Supergirl Season 2 Finale

Supergirl Stars Preview Clark and Kara's Season Finale Showdown

The final battle (of the season) has finally arrived: Kara and Rhea will face off one last time on Monday’s Supergirl season finale (The CW, 8/7c), while the fate of Earth — or, you know, New Daxam — hangs in the balance.

But before Kara goes toe-to-toe with her boyfriend’s mother, she has to deal with her own family drama — specifically, she has to fight off her cousin, who ended last week’s episode by attacking Kara, seemingly under Rhea’s control.

“I was already excited to come back to the show, so when I saw that they’d be fighting, I was just like, ‘OK, I guess this is happening,’” Tyler Hoechlin (aka Superman) tells TVLine. “I was definitely taken by surprise.”

Hoechlin was not surprised, however, by his sparring partner’s skills: “She does this 22 times a year,” he acknowledges. “She works hard, and she’s had a lot of practice.” (Melissa Benoist tells TVLine she’s “flattered” by Hoechlin’s high praise, as “he’s the real fighter.”)

And here’s another reason to get excited about Superman’s return to National City: He finally gets to meet his cousin’s boyfriend!

“Chris Wood’s character, I think, was unconscious the entire time I was there at the beginning of the season,” Hoechlin says. “So it was nice to actually have him joining the group — another dynamic personality to add to the mix.”

As for whether or not Clark will get along with Mon-El, Hoechlin reminds us how open-minded Superman is: “He has enough confidence to be OK with a Daxamite fighting alongside him. And he trusts Kara, so I think he also trusts that she’d pick a good guy.”

(Bonus scoop: There seems to be a large number of fans concerned about Wood’s future with the show, to which Benoist tells us, “I don’t think you should be too worried.”)

But if you’re hoping that Monday’s episode will tie up every loose end, think again. As Benoist reminds us, “It wouldn’t be a Supergirl finale without a cliffhanger.”

What are your hopes for the show’s second season ender? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview of season finale. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Azerty says:

    I want Clark to meet Oliver and Barry next season.

  3. In season 3 or 4 I would like to see the death of superman story and have them see how Supergirl can handle being the hero of the earth while superman gone

  4. Stacy says:

    But if you’re hoping that Monday’s episode will tie up every loose end, think again. As Benoist reminds us, “It wouldn’t be a Supergirl finale without a cliffhanger.”

    She does realize there’s only been one Supergirl finale so far, right? :)

  5. I think many of us worried that Mon-el Will be back :D Would 120% change him in to have Superman on more often. (No offence to Chris, he is lovely and deserves better than to play this spoilt manchild)

  6. Phun says:

    Looking forward to tonight’s episodes where the Super’s battle it out.

  7. Will says:

    (Bonus scoop: There seems to be a large number of fans concerned about Wood’s future with the show, to which Benoist tells us, “I don’t think you should be too worried.”)

    I hope that means that in season 3 the show will finally be good again because Mon-El is staying in space for a very long time

  8. jason says:

    My money is on Chris wood being back next year with the legion. They’ve already teased it

    • maregolden says:

      I hope so. He is the best new character on the show. I love the chemistry between them, something she did not have with James. Maybe a romance with Lena would be good for James.

  9. Anna says:

    I’m so over Kara and Mon-El. No chemistry, and the pairing doesn’t work at all. And plus, Kara’s storyline has been way too much about Mon-El and not enough about just her. I wish they’d stop trying to make this thing work. It doesn’t work at all.

  10. Toni says:

    I am very happy to hear that no matter what happens in the finale, Mon-El will be back next season :)

  11. Demi says:

    The reason i started watching supergirl again is mon el he makes the shkw funnier ligther

    I ship karamel so much

  12. Ashley says:

    I sincerely hope Mon-El leaves in the finale. I don’t care what Melissa says, S3 hasn’t been written yet and I hope the producers take into account that fan and critic feedback has been mostly negative and they do away with him. He had way too much individual focus for a show called Supergirl.

    • Toni says:

      What a nice person you are. The man left the set in April with the belief he had a job in July but now you want him to get a call firing him because he got too much focus in Season 2.

      • Ashley says:

        It is show business Toni. He’ll survive. Mon-El was an ok addition that became a terrible one as the season wore on.

    • V.J. says:

      Sorry, but no. Producers and writers have to stop to listen to very vocal online fans about anything, because there are loads of fans out there that don´t tweet or comment and just enjoy or not enjoy a show. Let the writer´s tell the story they want to tell.
      There is one group that loves one character, the next doesn´t care and another one hates him. I don´t know which one is bigger and I´m really annoyed by people who say that their opinion is the opinion of the majority group. Not even most elected officials are chosen by a large majority of the people but I am to believe that somehow all viewers of Supergirl are in agreement that Mon-El was a bad decision? It´s the same with Felicity or Laurel on Arrow or Hook on OUAT and this list goes on and on and on and I believe we all would enjoy television more if we wouldn´t take it so damn seriously.

  13. Jeepers says:

    LOL The large number of fans concerned about if Woods is leaving or not are the ones hoping the Mon-el fest that’s completely taken over the show is finally coming to an end. If the reaction at the screening was any indication at least. Sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case. I have no problem with Chris, he seems like a nice dude. But the writing has made the character AND the pairing so frustrating that I can’t even enjoy the show anymore. This is SUPERGIRL. Not Mon-El and his GF Supergirl. Man, I miss CBS so much. And I never thought I’d ever say that.

