Blackish Spinoff Collegeish Freeform Series Order

black-ish Spinoff Gets 13-Episode Order at Freeform — and a New Title

Time to start shopping for textbooks, Zoey: Your black-ish spinoff is officially coming to Freeform.

TVLine has confirmed that the spinoff (which didn’t make ABC’s fall schedule) has landed a 13-episode order at the youth-skewing cable network, with a planned early 2018 debut. And it’s landed a new name, too: college-ish. Which makes sense, since it follows Dre and Bow’s teen daughter Zoey (Yara Shahidi) as she heads off to college “and quickly discovers that not everything goes her way once she leaves the nest.” (black-ish executive producer Kenya Barrish will serve as an EP here as well.)

Zoey will have at least one familiar face on campus: Deon Cole will be bringing his black-ish character Charlie to the spinoff, serving as an adjunct marketing professor at Zoey’s new school. When college-ish made its informal debut as a backdoor-pilot episode of black-ish earlier this month, the supporting cast also included SNL vet Chris Parnell as the school’s dean and American Crime‘s Trevor Jackson; no word yet, though, on whether they’ll be a part of the Freeform series.

Will you follow Zoey over to Freeform? And what grade do you give the new title? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. TV Fanatic says:

    I’d rather have more Baby Daddy…

    • LizWebberFan says:

      Same. I love Baby Daddy and wish it wasn’t getting cancelled. But I like Blackish, so I’ll give this show a try. I’m happy to hear Deon Cole will be apart of it. I hope he will still have time for Angie Tribeca and Blackish though.

    • Van says:

      Try different world-ish

    • Robert45 says:

      Same – don’t find Young and Hungry funny. If they were to get rid of any show I would have been okay with them getting rid of that show.

  2. Jeff Dodge says:

    I’ll be watching, but college-ish as a title doesn’t sound right. It just sounds weird when you say it out loud.

    • They missed out by not calling it “adult-ish”

      • Jooshua says:

        I thought of adult-ish as well but with the way TV executives are I imagine someone thought “That could turn families away thinking it’s a show only for adults.”

      • TV Gord says:

        That’s a brilliant idea! I love it1

      • Adam says:

        1000% better title. Perfect. “college-ish” makes no sense.

      • maltru says:

        Exactly what I was coming down here to say. And not too late for them to change it. College-ish is just so clunky. Adult-ish rolls off the tongue. Plus, the whole concept behind “black-ish” as a title was that they’re black but living “white” lives (not trying to offend, just summarizing the pilot). That same concept doesn’t apply to “college-ish” but WOULD apply to “adult-ish”, since during college you’re in this weird in between of not being a kid anymore and feeling independent and grown but having everyone who is on the other side of college being like “ha, that’s adorable, no, you’re still a child.”

    • Jooshua says:

      It does sound weird, but I can’t think of another name either. Zoey-ish? Learn-ish? Grownup-ish? I feel like anything sounds pretty terrible lol.

    • JJ. says:

      yeah I really dislike the title, black-ish and as mentioned below, adult-ish make sense but college-ish just sounds dumb

    • Jimmy says:

      I get the title but you’re absolutely right. It needs a better name. I prefer adult-ish to the current title.

  3. Stephen Anthony says:

    College-ish? That’s more of a tongue twister. I’d suggest a name change.

  4. MattySi says:

    That title, while makes sense, does not roll off your tongue well.

  5. Gregory Begonius says:

    Personally, I thought “black-ish spinoff” was a great title

  6. MiaB says:

    I hope Deon Cole being on this show doesn’t mean he’ll be MIA from black-ish.

  7. A.D. says:

    This crap got Baby Daddy cancelled…ugh

    • Bill says:

      I know, so stupid

    • Tomm Huntre says:

      I doubt it was either / or.

      • Tai says:

        Exactly. I seriously doubt Freeform was looking at their schedule and thinking only one show can survive. But it’s cute that people place their misplaced rage on this show. None of the other shows on Freeform. It’s this one.

        • Emily says:

          i specifically read an article that stated that Freeform wanted to focus on the Black-ish spinoff. It wasn’t misplaced rage.

