry, but why would there be manipulation?
        Why would the show risk that PR nightmare down the road?
        Seriously, lol.

        • Leroy says:

          Check out Mark Franklin’s blog on the voice, he specifically references the voting rules in one post noting how NBC and the producer reserved the right to make changes to limits allocated to certain types of votes. Maybe it wasn’t exactly manipulating, but I do believe the producers exercised their discretion to ensure a Chris win. I think they probably saw the same thing happen that has happened in the past with Blake country contestants and said “oh dang this kids really deserving and he might just lose cuz Blake knows how to play this. What can we do to make sure he wins?

        • scott says:

          It’s undetectable to have several user id’s with several apps and several other methods to vote. It actually makes total sense.

    • Johnson says:

      For those willing to do it, watch the itunes and billboard charts for the next full year, along with the top 8 artists Facebook page or website,, to see where or what venues they are performing in. Don’t bet your last dollar on the premise that the winner is automatically going to be more successful than one or two of the others.. Young Aliyah, Brennley, or Hunter or seasoned singer Lauren, may get a huge boost from the show. How many of the Voice winners end-up getting their record deals falling-through within a year or two?

      • T says:

        It’s unlikely any of the contestants will get a huge boost off of the show. The show’s track record in that area is lousy and the ratings this season were not good. But all of the contestants should be able to build some sort of career in the industry, most likely as indie artists.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Watch Quiz Show. That was a very accurate movie.
      You cannot rig the results of one of these shows. The legal ramifications are severe. Simply put, no one is rigging anything.

      • JMark (formerly JM) says:

        Hey Angie, I love that movie, Quiz Show. Glad to hear someone mention it, because I think it’s highly underrated.

    • Janet says:

      It is against FCC regulations to fix a t.v. competition. Do you really think the network and/or the producers would risk fines, possibly losing their jobs and (in extreme case) going to jail over just so they can get the winner they want on a reality singing show?

      I don’t.

      The same accusation was made against Idol every time the so-called “frontrunner” didn’t end up winning. It’s ridiculous. There are any number of reasons why Chris beat out Lauren. iTunes is not a perfect indicator…there have been other times where the person who had the most iTunes sales didn’t win.

      • Andrew Brown says:

        Sorry 100% true
        They obviously did.

      • scott says:

        Of course it’s illegal but there are legal ways around it

      • Braden P says:

        Idol was also using the “Judges save” factor and tilted the outcome as much as they could in order to try to get the top 5 the producers wanted. Not to mention they threw 2 or 3 cannon fodder contestants into the top 13 every year, in order to tilt the field. They did some of the tinkering to be politically correct and some to hopefully help ratings.

    • Michael says:

      You know you clamors the loudest about cheaters? Losers.

    • Michael says:

      Clearly this was either written in the heat of the moment before cooler heads prevailed or you are 12 years old?

      Have you guys never been on a game show or seen one of their contracts? This is standard fare. The “changing results” clause is a legal out reserved for situations like a contestant having to be dismissed for things like not disclosing something in their background or committing a crime while a contestant AND for events like iTunes, or Twitter or crashing while voting is ongoing. It is not some nefarious fail safe in the back pocket of producers to whip out at the last minute in case they don’t like the results.

      The Voice, like pretty much all game shows and talent competitions is considered a game of skill, and as such it is governed and must adhere to a pretty strict set of laws. Federal laws. Rigging the vote, or just outright ignoring it would not only end The Voice, it would cripple NBC, and, depending on the partnership and their role in everything, Republic Records, too. Suspensions. Huge fines. Jail time. Programming death sentences. Loss of reputation and PR nightmares. Loss of licenses. You really think Chris vs. Lauren is worth that risk to them? Please.

      Making that accusation is patently absurd.

      And disrespectful to the winner.

      And sour grapes.

      Save it for Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

      • JMaoooo says:

        **Applause** Haters always have to hate. I’d punch myself in the face if Lauren won and I tried to undermine her victory by speculating that NBC favored her the whole time and fixed the results. IT’S JUST A COMPETITION!!! Winning vs. Runner up is not such a big deal. Lauren’s going to kickazz out there anyway and it often happens that runner-ups outshine the winners later on. Just let it be peeps

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      No way the show does this. If word got out, the show would be history, and for the producers that is what matters, the show, not who wins. More likely, one or both of the following occurred:
      1) Blake’s followers split their votes between Lauren and Aliyah. Let’s not forget how Adam had THREE finalists a few seasons ago and lost to Blake’s ONE finalist.
      2) Chris had a large church with all of its followers supporting him, most of whom probably voted but did not purchase his song.
      For these reasons, Chris won, pure and simple.

