Last Man Standing Cancelled

Last Man Standing Cancelled: 'Stunned' Tim Allen, ABC Boss Weigh In on Axing

Considering that Last Man Standing had held pretty steady in the demo for the past three years — and this TV season ranked as ABC’s second-most watched comedy, behind Modern Family — its cancellation came as a bit of a surprise.

So much so that it spurred speculation that star Tim Allen’s well-vocalized, right-wing beliefs may have played a factor. (In March, he likened the treatment of conservatives in today’s Hollywood to “1930s Germany.”) Online petitions of course followed, some calling for a boycott of those who advertise on ABC.

But in a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey waved off the suggestion that Allen’s politics informed the axing.

“Look, sadly, a large part of these jobs [as network bosses] is managing failure. We have to make the tough calls and cancel shows that we otherwise would love to stay on the air,” she said. “But I cancelled Last Man Standing for the same business and scheduling reasons that I cancelled The Real O’Neals, Dr. Ken, The Catch and American Crime.

“Last Man Standing was a challenging one for me, because it was a steady performer in the ratings,” Dungey acknowledged, “but once we made the decision not to continue with comedies on Friday, that was where we landed.”

ABC this fall will open Friday night with Once Upon a Time‘s seventh season. Marvel’s Inhumans will follow at 9/8c, then cede that time slot to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. after its 8-episode run ends. Explaining that combo, Dungey said the network was curious to see how Once performs away from Sunday night football, and that there has always been viewer interest in seeing the fantasy drama paired with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Of course, Last Man Standing was also a pricey sitcom, fueled by TV vet Allen’s salary, and it also is produced not by ABC but 20th Century Fox TV. Addressing the ownership issue, Dungey said, “I wouldn’t say that that was the sole factor in not bringing Last Man Standing back.”

UPDATE: On Tuesday afternoon, an hour before ABC was set to take the stage at Lincoln Center for its annual Upfront presentation to advertisers, Allen broke his silence on the situation, with a simple, strongly-worded tweet:

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  1. Adam says:

    Bull. I hated the show and don’t like him but it did well for ABC and carried the night (along with ST) to a lot of wins. She cancelled it because of politics which is sad. What’s sadder is it could have been a great lead in to the Roseanne revival. Short sighted and will be looked back at as her biggest mistake. And btw, when comedy is the only think you’re doing right, why are decreasing the amount of hours? She is puzzling.

    • Van says:

      It carried the night, but nothing does well on Friday anymore. Its like saying good gas station sushi.
      They retooled it, changed the plot. Parts where funny. But the plots never went anywhere. It was like a abc family or disney show that way

      • rowan77 says:

        It has never carried the night. Blue Bloods has more viewers (and many alpha-viewers, so that’s even better) at 10pm on a Friday night than Last Man Standing at 8pm. Last Man Standing never even cracked the top 25. For a while that was fine, but now it’s too expensive to keep and doesn’t fit with the 2017-2018 schedule. If it was a money-maker they would have found a place on the schedule.

        • Last Man Standing and Blue Bloods are the only thing to watch on Friday nights.

          • rowan77 says:

            For some. For others, there are/were more options. ABC made he mistake of trying to get the same demographic as CBS on Friday while ignoring what made them such a success in the 1990’s-TGIF was aimed at families with young kids who stayed home on Friday nights. LMS was aimed at mostly Boomers. But hey, six seasons is a good run. I wish Tim Allen was more gracious about it.

    • Lauren says:

      Oh please. The show was on for 6 seasons and was never a ratings winner. It was a business decision. I also highly doubt it will be considered her “biggest mistake” considering it wasn’t that popular of a show and no one cares that much that it’s gone. People on the right who never even watched this show are only complaining because Tim Allen is a Republican and they loveeeeeee to whine about how the evil Liberals in Hollywood do nothing but attack Republicans/Conservatives. *Eye Roll*

      • Sammie says:

        It didn’t do well? It was the network’s 2nd highest rated sitcom. Shows that performed less well got renewed and will air midweek. They could have dropped a show with lower ratings and moved LMS into the Tues/Wed block. It’s an excuse. That’s all.

        • Lauren says:

          It was on the cancellation bubble all the time! It did OK, it lasted 6 seasons, but it was never a ratings winner. It’s not at all shocking that ABC would decide to cancel it. Plus, if they really hated Tim Allen and what the show was about, why would they keep it on for 6 YEARS? This has nothing to do with politics.

          • Mel says:

            You have no confirmation that it had nothing to do with politics. This was ABC’s second highest rated comedy.

            *Eye Roll*

          • Adam says:

            Someone did not like this show, lol.

          • Eli says:

            It may have been on for six years but this is the first renewal/cancellation in Trump’s America. Only recently has Conservative become a dirty word. Any and all republicans have become evil and even some democrats who don’t follow the far left policies of Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker, and Bernie Sanders are not to be tolerated. That is why it has been on for a long time before that. Conservatives used to be tolerated by the left. Now due to President Trump, they are demonized.

          • Angela says:

            @Ell: If conservatives are “demonized” nowadays, maybe it’s because their attitude on various policies is abhorrent. They recently threw a freaking kegger to celebrate the passage of a crappy healthcare bill that was going to screw over lots of people (but not their rich buddies, oh, no, they get a pass, like always). A healthcare plan that they want to exempt themselves from, no less! Apparently it’s good enough for us, but not for them?
            And then there’s their disturbing fixation on trying to restrict women’s access to various things related to their healthcare when it comes to pregnancy and birth control and the like, and their constant attempts to try and chip away at LGBT rights (the “religious freedom” bills, the attempts to try and fight the legalization of same-sex marriage, their attitude on the “transgenders in bathrooms” issue, Pence with his “gay conversion therapy” attitude), their dismissal of poor people as “lazy moochers” and their xenophobic attitudes towards immigrants and the Muslim community.
            And now, even though Trump continues to be a total embarrassment to their party and a liability in SO many ways, they’re digging in their heels and refusing to admit they made a grave mistake in supporting him. They’re too cowardly to stand up to him and call him out on all his BS.
            No. They brought the disapproval of them on themselves with their own behavior. There are Republicans out there who are more moderate in their views, whom I might not personally agree with on every issue but who at least have some integrity in why they think the way they do, that I can respect and would be happy to work with where needed.
            The GOP’s overall platform as it stands now, though? And the undying support towards Trump despite all the horrible things he’s doing? No. That I can’t respect, or understand. It’s based in nothing but discrimination and mistreatment/disrespect of various groups of people. It’s cruel.

          • Sammie says:

            Again, go back and read the first paragraph. THIS season it was 2nd most watched for the network behind Modern Family. Previous “bubble seasons” it was not but this season it was. If you read further down, you’ll see, I don’t think politics was the only factor – I do think it was played a part, however.

          • There are some of us who chose not to watch this show from the beginning, not even aware of Tim Allen’s politics. It just seemed to be a very pedestrian and creatively bankrupt concept for a show, circa 1950-s. I have no idea what Kevin James or Matt LeBlanc’s political leanings are either–I just don’t watch their shows for the same reason as I avoided LMS. Too much better TV to watch; too few hours in a day.

        • N. says:

          True. That is, if you don’t count Fresh off the Boat, Speechless, The Middle, and Black-ish. Jesus. Who cares about facts as long as they don’t suit your agenda, right?

          • N. says:

            oh and the Goldbergs.

          • Sammie says:

            Are you talking about the ratings comment? Go back to the top of the page and read the lead paragraph to the article. “Considering that Last Man Standing had held pretty steady in the demo for the past three years — and this TV season ranked as ABC’s second-most watched comedy, behind Modern Family — its cancellation came as a bit of a surprise.” So yeah, those shows are good, but the figures are, LMS was 2nd behind MF (frankly, I’d be miffed if they got rid of Speechless or Fresh off the Boat. Love those two shows. Watch the Middle but wouldn’t miss it. Occasionally watch Black-ish when L&O SUV is a rerun but wouldn’t miss it if it were gone.) They kept American Housewife – which I also watch only because I haven’t found anything else I’d rather see at that time.

