Roger Ailes, Former Chairman and CEO of Fox News, Dead at 77

Roger Ailes, the former CEO of Fox News, has died. He was 77.

According to NBC News’ Gabriel Sherman, Ailes died from complications from a blood clot, which was the result of a bad fall taken in Palm Beach, Fla. just days prior. His wife, Elizabeth Ailes, released the following statement to The Drudge Report:

I am profoundly sad and heartbroken to report that my husband, Roger Ailes, passed away this morning. Roger was a loving husband to me, to his son Zachary, and a loyal friend to many. He was also a patriot, profoundly grateful to live in a country that gave him so much opportunity to work hard, to rise—and to give back. During a career that stretched over more than five decades, his work in entertainment, in politics, and in news affected the lives of many millions. And so even as we mourn his death, we celebrate his life…

Ailes resigned from his post at Fox News last July after former Fox and Friends and The Real Story anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her ex-boss. (21st Century Fox eventually agreed to settle with Carlson for a staggering $20 million.) Reports later surfaced that Megyn Kelly (who has since left Fox News to host a newsmagazine on NBC) had told 21st Century Fox’s independent investigators that Ailes had also made unwanted sexual advances toward her when she was a young correspondent.

Once a media consultant for Republican presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, Ailes became the founding CEO of Fox News in October 1996. He was additionally named chairman of Fox Television Stations Group in 2005.

Watch video of Fox News first reporting Ailes’ death on Fox and Friends:

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  1. History will not look back on his contributions to the newsmedia landscape fondly.
    And that’s the nicest thing I can say about him.

    • Mary says:

      Agree. Sympathy to the family but that is all I got.

    • Anne says:

      Ditto. Sympathy to his family for losing someone, but that’s it.

    • Van says:

      Burn in hell you fat sack of garbage.

      • nunyabizness says:

        I bet you won’t be having the same comments when your slick willie leaves this mortal coil
        you obnoxious liberal hypocrite.

        • Van says:

          Praise jeebus

        • TV Gord says:

          They are both sexual harassers, so my reactions to both of their deaths will be similar, just as it was when everybody’s favorite pedophile, Michael Jackson, died. :-)

          It’s not much consolation when predators get their comeuppance after years of living relatively comfortable lives, but it’s all we’ve got.

      • dan says:

        I shouldn’t be, but I’m literally LOL’ing. Sympathy to his loved ones…other than that, my parents taught me not to say anything if you can’t say something nice.

  2. Chris brandon says:


  3. Sarah Dean says:

    RIP and thank you for years of patriotism

  4. TheMP says:

    They couldn’t say HYPOCRITE in their eulogy…

  5. Tennisnsun says:

    Karma is a b….

  6. Roxie says:

    The trash has been taken out. More work to be done at the White House.

  7. Darsan54 says:

    Ding Dong the Witch is Dead !!!

  8. Jake says:

    It’s a conspiracy – Fox took him out because he knew too much about Wikileaks.

  9. JScout says:

    Good riddance.

  10. Adam says:

    Just a year earlier and this would have saved a lot of headaches (and cash). Somewhere poor old Rupert is p***ed. At least his widow is filthy rich and doesn’t have to look at him everyday. RIP!

  11. Riana says:

    Let’s all pay tribute to the hero who died today…Chris cornell

  12. Jon Willis says:

    And the world is a slightly better place.

  13. Sheba says:

    Burn in hell you DEVIL!

  14. milton thomas says:

    Farewell for ruining our country you Bastich!!!

  15. Steve F. says:

    To paraphrase a quote from Bette Davis: “My mother told me never to speak badly of the dead.
    Roger Ailes is dead. Good.”
    Sympathies for his survivors – and that’s about it.

  16. Jessika says:

    Prayers and sympathy to Roger’s family … …….. Also , sympathy to Chris Cornell’s family. Chris Cornell was a great singer and his music was great.

  17. S says:

    Wow at the comments on here. You liberals truly are disgusting people.

    • Anne says:

      He reaped what he sewed. And this liberal is sick of taking the high road. Time to play rough. Liberals have too long been kind and patient. No more.

      • Anne says:

        (Not in a violent way, but in the way of were not being responsible for the hurt feelings on the side of the right when we speak up).

      • Mel says:

        First of all, it’s SOW, not sew. And second, I love how you libs preach tolerance unless it’s someone whose political views you don’t agree with.

        Anne, you are an intolerant, hypocritical, hateful sack of cr*p.

        • Steven says:

          There’s a difference between politics and sexual harrasment and abuse. The fact you can’t see that shows you’re clearly a conservative.

    • ravynrobyn says:

      What does being LIBERAL or CONSERVATIVE have to do with anything?!?!

    • Hannah says:

      Not sympathizing with a sexual predator makes someone automatically liberal? Jeez, you must think very little of conservatives….

  18. alang414 says:

    Fake news?

  19. TV Gord says:

    His last words were, “If Trump is guilty, may God strike me mnyargh!!!”.