Prison Break Recap Whip T-Bag Son

Prison Break Recap: The Apples Don't Fall Far From the Trees

With its penultimate episode, Fox’s Prison Break revival tended to a bit of housekeeping (Where is Sofia?), returned Michael and Linc to the States, sent Whip on a surprising journey and in its final moments sprung a deadly trap.

After the fellas hitch a ride from the site of the blown-up cargo ship to Marseilles, France, Michael gleans from a text message (that incorrectly referred to “Mike Jr.”) that Jacob is holding Sara captive, so the clock is ticking. Lincoln brings Michael up to speed on his own past seven years — including how after the exoneration, he opened up a dive shop with Sofia, but they broke up. Linc then fell back into old habits by doing “odd jobs” for the guy we saw in the premiere — who, it turns out, is Fox River inmate John Abruzzi’s son. The money Lincoln owes is for a $100K shipment of pills he spied and trashed, so he suggests leveraging Abruzzi’s interest (either in payback or payback) to secure them passage back to the States. Which they do, whilst tricking Van Gogh and A&W into storming the wrong plane.

In flashbacks, we learn more about Michael’s early days toiling for Poseidon, who targeted the escape artist years ago, being impressed by a man so bold to “wears plans on his sleeve.” Turns out, Poseidon’s base of operations is hidden inside the university where “Professor Ness” works, behind a secret door equipped with a facial scanner. In one of their past meetings, we see Michael insist on bringing David Martin (whom we know as Whip) onto the team, for an upcoming two-man job. Jacob is hesitant but signs off on the hire, warning, “If you’re planning seeming, I’ll always be ahead of you.”

Back in New York, Jacob fills in Van Gogh and A&W on why Kaniel Outis would dare set foot in the States, revealing Michael Scofield’s real name and explaining how he fell for their target’s wife and kid. Lincoln meanwhile greets Abruzzi with the news that he does not have his money, but he and Michael did bring along a “DEA informant” pal (C-Note) who will call in a team of agents if they aren’t allowed to walk away alive. Abruzzi calls their bluff, and within seconds three SUVs speed up to the warehouse, scaring off him and his goons.  Afterward, Michael excuses C-Note from the next part of the plan, saying that his face, which Poseidon knows, is a liability, while Sheba insists on sticking around (“It’s the punch you don’t see coming that knocks you out”). Whip is dispatched to Chicago, specifically to coordinates that place him in the middle of Lake Michigan, where he finds tied to a buoy a jar of… blood?

Michael and Linc arrive outside Sara’s house, where Michael quickly (and oddly, considering how dark it was!) notices that the origami “clues” he had sent to her all these years had been deposited, by Jacob, in the sewer beneath the mailbox. Upon seeing that the house is empty, Michael texts “Sara” to set up a rendezvous the next day in Syracuse, which they actually use to get eyes on and follow Jacob. They eventually find his car ditched and empty, save for one of young Michael’s drawings, with an “X” seemingly leading them to his location at a lake house. Seeing that on top of everything else, Abruzzi’s guys are on their tail, Lincoln tells Sheba they must now part ways, sealing his request with a warm kiss.

Returning to the shore after his trip to middle of the lake, Whip runs into T-Bag, who has been furnished with information that sheds light on Michael’s interest in David Martin as his “whip hand” — and it all dates back to a 1991 West Virginia honky-tonk hookup between T-Bag and a waitress. With his innate ability to survive and thrive, “You reminded Michael of a certain someone…,” T-Bag notes. The question is, “Did you learn it, or was it ingrained in you, son?” 😮

At the lake house, Jacob covers for Sara in the next room by telling Michael that his mom isn’t feeling well. When Jacob leaves, Michael slips into the house, while Lincoln out by the street seemingly takes a drive-by bullet from Abruzzi and his men. Michael tells his son that they were able to find him because of the map he left. “I… I didn’t draw a map,” the kid reveals, as “Sara” in the next room is revealed to be A&W in a wig. She rushes into the room, pistol trained on Michael. And as he hugs his son, and the last thing we see is blood splattered on the front door window!

What did you think of the episode “Progeny”?

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  1. Diane says:

    Now that was really a Prison Break episode. I wish it was back in the states for more than two episodes.

  2. Wrstlgirl says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!

  3. Eric gee says:

    Will there be season six

  4. Austin says:

    I am really enjoying this season, but it is hard listening to the spontaneous cheesy punchlines from C-Note and Sheba. Sure, Ja could pull of the Freddy Mercury lines better than anyone could, but there weren’t this many in previous seasons. I will always be a Prison Break fan but i really hope they retain these lines to the context of the story.

  5. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was really good. I was surprised about the twists that Lincoln worked for John’s son, and Whip is T-Bag’s son! Glad Michael finally meet his son and got help from his friends to find Jacob. Not good about the ending! Hope Lincoln is gonna be ok in the season finale. Can’t wait to see what happens in the season finale next week!

  6. scott masterson says:

    What the hellllll. I want to see more. I don’t want to wait to see what happens

  7. Mili says:

    Is no one recalling the fact that T-Bag cannot have children? Like physically? It is mentioned more than once in earlier seasons, tracing back to his sexual abuse as a child which damaged him too badly to produce children. “I cannot pro-create” he said to Susan in Season 2, I believe. Plus, Sara told him she’d seen his medical file and knows he can’t “tick” do to the childhood abuse he suffered. HOW DOES HE NOW HAVE A SON?

