The Originals Recap

The Originals Recap: Pendant Pals

A heartbreaking sacrifice was made on Friday’s episode of The Originals — and not just the mountain of precious beignets that went completely uneaten. (Not even breakfast is immune to the power of The Hollow, apparently.)

Once Klaus and Co. caught wind of Elijah’s kidnapping, it was all hands on deck to rescue him, even if it meant forging a temporary alliance with Vincent and Marcel. The problem with that plan, of course, is that — while stopping The Hollow from materializing remained the collective goal — everybody involved had their own stipulations.

Vincent, for example, was ready to leave Elijah for dead, while Klaus was more interested in killing Sofya, which is the one thing Marcel said he wouldn’t allow. It was like a damn serpent eating itself — which, come to think of it, is kind of a theme this season.

I’m not going to lie, this was one of the Mikaelsons’ most complicated — and, dare I say, sloppiest — plans to date. Everybody’s actions seemed to counteract everybody else’s, and if you want an exact play-by-play of what went down, you’ve come to the wrong person. But here’s where I think we ended up: Elijah is technically dead, though Freya was able to trap his distorted spirit in her pendant; with Hope’s help, Hayley should be able to enter his shattered mind to help bring him back; and Sofya, though battered and bruised, is no longer possessed.

Worst of all — yes, even worse than Elijah’s temporary demise — The Hollow has been made flesh.

Other thoughts…

* I love that Freya has someone to calm her down when she goes all, well, Freya. And I love it even more that Keelin is that person. Their relationship is my favorite thing to come out of this season. (No pun intended.)

* Speaking of the hottest couple in New Orleans, I really appreciated when Klaus told Freya, “Your girlfriend seems nice, for what it’s worth.” It was a small gesture, but it was all that needed to be said in the moment, not unlike Hayley showing her approval earlier this season.

* But nothing packed the emotional punch of Vincent’s pre-sacrifice speech to Klaus: “Here you are, finally living up to the potential Cami saw in you. She would have been proud.” #gutted

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Reaction to Elijah’s “death”? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. William Earl says:

    This review is a work of art

  2. cjk51 says:

    Gutted, but annoyed

  3. Leah607 says:

    Good review. Has the originals really only have 13 episodes this season?

  4. DeAnna says:

    Elijah better be resurrected if he stays dead im gonna be pissed

    • Jane says:

      Imagine how pissed the loved ones of all those vampires who died with him! With Kol and Finn dying few years ago, vamps must be close to extinction

    • Bree says:

      Any other character I would say maybe but I think it is a safe bet they won’t kill him off perminetly. Klaus, Elijah and Haley are three characters that will never be killed of till the series finale similar how they killed Damon off and he ended up in the prism world Elijah should be back by the end of 10 or 11. The whole point is because DG is directing so they limit him on screen just like they did with JOMO and CMD and it is a plot device to bring in Claire and nates characters.

      • Jane says:

        As much as I want Elijah back, if they could make 2 seasons of TVD without Nina, they can continue TO without Daniel, especially if they are “merging” it with TVD magic school and hence, expand the cast. But I’d want Klaus to have his Elijah, just like the Salvatores, they’re better as a duo

  5. Bwhit says:

    Great review Andy! Without Elijah and his normally levelheaded yet brutal suggestions, the family was a darn mess. It took a seven year old to calm them down and figure out where Elijah was. Even though he’s always willing to offer himself up for the slaughter, they need Elijah to level them all out, so Hayley better conquer that red door.

  6. Kiki says:

    I miss Aiden. 😿😧

  7. Masolar says:

    You fools finally killed Elijah, I’m soo pissed so no more watching The Originals again. Bye bye.

    • Serah Cheatham says:

      He’s not fully dead. He’s in the amulet, they just don’t know where. And it seems like he’s out of his mind.