  16. Smokey says:

    I enjoyed the show tonight except for the side-skits of puppet Coaches and uninteresting showing of coaches banter between them over the season……………….. Chris Blue might do ok in Christian music,which he said he wants to pursue. Lauren is going to be very visible in Country music I think, she now has a lot of connections and possibilities………..Aliyah is a cute lil firecracker that some Pop music label may want to take a chance on…….. Wish them all well.

    • Kaba says:

      Let’s hope visibility via connections translates to a promising career because from the looks of it her fanbase couldn’t even propel her to a win given iTunes multipliers, the blatant country viewer demographic, AND the Blake factor.
      Almost suggests to me that Chris has more loyal fans.

  17. Barbara Wiedmann says:

    Chris blue deserved to win!! I liked Allah Mouldeen

  18. zee says:

    LMAO! Chris is and will never be a faceless r and b artist, he’s fun and entertaining to watch and I’d pay to watch him perform! in as much as I’m not a fan of country music or Lauren a normal human being would recognize her talent and wish her well. you should accept the fact that we all have different tastes in music

  19. David says:

    America got it right. Votes are still more important rhan downloads. Not buying conspiracy theories.

    Will anyone have success? Who knows, very few Voice contestants have had post show success.

    Lauren has best shot IMHO because she can also write as proven by her outstanding self-penned song.

    Best wishes to all.

  20. OrionOnion says:

    Thanks for the season Charlie. Good job!

  21. Diego José says:

    I mean, Chris’ Love on the brain performance blue me away but I really thought (and hoped more than anything) that she would win. Chris can really sing amazing but he sing better when he really puts emotion into it, other times he’s dancing and all of that stuff. I’m not hating on him or anything, he has had amazing performances but when backup dancers were involved I knew he wasn’t going to be vocally the best. I wished Lauren won but after hearing that Love on the brain cover I’m at peace with his win. Still, last time I checked like an hour ago Lauren had most of all of her live show’s singles in the iTunes top 200 and that assures me that country music fans can expect to see A LOT from her to come. Her original song was beautiful and she writting it only makes things better, I just want her album right now. I have a strong feeling that either Lauren or Chris can become standout singers of the Voice years to come. A singer like Lauren in country music will break big, I can feel a new Marren Morris coming.

    • T says:

      Lauren is going to have to release something other than ballads if she is going to break big. Country ballads rarely get major radio play and they rarely sell. Country music in 2017 is all about tempo, tempo, tempo

  22. Emperor Palpatine says:

    The fix was in

  23. Seth says:

    Can we just quit with making the winner sing right after the announcement already? Just pipe in their song and show the celebration. Carson shoving a mic in their hand and expecting a performance adds a bit of awkward and stupid to an otherwise beautiful moment.

  24. Vimar Luz says:

    Biggest mistake of Aliyah Moulden was to choose Blake as her mentor!

    Clearly Blake favored his ither bet. I mean look at the songs Aliyah did in the finale? Neither the original song nor the “Dancing In The Street” showcases her beautiful voice.

    I’d hate to say it. But I think Blake sabotaged Aliyah!

    • scott says:

      Uh yeahhh, when they want to sabotage you, that’s what they do. They knock you down a few notches with song choice.

    • Collin says:

      Couldn’t disagree more. There is absolutely no way in hell she would’ve even made the finals with any other coach. Blake is hands down the best coach on the show. His track record speaks for itself.

  25. Gary robertson says:

    I did not particularly care for the song choices in the finals.

  26. OrionOnion says:

    Now after not being tempted to purchase all season, I’d buy the Chris Blue Usher duet. Wish they’d recorded it.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Chris Blue held his own in that duet against a really good singer. Kudos to him. Anyone saying Chris cannot sing needs to relisten to that duet. He did very well. They both did.

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      Agree. That was mesmerizing. Wish Usher would return as a coach – love him!

  27. Andrew Brown says:

    This was a discrase, the show should change to the dance not the voice. Chris blue had the fourth best voice but was the best performer. I guess bias is always present…lauran had three of the top ten songs, Chris never had even one. It’s a shame.