    • Toni says:

      A screening filled with Katie/Lena/Supercorp fans. I’m sure anyone with any knowledge of this fandom knows what the reaction would be. That doesn’t represent all viewers by a long shot.

      • Jeepers says:

        Fair point. About the screening. But the media, at least the outlets that cover the show, have had increasing dissatisfaction with the direction the show has taken because of Mon-el. At least the effect he’s had on Supergirl’s character.

    • maregolden says:

      I disagree completely. I think a large focus of the show has been on Alex this season, much more than on Kara/Supergirl. I was wondering if they were going to change the name of the show to “Alex, Sister of Supergirl”.

      • Josh says:

        Mon el has had WAY More focus

      • Jeepers says:

        And yet they’ve had very little focus on the fact that they’re sisters this season. Mon-el is a problem simply because of the way SG is treated because of his character. Alex has always been a secondary character that props SG. SG props Mon-el,and therein lies the problem.

  14. Kepler says:

    So excited Superman is back tonight, I adore his character too. But mostly I’m just excited that it looks like Chris Wood will be back next season. I’ve been worried they would send him to lead his people in some other planet but looks like we get to hang on to him for a while. I’m so glad. His chemistry with Kara is much stronger than the chemistry she’s had with any of the other men. I love them.

  15. maregolden says:

    I LOVE the title of this episode!

  16. Amy says:

    If they do keep MonEl on for the next season, I hope that he is written better and not take center stage, at the expense of the lead and other characters, or be the sole driver of Kara’s story. What happened to Kara’s story from her POV?

    From what what written so far, what does Kara really see in him? Sure HE likes her and HE apologizes constantly for his poor behavior and acts as HE thinks she wants him to so HE can stay in her good graces. But what about being with him that is good for HER and makes HER better? What does he do that is not self-serving or a benefit to him in some way? Is there truly any organic heroic spirit or action that we can point to that is not a result of his want of Kara? IMO, her character so far, has only been diminished by him. The relationship should not just benefit MonEl. I’m not seeing what he really brings to the table to make him worthy of her.

    • Agent 86 says:

      I’m not sure. I guess she likes the fact that she doesn’t break his nose when they kiss? And that she can have an active sex life without fear of hurting him (although I guess there is a fear of pregnancy since their species seem to be closely related)? And he’s pretty to look at. Other than that, in terms of actual personality, I don’t understand what Kara sees in Mon-El. They don’t seem to have many shared interests and Mon-El himself is pretty much a one-dimensional character solely fixated on Kara / Supergirl and being her boyfriend.
      His work as a bartender and purported training as a superhero with Supergirl and the DEO barely rate a mention. And prior to the big reveal, he wasn’t bothered at all by the destruction of his planet and the death of everyone he’d ever known. He also adapted to Earth incredibly quickly (within the space of 42 minutes). If he had an independent storyline or actually contributed to Team Supergirl, then it would make more sense. But, the reveal of the survival of his parents was played as low-key and he can’t do anything in a fight that Supergirl can’t do better and faster.

  17. Carrie says:

    No offense to the actor, but I wouldn’t mind it at all if Mon-El were to leave. I think most fans are concerned that he’s staying. I don’t like the character at all and it’s obvious that he’s not good enough for Kara. I actually want to see more of James, instead. I miss the dynamic between him and Kara.

  18. Agent 86 says:

    I hope that the characters Mon-El and Jimmy Olsen depart the series soon. Mon-El can mysteriously disappear (to reappear in a special trilogy of episodes later in season 3 which reveals that he travelled to the 31st century to join the Legion of Superheroes). And Jimmy can move back to Metropolis to be Superman’s pal. They can have a few appearances each season (with Mon-El travelling from the 31st century or Kara travelling to the future and Jimmy popping in every now and again), but that’s sufficient.
    With such a large cast of characters, I’m far more interesting in seeing more from Kara, Supergirl, Alex, Maggie, Martian Manhunter, Lena Luthor and even Winn. In particular, I really want to see a stronger focus on Kara’s career as a reporter and the struggles she faces juggling the many aspects of her life.

  19. Sasha says:

    Well when you’re dating the lead in real life I’m sure people think of more story lines for them since they’re so “cute”.

  20. emarasmoak says:

    Yes Melissa! Thanks for confirming again that Mon-El will be back in season 3!

    So excited for the rise of Valor and karamel finding her way to each other!

  21. krista says:

    I want Mon-el and Kara back together! Make it happen please!

  22. Nicky says:

    The finale was amazing! Supergirl vs Superman?!? Amazing! The return of M’gann (Miss Martian)?!??! Amazing! Mon-El gone for the foreseeable future?! Amazing! Cat Grant giving her famous pep talks and advice? Much missed!!

    In my opinion, keeping Mon-El away next season seems the best way to go. He really had no impact on anyone except for Supergirl and that was just to serve a cliched star-crossed lovers trope (which had a tragic end as expected). Bringing him back immediately beginning next season is wasteful in regards to his character’s story. How lazy would the writers be to just suddenly have him back like ‘Ta da! We found a cure to his lead poisoning!’. I sincerely hope they think it through, especially considering the amount of negativity from media outlets surrounding his character this entire season.

  23. Luis Roman says:

    Looking forward to the return of Mon-El in S3, with several Legionnaires behind him(preferably, Saturn Girl, Ultra Boy, Wildfire, Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl and Invisible Kid)