          • Cas says:

            Sammie no. Clearly, you don’t understand ratings. Just because it had more viewers doesn’t mean it ranked good in the demo. Advertisers pay for the demo. So all those 50 plus Republicans that watch don’t really count.

          • Molly says:

            Cas, keep reading. I have been an advertiser. I am out of the end of the business now, but I have been involved in ad buys.

          • Molly says:

            Sorry, hit enter too soon, I agree with the other poster to a point. I wouldn’t discount 50 year olds as irrelevant. Sure, I would challenge Sammie on whether the income from some of those ads is netting enough to cover expenses. But I don’t rule out everyone out of the parameters you climb too. Tv as an marketing tool is losing ground. Between DVD, subscription services, and digital, tv is no longer the biggest act in town. Advertisers have options. I’m not working today, home raising kids, but I remember enough of it to know any buyer looking just at a demo sheet is falling short on the job.

        • GLO says:

          Why not move it to Sunday and counter with a four multicam comedy night
          LMS Roseanne and 2 others they green lit to pilot
          Couldn’t do worse than that Sunday schedule will do
          They’re just throwing up the white flag to NBC and NFL

        • Joe Drizzler says:

          LMS was not the network’s 2nd highest rated sitcom. It was the 2nd most-watched. There is a big difference. Total viewers are irrelevant in terms of revenue. All that matters is the 18-49 demo for setting ad rates. By that measure. LMS was the 8th ranked sitcom on ABC behind Modern Family, The Goldbergs, Speechless, black-ish, The Middle, American Housewife & Fresh Off the Boat (all of which were renewed) and ahead of The Real O’Neals, Imaginary Mary & Dr. Ken (all of which were cancelled). That puts LMS squarely on the cancel/renew bubble, where it has been for the past several seasons. It probably only made it as long as it did because it aired on Friday where expectations are lower.

          • Sammie says:

            As a marketer, there’s more to deciding where to toss your ad spend than a rate. . . I care who is watching and how many of them are watching. I’m looking for reach. Can I get my ad in front of the most eye balls possible for the best possible price. Last I checked, my 67 year old mom had more disposal income than my 18 year old niece. I wouldn’t discount her viewership if I had the right products.

          • Lyndy says:

            Even though younger demo has little to no disposable income, they are more impulsive and more likely to be swayed by ads and to switch up brands on a whim. Advertisers know that the younger demo is more likely to use money they don’t have to purchase stuff they do not need, unlike the older folks who are more set in their spending habits and brands of choice…therefore less likely to be moved by ads. This is why 18 – 49 demo is still the most important

          • Miranda says:

            @Sammie, Okay, but if you read another TVLine article, you’ll see that the 18-49 demo, while it may not have as much disposable income, are not as rigid in their choice of spending. Older viewers are often marketed as set in their ways as to what they choose to purchase, which is why they are less sought after for the majority of ads.

          • Sammie says:

            Ok, Miranda & Lyndy – good discussion. Here’s another PoV on it though. When I watch football, or any sport really, what ads run? There’s a glut of beer ads, car ads, food…and more Viagara / Cialis commercials than you can count. Football tends to get pretty good ratings (although not as strong as they used to), right? I haven’t looked at the age break out but my guess is there’s a wide span in the demographics. Yet, they’re running medical ads clearly not focused at the 18-30 group. In fact, I’m thinking you’re probably not even hitting that many in the 40-age tier either. Watch prime time tonight – depending on the show you’ll see ads for all sorts of RX drugs that are not targeting the young crew. You’ll see other stuff targeting Boomers too. Now, granted, I haven’t done ad buys in just over a decade and the last time I was buying ads, I was limited to trade pubs not mass market broadcast. That said, if I wanted to get in front of young eyeballs today, I’d go digital not TV. And I’m not the only one. Recent market data indicates digital overtook TV spends for the first time in 2016 – not by a lot but it is a continuation of a trend. (AdAge ran the story on April 26th, fwiw) There are other market studies that younger demographics are not necessiarly more impulsive when it comes to “things.” They are more apt to spend their cash on experiences and tech than on other stuff. Do you see ads for those on broadcast TV? While I stand corrected in my earlier errant swap of “eyes = ratings” per se, I still hold fast there are many considerations in ad spends. I’ve always looked for who my target market is and where are they found? marketing my product to a supposedly impulsive 18 year old does do me a any good if my product is more apt to appeal to a 58 year old.

        • Aeol says:

          It’s about the whole of programming, not just dropping one show into a mix. You may think your red pants and pink shirt combo is cute, but trust me, it isn’t.

        • Sara says:

          Most watched and highest rated are actually two separate factors for tv viewing/rating. While it was the second highest watched in total viewers, I have read elsewhere that it was the 4th lowest rated comedy in terms of the demo for ABC (and all 3 that were lower than it also got cancelled). That never bodes well. They had to factor in that to keep the show they would have to move nights and while the demo is ok-ish for a Friday night, it would be disastrous on the nights they have their planned comedy blocks. They chose to go with higher rated comedies. Factor in the network doesn’t own the show so they don’t really care that much about syndication deals and Tim Allen’s salary and it isn’t all that surprising now that we have the explanation.

          • Denis Donovan says:

            Another fact that I haven’t seen given its due here is that the network had to factor in Tim Allen’s cost to renew when making their decision. 6 years down, Allen was making a pretty penny in terms of his compensation. Consider also that the net does not own the show and cancellation starts to make sense, I wonder now if those who believe that Tim Allen’s show was canceled because he is a conservative with sprout similar rubbish about the cancellation of Gary Senise’s spin off of Criminal Minds, as Senise too is a Republican

        • Brian says:

          There’s more than just the ratings. Maybe the show was too expensive. It’s also a show owned by Fox, not ABC. Whereas something like American Housewife may be a lower rated show, it’s owned by ABC-Disney

          • Lynnee says:

            I agree… it’s about the money… it’s not like this show was a cash cow! It’s not NCIS.. and about politics if that were the case wouldn’t it have been thrown to curb a while back? Just saying

        • Karen says:

          Sammie, you need to understand the difference between “second most-watched” and “second highest rated.” They are very different things. The former means it was second highest in total viewers, not just the demo (which is what counts for ad sales). Sadly, total viewer counts are not that important when we’re talking straight-up money. A show that goes on this long means everyone is getting paid a lot more. The actors, the writers, the crew (even though that’s barely a fraction of what the above-the-line are making). And depending on their syndication deal, the math likely just didn’t add up for ABC to renew. There are so many factors in these decisions that viewers at home don’t understand because they’re not in the thick of it. It’s often so complex that people on the show itself don’t even understand — see Tim Allen’s twitter comment.

          • Sammie says:

            Actually I do uderstand I made reference to such above. To be frank, I’m not mad it’s cancelled. I did enjoy it and I do think politics was a factor,,,,just not the only one or maybe even the main one, forgive the typos please. Typing on a phone half asleep. Lol!

        • Annie says:

          Based on same day ratings, it is the sixth highest rated sitcom on ABC. Other than Modern Family, those other shows probably cost less.

        • Deborah Patterson says:

          It was political…More stiffing . More and more of free speech being taken away. ABC is so loose and liberal. ABC Family is in name only. Will watch Last Man Standing on another channel

      • Ben says:

        I’m sick of the politics discussions on both sides. I am not American, lean left in a country where the right looks like the Democrats and there is nothing akin to the Republicans, and my wife and I really enjoy Last Man Standing and are disappointed it’s gone. What’s more, reading the comments on this left-leaning site, it appears that it’s one of the seasons more impactful cancellations. Lots of people enjoyed it.

        • MMD says:

          So am I. Tim Allen had a successful run on LMS as well as 8 years of Home Improvement, also on ABC. I’m just amazed at how so many discussions end up being completely off topic and about politics and/or snowflakes.
          It’s getting really old!

        • Mary says:

          It shouldn’t be about politics, but ironic thing is Tim Allen is the one who made it political by his statement. I for one never liked the show, which obviously I wasn’t alone. He had six years with okay ratings, he should just be grateful and move on.

