Fall TV Preview

Watch Trailers for CBS' Young Sheldon, Shemar Moore's S.W.A.T. and More

CBS on Wednesday announced its fall 2017 schedule and offered first looks at its new shows, including Big Bang Theory prequel Young Sheldon and the Shemar Moore-led S.W.A.T. remake.

Also among the newly released sneak peeks: Me, Myself & I, a single-camera comedy starring Saturday Night Live‘s Bobby Moynihan and The Librarians‘ John Larroquette, and 9JKL, a family comedy featuring Royal Pains‘ Mark Feuerstein, About a Boy‘s David Walton, The Good Wife‘s Linda Lavin and Ray Donovan‘s Elliott Gould.

Scroll down for the trailers in their entirety:

9JKL (Monday at 8:30/7:30c)

ME, MYSELF & I (Monday at 9:30/8:30c; moves to 9/8c in late October)

SEAL TEAM (Wednesday at 9/8c)

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY on CBS All Access (TBA) — Click here to watch trailer

S.W.A.T. (Thursday at 10/9c after Thursday Night Football concludes)

WISDOM OF THE CROWD (Sunday at 8/7c)

YOUNG SHELDON (Sneak preview Monday, Sept. 25, then Thursday at 8:30/7:30c after Thursday Night Football concludes)

Note: Trailers for midseason series By the Book and Instinct have not yet been released.

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  1. Tom says:

    Ok, seriously, Young Sheldon will fail so fast. That was horrible.

    • nuschler12 says:

      SEAL Team looks like a loser. They don’t make up their own missions that’s what the admirals over Spec Ops do as they use US Army pilots for airships.
      The wives and kids don’t act like wimps–“Oh don’t go!” There are no great looking women with long hair hanging in waves on their shoulders. I’ve had buddies from BUDS/UDT since Vietnam and they are REAL hard asses in both SEAL Team 2 and 6.

      Another joke of a show.

      • Anon says:

        “There are no great looking women with long hair hanging in waves on their shoulders”

        *eye roll*

        Deletes your diatribe from my mind

      • Jim says:

        Yeah and none of that–literally NONE of that–will matter to the kinds of viewers who watch CBS shows. CSIs don’t solve crimes or carry guns, you know. Let’s not even discuss the absurdities of NCIS or Criminal Minds. No one who this show is designed for will care. They just want to see pretty people shoot terrorists.

    • nuschler12 says:

      Agree 100%. He’d get his ass kicked every day!

      • Steve Chappell says:

        So, you think it’s supposed to be a documentary? His character’s too smart to get his ass kicked every day.

    • madhatter360 says:

      I was pleasantly surprised by how well the kid captured many of Jim Parson’s mannerisms. But yeah, not going to watch.

    • Steve Chappell says:

      Ok, seriously, Young Sheldon will a total success. That was great!

    • tjake13 says:

      Wrong; Young Sheldon has the makings for a long run.

    • tjake13 says:


  2. peegee says:

    I didnt/dont like the old Sheldon- the new one- …don’t think so

  3. Sokratis says:

    I have to wonder – in this day and age when there is so much to watch universally – and these trailers help decide long in advance where our viewing habits will lie, why they insist on blocking them outside of the US? This is only ever the Broadcast networks (except for Fox and the CW) and it is why among many many many reasons (for instance – 99% are unoriginal and terrible) they will never succeed once they do make it to Australia where I am. Thank God the CW at least renews the great shows like Crazy Ex GF, Jane the Virgin and Riverdale, which all come onto Netlfix here.

  4. Chris says:

    Wow young Sheldon looks truly awful.

  5. Trident says:

    Really loved that trailer for Me, Myself and I. Great concept.

  6. tw says:

    Wisdom of the Crowd looks good. Bad title, but interesting premise and cast.

  7. Jennifer says:

    OK. I’m loving Me, Myself & I. Didn’t think I would. But. Yes, it’s corny. But LOVE John Laroquette!

    Seal Team? Eh … as much as I love David Boreanaz, looks, generic. Same with SWAT

    wisdom …= APB ver. 2

    Young Sheldon looks funny. But I love Sheldon

    9JKL – OMG!!!! ALBERT TSAI. Love that kid! Steals every scene. but love the cast.

  8. Emma says:

    Can’t wait for SEAL Team! Love me some action!

