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HBO (Sort of) Renews The Young Pope as The New Pope, With All-New Cast

If you were hoping for another season of HBO’s The Young Pope, your prayers have been answered… well, sort of.

The network has announced a new limited series, The New Pope, from Paolo Sorrentino — the creator/director behind The Young Pope, the Jude Law-starring HBO drama that aired earlier this year. But this will be an entirely new miniseries, with an entirely new cast; plot details are scarce at this point, but it seems The New Pope will follow a different fictional pontiff than Law’s Pope Pius XIII.

Production of The New Pope will begin later this year, with HBO co-producing with European media company Sky. Sorrentino will co-write with Umberto Contarello. Casting for all roles, including the titular “New Pope,” will get underway soon.

The Young Pope, starring Law as a rebellious, cigarette-smoking American Pope who raises eyebrows at the Vatican with his unconventional methods, debuted back in January, running for a total of ten episodes.

Will you reserve a seat in the pew for The New Pope? Or were you hoping for another season of Jude Law? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. Robberey says:

    Are you sure this isn’t kind of late April Fools, as The Young Pope was already renewed for a second season by Sky Italia recently? Sorrentino won’t have that much time.

    • Brian says:

      It was renewed back in October. European shows often go multiple years between seasons. They just changed the premise from a sequel to an anthology series.

  2. Brian says:

    Also, Deadline is saying “The New Pope is set to go into production late next year in Italy.”

  3. EJ says:

    I think it’s a good idea for this to have an entirely different cast and storyline. I wonder if they’ll at least refer to Lenny being reunited with his parents-or did he croak in that final scene?

  4. A female pope? A black pope? A trans pope? I reckon they’ll do something pseudo-progressive like that!

    • Not a spoiler if it was published last year. says:

      For a trans pope, see “Woman of God” by James Patterson & Maxine Petro

  5. David Hambly says:

    the “young pope”? hmmn…zac efron for season 2;bella ramsey for season 3(she’s 10) they could rename it “the younger and younger pope”. maybe they could do a better job at writing the scripts,too.

  6. Amy says:

    ah…but what happens/happened to Lenny? We won’t find out?

  7. Deborah McCullough, says:

    Was hoping for 2nd season with Jude Law; he was fascinating to watch as the Pope despite his eccentric behaviors

  8. Belinda Vazquez says:

    I want Jude Law to be the New Pope…he was excellent on The Young Pope…

  9. Jordan says:

    I think they’re just being very coy and clever about this. In the final episodes of “The Young Pope” (the final especially), Lenny certainly changes into a “new Pope” – his ways of thinking change, he personally changes from the “Young Pope” into a “new Young Pope” (there are even references to this in the script, one character calls his changed ways “it’s like we have a new Pope” or something to this effect). So, I would not be shocked if Lenny is back, if his Epiphany “changes him” and he carries on his career as Pontiff – at this point, with this creative team it’s certainly plausible.

    • EJ says:

      No. That’s not happening. The press release makes it clear that the next miniseries will be entirely different, with an entirely new cast. I doubt it that Jude Law was interested in doing anything more than one miniseries.

  10. Tracey Pawlowski says:

    I’m just not interested without Jude Law being the Pope.

  11. mrnickvirga says:

    That sounds amazing

  12. LillyPadPwnz says:

    No Pope unless Jude Law. I can’t see anyone being a better Pope than him, except maybe Will Smith I suppose

  13. Kj mieczynski says:

    Bring back Jude Law. He was superb in the role of Pope Pius Xlll

  14. Anna says:

    We want to go on with the Young Pope series with same cast. If it’s a new cast and new Pope we won’t watch.

  15. Mercy Me says:

    Jude Law made the series. Without him coming back as The Young Pope good luck because I won’t be purchasing the next series. I won’t watch it at all. He made it.

  16. i think they should have kept jude law and continued the young pope. but he probably wanted too much money. i wanted to see where the young pope would go next and how the character would grow. i think stopping it like that and starting anew is a big mistake. if the first season episode is not spectacular they will probably lose this viewer.

  17. Marie Block says:

    Definitely love Law! Please bring it back.

  18. Alexandra says:

    I am disappointed. Jude Law played a perfect Pope. It’s so rare the new person lives up to our expectations. Look at ‘Spartacus’. Great show, but when the new one came in, it just was never the same again for me, (I know it needed to be done, i’m sad to say) And, the new Spartacus was very good. If I didnt get to know the first one, i’d have enjoyed him. But, Jude is just the perfect bit of evil and good.

  19. Linda Gutierrez says:

    Really??? No Jude Law??? That was an awesome cast , can’t believe they want to change it all. Not sure if I will watch but I will try.

  20. Lera says:

    I’ll watch next series ONLY on the premise J Law playing it. Although script was brilliant but w/o J Law this wouldn’t have been such a massive success. I also think Catholic Church owes to the film much as it raised the profile and revived public interest to it.

  21. Luan says:

    I really enjoyed the Young Pope. I was extremely surprised when I didn’t see Jude Law or the series listed as Emmy nominees?

  22. Anna says:

    Many people won’t watch it Jude Law or is not return as Lenny the stories really unfinished I for one will not watch without juse law as lenny

  23. D K Davidson says:

    It will not be the same without Jude Law. Mr. Law is the only actor that is capable of the veiled sarcasm required to carry the roll.

  24. Allynn says:

    What was wrong with jude law he was great?

  25. Allynn says:

    We loved the old cast

  26. Terese Monroy says:

    Really want a continuance of series!!
    Same Cast!
    When you get it right you keep going!
    “Ketchikan Alaska” this show is a thing of beauty and beauty in cold temps is still beauty…Lenny quote unquote

  27. Sharon Zordan says:

    Hoping for Jude Law to be back in new series, loved the Young Pope

  28. Barb says:

    Heartbroken. There is so much more that could be done with the existing characters and I was so hoping to see more.

  29. Mary Davis says:

    Really want another season with Jude Law

  30. Ernesto Ornelas says:

    No one can replace Jude Law,I’m disappointed