  8. zed says:

    Next week is the episode directed by Daniel Gillies- so can’t wait for that one.
    The promo reminds me of Matrix- still- they got Kol back- so I guess they will get Elijah back. I really hope he goes through so some kind of purgatory thing and we get the Elijah back we once knew, the noble one, not this one we’ve been seeing lately. Elijah never really worked on those issues behind the red door. I would love to have seen Nina Dobrev in the next episode as guest star- because the doppelgangers had a huge impact in Elijah’s life- but- can not be.
    And whatever grooly thing they show about his past, Hayley will just say that he should just forgive himself and that would be it.
    Sorry for not saying much about this ep. I love the fact that they realize that they are not all powerful and that it would maybe teach them some humility. It is the magic that is all powerful and in the hands of a nasty witch it can be leathal.

    • Gift says:

      Oh please Zed, it’s their power that is the basis of this show and making them wick, helpless and be threatened all the time isn’t cool. It doesn’t matter how ruthless they are, we want them all powerful and strong. That’s why many people watch this show isn’t it? Maybe if you said that this episode showed the people of New Orleans that the Mikaelsons aren’t the worst evil thing that Could hunt their city like they constantly complain then I might agree. They only strike when you threaten them but the hallow is different. They’ve learned humanity since Hope came into the picture and all they have been doing is fighting to stay alive and keeping her alive. If they are wick while fighting they die, lately they let their guard down. Normally when Klaus hears of a threat, He is ten steps ahead with his plan which makes them always win. Klaus always had a backup plan but not anymore, Suddenly they loose at every turn. Fin had to die while they fight against the beast the ancestors created and constantly threatened by the other one now Elijah died too, I know they will find a way to bring him back but still it doesn’t help the originals while the originals aren’t in control.

      • zed says:

        Well, dear Gift, I don’t see that their power is the basis of this show as such- I see them as this supernatural family,that have this immortal thing as the basis of this show and them going through different challenges put in front of them – Nature or whatever the greater power has put out there. Hope being one of the nature’s loophole.They went through centuries with the arrogant notion that nothing except the white oak that can kill them, but as Elijah said to Elena in 2×19 tvd quote ”there is one way to kill any supernatual species-at the hands of the servants of nature- hence a witch, that can harness a lot of power. Their mother made them very powerful, but not completely powerful. And I enjoy, since the moment these characters appeared on TVD,to see how they go through all different obstacles put in front of them, and that they,, hopefully, each time they battle through those obstacles they embrace more of their humanity and try to redeem themselves in the process.

        • Gift says:

          I get it you want to see their vulnerable side, you want them to embrace their humanity but all that redemption stuff is bull. They can never redeem themselves but they can try to be better yea? Living a thousand years and running, of cause It made them vicious. The Mikaelsons are made powerful by their mother but not completely powerful well I think she didn’t know they will have to face so much in their life. Without their power they wouldn’t be ruthless so yes I say their power and family together is the basis of this show. Elijah always says family is power right?

        • Terry M says:

          I think they’ve learned enough humanity for this season. It’s making them too human and wick, helpless, they need to sit up and klaus needs to be 10steps ahead like he always was. The Hero of a show doesn’t always have to be good. I’m fine with their selfish,self serving, ruthless always and forever. That’s what made there characters who they are. We watch the show for them.

    • AGW says:

      I Agree, if every episode gives us the unconquerable Mikaelsons what’s the point of the show. The outcome of every episode would be already determined. The Originals are 1000 years old and created by a powerful witch. However, the world itself is much, much older. Powerful witches existed prior to Esther as shown via the Hallow and other witches mentioned in TVD. Their can be other supernatural creatures older and more powerful than the Mikaelsons. I also agree Elijah needs a reboot. I definitely have not been enjoying the 5 year post dream world version.

    • Esther A says:

      Magic isn’t all powerful since it always have a loophole. But yes you’ve made quite a point.

  9. Dianisha Anderson says:

    I love Elijah, so wished they would of brought Cami back she was good for Klaus!

  10. oke says:

    Well Andy, ur review is a work of Art. Even though Elijah had to die I still think this episode was awesome! I’m never happy when Marcel threaten klaus or one of the Mikaelsons as per what? I was sad about Elijah’s death but gave me hope that he will return hopefully like his old noble self. I found myself smiling at the sighe of Freya and keelin together ,they really are good together. May I say Hayley is to blame for Elijah being captured if she didn’t insist that he made peace with Marcel then he would be home and well. (I know it’s a movie and it’s written that way) but still…. May I add, the Mikaelsons are a family of powerful witches, oldest and strongest Vampire with Viking blood, werewolfs of two different Royal clan do the likes of Marcel or the hallow had to bring them down so easily? Please writers there has to be a way to bring them back to their glory please do so soon. I love this show!