      • Patrick says:

        And it had to be expensive. Allen was expensive. Hector Elizondo was expensive. Nancy Travis was expensive, relatively, compared to hiring an unknown, or less successful, actress. They had three pricey leads on that show. Then they had 3 daughters who were regulars. The daughters’ boyfriends and husbands accounted for 2 more regulars. Then there were heavily recurring supporting characters. They had 8 regulars, and 2-3 more who might as well have been regulars. That is a huge cost.
        For instance, Friends carried 6 regulars. Frasier carried 5. Cheers carried 6-8 (only that many once it was a huge success). LMS was a middling success that was expensive out of the gate.
        On a side note, the ends of Modern Family and/or BBT will probably mark the end of long running live action sitcom shows. 6-7 years, max, from here on out. If your show makes it past 4 years, enter each season prepared for the show to end. The economics just aren’t there any more.

        • Casey says:

          Agreed. It’s not just about relative Nielson numbers. That helps translate into revenue, but there are a lot of other revenue streams (or lack thereof) and costs that ultimately determine the bottom line. The names involved must have been expensive, and typically, the older a show gets, the more expensive it is unless they make big changes.

          Networks make plenty of decisions that don’t appear to make sense based on viewership alone, but make lots of sense in the big picture (e.g. renewing Fringe, despite low ratings and production by an outside studio, because the studio gave FOX the license to air at zero cost, just so that Sony (I believe it was Sony) had more episodes to sell into syndication).

      • Mel says:

        Talk about “alternative facts”, Lauren. Try examining the show’s ratings and stepping back into reality instead of making things up to suit your position, as liberals are wont to do.

      • Josephine says:

        Well it’s true the Hollywood idiots attack the republicans and our president mostly. I’m still waiting for them to move to Canada. They surely won’t be missed. But let’s not get into politics here.

      • Rogue says:

        You mean like you’re doing now?

      • Sherry says:

        You are wrong. Lauren..on the call of foul by republicans. was funny…im a registered democrat…it was was funny ….who whines more than democrats right now? No one! It was clean and funny. Maybe the dems are the ones who whine on this one. Get a grip.

    • Aeol says:

      What politics? Is this new? Allen has always been an outspoken conservative, yet ABC still paid him handsomely for 6 years, and I’m sure Glenn Beck would love to give him a syndication deal over at the Blaze, right?

    • Adam says:

      Idea. Bring back Home Improvement and air it with Roseanne. Makes everyone happy. That one’s free ABC :)

    • Annie Sisk says:

      Which is why they canceled … The Real O’Neals and American Crime, too? Suuuure. ALL politics.

    • Annie says:

      It’s an expensive show that was averaging under a 2 rating. How is this about politics?

    • JJ. says:

      I’m surprised to see all of the comments saying this was cancelled because of Tim Allen’s politics, in my opinion that is a bit of a reach. Especially (since as you mentioned) Roseanne is getting a reboot and Roseanne herself has been vocal about her support for Trump

    • rowan77 says:

      Clearly she didn’t cancel it due to politics. There are plenty of right-wingers working on broadcast television series and they haven’t lost their jobs. Yes, they live and work in a mostly liberal area, but no one has gotten fired because they voted for someone their bosses didn’t like. ABC was not making the money they needed to keep the show on or they would have kept it. It’s not a cheap show to make, and since ABC doesn’t own the show, they don’t get the money from syndication or overseas sales. Their Friday-night slate was no longer a real moneymaker for them. It’s a business decision. Moving on.

    • Did you RTFA?! It’s number 2 after ModFam. It does better than ultra-gushy critical darling Black-ish (which decrepit The Middle also out-preforms since Black-ish started). Censoring necons, my ass. It was a platform for Allen to rant w/ soft soft supporting cast essentially weakly reciting “yes, Tim; you’re right, Tim”. After season 1 when it was retooled for political fodder, it became instantly dated… a modern day Murphy Brown that will seem ancient even by 2020 w/ “ugh, Obama!; people should listen to Trump” jokes. Many factors to it being a soft syndication venues & politics will be one reason it leaves local TV syndication & rot on Hallmark Channel.

  2. Mike says:

    So they cancelled it because they moved away from sitcoms on Fridays? Um, I’m looking at the new schedule now and Tuesday and Wednesday have comedy blocks too. Couldn’t have put it there somewhere? It’s amazing to think they believe we buy this bs. Just be honest ABC, your viewers will respect you more for it. :(

    • Dysturbed says:

      The”move something to another slot” argument tends to ignore key things.

      Like you said, those two nights have comedy blocks, which means that those spots are now occupied. In order for LMS to have been scheduled there instead, something else would have had to have been moved to another night…but where? OR something else wouldn’t have had to have been cancelled, which would have upset those fans instead. So which show? Something could have not been ordered, but then “ABC stinks because they won’t give a good new show a chance” would be said by many people.

      It’s a standard no win situation.

    • ella jasper says:

      I’m with you Mike, I don’t buy that answer either.

    • kayw4 says:

      What about Dr Ken, its companion show? That was cancelled after a shorter run and it’s a much cheaper show to make. Should they be “honest” about the cancellation of that one too? No? Believe me, if the networks had a way to monetize a right-leaning show they would (as the parent company Disney has done for years and years, along with countless shows on other networks like 24, Homeland, or all those reality shows on A&E). Or they’d keep a known Republican on the air (as they do with Patricia Heaton in The Middle) if it makes them money. If it doesn’t make them money, then they won’t. To say it’s political after six struggling seasons (on a Friday too where the shows have to be dirt cheap to make money), is truly laughable. But there’s a silver lining: this petition and Tim Allen’s remarks are a GREAT and educational example of the victim mentality that underpins this kind of political outlook.

    • Mike, LMS & Dr. Ken are traditional 3 camera, studio audience sitcoms & ABC’s Tues. & Wed. sitcoms are single camera & they don’t like to mix the 2 styles. So w/ a show that’s been around long enough to enter syndication & higher cast salaries, it’s better to release it. Especially when Dr. Ken is a show done by ABC Studios & soft ratings makes it a poor economic choice to keep. The baby went out w/ the bathwater. You can decide which of the 2 shows is which. lol

  3. Sara says:

    I hope this gets picked up somewhere else, maybe Netflix?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Netflix hasn’t “saved” a freshly cancelled show in 2-1/2 years.

      • Sara says:

        Well, maybe now is the perfect time they can save one ;) LOL!

      • Joe T says:

        Midseason on Fox would actually seem to make more sense. They already own the show and they’ll be losing New Girl. Maybe it’s just me?

        • Jennifer says:

          If only. I loved this show. It was one of the better ones.

        • Adam says:

          Genius. But maybe Friday’s at 8? Paired with another laugh track show then Gordon Ramsey at 9. Mimicking ABC’s (former winning) Friday’s might bring FOX a win for the night.

        • K says:

          New Girl was renewed though. I’d guess the expense of the cast would make it a difficult for any other network, unless they retooled it and got rid of a bunch of regulars.

      • Adam says:

        Which show was that? Longmire?
        I don’t know where Netflix really got the reputation of resurrecting canceled shows. I feel like it’s discussed more than it has been done in action. And I really wouldn’t expect them to pick up a multi-cam soundstage setup sitcom.

        • Brennan says:

          Lomgmire, Black Mirror, The Killing and Arrested Development were all picked up after being canceled. They have had a habit of rebooting old popular shows though, but the more original content they get the less likely it is they’ll save canceled shows. I’m sure they regret saving the ones that did since now anytime a show is even on the bubble people are crying for Netflix to save it.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Thank you; it is truly an un-earned reputation with regards to freshly cancelled shows. Longmire. The Killing. And Hulu saved Mindy Project.

          • A fan of TV says:

            Arrested Development, too! (Though not a recent cancellation, so maybe more of a reboot…?)

      • SeanP says:

        What about Degrassi?

