Once Upon a Time Season 7 Reset

Once Upon a Time's Lana Parrilla Has Her Own Season 7 Questions, But Is Excited for Regina's 'Next Chapter'

In the wake of so many drips and drabs of reporting on Once Upon a Time‘s Season 7 “reset”/”reboot”/”next chapter,” even Lana Parrilla — one of the three returning series regulars — is heading into hiatus with questions about what lies ahead.

Given the end-of-season time jump and the fact that Andrew J. West (The Walking Dead) is now playing Regina’s grown-up son, Parrilla wonders with a laugh, “With this new Henry, does that mean I’m aging?”

Also at the 9:00 mark in her video Q&A with our sister site Gold Derby, Parrilla alludes to what ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey said at the network’s Upfronts presentation on Wednesday, that Hook, the Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin “return but with new identities in a new city, facing a new curse.”

“I do know that we’re playing sort of different characters,” Parrilla says. But as for details, “It’s all unknown.”

Regardless, Parrilla makes clear she is “excited to see what the next chapter is for Regina,” even though it means doing so without longtime castmates Jennifer Morrison, Jared Gilmore, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Rebecca Mader and Emilie de Ravin, who played Emma, young Henry, the Charmings, Zelena and Belle. “Once Upon a Time is all of us [and] I’m really going to miss working alongside all those people,” she shares.

Also in the 22-minute Q&A, Parrilla hopes for Regina’s happy ending (at the 1:00 mark), mulls how Darth Vader could fit into her character’s love life (11:00) and teaches us how to wield an evil fireball (15:00).

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  1. EvilRegal108 says:

    Hoping to see Maleficent as Regina’s happy ending. Or another lady….

  2. What is meant by sort of different characters. does that mean new characters period or just that they are sort of different cause its the new names and ways they behave due to new curse?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Well, that’s the $1 million question. And probably no new info until Comic-Con. So everyone should just sit tight!

    • Martina says:

      Well, she said “sort of” new characters. For me, that sounds like option 2. Just like in season 1.

      • It feels like s7 is s1 all over again granted I know there will be differences of course. Honestly the different character thing would so make sense being their cursed selves but then again lots doesn’t make complete sense with OUAT so it could mean either. LOL.

  3. Butch says:

    Will Hook’s new character grow a new hand?

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Ooohhh good question! I hadn’t considered that this “new identity” might leave Killian with two hands. Maybe he starts with two & loses one somehow to parallel the original story?

  4. Butch says:

    Sounds like if they are cursed with new identities they wont remember their loved ones and therefore wont be spending all their time trying to find their loved ones. If Emma is in the premiere it may be in a flashback that sets up the new season. They can go anywhere with this without being tied to what happened over the previous six seasons because they were cursed. They have 10 years worth of story to explore since the season 6 finale.

  5. Claire says:

    Lana should have known better than to stay with this mess. She deserves better than a show that’s about to die on Friday nights.

    • S says:

      Agreed. On one hand, one more year of guaranteed money. On the other – girl, you are soooooo much better than this show.

  6. Danni Leigh says:

    The fact that snow, charming, Emma and Henry will not be in the new season… means I will not be watching. If it was just Henry okay I’d deal. But they are changing the whole cast!!!!!! The only people we know is the evil queen and hook. I am not happy about this I love the show BECAUSE I LOVE THE characters, characters I’ve grown to love over the years! BOOOOOOOOO!

  7. Bryan87 says:

    This is probably a good idea. The writers seemed to have no real idea what to do with Snow White and Charming anymore for quite some time and while I have a lot of respect for Jennifer Morrison the characters of Emma got more and more annoying over time. I expected a time jump so they could age up Henry, but I didn’t think they’d make him an actual adult just yet. I approve of that choice, though. I’ll give it a chance.

  8. Alida says:

    I love this show and all the people in it I’m not sure if I will continue to watch it when half the cast leave I wish they All would stay just one more season giving me time to adjust to not looking forward to weekly viewing I am sad.

  9. Andrea says:

    You can’t look at the show the same way and If I know the writers they will keep the arc open for guest appearances…just because they are not in the show doesn’t mean they are gone for good. Jeez people! Give it a chance. If they are building the arc on a emma flashback then the show is somewhat based on the original and maybe all of them including henry have lost their memories. ouat loves curses and memory wipes…got love it!

    …and whoever said about regina getting together with a girl…forget it people!! Stop being so perverted and watch a woman be with a ‘MAN” I know that’s hard for some people…ugh!!

    Nasty a woman with a woman

  10. Sue Newsom says:

    Going to be very hard not seeing all the main characters coming back. What about Hook and Henry? I guess we will just have to see. Going to miss Emma Snow Charming and Belle

  11. Karen LaCombe says:

    I’m happy Once ended as it did…too bad they didn’t make it the END of the series. I, for one, will NOT watch another new episode! As far as I’m concerned, the series is over!!!

  12. Shar says:

    I’m glad Belle and Zelena are gone, Belle was an annoying, preachy, hypocrite obsessed with heroism and stuck with the same dialogue in every scene and Zelena was an unredeemable character after what she did to Rumple, Baelfire and Robin.

  13. Jamie says:

    wwwhhhhyyyyyy nooo don’t everyone leave

    Is hook leaving

  14. Janet says:

    One or two leaving the show can be overlooked, but wiping out an entire cast is something else. So big deal they left 2 and I must say that Gold and Regina are good actors and characters, but the show should have ended if they are getting rid of the other main Characters. Won’t be the same. Won’t be watching it or any other show on ABC!

  15. Dariclone says:

    But, but, I just finished watching it and everything was wrapped up perfectly.It seems clear to me that the writers had s clear ending and were probably unsure if this was going to be the last season. So then ABC sees the ratings going up and says “Hey wait, this makes money!” Please come back and write more for us!” Or even worse, the poor writers had a contract for another show with them and ABC refused to hear any of their original ideas and said “No, it must be a Once spinoff.

    i don’t blame any off the actors for being in the show, I actually really like all of them. I just see rhis spinoff yo be a strange idea. Plus, I really liked One Upon A Wonderland, which ABC dumped before its time had truly come.

  16. Aniyah says:

    TBH the only real reason I’m watching this show now is because Of Lana PARRILLA because everyone else is gone other then hook and rumple and I don’t really like them as much as I LOVEEEE The Evil QUEEN/Regina Mills.

  17. AmiBeth Love says:

    I have a few questions about season seven of once upon a time:
    1. Did Emma and Hook have a child after the photo at Granny’s dinner was taken?
    2. Will we see Prince Neal, Robin and Gideon again?
    3. If Henry was born in the real world how was he able to be with Emma and the rest of the family in the enchanted forest?
    4. Will there be a love triangle between Henry and some of the new female leads or even Prince Neal, Gideon and Robin (if they’ll be in this season)?
    5. What made Henry become cynical and less optimistic like Emma was in the pilot? Did he feel like he let Emma, Hook, and the rest of his family down?
    6. Will Regina ever get her happy ending?
    7. Who will this season’s villain be?