    • Esther A says:

      May I add, yes what Marcel did to them, they had it coming but he is no better and they don’t have to apologize for any reason. He knows how they react to threats and he is a threat was he expecting something different? I have an idea, Freya should make a magical antidote to make them immune to Marcel’s bite they can go back to being fearless again and kill off this hallow.There is nothing that can’t be killed.

      • AGW says:

        There is nothing that can’t be killed including the Originals. That doesn’t make them weak. It is a fact of nature.

        Plot wise, any number of situations can be created to make them vulnerable.

        The Originals don’t have a monopoly on wanting to protect themselves and their loved ones. They have survived by being the baddest bullies on the block until a bigger bully comes along.

        The whole beast storyline was pointless. Based on how easily Freya whipped up the killing dagger for the unkillable.

        • Esther A says:

          Right? She can also easly Make an antidote to make the immune to his Venom.

          • AGW says:

            Exactly, She already came up with a cure for his bite/thorns and a lethal weapon. By the end of the season they probably will be immune.

            Not that they even have to be.

            Marcel as the beast was never a proper antagonist for the Mikaelsons. Simply, because he is to emotionally conflicted and basically lacks the ruthlessness.

            The whole thing amounted to a tantrum that peetered out.

        • Terry M says:

          Yes everything can be killed but we don’t want to see the originals dying well most of them. Want to see them strong and feared also defect every obstacle like the hallow or curing Marcel of that beasty power he now use to threaten the Mikaelsons at every turn.

          • AGW says:

            I understand that. I Just keep thinking the Originals are only 1000 years old.

            There has to be something older and stronger out there.

            What’s wrong with giving them a worthy adversary?

            Do we really just want to watch them beat up and kill baby vampires and weak witches?

            What’s the point of the show if the enemy is always so easily defeated?

            What’s the point if characters never grow or face any obstacles.

            Die hard fans may enjoy watching that put other viewers will begin to channel surf.

          • Terry M says:

            They can meet a worthy adversary and still be the badest vampires we know. I get your point here but don’t you think they’ve got too many threats Now? while Marcel still moves around thinking he defeated the Mikaelsons and brag about it, they bring the hallow into the picture who created a means to their destruction, any of their enemies could easily get their hands on it yet, they said the hallow can not be killed. As long as Marcel is still a beast the ancestors created, they will never be save.

          • AGW says:

            The only serious threat right now to the Originals is the Hallow.

            Marcel has basically become a non-issue. He has zero desire to harm Hope, Rebekah or Hailey.

            He balked at the Hallow’s and Davina’s attempts to get him to kill Klaus.

            On their bone hunt Elijah attacked him and he didn’t even try and fight back. Come On!

            They created a dagger to kill him and he’s still willing to play nice.

            How can anybody take him seriously as a threat? Despite his little speeches.

            I’m not mad that for once they face a difficult adversary where they don’t have an easy advantage.

            I also like that it’s not personal with the Hallow. It’s not about revenge or you hurt my feelings. It’s survival of the fittest.

          • Terry M says:

            Yes, that fact is right, I also appreciate that it’s not about revenge Or pined to anyone in particular it’s a threat for all. Marcel still fears the originals, he expected them to bounce on him as soon as they freed klaus or made a dagger to kill him but it seemed they lost interest.

          • Gift says:

            If I may add, the hallow wouldn’t be able to make a weapon that can kill an original if Marcel’s blood or venom didn’t help. So Marcel is a threat to the originals as long a he is still the beast that can kill original. All they have to do is make him turn back to his normal vampire person that he once was.