  4. TV Fanatic says:

    In other words they axed their second best performing comedy because it wouldn’t fit in alongside the likes of its other comedies elsewhere in the week…

    • Billy Bob Johnson says:

      Yeah, sure, they could have moved it to Tuesdays at 9:30, right after black-ish.

    • N says:

      I didn’t know eighth and second were synonyms…

      • Molly says:

        2nd most watched, N. Says so right at the top. Watched, not ratings – fine. But frankly, eye balls count for something whether it’s an ad rate or not.

        • N says:

          He said second best performing not second most watched. And every network out there judges a series’ “performance” based on their 18-49 demo ratings. Just because you have your own personal “all eyes count” take on it doesn’t mean that that’s what measures performance

  5. Brandon says:

    The arguement is that Tim Allen is pricey? What about all the pay raises for all the cast members of Modern Family? It barely does better in the ratings and is older than LMS.

    • kmw says:

      ABC does not own LMS therefore doesn’t not get any benefit from it and if you compare to MF well yes there is that but MF is still way ahead of where LMS was going. And as far as politics ending this show is concerned? if that was true they would have cancelled The Middle as well( Heaton is a Republican). Believe what you want but ABC made a business decision not a political one

      • Angela says:

        And heck, I’m surprised that conservatives are so upset about this. I thought they hated it when actors spouted off about their political views? Where’s the calls from them felling him to “just stick to acting”?
        Also: In March, he likened the treatment of conservatives in today’s Hollywood to “1930s Germany.”
        Oh, good lord, really?

        • Lauren says:

          Conservatives only want the Liberal actors to shut up, Angela.

          • Molly says:

            Lauren, I think you’re confusing when liberal actors stand up as themselves and take the mic to advocate their point from their bully pulpit as if somehow their fame makes their 2cts more valuable than mine or yours. As a conservative, I don’t care if an actress wants to use her award acceptance speech to share her opinions. I don’t feel like watching her do it, but I also don’t care to watch all of ’em pat themselves on the back for making movies all night either. I don’t tend to watch such programming from the get go. Political whining just makes it even less attractive to me. I think its fine if an actor wants to share their viewpoints in the same way I do – I don’t appreciate using their fame to voice it as if their wallet and their camera time makes them more worth listening to. In fact, I find many of them rather condescending. For a group that tends to distrust “angry, rich guys” liberals certainly seem to flock to angry rich guys if they share the same opinion. As for me, I do watch shows that have shared their political 2cts even when they disagree with mine. I didn’t demand Black-ish off the air when they voiced opinions about the election, nor did I threaten to boycott advertisers who ran ads during the show. I haven’t once called for SNL to leave the air ways or boycott advertisers – namely because I know in all it’s years there isn’t a politician they didn’t mock. If we’re going to broadbrush a group, let’s be honest here – liberals do have have a habit of ‘boycotting’ and trying to influence others voice (or ability to have one) by threatening to boycott advertisers. When lines get pulled or shows get yanked, they pat themselves on the back and admire their handiwork at keeping the rest of us safe from a viewpoint different than their own.

          • Mary says:

            @Molly, both sides are guilty of calling for a boycott, not just a liberal thing. Also anyone who complains when a celebrity voices their opinion remember they voted for one so IMO it is ignorant to say it.

        • Casey says:

          lol exactly!

        • Angela says:

          ^Agh, “telling”, that should read :p. Yay, typos.

        • Andrew says:

          Look how the little snowflakes lost their minds over Stephen Colbert.

        • Carla Krae says:

          Considering that conservatives in lesser roles in Hollywood get fired or blacklisted if their views come out – yeah. He’s talking about before WW2 when the Nazi party was the thought police before starting the war and committing all those atrocities. You don’t admit you’re conservative in Hollywood unless you already make millions.

          • Angela says:

            Riiiiiiight, then explain why Tim Allen’s been part of a beloved movie franchise (“Toy Story”) and gotten the chance to do two sitcoms (some actors aren’t lucky to get one, let alone two), why “Frasier” remains one of the most critically acclaimed sitcoms and why Kelsey Grammar’s had shows and acting gigs since then, why Patricia Heaton’s been part of two popular sitcoms, and why Gary Sinise has had such a long-running career? If their conservative views were such a problem (and I’m pretty sure they didn’t just develop those political views, they’ve no doubt had them for years), then they shouldn’t have been able to get work in Hollywood at all, nor be in projects that got lots of praise from critics, right?
            Yeah. No. The comparison is ridiculous and overblown nonsense, it’s not even close to being the same thing and it’s an insult to the people who suffered under Nazi Germany to suggest otherwise. And as others have noted elsewhere, plenty of liberal-leaning shows got cancelled in this latest go-round, too, and Roseanne, who’s moved a lot more to the right and has been very outspoken, just got a revival of her show on this very same network. Explain that.
            This had to do with ratings and money. Period.

          • c-mo says:

            @Angela, I dare you to name more Conservatives…

          • K says:

            c-mo, I don’t know if you were kidding, but off the top of my head: Dwayne Johnson, aka the Rock, isn’t exactly hurting for his political views, and actually remains rather beloved; Clint Eastwood; Vince Vaughn; Adam Sandler (I think); Tom Selleck; LL Cool J; and even Mel Gibson is making a comeback.

          • K says:

            Then he could have said being communist in the 1950s in America rather than going straight to a genocide.

      • Sammie says:

        Heaton does not, however, delve into her politics on the show. The characters don’t spout off about issues or political personas.

    • Jennifer says:

      How about what they paid for Idol?

      • jim says:

        Idol’s return will bring in advertisers like crazy.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Yep. Should easily be ABC’s #2 show.

          • Van says:

            Matt could there be an article about the cost differences between reality and scripted please. I hate reality but I get why the networks do it

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            “Reality is much cheaper.” Fewer sets, fewer writers, no ensemble cast. There you go!

          • Anne says:

            I second Van’s request; that would be interesting to read

          • Sammie says:

            In the same vein of Van’s request – Matt, is there a difference in how reality TV performs in DVR type numbers vs scripted programming? I’m wondering if the element of not wanting to be ‘spoiled’ by knowing the outcome (I mean, I don’t watch DWTS but I know who got booted because it’s all over this morning…) limits the number of folks who are watching post-airing. . .

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Reality does much worse in DVR playback, not even 25% boost — making its live-watching audience all the more valuable.

          • Sammie says:

            Thanks, Matt. :)

    • Winter says:

      Modern Family is a major hit for the network LMS is a solidly performing show not a hit.

    • Lauren says:

      Modern Family is a popular, award-winning sitcom that has always had good ratings – you’re comparing apples to oranges.

      • Mashelle Patrick says:

        Modern Family is not popular with me it’s a liberal piece of trash I’ve refused to watch a show where to openly gay characters tried to promote Family Values the show just makes me vomit

  6. Cassie says:

    I love Tim Allen. His Home Improvement days are fond in my heart. His personal politics are baseless to his job as an actor. Bottom line is business. He was/is pricey to keep on the payroll, especially because watching a television show live is a rarity these days.

    • Winter says:

      yep same for me. Not to mention that ABC has to pick up production costs for all the seasons from now on when Fox paid them before.

    • Ben says:

      Exactly. And people tend to forget that Last Man Standing has gone right down to the wire the last couple of years because of price negotiations for Tim Allen. It’s not like this has come out of nowhere this year.

    • Cas says:

      Seriously what is so hard for people to understand about this?

  7. Iakovos says:

    I was never an LMS fan but look, it ran six seasons! Always felt ABC never really believed n the program as it never got an scheduling upgrade to another night. Thought it would partner well with THE MIDDLE.

  8. Maria says:

    Didn’t they also cancel Forever because it wasn’t owned by ABC (not that they’d ever admit that…)??

  9. Jennifer says:

    Then why do it? So you can put on more reality crap? Idol? DWTS Jr? Bachelor Winter Games? Really? Taking off good family programming for trash (let’s not go to the Dirty Dancing travesty coming next week) … what the heck is going on up there?!?!?