    • nuschler12 says:

      Even when it’s totally bogus? There is no “elite Tier 1!” Never met a SEAL with a personality. They’re as hard and ugly as real Jet pilots. Not a Tom Cruise or Boreanz anywhere.

      • digitalred93 says:

        It’s fiction, for crying out loud.

        SEALS looks awesome. Thrilled that Boreanaz will continue his career this fall.

      • Emma says:

        Yes, its a TV show not a documentary.

        Also they have a *real* SEAL working & consulting on the show. That’s good enough for me.

        No need to get bent out of shape about it.

      • Cory says:

        Umm, seriously?! I actually know quite a few SEALs. Many are very attractive and have quite the personality! Of course, I wouldn’t say that is the case for all. But you can’t make a generalization like that and expect to get away with it.

      • Steve Chappell says:

        I believe you, never met a SEAL, PERIOD!
        My best friend is a SEAL & he’s a fun guy to hang/drink/partake with.
        I watch very little TV, so I probably won’t be watching said program.

  9. TJ says:

    Honestly, most of the these are better than I was expecting… I’ll probably give the pilots all a try…

  10. JennyfromGeorgia says:

    Yikes..Young Sheldon looks so bad.

  11. Lyndy says:

    Replacing trash with more trash…9JKL is the new 2BG
    Me, Myself & I : Meh, not captivating
    Young SHeldon : Is this show meant to be a comedy??

  12. Boop says:

    9JKL Yaaas! Linda Lavin from Alice is so cute!
    Young Sheldon and Me Myself and I seem aight.
    SWAT Seal Team and Wisdom are shows I will definitely check out. A slightly serialized procedural I can definitely get behind.

  13. Pe says:

    The kid of Sheldon is cute . But cute won’t be enough for a weekly show , the promo even felt too long for me.

    • Brennan says:

      It was an unusually long promo, I feel like we just saw the entire pilot. But the show could surprise, I must be the only one excited.

      • tara17 says:

        I think the promo for Sheldon was very well done, the premise is intriguing and the cast seems very solid, including the kids. The voice-overs by older Sheldon aren’t necessary though imo.

  14. Kevin Tran says:

    S.W.A.T. – A (hope the iconic theme music can be heard in the opening). SEAL Team – A minus. Wisdom of the Crowd – B. Me, Myself & I – C plus. Young Sheldon – D. 9JKL – F.

  15. jj says:

    Did not like any of them.

  16. TraciWynns says:

    Surprised in how good SWAT looks. Navy Seal reminds me of the Unit. But the middle of the country n older cbs viewers will love them shooting up the Middle East.

  17. John036 says:

    I honestly wasn’t expecting to like Young Sheldon (mainly because I thought it was going to be multi-cam, so I was pleasantly surprised when the trailer started), but I’m worried that the show will just be: Sheldon makes other high school students angry cause he’s so much smarter than them, they bully him, and he does something for them to like him and that endless cycle.
    Looking forward to Navy Seals, Young Sheldon, and Me, Myself, and I

  18. Leona says:

    Young Sheldon doesn’t look very good. But wow, Laurie Metcalf’s daughter is the spitting image of her!

    • Kepler says:

      i hadn’t read anything about the show, really, beyond knowing it was coming to TV, so that comment about the actress playing Mary was news to me. But it makes SO MUCH SENSE because she looks JUST like her mother, and even has a similar-sounding voice!

  19. katsssblog says:

    Oh wow, this was awesome. I just wish I could actually see this. Thank you CBS for not allowing me to see trailers. -.-

  20. Fabrizia says:

    Will Sheldon’s mom lose her head?

  21. Brennan says:

    You can’t click on the link to view the Star Trek clip, but I’m sure after I post this it will have been miraculously fixed (TVLine’s been like that all week)

  22. David Bloom says:

    9jkl will fail fast. Elliot Gould just doesn’t have it anymore. And for me, too many incest jokes.

    OTOH: Me, Myself and I warrants a view solely because of John Laraquette. Greatest sit com actor ever.