          • Jane says:

            I think that might be exactly what will happen in one of the next episodes. Joseph mentioned (Blood night con) that Marcel is now stronger than Klaus, that is unless the witches find a loophole. I don’t know why he said witches (plural), probably Freya or Vincent (maybe even the ancestors) will find a way to neutralise him. I don’t know why Vincent or the ancestors would do it, but Freya would be happy to turn Marcel back to a regular vampire

          • Gift says:

            Freya, kol and Elijah are the only ones right now whom understands that Marcel is a threat. How long is it until he is in a bad mood and wants the originals gone? He might be willing to play nice now because he knows their best bet on surviving the hallow is the Mickelsons after that, what happens next? I think its ludicrous that after he put Klaus in a cage for five years, Klaus just want to make peace my god! It’s Klaus , daughter or not, son or not that character don’t just let go. He doesn’t just forgive, he finds a way to get u back. Just saying, they shouldn’t treat his anger so lightly.

          • AGW says:

            I think that’s because Klaus knows Marcel was wronged. Irrespective, of what happened to Davina and whether or not they had a choice. Elijah killed Marcel on that bridge. There by, jump starting the beast prophecy. Klaus didn’t agree with that action at the time. He still doesn’t. He believed Marcel was angry and grief stricken. Klaus felt he could’ve talked Marcel down. It amazes me that people seem to forget that part. You don’t kill someone you consider your son or daughter. Marcel was ranting and raving but he hadn’t harmed anyone or even attempted to. Elijah could have incapacitated him just like they did Aurora. It was stupid. Elijah went on the assumption that Marcel hadn’t taken the serum yet. So, why not incapacitate him? He already took the serum. Therefore, killing him was the worse thing to do. Also, Klaus knows Marcel could’ve hunted Hailey and Hope, Killed Klaus when he realized his siblings were alive. That’s what a real enemy would have done.

          • Gift says:

            Yes that’s what a real enemy would do I certainly agree but we seem to forget the fact that Marcel took the serum when offered without as much as a second thought. He didn’t know then that Elijah would kill him. He had his motive that much I can say. One thing he has always wanted is to be strong like the originals​ even stronger, he wanted to be king of New Orleans that title above other things matters to Marcel alot. To me, he isn’t better than Klaus or Elijah but he was wronged on that bridge. Elijah went too far both with Davina and Marcel. So was all the victims​ Klaus has tormented over the years. Tyler, Kathrine. Marcel really has always wanted the original family out of the way, all the claims of him loving Rebekah were just talk. They finally settled that part. Marcel can be great sometimes , maybe Klaus will never be able to hurt him but he shouldn’t hold as much power as he does right now. The fricking show is the originals not Marcel, Davina or Hayley.

          • AGW says:

            Yes, the show is certainly about the Originals. However, they do interact with others. I also think the way they interact with others also comes into play.

            Can a well rounded story only be told from one perspective.

            From the introduction of the show, the power struggle between Marcel and Klaus has played a huge part.

            Clearly, Klaus has never thought of or treated Marcel the way he treats anyone else who stands against him.

            Marcel’s tenacity and fight, is what initially attracted Klaus to the boy.

            I disagree about Rebekah though. I feel her actions in bringing Mikael to town were her own. I don’t think she loved Marcel anymore than he loved her. About 2 years after leaving N.O. Rebekah found herself daggered for 90 years because of her relationship with Stefan Salvatore. Every man you meet can’t be the one.

            I do agree that a resolution is necessary. Whether, that’s Marcel dying, be depowered or the Originals being made immune to his venom. Personally, I hope the character survives and keeps his upgrade (with the Originals being immune).

            But, I’ll settle for his survival and reconciliation with Klaus.

          • Gift says:

            ” I’ll settle for his survival and reconciliation with Klaus.” With a point like that I can’t​ agure anymore, I also want the same thing. But I see no reason why Marcel should keep that power, he should be strip of those power and returned back to a normal vampire. I also want to see him well and alive at every season to come.

          • AGW says:

            Agreed! I just think something should come out of the whole season 3 Arc. Otherwise, it all seems a little pointless. If things go back to exactly as they were before.

            I know a lot of fans don’t like Marcel being as physically strong as the Originals. However, Hailey’s strength baffles me more.