    • Van says:

      Reality costs freaking nothing to make. Thats why they do it. A producer and 2 man crew. The cast is free.

      • Sammie says:

        The cast is not necessarily free. Cheaper, yes, but not free. On game shows, for example, where the ‘cast’ is required to leave their regular life for a stretch to participate (think Survivor, Amazing Race etc), there is some measure of income for it. It’s not the same as paying an actor playing a part, but it’s not free. Reality TV is absolutely usually cheaper than scripted TV, but being relatively cheap doesn’t make it real cheap. kwim?

        • Aeol says:

          Actually, it’s rare that non-celebrities get paid for reality TV. They might get paid a base SAG rate, but factoring in the cost of taking off from your life for 4-6 weeks, you gotta WIN to get paid. Or sell your soul on Instagram. Bachelorettes aren’t getting the $50k a basic celeb is getting for DWTS…which is why the winner is always thirsty for DWTS.

          • Molly says:

            RIght, Aeol – but not a lot is different than “free.” Was recently reading an article on the subject from 2016 in Business Insider. For competition shows stipends can run from hundreds a week to thousand(s) for non-finalists during their duration. It’s not a lot – but it’s not nothing. Yes, reality TV is cheap and sure, hundreds an episode (essentially) compared to hundred-thousands per epi is drastic…But it’s also not free. :)

    • Molly says:

      Eh, TV goes in cycles. Networks are scrambling because they no longer have command of all the eye balls between three big guys in a little pond. They not only have to compete with a bunch of networks with original scripted programming (Fox, CW, etc), there are also premium channels pushing out original content like HBO, Starz, et al. They also have the likes of Hulu and Netflix creating original content. Reality TV is cheap(er) than scripted TV. The networks can tolerate lower numbers when it cost less to make. That said, if they lose more viewers to subscription based channels/services with original programming, they’ll rethink their programming and look for shows to compete. I’ve got two teenagers in the house. One doesn’t bother with TV at all. She spends most of her ‘screen’ time chatting online with friends while she listens to music rather than staring at the television. My son watches a handful of original programming and then will happily watch reruns of Big Bang Theory on TBS rather than some of his other choices. Or he’ll grab something off Netflix or rewatch a show he liked on-demand/DVR.

  10. tallsy says:

    The reason this show was cancelled was the Fox/ABC thing.

    That said, when there’s only one scripted show that appeals to a certain demo (whatever that demo) you open yourself up to these questions.

    • :-) says:

      You mean like only one black sitcom, one jewish sitcom, or one gay kid sitcom? How about the fact that there are no Muslim, Latino, Caribbean, Hindu, Alaskan, Polynesian, transgender, southern, Indian or native American sitcomes? Maybe we can get shows that appeal to those groups too?

      • tallsy says:

        Fair enough, there’s a way to go with diversity. But it’s not like there are conservative focused dramas to pick up the slack like Empire or the Tyler Perry soaps or Orange is the New Black. Also, conservatives represent 40% of the population. Those other groups ….don’t.

  11. Suggesting it had anything to do with politics is just ridiculous. They knew he was a right wing loon when they hire him

    • Molly says:

      Why does a reference to one’s politics require the add-on “loon.” Someone has a different opinion than you and that makes them crazy? Maybe *that* is why people who liked the show (and Allen’s opinions) are so convinced politics was a factor…because there are folks like you that can’t comment on a differing point of view without making the label an insult.

      • Aeol says:

        Anyone who compares people being mocked for conservative beliefs to the persecution of Jews and other minorities in 1930s nazi Germany IS A LOON. Ergo, Allen is a loon.

        • Molly says:

          I’m not Allen and the quote was certainly a poor choice. He should have, instead, compared being mocked for conservative beliefs in Hollywood to being blacklisted for suspected communistic leanings during the Cold War. That said, the use of insults for right-leaning opinions is hardly limited to just Tim Allen and these specific comments in this thread. It always amazes me that those that consider themselves to be the most tolerant and compassionate can be the nastiest if you don’t follow their train down the tracks.

          • c-mo says:

            A hearty AMEN to you, Molly. Your comment was spot-on!

          • Angela says:

            If you’d like to explain to me why we should be tolerant of the belief that Obama wasn’t born here, or gay people shouldn’t be allowed to get married, or the sexist crap that Trump spouted, or other things of that sort, I’d really love to hear it.

          • Ted says:

            So Angela, your argument is “we can do it because your side is doing it?” Yeah, that’s real mature–how about BOTH sides stop slinging garbage and simply stifle it?? Frankly, I’m tired of it all, and that includes left as well as right…

          • Molly says:

            What Ted said. further, Angela, being respectful doesn’t mean agreeing. You can disagree vehemently without name calling and belittling folks.

          • Angela says:

            @Ted: Never said that insulting people was good. I was merely responding to the very last part of the post about tolerance. I personally don’t insult people when I disagree with them, because I completely agree with you that it’s good to keep things civil. I think it makes it much easier to take somebody’s argument seriously and it just spares a lot of headache and stress and hurt feelings.
            But see, that’s precisely one of many reasons why I didn’t support Trump. You Trump supporters cannot have it both ways. You’re the ones who wanted to live in an era where people could “tell it like it is” without “sensitive snowflakes” complaining about what they say, correct? So if you have no problem with Trump insulting and mocking people, by that logic, then you really should have no problem with the other side responding in kind. Right? They’re “just telling it like it is”, too, after all, aren’t they?
            And if you are offended by the insults some on the left sling at you? Well, congratulations, now you know how we felt when Trump and his supporters insulted and mocked us. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and all that.

          • Ted says:

            You assume a great deal from my comment. I was referring to both sides acting like less than mature people when commenting. Yet, you then start criticizing about “you Trump supporters”–I’m sorry, where did I write who I supported? Wow, that’s right I didn’t. Yet, because I stated that BOTH sides should stop, that, (in your mind), makes me a Trump supporter. So, please, what else can you assume about me? Age? Skin tone? Gender? What I ate for dinner tonight? Instead of just stating your first paragraph and leaving it–you immediately jumped back up on your blast wagon and started firing. You obviously feel the overwhelming urge to have the last pontificating word on how the world should only see one view–yours. As I stated, neither sides are showing any maturity and your own response shows that. For the record, I have been a moderate Democrat since 1973–so, perhaps you should not assume you know everything and everyone’s affiliation because, obviously you do not…

          • Mary says:

            Again that is not a one sided issue. Many Conservatives throw out the name calling also. The use of insults for Left-leaning opinions is just as Prevalent.

          • georgee says:

            Molly you must watch the View, talk about nasty.

          • BossMan18 says:

            Nice post Molly, can’t agree more!!

    • Simon says:


  12. HAP says:

    His right wing politics aside, I never thought this guy was funny.

    • Mary says:

      Bingo. Never cared for this show, and I could only take home improvement in small doses. I watch it for the other actors not him.

  13. PatriciaLee says:

    I get it. ABC is hoping to pick up the Grimm audience.

  14. Ashley Baines says:

    What a crock! It is SO obvious the show was cancelled because Tim Allen had the courage to say and stand for what he believes in. I will NEVER watch another ABC affiliated show again. The left spouts rhetoric about fairness and equality, but understands the meaning of neither.

    • Hannah says:

      Please don’t talk about “fairness and equality” in the context of a dumb sitcom. The right preaches against “entitlement culture” than acts like someone owes you starring in 7 seasons of a TV show. They could have cancelled it because they don’t like the way he does his hair, that’s capitalism.

      • Sammie says:

        In a free market, you’re right Hannah, a company (in this case a media outlet) opts to provide the services or products they think best suit their business. Sure. But they also tend to do things that make them money because big picture, that’s the goal with capitalism – do things that make you money. I don’t think this decision to cancel was purely a political move. I do think politics played a part in it and to say it doesn’t, is to ignore the fact that companies tend to give in to threats of pulled advertisers. And advertisers put their bucks where their audience will see them…and when an audience starts to make noise about boycotting a brand that advertises somewhere, that somewhere stops being an attractive marketing vehicle. You look for a place that won’t tick off you target market. And in response, the network, who makes it’s cash on ad sales and is struggling to do so in a digital marketplace. responds by letting that influence decisions. If ABC considered the threat of ad sale loss to libs threatening to boycott…it made the choice easy.