  23. kmw says:

    The trailer for Seal Team was fine and about what I expected. I will give it a try but I am still wary about it. I know DB has had three terrific shows to his credit but you can already tell where they are headed with his character and a love triangle with someone who is obviously is his ex wife and his boss is a bit much. And like Booth this one apparently is also in therapy. Why he is therapy will be far more interesting than seeing him bounce between two women. I am not really impressed with the other actors but then again I haven’t seen all of it. I will give it a shot

  24. Joey Padron says:

    9JKL looks pretty good and funny, Me, Myself, & I looks good, Seal Team looks really good, S.W.A.T. And Wisdom of The Crowd Looks decent and Young Shieldon looks ok. I’ll check out Mark, Bobby, and David’s new shows.

  25. This SEALS show is one big cliche! Everything that I’ve seen is predictable, even as I watched them in the church, I was waiting for their phones to ring. I can already see this cancelled after 1 season!

  26. Why are there so many shows about SEALS anyway? Like they are the only Spec Ops force in our entire military?? This show has been done over too many times. What about Green Berets, Marine Recon, Army Rangers, etc. SEALS are over-rated and becoming a fad!

  27. Bill says:

    9JKL looks terrible.

  28. James says:

    “Video not available”

  29. Ben says:

    I actually like the trailer for young sheldon

  30. Anonymous says:

    One season wonders…..

  31. Angela says:

    “SWAT” looks good. I didn’t expect the political angle, but I think that could add to the show.
    The only reason I’d want to watch “SEAL” is because of Max Theirot, but the trailer didn’t really grab me. I may check it out when it premieres, but I don’t think it’s a show I’ll be following, at least not regularly. And it seems an odd fit alongside “Criminal Minds”. I think it’d pair much better with one of the ‘NCIS” show.s

  32. Jenn says:

    Does anyone know where people outside the US can see these?

  33. I think I was expecting Sheldon to be a comedy with a laugh track like TBBT and not a Goldbergs type of show…With more of a dramatic tone. I think that threw me off a bit. But on a second viewing I think it looks like a good show. Seems to give the character of Sheldon more heart. Honestly, I don’t think people would criticize it so badly if it wasn’t based off Sheldon and instead, based on a random new character. As always, I’ll give it the 3 episode test.

  34. I think I was expecting Sheldon to be a comedy with a laugh track like TBBT and not a Goldbergs type of show…With more of a dramatic feel. I think that threw me off a bit. But on a second viewing I think it looks like a good show. Seems to give the character of Sheldon more heart. Honestly, I don’t think people would criticize it so badly if it was based off Sheldon and instead, based on a random new character. As always I’ll give it a 3 episode test.

  35. David Hambly says:

    wow,i seem to be in the minority,but i was surprised and flabbergasted. i thought the young sheldon trailer was hilarious.

    • Kay says:

      I agree- I was expecting to hate it, but I actually was very pleasantly surprised. I’m looking forward to it. I thought that little guy was adorable and very like Sheldon.

  36. Delirious says:

    Screw you, CBS, and your geoblocking promos… Learn from ABC and FOX, they upload them worldwide ¬_¬

  37. Peggy says:

    I am going to show my age here but being a fan of the original SWAT series I really wish they had named the SWAT remake something else. It looks like a decent show but it is nothing like the original series and just makes me cringe. However in this clip I see that Jay Harrington is going to be on it so I will definitely check it out.

  38. lrdslvrhnd says:

    9JKL: I’ll check it out, I like Feueueueueuerstein. I hope they tone down the creep factor of the mom, though.
    Me, Myself & I: Meh. The 3-timeline thing might be good in a movie, but not sure how you can sustain it for the long haul. Also, they couldn’t have found somebody actually in her 60s to play older Nori?
    SEAL Team: I’d’ve given it a shot even before David Boreanaz. With him? Yeah. I’ve been missing “The Unit”.
    Star Trek: Discovery: I’ll watch the first ep. Won’t be watching the rest because screw you, CBS All Access.
    SWAT: Maybe. Depends on my DVR situation.
    Wisdom of the Crowd: Nope. Intriguing premise, not my cup of tea.
    Young Sheldon: Why? Seriously. Who thought this was a good idea?

  39. meleliot says:

    CBS all access – you suck!

  40. Finally able to see the “Seal Team” trailer. Was in tears over just the trailer…..hoping the whole is as good as the slice we got here. Started out sort of thinking it could parallel the fact that DB’s Seeley Booth character was a Ranger. This is a great way to help fans of Bones move on….

  41. tom says:

    9JKL Needs less cutecy and more comedy.

  42. tjake13 says:

    9JKL Needs less cutecy and more comedy.