  28. Shirley says:

    Jesse should have won. Love Chris Blue but Jesse

  29. WayneAdneyC says:

    Lauren has that Faith Hill quality – Twang now Pop Country a few albums away. The record company will shovel out her album and then let it sit and stew ’til the fire burns out. Country music and radio needs more females outside of Carrie, Maren and Miranda styles. Chris Blue is ridicuously being played up by Alicia and The Voice. He has potential but shelling out cover-like original R&B bubblegum poppers or funk-hoppers like Zayn or Bruno Mars will sizzle out like a storm quietly approaching a blue sky with low humidity. With Blue’s vocals he should try more Luther Vandross to Al Green and less slick-produced, vocal-sound fx numbers. Lauren definitely needs to keep writing and use her self-pinned lyrics as her vehicle to stardom and a plateau-steady career. Her on the verge of traditional though leaning towards a modern country sound will not keep the upward momentum for long with true country fans especially me but if she comes at least close to emulating Underwood’s success and sound I would be ok with that for now.

    • Braden P says:

      These talent shows have their own agenda, and it’s not to make or promote a major star. The Voice is in about 25 countries and many sing in English and their contestants hope to get into the USA/UK/Canada/Australian markets.

      There are a hundred Chris Blue’s out there, a young talent that can , while they’re on tv, appeal to the older music listener, from the talent show’s production of old R&B or Rock classics, reaching millions of households.

      Once they have to go compete in the real world of Pop, R&B, etc., they rarely catch on and can sell a big venue concert on their own. They end-up as an add-on for a bigger name or go to smaller clubs, Casino’s, College Performance Theaters and summer community events to make a living.

  30. Harlow says:

    I really don’t like Charlies doing these recaps. You are very mean spirited and it’s uncalled for. Please don’t allow him back to recap The Voice.

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      Say what??? Charlie has been very respectful and nice. (I might add a little too nice as I would have given out harsher grades than he). I have enjoyed him filling in, so kudos Charlie! Don’t listen to trolls.

  31. loisbea says:

    Yay, Chris! The best singer and performer on this show in all the seasons. I expect he’ll be a superstar and I can’t wait to go to one of his concerts. He’s amazing.

  32. Whip says:

    It went down exactly like I thought it would, had Chris as the winner all season because he was the best all season. Thought Lauren could pull it out with Blake’s fan base but he also didn’t do her any favors with ‘Tear in my beer’, that was a throw away song while all of Chris’s were dead serious the best he could put out. Jesse was in the bottom three at the end of the contest and I never thought he could beat the others even though I always looked forward to his performances. So naturally Allyah ended up where she should although that young lady is going to have a huge carrier as a singer. Great season with more than just the final four that will make it big.

  33. Threasa says:

    Has the Voice ever thought of having a band contest? Look at all the great bands like CCR, The Beatles , Chicago, Foreigner, Rascall Flatts., Kool and The Gang, The Commodores etc!!!

    • T says:

      There was the Next Great American Band show in 2007. I really enjoyed it but it didn’t seem to get enough ratings. John Rzeznick was a judge and I am a huge Goo Goo Dolls fan so that helped. I don’t think however much has been heard from the Clarke Brothers who won. They were alright but not the type of band I was looking to win and there were a few really good ones. (Sixwire, Dot,Dot, Dot and Tres Bein)

      • JMark (formerly JM) says:

        I watched that show as well and enjoyed it. They only gave it one season, which was a shame. I think with the word out, they would have gotten better groups had they tried for a second one, but I guess we’ll never know.

  34. Lizzie says:

    Both Lauren and Chris are immensely talented, and I thought that based on iTunes Lauren would win, but as they stood there together and Chris looked so stressed, sad, and dejected at facing the loss, I thought, “I hope he wins” because Lauren will be okay, but Chris needed the win, for himself. The validation that the guy received was so great for him, I wish him all the best. Blake can be Lauren’s guide moving forward, so we will hopefully be hearing plenty from her and her lovely voice.

    • davmon says:

      Well said.

    • Collin says:

      Completely agree. They were both very talented. I thought Chris was one of the best overall contestants ever on the show. I thought Lauren was probably the best country singer ever on the show. I was fine with either winning. Goes to show that since they dropped from 10x to 5x on the iTunes multiplyer, it’s not as big of a factor as it once was. I think it’s refreshing. It sucked knowing who was going to win before the results.

  35. cyndi thomas says:

    Clearly talent did not win!!! Another Ruben studdard album to come….blah!!! I will be looking for the two girls who blew chris blue out of the water to have great careers!!!!

    • Cyndi stay mad. Chris is the one who could wake the audience up and actually put on a show and still bring the vocals. #YassssChris

    • JMaoooo says:

      Why on earth are you comparing him to Ruben Studdard? Am I missing something here? Or I guess all black people are the same to you? wtffff so much hate!

      We can like more than one artist, sheesh.