        • Hannah says:

          And if that’s what happened, who cares other then to say “I’ll miss it”? Why whine about it and try to make it a “fairness and equality” issue?
          This is also ignoring the fact that the show was expensive, not owned by the network, only doing well relative to other failing shows on a dead night, etc. Lol

          • Sammie says:

            I didn’t say there were not other factors. I did say, however, that it to completely discount politics as “A” factor was ignorant. . .

        • K says:

          But who was going around trying to boycott the advertisers of LMS? Was there such an effort? I definitely didn’t hear about it if there was, so how successful could such an effort have been?

          • Sammie says:

            K – says right here in the article above “In March, he likened the treatment of conservatives in today’s Hollywood to “1930s Germany.”) Online petitions of course followed, some calling for a boycott of those who advertise on ABC.”

          • K says:

            Petitions are one one thing, but was there any follow through? I personally think he’s seriously deluded if he believes for one second that Hollywood today is anything like 1930s Germany, but this is America and he’s free to be so deluded and to share his persecution complex.

            It doesn’t mean there can’t be private consequences though. I don’t know if those comments got his show axed, but if they did? Private consequences.

            After 9/11, anyone who was opposed to the Iraq war suffered for it. WABC in New York pretty much cleaned house of their few liberal and even moderate voices, although some came back eventually. And Bill Maher almost certainly lost the first “Politically Incorrect” after the whole cowardly statement debacle. Private consequences.

    • Angela says:

      Standing up for an administration that’s falling apart and looking more and more embarrassing and ignorant with each passing day. Yeah. Wow. What courage.

    • Summer says:

      To be fair, one of the lead actors of The Real O’Neals (Noah Galvan) also spoke his mind and said a lot of stuff recently, and that show got cancelled as well – and everything there was the polar opposite of LMS – liberal AF. So yeah, be angry because your favorite show was cancelled, but don’t make Tim Allen some sort of martyr here. They knew what they were getting when they hired him.

      • Mary says:

        It wouldn’t fit the narrative that Allen and conservatives are trying to cry about. It was cancelled because it wasn’t that good and they didn’t make money off it period.

  15. Elmer Lehman says:

    canceling last man standing, bad, your network needs what you have cut. you haven’t got enough good shows to cut a winner

  16. Elmer Lehman says:

    canceling last man standing, bad, your network needs what you have cut. you haven’t got enough good shows to cut a winner

  17. Layla says:

    I’m sorry, but if ABC could afford to keep an aging show like Modern Family, with the large cast who I’m sure gets paid very well, then I think they could have afforded to keep Last Man Standing.

    • Mike says:

      or they only had so much money and had to choose one

    • Dante says:

      ABC owns Modern Family, they didn’t with LMS (Fox did). They will make money off of the re-runs, they won’t from LMS. It’s all about the $$.

    • Aeol says:

      ABC owns MF, so they keep all the profit. LMS is Fox’s show. They could have given ABC more of the profit share, which is how Timeless got uncancelled, but they didn’t. When was the last time your business kept selling a product they couldn’t maximize for profit?

      • Carla Krae says:

        ABC didn’t bother to talk to 20th Century Fox. They just canceled it.

      • ABC doesn’t own ModFam. It’s a 20th Century Fox show that the Fox Network passed on. All those lucrative local TV & cable reruns? That’s Fox getting the bulk of the coin. Please watch the end credits after production companies to see which studio puts it out. It’s not an ABC Studios Production. That’s a The Real O’Neals thing.

  18. ella jasper says:

    I’m not sure who reads this, but I just want to say I hate that this show was cancelled. Our family loved it. The Middle was renewed, those story lines are so tired. The Catch was cancelled, but Quantico was renewed. I’m not sure how they REALLY make their decisions. But I am fed up with ABC, other than the Nightly News. Again, this was a great family show.

  19. justice says:

    Sad to see this show go I just started watching it. it’s really good… reminds me of the great sitcoms from the 90s like Home Improvement and Roseanne. It also stands out from a lot of other shows which shove liberal view points down your throat. This show does a good job of balancing Tim’s conservative with his children’s progressive ideology. It’s like All in the Family (from what I’ve heard of it) in that regard.

    Keeping OUAT and Shield in its place is stupid.

  20. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    What a bunch of BS nonsense. It was canceled for business reasons. ABC dumped all their Friday night comedies. They already have two other nights of comedy. They’ve opted not to have a third any longer. Get over it. *Bleep* happens.

    • Mel says:

      They renewed lower-rated comedies, yet couldn’t find a place for this show?

      The nice thing about karma is it tends to bite people in the a**. People like you have been extremely nasty towards those who have more conservative beliefs, and therefore, you got President Trump.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        No, ABC did not renew any lower-rated comedies. They renewed a few that had more viewers. Wildly different things.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Having fingers and a keyboard doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to type dumb stuff.

      • Simon says:

        Lol you are something else. And as Matt replied no they renew lower rated comedies. Stop with you alternative facts Mel. I can’t believe all these articles about this show us generating so many comments. The show seemed unwatchable to me.

        • Simon says:

          I also can’t believe all my grammar mistakes. I apologize for them. But I do not apologize for calling LMS unwatchable because it was.

  21. Anne says:

    I’m sure Allen’s extremely high payrate played a factor

  22. jr. says:

    Didn’t years ago they cancel all the still highly rated ‘country’ shows like Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies, etc.,on a network, which puzzled people at the time? I think they just wanted to showcase other types shows.

    • Another Poster says:

      In the 1960’s CBS cancelled all of their rural shows like The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, and Mayberry RFD; because they wanted to appeal to a urban audience instead of a rural one. To quote one person; “CBS got rid of all of their shows that had a tree on them.”

  23. that persecution complex by conservatives hahaah

  24. Jim says:

    ABC has made it very clear: if you aren’t willing to drink the progressive liberal kool-aid that half the country is all tipsy on, you’re not welcome here. Gonna have to take my TV viewing time to another network with other advertisers. Assuming it’s really about the $$, as many of the lefty lulus posit, rather than politics (how naïve are they?), then I’m taking my $$ elsewhere.

  25. Katie says:

    Well, to those who are unhappy about it being cancelled there is small comfort in knowing that ABC is getting karmic payback already. They may have bought the “American Idol” reboot yet NBC’s “The Voice” has signed on not one but two former AI winners as judges. Jennifer Hudson this fall and Kelly Clarkson in spring 2018. Talk about being outplayed! And AI’s original home, Fox, is ticked off about ABC buying it, calling their actions “fraudulent.” Ouch! Now, I didn’t constantly watch “Last Man Standing” but the times I have it was pretty funny. I get the whole salary thing: Keeping Tim Allen, Nancy Travis and Hector Elizondo (love him!) must have been expensive. The whole 20th Century Fox owned it not ABC..what it all boils down to is the money. That’s all these networks give a damn about. Now, politics may have played a part in it’s cancellation (let’s just say it wouldn’t surprise me.) but it wasn’t the only reason. Sad because it was a decent show yet you have all these ridiculous “reality” shows that make me want to throw my television through my bedroom window! “Dancing with the Stars,” “The Bachelorette/The Bachelor,” can go as far as I’m concerned. Yet they’re making a spinoff of “Dancing with the Stars?” Ye Gods!

  26. LADY_in_MD says:

    I love how all of you commenting on here are saying that this is BS and that the show was canceled b/c of Tim Allen’s conservative views and how this is a “family show” yet you tend to forget that Tim Allen served 3 years in prison for Drug Trafficking (had over 1lb of cocaine on him) explain those “family values” to your children the next time they google him

    • Molly says:

      Sure, it’s an easy one – he hit rock bottom and made a change in his life. Instead of continually persecuting someone who made bad choices at one point, we ought to give them credit for getting it together and evolving. I figured someone who was so angry at conservatives might have been more understanding of that concept. I don’t watch TV for the role models. I don’t teach my kids to hold TV up as an example of what they ought to strive to be. I’m here for the entertainment value, the occasional laugh and the engaging story lines. LMS was good for a laugh. . . Both about politics and about life.