        • So says:

          It wasn’t because of the schedule but because of the budget. They wanted to use the money earmarked for Baby Daddy on this show instead.

    • Jamie says:

      That doesn’t make any sense. If the network wanted to keep Baby Daddy around, but needed to cut one sitcom, they would have cut Young & Hungry instead, since Baby Daddy has higher ratings of the two. I’m sure there was something else going on behind the scenes.

  8. Lola says:

    I like Black-ish but was admittedly bored by the potential spin off episode. I don’t think I’ll be watching. I think Zoey is the weakest child on the series. I find Junior, Diane, and Jack far more entertaining. But kudos to bringing Charlie along. He’s hilarious. I hope he’ll still pop by Black-ish every so offen.

    • Erin B says:

      Agreed. They spent every other season showing her as vapid, & then all of a sudden she was super smart, hard-working, got into so many competitive universities, etc. Once they decided they wanted to do a spin-off, they changed the character but still didn’t make her interesting or funny enough to carry a show in my opinion.

  9. John036 says:

    I doubt this show got Baby Daddy fired, considering Freeform has more than enough space on their schedule for two thirty minute comedies

    • Emily says:

      Maybe all they want is 2 comedies. They never seem to have any more than 2. And it was stated in an article that they cancelled Baby Daddy so they can focus more on Black-ish spinoff. And Freeform only airs new shows mondays-wednesdays… so that actually doesn’t leave a lot of space.

    • Ram510 says:

      No there was an article about it on deadline I believe that said this spinoff this show canceled

    • So says:

      It was about the money, not the schedule.

  10. Rob says:

    I myself would’ve called it ‘adult-ish’ but maybe that’s why I don’t work in Hollywood yet.

  11. Bit too Harsh says:

    I personally think Zoey is the most boring of the children. The backdoor pilot was not that good, and Charlie was honestly the only redeeming quality about the episode. The actress is good on black-ish itself but I don’t think she’s funny enough to carry a comedy on her own. I’d even go on to say she’s the most boring character on the whole show honestly.

  12. readenreply says:

    Academ-ish sounds too geeky?

    or would that show be about the faculty? hmmmm.

  13. Emily says:

    I can’t watch this. They said this is why they cancelled Baby Daddy. Watching this show would be like saying i’m ok with that.

  14. Ram510 says:

    So what happens when she graduates college, guess the name won’t apply much.
    I’d rather have Baby Daddy and if this gets canceled after 1 season they should bring it back

  15. Will says:

    so it would seem that Zoey and Charlie will be able to still make appearances on blackish since college-ish is only for 13 (out of blackish’s normal 23-24 eps).

  16. This better be the best show freeform has ever had because they abruptly and unfairly cancelled a great show in the middle of its season to have it

  17. AveryEcho says:

    I’m just mad they wasted spin-off potential on Zoey when Junior is far more deserving, funny, and interesting. If I have to give up Baby Daddy (which don’t even get me started on, just more salt to go with when Melissa and Joey ended) least they can do is give us a good tradeoff, sheesh!

    • Jamie says:

      Agreed – I kinda wish they waited until Junior went to college. He or Diane would be much better choices for spin-offs than Zoey.

  18. jml says:

    Junior is not going to college ye, so obviously he can’t be spun out of Black-ish right now since he’s still living at home. I would suspect that when he does go to college, he would be folded into any potential subsequent season of this show by having him go to the same school as Zoey will. I agree that “Adult-ish” makes much more sense as a name.

  19. Jason says:

    I’m more concerned about the way this affects Black-ish. Is she off the show as a regular? What about Charlie?

  20. Matt says:

    The black-ish spin-off episode was awful. I feel sorry for Chris Parnell.

  21. rarefied says:

    I wasn’t terribly interested, but if Deon Cole will be there, I’m definitely checking it out now.

  22. JJ says:

    Does this mean black-ish will cancel or will then continue to run both shows? Does anyone know?

  23. Cherish says:

    I don’t know about what they have planned for the title but Grown-ish, the one I thought of, wasn’t exactly great either.