          • Gift says:

            Right, a friend of mine keeps complaining about that too. She too doesn’t understand why Hayley is supposely that strong. But I feel Hayley is a fighter both by will, actions and otherwise. Hybrids are also supposed to be very strong and after she gave birth to Hope she was made one but sometimes it’s true that her strength is over exaggerated. ” it all seems a little pointless. If things go back to exactly as they were before.” Nothing is as it was before, all their lives have changed since Hope came into the picture, giving them purpose even kol acted reasonable lately. Their lives have been affected as they now put someone​ else first in all their actions so I don’t think it would all have been for nothing. By the end of the season, the mikeoson have not only leant that there is actually worst demons out there than they are or ever was and they also learn to consider others before they act. That’s why they have so many enemies in the first place because they ignore pain the of others and put family first.

  11. Brandis H. says:

    My husband and I really don’t like the fact that Elijah is down right now. My husband loves Elijah’s zero tolerance attitude in this season.

    I love Hope and Klaus’s dynamic. I love their relationship and I love how brave Hope is. She truly is the Hope of the season and the Mikaelson family and friends.

    In the next episode I need the whole cast to come to an awakening and discover how vital Hope is to their survival. I love how brave Hope is and how she is not afraid to stand up for the people she loves.

    I think Vincent’s character(Yusuf Gatewood, I apologize for the misspelling) is the highlight of this season for me. I know he doesn’t like the Mikaelsons but he is a fantastic character that I think they should keep in the near future.

    This episode was by far the worst episode in the season so far. I like it when Klaus and Elijah join forces and fight together. I hate it when one of them is down and out for the moment. Everybody in the cast needs to consider how powerful Hope is and allow her to help them beat the hollow. Everybody is still on operation survival mode when I seriously think they need to consider formulating a new plan including the most powerful entity in their midst who is fighting on the right side and that is little Hope Mikaelson.

    We look forward to the next episode with great expectation! What an amazing show.

  12. Princess Jewel says:

    Elijah had better not be dead #mycrush

  13. Serah Cheatham says:

    Hi guys:
    Okay, I loved that we got to see a couple of moments between Freya and Keelin They were nice but I am truly hoping that this is not all we can expect after the producers gave us this great coupling. I mean it’s cute that Freya is actually romantic enough to have breakfast for her Dr., and it’s sweet to see a tad bit of shyness in her eyes, but I want to see more than caressing each others arms.
    Now, does anyone else love the character if Sofya? I hope she gets to stick around

  14. Helen Bellows says:

    I loved it

  15. Veronica M Johnson says:

    You all better not kill Elijah but only to make him a better friend to all instead of the demise. Haley deserved him to l live Wow!! I hope he’s able to see her and hope and they see him from the locket. And hurry up with Caroline and Bonnie, and Matt and Tyler Lockwood.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  16. Mona ollison says:

    Hey he makes the show I love watch him he so cool and calm be clean all the time in the suits he can’t die

  17. Dominique says:

    elijah better not be dead for good, and he better come back soon and his own body, nothing like that body-jumping finn and kol did. if elijah is truly gone, or at least daniel gillies, then i don’t think i can stick around. elijah is the whole reason i started watching this show, i’ve never cared much for klaus.
    speaking of which; i will say last night’s episode was the first time klaus started to grow on me. having his daughter around has really begun the change him, and the fact that he was so willing to sacrifice himself to save elijah and hope… well that’s something he wouldn’t have done a few years ago.
    i’m worried vincent might go horribly, terribly bad now that he’s got his book back. he’s the wildcard here, always underestimated, and i fear for his life.

    • oke says:

      Well u are not wrong at all. Klaus yes, has always cared for his family that’s why he did most of the horrible things to reunite them and keep them save. People misunderstand, judge and draw conclusions about him making seem worst than he really is. From the beginning it’s always been Elijah and klaus. They’ve always been more than a great team. Yes Hope made klaus more human but I still think back then he would give his life for Elijah. It’s always been a thing for them to sacrifice themselves for each other. They protect each other remember? It’s just, now they’ve grown more and it isn’t just about them anymore.

      • Esther A says:

        They did judge him harshly Something but you can’t blame anyone, klaus has always been the devil known to all no one expects anything less. That’s why they felt his riot in season2 Finale. Klaus can be ruthless and all but his family is always everything to him so I also think awhile back he might give his life for Elijah or he might find a way to save his brother and Vanquish the hallow.