  36. Lizzie says:

    Brennley showed why she didn’t make it any farther, her performance with Rascal Flatts was just a mess. Miley Cyrus is possibly the worst coach they have ever had on the voice, kind of a three-way tie between her, Gwen, and Shakira. Little Big Town didn’t do Lauren any favors, showcasing themselves far more than giving Lauren much chance to shine. Usher was a really generous duet partner for Chris, that was awesome of him to do that.

  37. Cynthia says:

    I really like Chris and wouldn’t have been sad to see Lauren win either…. I’m STILL bummed about Hunter Plake and Brennley Browns elimination.

  38. Cece Giroux says:

    I liked Chris and think he is talented, but I’ll be surprised if he ever makes it really big. Lauren on the other hand, I think will be quite successful in the country genre thanks to Blake’s help.
    But who knows? I’ve certainly been wrong before. I’m more distressed by them selecting Jennifer Hudson as a coach. I quit watching American Idol because of all the screaming performers. But I thought Miley Cyrus would be horrible too and she pleasantly surprised me with how hard she tried. Guess we’ll have to see.

    • tvlover44 says:

      i just watched jennifer be a judge on the voice UK and she’s awesome. she’s hella confident and some might take that as arrogance, but i think she’s earned it. she does right by her contestants – will be interesting to see how it goes down in the fall. (if you want to see her voice UK contestant, look up his audition and performances on youtube – his name is mo and he is phenomenal!)

  39. Chris Blue definitely did not deserve to be declared the winner, this was somehow rigged.
    The top two should have been Lauren Duski and Jessie Larson. What a lousy ending.

    • JMaoooo says:


      And you don’t know it was rigged… don’t state your sore-loser opinion/speculation as fact. And the ending was lousy just because it didn’t go the way you want? ….


  40. Carlie Russell says:

    We heard the right voice. Chris Blue, is the VOICE. He deserved this WIN…….

  41. linda smith says:

    why is gwen leaving again? we don’t want her to go….pls explain why she has to leave every other year

  42. Joy Barker says:

    It had to be Chris! This years’ the Voice was the best yet. Everyone that competed were great, at one time I didn’t know who would win and even when they got down to the final four I was still voting on Chris, but again they were all great. But America voted and I voted it would be Chris Blue! His voice was like velvet. I hope his songs come out soon and so hope he does some gospel too! When he sang “Take me to the King” I don’t think anyone could have sang it better. That was his roots where started. But again America voted!

  43. Harriet Beard says:

    The right person won!

  44. Sharon says:

    America got it right!!! U cannot win with pone good perfoormance.

  45. Cgiff60 says:

    The top 2 “singers” for the Season12 won. Could have went either way. Chris an Lauren are both capable singers it just becomes personal preference. But neither is in the same league as Jennier Hudson. As far as the finale goes, what does the Minions, the puppetry, the stupid behind the scenes coach crap have to do with a singing competition. The producers should stay focused, on proper sound mix throughout the show . I liked that the voice artists got to sing with their peer artists. Forget the single performance of individual professionals. Reduce the finale to an hour and stay on point. Minions ! Really?

  46. mike says:

    The big justification is the other votes, not i tunes determined outcome. This implies i tunes buyers dont vote other methods. Very unlikely. This was rigged. No way he came from behind like that given i tunes and voting is cumulative for the whole season. I didnt care who won but this stinks b/c show lost all credibility.

    • JMaoooo says:

      Uhhh if the whole season of votes count then it totally makes sense that Chris won! He was a clear frontrunner in the battles and knockouts. And then the others really caught up after his “when a man loves a woman” performance. Don’t say it’s rigged like it’s a fact. You have no idea, so stop acting like an expert. It pisses me off when people state things as facts when you obviously HAVE NO IDEA! Ironically when you do that, you’re the one who loses credibility.

  47. Janice Weeks says:

    Chrus blue was the BEST. I’m glad that there will be new fresh judges next season!

  48. T says:

    I really didn’t have any vested interest in who won this year as nobody really appealed to me that much. However I will say if voting hadn’t already happened I would say Chris Blue should have lost after he was so horrible on that R.E.M song. Usher started it out and sounded outstanding- normally I don’t like other people to sing such iconic songs from a group like that but he sounded incredible. Then Chris Blue started and I cringed- had to end up FF through most of it.

  49. karen bremer says:

    get rid of Gwen

  50. Janice Weeks says:

    Chris blue was the BEST…he is s Personable intertainer..He is what a ticket buyer wants to see and hear. . Lauren has a great voice, will sell her music but not the appearance