      • LADY_in_MD says:

        so getting arrested for DUIs twice after being in jail for drug trafficking is “getting it together and evolving”

        • Molly says:

          Got dates, LADY In MD? Last reference to an arrest I saw goes to 1997 which is 20 years ago. So yeah. If he’s been clean and out of jail for 20 years…I’d say we might be able to say the guy changed. But if you’re bent on holding someone to their past…well, go right ahead. I’m sure we can dig up plenty of liberals (celebs and other wise) that you’ll need to start bashing instead of supporting too.

        • So do you not watch any shows/movies that feature actors that have broken the law/made mistakes in their personal lives? Or are you just pointing out Tim Allen’s substance abuse problems as a cheap shot since he’s a conservative? BTW, I’m no fan of LMS or Tim Allen, but I highly doubt that you limit your entertainment consumption to only those actors that are morally clean.

        • Angela says:

          Wow, Molly and malls, you are completely missing the point of what Lady’s saying. She’s not criticizing Tim’s drug use in and of itself so much as she’s criticizing how conservatives harp on and on about their “Christian family values” and go around judging anyone who doesn’t abide by them, calling them “sinners” and whatnot, and they’ll support politicians who want to “get tough” on drug users, and listen to and support people like Rush Limbaugh, who wanted to take a hardline stance against drug users as well.
          But when one of their own doesn’t live up to their marriage vows, or is found to be a drug user, or is revealed to be gay, then suddenly it’s, “Oh, they just made a slip/mistake, quit picking on them, let’s forgive and accept them!” Funny how they can’t seem to muster up that same sense of compassion and sympathy for others who struggle or don’t fit their “family values” mold.
          I personally don’t judge Allen on that aspect of his past. I’m glad he got his life together and I fully agree people in his situation deserve a second chance. But that’s not exactly a sentiment I’m hearing from the GOP much lately. If Tim Allen were just your average citizen, they probably wouldn’t be as forgiving or understanding towards him.

          • Angela,
            1) Allen’s personal problems have no bearing on LMS as any issues that he has had are apparently in the past. Most actors have had personal problems (addiction, legal problems, etc.) and unless that is interfering with production on their show, then it doesn’t matter to me. Thus, that is what I was responding to.
            2) I don’t really think it is appropriate to generalize and stereotype all Republicans/conservatives like you with your comments. If the shoe was on the other foot and people made comments generalizing all Democrats/liberals, I don’t think you would appreciate it. For example, I’m gay and I have many Republican friends that support gay rights. Heck, even crazy Trump supports gay marriage (and is the first Republican to do so publicly).
            3) Enforcing immigration and drug laws does not mean that Republicans/conservatives don’t care about these people. Rather it means that we realize that “actions have consequences” and we must be a nation of laws in order to be a civilized society.

            If people on both sides of the aisle would ease up on the generalizations of each other, we would be a lot better off as a society. Also, if we stopped listening to the daily “news” and refrained from angry comments on boards like these and social media, we would all get along much better. Have a nice night!

          • Molly says:

            Wow, Angela, I really wish you wouldn’t judge entire huge group of folks based on the stereotype rooted in a few you know or you think you know from some story.. I get lady’s point perfectly. I’m nor sure you get mine. Fwiw, *I* am a registered Republican. I am a Christian. i am not perfect but I do more than muster up compassion and sympathy for others. That doesn’t mean I always agree with everyone. It does mean that whether or not we agree on politics or anything else, is irrelevant to my ability to treat you with respect and do my best to make the world a little better. I don’t just give lip service. I volunteer at a soup kitchen regularly. I tend a garden that supplies food to a local pantry. I work with at risk teens. i have friends that are recovering addicts and I support them and their mission to save others from the pain they went through at the hands of their addictions. I could go on but this isn’t about a feel good resume, my point is, I am the labels you use, but I am not the demon you point to, nor are most of the others I know like me. Maybe if you took your own advice and didn’t judge folks, you could be part of a movement that sees people not labels. There are folks on all ends of the political spectrum who aren’t doing that and it’s really the heart of our collective problem. The very thing YOU point to in your reply is the very thing YOU are doing.

          • Angela says:

            First of all, I was mainly referring to the political party when I speak of their hypocritical attitudes on the issue. They’ll circle the wagons to protect each other while judging others. Not all Republican politicians do this, no, you’re right. But enough of them do so to where it is an issue.
            Second, that’s great that you guys are more balanced in your viewpoints, and do many good things for society. I admire and appreciate that. But if you (and I’m referring to the general “you” here, not making it specific) keep supporting politicians who are hypocritical on that stuff, that does help enable them to continue engaging in their hypocrisy. Law and order is good, but maybe the next time a politician stereotypes Mexicans as mostly druggies, the way Trump did, or the next time some politician calls poor people “lazy moochers”, which happens way too often, or the next time they suggest throwing people in jail for minor drug offenses when rehab and other means of help could prove much more beneficial to them and society at large, maybe more voters should speak out and say, “Hey, that’s wrong/not the right way to handle this issue/insulting” and not vote for them. There is no logical reason any moderate conservative should’ve supported Trump this go-round, and if they did, even if they disagree with him on some things, their vote still endorsed the horrible things he and his administration are doing to some degree.
            Third, Heck, even crazy Trump supports gay marriage (and is the first Republican to do so publicly).
            And yet he picked a vice president whose record and views on LGBT matters are horrifying. Why didn’t he pick a more moderate Republican who’d be more open to supporting those issues instead? That might’ve made people feel a little better and put them at ease some.
            But now if Trump does get impeached or resign or whatever, then we’re stuck with Pence and his horrible track record on civil rights.

          • Molly says:

            But to be fair Angela, the Democtats have their fair share of bigots and two faced, just out for me politicians. That’s not a GOP exclusive, that’s politics.

          • LADY_in_MD says:

            Thank You Angela that is what I was trying to get at

        • Well, if you look at the bankruptcies in Dave Ramsey and Donald Trump’s backgrounds but the number of people who hang on their every word …

  27. all shows with laugh tracks should be cancelled

  28. Aeol says:

    Tim Allen has never been quiet about his political leanings, and yet ABC gave him a job and paid him very handsomely for it for six years. There are other outspoken conservatives still working for ABC. If this show didn’t fit in with the whole of their comedy programming, maybe people who are upset should start their own tv network, and go from there.
    His character was a jerk and the “liberal” characters were insulting caricatures. It appealed to the middle in only a way conservatives would consider acceptable. No surprise that would appeal to a large, if not limited, audience. Same with Duck Dynasty and other shows that are singular in their appeal. If someone can find me a genuine, admitted liberal who loved this show and plans to boycott ABC for “shoving liberal ideals down people’s throats,” I’d love to meet them.

    • The political climate has changed with Trump’s election and the backlash against conservatives over the last 2 years has been severe and widespread. So, yes, I think his public political opinions and the fact that the show often reflected these opinions did factor into its cancellation. There is no other reason that makes sense based on the following
      1) It’s ratings were solid (especially for a Friday night)
      2) Dungey’s own comments today stating the fact that ABC didn’t own it wasn’t a main factor in cancelling it
      3) While Tim Allen’s salary was high, the rest of the cast is fairly inexpensive and makes far less than Allen (and nowhere near the high pay of supporting characters on other shows such as MF or BBT)

  29. Paula says:

    Perhaps Tim Allen should seek a show on a Russian network since that’s where his loyalties lie.

  30. TAB says:

    For those saying this is about politics you should be reminded that Roseanne is a republican and trump supporter and ABC is bringing Roseanne back. If ABC was cutting ties with all republicans they certainly wouldn’t be bringing Roseanne to the network. She is more controversial than Tim Allen ANY day.