    • Timothy Gonzales says:

      Your 100% right. I was thinking it as I watched. Dang sure a surprise. But it was the best episode this season. Can’t wait till next episode and wishing it wasn’t the last.

      • Mili says:

        Yes, same! I did love the episode, but the T-Bag thing threw me off. Oh well. Couldn’t be 100% perfect.
        As always, it’s an amazing season though.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      That’s part of why it’s so shocking. Nothing is 100% Nothing.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      And pretty sure most of us did “recall” that.

    • Alex says:

      His infertility was most likely not 100%. Probably just had slow swimmers that made it nearly impossible to get a woman pregnant. People with that can still get lucky though. The thing I didn’t get is that didn’t they mention he has ED also? Unless he took meds or that part of his issues didn’t happen until after Whip?

    • the3rdwatch says:

      This is easily one of the show’s easiest pothole to clarify. Maybe whatever stopped working didn’t really occur until later in his life, maybe close to when he was imprisoned at Fox River. Sure they could have traced the cause and origin to his abuse as a child. There are still much bigger potholes, such as how Linc. seemed to have money for a majority of this season until last episode. Or why nobody ever recognizes the name Michael Schofield. Like nobody. The man was the architect of the bigger manhunt in the nation years ago and was the reason why the company was taken down. So for government agencies to not recognize that face is outrageous. They have also really dumbed Michael down this season. None of his “plans” have worked, and for a majority of the time, he hasn’t really had one. He has either sloppily winged it or gotten lucky. Why does Sucre have a record if he was exonerated? How is Lincoln even allowed in the states after helped Sara get out of prison.

      ***Why were they even tracking Sara to get to Michael when Jacob was the one who sent him to get Ramal out of jail. Listen, I love this show but this season seems like it wasn’t written in any conventional method. It’s as if they write each episode as they go, with no long-term planning, I really wished for a solid return this season but the story is so lazy with too many convenient breaks. If they choose to do another season or reboot of this show, they should bring new writers and producers in to bring in fresh blood.

      • Kayla says:

        I agree. I love this show and the characters but don’t understand how you erase the most notorious jailbreaker from everyone’s memory. Why Michael seems dumb this season may be part of his bigger plan. Poseidon said he could anticipate Michael’s every action so I’m thinking he is working many more angles and we won’t discover what they are until the last ten minutes of the last episode.

      • Mili says:

        Very true! I’m a huge T-Bag fan though, so that was the first thing on my mind. The show is really complex, so I’m not surprised if there’s a few plotholes, but it may be a little overboard this season like you’re saying. I still really HOPE they keep going with it, no matter what.

  8. Carrie says:

    I love this episode and all the episodes .I want more Prison Break why did it have to b 9 episodes and i love me some Wentworth Miller he’s handsome and sexy more.

  9. Gift says:

    Great one! Good job.

  10. Lucia says:

    Maybe it’s all inside t bag’s new hand

  11. Michael says:

    It definitely was a big revelation! Great episode. Too bad there is only one episode left.

  12. Karl Clegg says:

    I think the blond girl at the end it will be her blood splattered by her work college who wants out of the hole thing was alot of clues to that . We will see next week

  13. This is one of the best drama shows on television.

    So many topics to still cover.

    I love the writers because they make the cast come so alive.

    Excellent job to all the actors and they deserve an Emmy!!

    Please come back and I hope to see the actors in other shows down the road because they are so darn talented.

    I will always be a Prison Break Fan!!!

  14. Rammer says:

    Looks like they pulled a Rocky V with Abruski’s kid. He was maybe 10 years old in Season 2. Now he’s suddenly in his mid 20’s?

  15. Leesa says:

    What am awesome episode! I loved how Teddy revealed he is Whips father. It was so cute how little Mike is a genius like his Dad. Not so good was Lincoln worked for John’s son . As usual I am looking forward to the next episode. What would be really great is if there is a season 6 .

  16. Gospino says:

    Another great episode. I like that Whip is not just some random guy. Plus they explained about Sofia! And Lincoln working for Abruzzi’s son was a good touch. There’s still so much story to wrap up, though. I wonder how much the last episode will cover.

  17. Dominique says:

    now that was an excellent episode, completely in style of the old prison break! i like how they’re tying new things/characters to the previous seasons like luca abruzzi, whip being t-bags son… great job!
    i wonder where sara is though.

  18. Vladislav Sidorenko says:

    Loved it and hope they make season 6

  19. Hillchics says:

    How do both Michael and Lincoln’s phones work after taking a dive in the ocean???

  20. kath says:

    Nice catch on the Mike Jr, Matt.
    It was a good episode, tight and suspenseful. I liked the swerve of Jacob being the one to make the map, although at the time, I thought that was very precocious of Mike.

  21. Dayna says:

    I loved the episode….I’ve seen too many new relationships which I think should be continued for at least one more season. egg Michael & Mike and T-bag & Whip. That in itself in my opinion calls for another season just to wrap up with some other story lines.

  22. Sandy says:

    Wow, so glad they are back in the states. Great episode, lots of action great story line.

  23. fightfan3 says:

    Where did Sucre go after the flight landed?

  24. Sarah L. says:

    I was watching it and I was like…I don’t get it,but then I watched it a few more times then realizing that T-Bag is applying that Whip is his son.But in the 4th season Sara says that T-Bag can’t have kids cause of some disorder he got when he was a kid.So that didn’t make sense to me