  18. Evelyne jones-Freedberg says:

    Elijah gone I am gone as well. This season is getting thick with ……. on it self. I had hope for it.

  19. Esther A says:

    How did Marcel survive? He stab the hallow and he still survived? While Elijah had to die, how conning! Well if you show runners wish the show to really end in season 5 then let him stay dead but it’s only going to be fun t
    you bring him back. Sofya character can go to hell. This show is about the originals not Marcel calling the shots or falling in love with some Vampire like I care. Please endulge Hope. Let her be the one to save her family. Bring Elijah back pls.

  20. Jane says:

    I was more heartbroken when they did something similar to the Salvatores. To be fair it was TVD final, so the stakes were higher. But still, lately Elijah wasn’t my fav character to watch, so when he was dying I felt bad for his family, but not for him really.
    Being a Klaroline shipper I still liked the mention Cami, it made a nice scene. Both Klaus and Caroline have been quite unlucky in love so far, I mean most of their ex-partners are dead now, the writers even brought Tyler back just to kill him, they get really thirsty for blood sometimes. Hayley is much more bearable this season, she developed some conscious and she is making sense occasionally.
    They took the focus off of Marcel, which I think is good, I mean he is adopted son and all, but still, they gave him way too much screentime in the past.
    Vincent must be going crazy trying to put some sense into the Mikaelsons, but I think he is missing the point here. The most powerful things in life, like love and desires, don’t necessarily make lot’s of sense, but so what

    • Esther A says:

      I like what you said about Vincent, yes many Things in life don’t make Sense. Marcel, even without a lot of screen time still manage to piss me off, saying its because he allow them to be in the city. Elijah died for the hallow to come back while Marcel survive despite being right in front of her, I don’t buy it. You right about klaus and Caroline having the same fate when it comes to their relationship. It didn’t really matter to me that Elijah vamp out this season I still don’t want him dead. This show without him won’t feel right or the same. Sure you are right this TVD card.

    • Terry M says:

      Vincent seems to forget it’s his fault the hallow entered their world. He brought the most dangerous thing to their world and no one see to blame him, he still has the mouth to judge and point fingers at Elijah and his family.

  21. Lynn says:

    Can’t lose Elijah . Gotta bring him back whole and defeat the hollow. Michelson family strongest when fighting together.

  22. Angelfan says:

    I thought it was a good episode but thought the writers missed the boat in order to keep “the Hollow”. I think Klaus’ s sacrifice would have had far more emotional impact and reprecussions. This despite the fact Elijah is my favorite male Michaelson.

  23. NdiniNdadaro says:

    Where is Elijah’s blood line?

  24. Karen says:

    Bring Elijah back… the show will not be the same.. I miss Elijah already… Bring Him back now

  25. Tanikia Roberts says:

    This was a touching week I swear Elijah is always the one to hold the family together but he always ends up being the one taking the fall at the end of it all they gotta get him back ready for next weeks episode

  26. Liza says:

    I don’t believe for one second that Elijah is dead. He is in some other realm and will be saved. I am not sure how many but episodes are left this season, but Hope is the key to fixing this mess and she will save them all. Then, I think the family should leave New Orleans and return to Mystic Falls so Hope can attend school there. Bring in Caroline, Alaric, and Matt.

  27. Cathy says:

    I the the show we need Elijah the sophisticated bad ass sexey Elijah. Elijah would do anything for his family. But we can’t have him die ! His family needs him .

  28. Terry M says:

    Hope is being underestimated, she seem to be almost as powerful or even more powerful than the hallow. I hope Elijah is brought back, I don’t want to see another Stefan’s story. But great episode!

  29. Maxwell says:

    I know elijah my favorite can’t die soon be back

  30. Mikaaelson Fan says:

    I read a Spoiler. It says Hayley Scarifices herself for Hope and The Mikaelsons.

  31. Selina says:

    I Love you guy’s I am an original, we family. Can’t wait for the new season. .

  32. Leslie Gravitt says:

    I think they should try to figure out a to put the hollow in something more permanent and not just give up all and forever. 😒 i enjoy seeing the characters act really hard and powerful! Thats my favorite when Klaus comes up with some crazy plan. He is the best!!💜💜