  31. E. D. Boddy says:

    Do you not get that Tim Allen’s “1930s Germany” was facetious, and not meant literally? Besides, it’s really rich to get worked up over that when we’ve had the looney-left calling everyone who isn’t them Nazis 24/7 for the last 2 years! Call THEM out for a change!

  32. Yes-Yes Y'all says:

    ABC had to make room for all of the Shonda Rhimes shows they have coming this fall. Plain and simple. I loved #lastmanstanding

  33. A fan of TV says:

    Never found him funny, and I’m learning this moment that the guy is a fall-on-my-invisible-sword Trump supporter. I’m a political person, but Tim Allen has never been appointment-worthy for me, and I don’t care what his projects are/how he carries himself on social media. I watched Home Improvement for JTT and nothing more, but now that I know he’s convinced the reason people don’t watch him is good politics and not his lacking humour, I’ll be sure to about how next project, and allow his biases to confirm themselves.

  34. says:

    Just another sign of what was the greatest country in the world slowly disappearing.This is due to a handful of people owning the media. ABC you should be ashamed. Thanks for the comedy and truth Tim. It is sad that the left is promoting such lies and do not want to hear all points of view. I feel like every time I hear a democrat talk I am listening to a ten year olds point of view.

    • A fan of TV says:

      There is no truth to that claim whatsoever. Your opinions on the political left cannot be backed up by facts. They don’t believe in truth? On no grounds is that remotely accurate, except in the realm of your opinion, which no one can or would control. If he’s such a popular guy, let him get another show on another network, and he can prove with actions that he brings viewers in, letting and eat their words. Crying that this is about his political affiliation, making the cancellation of a show about politics and not numbers (if ABC doesn’t own the show, they don’t make much from it as they could, bottom line) sounds more like an excuse than anything else.

  35. Carla Krae says:

    According to Deadline, ABC and its production partner for the show 20th Century Fox TV typically negotiate licensing fees prior to each season, however the network simply decided to pull the plug. They didn’t try to negotiate costs.

  36. J.Norman says:

    The cost of LMS and the fact that it is not network owned are certainly legitimate rationalizations that ABC can put forward.

    But as we know, the definition of a rationalization is that it is a “good, sound, logical reason for an action,. . .but not necessarily the true or real reason”.

    The politics of it, though, could certainly have been a tiebreaker. Would the show have been cancelled if say Ted Danson or William Peterson had been the lead

    It is hard to say.

    I think ABC had just enough excuse to cancel it and jumped on it.

  37. 134sc says:

    Its a real bummer this show got cancelled. Once it found its footing around season 3 its been a very good sitcom and its only been getting better.
    Maybe 20th century fox can shop it around

  38. ScottJ says:

    “I cancelled Last Man Standing for the same business and scheduling reasons…”

    So it was nothing to do with politics and all because she’s a total incompetent.

  39. ilovefootball25 says:

    This was a “not miss” show for my husband and me. Now that it’s cancelled, well, I guess we just won’t be watching ABC anymore. I have NO desire to watch retooled shows.

  40. Television says:

    This was a great show. Doesn’t make sense to cancel it when it is doing so well.

  41. danielle m. says:

    Here’s a thought if Friday line up is no longer for Comedies. Then why not move his show to another day and time slot??

  42. So Dungey ironically pulled a Trump and made things worse by trying to explain why she cancelled LMS. She specifically stated that ABC not owning the show was not the reason it was cancelled and cited that she renewed several comedies from other studios. So there goes that theory.

    While there are a multitude of factors that go into renewing shows (live ratings, L+3,, online/On-Demand viewing, international viewership/sales, production costs, etc.), you would have to be an idiot not to acknowledge that Tim Allen’s public political beliefs didn’t play a part in the cancellation. It was the second highest rated comedy and third highest rated show overall on the network, so if they wanted to work out a deal to renew it with the studio, they would’ve.

    While I never watched the show, I feel bad for the fans that they didn’t get a proper series finale.

  43. Master_K says:

    I am glad we finally have a reason for the cancellation. I knew it couldn’t be ratings. Really disappointed in ABC, how could you cancel a comedy that performs that well on a Friday. Netflix would be smart to snatch this up!

  44. Jan says:

    Awww, poor little Right-Wing Snowflakes! Did yo witty bitty show get cancelled? Try not to whine.

    • Master_K says:

      Some of us actually don’t care about Tim Allen’s views and just enjoy the show for what it is: funny.

  45. westwingwolf says:

    I think someone who cancelled her own sister’s show because of low ratings does make decisions based purely on business like the rest of network executives. I think it was 2 years ago that a LMS renewal came down to the wire, and I remember thinking then that it was unlikely to get another season after that if negotiations took that much effort, but to my surprise it did. Not surprised the time finally ran out. Six seasons is a lot more than most shows and sitcoms get in this day. If it’s true about costs and what ABC would have to pay to keep the show going, I believe that they didn’t think it was profitable. Plus mediocre ratings on a Friday often translate to horrible ratings on any other night. LMS stuck around as long as it did because it was on a Friday night, and ABC couldn’t foresee it getting better ratings than any of its other sitcoms elsewhere in the week. At least not enough to justify the production costs. I don’t believe the show was cancelled for Tim Allen’s outspoken conservative politics anymore than I believe Girl Meets World was cancelled for Rowan Blanchard’s outspoken liberal politics. If the show is profitable enough, TV executives will ignore anything to make it work. Differing politics is the least of anyone’s concern when money is on the line. If 20th Century Fox doesn’t bother to try to shop the show elsewhere, then they also don’t see it as profitable. People always say they are going to boycott a network, but if you watch one show on a network, you likely watch more. I’m upset FOX cancelled Pitch, but I know I’m still going to watch FOX for Lucifer, Empire, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Mick, and Last Man on Earth. I was upset about Timeless, but even if it hadn’t been renewed, I was still going to watch NBC for Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, Superstore, The Good Place, and This Is Us. I doubt ABC will experience any drastic decline in ratings because they decided to cancel LMS. I can’t remember any cancellation causing that big of a problem. I doubt one ever will. But I know we all get emotional when a favorite show is cancelled. I do too even when I understand the business reasons why. We complain and we call foul in the spring, and inevitably we’re right back to watching the network in the fall. Despite thinking OUAT should have ended this season, I’m interested in seeing what ratings it will get on Fridays this fall. I suspect less than what they managed on Sunday because it’s a Friday, and because a bunch of the core cast is leaving. And because of ratings decline in general. I’d actually be surprised if it manages to get the same ratings as LMS on a Friday. If it doesn’t, I can already predict the comments saying ABC should have kept LMS. But I don’t think that will be a logically sound argument because of what OUAT already has against it with it being an old show and losing core cast members. Plus no way of knowing what LMS would have gotten in the fall. Who knows? OUAT may surprised us all and end up being the thing ABC needed to revamp Friday ratings in which case cancelling LMS will prove to be the right decision.

  46. Bill says:

    Whatever the reason for cancellation I do know the shows replacing it will not even come close to LMS ratings, or even Dr kens

  47. Rosa says:

    It’s not right that there discontinuing this program it ‘s a great show my son and I get ready every night to watch it it’s disappointing that this is happening

  48. Jared says:

    The cancellation probably had more to do with the fact that ABC doesn’t own the show and would have had to carry more of the costs going into a possible 7th season. That and the fact that Tim Allen doesn’t come cheap is what got it cancelled not ratings or political beliefs.

  49. I didn’t watch the show and don’t care one way or the other about the cancellation, but I’m confused by the outrage over any potential link to his vocalizing his political views. When the actor from The Real O’Neals freely expressed his political beliefs, people seemed to be in favor of the shows cancellation as a result. What is the difference?

    • Mary says:

      Maybe because they are hypocrites. It is okay to cancel a “liberal” show but not a “conservative one”. Both shows had low ratings, both shows got cancelled. Allen wanted to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I guess he couldn’t handle the truth that the show was a loser money wise.

  50. Good.
    Don’t reward racists. People like Tim Allen should be kept off our screens (and our lives). Make him irrelevant.