Fall TV Preview
Start Up ABC Zach Braff

Watch ABC Trailers for Zach Braff Comedy Alex, Inc., Freddie Highmore Drama The Good Doctor and More

ABC on Tuesday announced its fall 2017 schedule and offered first looks at its new shows, including Freddie Highmore’s The Good Doctor and Kyra Sedgwick’s post-Closer drama Ten Days In the Valley

The network also released sneak peeks of its midseason offerings, including Shondaland legal drama For the People, Greg Berlanti’s magical Deception and Zach Braff family sitcom Alex, Inc.

Note: A trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans will be added as soon as it becomes available.

Scroll down for the trailers in their entirety:

ALEX, INC. (FKA START-UP) (Sunday at 10/9c) 

THE CROSSING (Midseason)

DECEPTION (Midseason)

FOR THE PEOPLE (Midseason)

THE GOOD DOCTOR (Monday at 10/9c)

THE GOSPEL OF KEVIN (Tuesday at 10/9c)

MARVEL’S INHUMANS (Friday at 9/8c) — Trailer not yet available. (Check back soon!)

THE MAYOR (Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c)

ROSEANNE (Midseason)


TEN DAYS IN THE VALLEY (Sunday at 10/9c)

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  1. Boop says:

    That Roseanne trailer got me. I lost it when Jackie was on the phone

    • GregJ. says:

      I know I can’t wait. That was always one of my favorite scenes hilarious. The Mayor and The Gospel of Kevin look good all of the others not really interested. I do have to say, The Mayor looks inspiring.

  2. LK says:

    Finally a few shows that interest me on this list.

  3. Matt C. says:

    I can’t wait for The Good Doctor! Freddie Highmore is so, SO talented, and I’m really glad he was able to land such a great project so soon after Bates ending. Also plan on checking out For the People (aka HTGAWM’s replacement in the spring!) and Ten Days in the Valley.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Ok … I’m in for the Crossing. That looks … intriguing. Same with The Good Doctor.

    The Mayor looks funny.

    For the People, maybe – I like the cast. Even if it is Shondaland.

    Kevin looks funny. But it won’t last.

  5. Daniel says:

    Alex Inc / B-
    The Crossing / B+
    Deception / A-
    The Good Doctor / A
    Gospel of Kevin / C-
    Ten Days in the Valley / B+
    Splitting Up Together / A-
    The Mayor / B
    For the People / B+

  6. Adam says:

    Either ABC has some amazing new shows coming or they have one heck of a marketing dept. Those were all good. One thing though. Why is Ten Days buried on Sundays at 10?

  7. J.B. says:

    The Crossing is The 4400 2.0

  8. Rob says:

    Deception and The Crossing are DOA IMO. The Gospel of Kevin has a steep hill to climb to get people on board but the rest look really good. Alex Inc. should’ve kept the Start Up title.

  9. Angela says:

    Yep. I’m in on watching “The Good Doctor”. Highmore being in it already had me sold, but that trailer clinched it. It looks like it could be a rather sweet, touching series.
    And “The Crossing” looks rather creepy and intriguing. The whole “big mystery” aspect kinda gave me “Flashfoward” vibes.

  10. tw says:

    Wow. Several of these look awesome – The Crossing, 10 Days, Good Doctor. ABC’s schedule looks strong – or their marketing team is incredibly good.

  11. JJ. says:

    looking forward to

    the crossing
    the mayer

    also intrigued by the good doctor but the concept seems better suited towards a limited episode run

  12. Snow says:

    The Mayor looks great!!!!
    The Good Doctor I’m going to give it a couple epsiodes chance to hook me in.
    The Crossing gets a couple of episodes watch but I hope it’s not to slow in revealing it’s mystery.
    Ten days in the Valley gets an one epsiode chance just because Emily Kenny is in it from The Walking Dead.

  13. Brennan says:

    Nobody else notices The Mayor is on here twice and Deception is missing?

  14. Guy says:

    Typically not that into medical dramas, but The Good Doctor looks good. I’ll give anything with Freddie Highmore a shot.

  15. J.B. says:

    Deception looks like Castle 2.0

  16. SamofSherwood says:

    The Mayor looks cool, I’m not sure though, it looks a little limited, Deception has magic so that appeals to me but the lead looks a bit drippy. Is splitting up together based on Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck?

  17. Will says:

    The Good Doctor looks… good! Albeit the name leaves a lot to be desired.
    Gospel of Kevin appears enjoyable and Cristela is pleasure. Concerned about the 10p timeslot though… this seems light enough the 9pm hour. Perhaps in the same vein as This Is Us. Hopefully this will be a success for ABC.

  18. Sarah says:

    Wow a lot of these look really good. “The Mayor” premise sounded so dumb on paper, but I was totally hooked by the trailer. I’m not familiar with the lead, but he’s extremely likable and charismatic. And of course I love Yvette Nicole Brown. Count me in!

  19. Van says:

    Doesn’t deception look like a castle rehash?

  20. ncmacasl says:

    Missing DECEPTION (Mayor video is there instead!

  21. J.B. says:

    Why would ABC release some of these trailers when they have major recasts coming?
    Exs: Lyndon Smith, Britne Oldford, and Cristela Alonzo.

  22. ncmacasl says:

    Crossing sounds a lot like The 4400

  23. AJJJ says:

    Deception was the really one that made me want to tune in. Gave me some Psych vibes!

  24. jerrired says:

    I’m a sucker for Freddie Highmore and Antonia Thomas. So despite not really enjoying doctor shows, I’ll definitely give The Good Doctor a chance. It’s a little more unique than the average medical drama, so might not be too bad.

  25. lrdslvrhnd says:

    Alex, Inc.: Maybe
    The Crossing: Maybe, less of a possibility.
    Deception: No idea, that was a trailer for The Mayor (which, admittedly, is rather deceptive…)
    The Good Doctor: Probably not, but I really, really like the thought behind the premise.
    The Gospel of Kevin: Probably, and the cast really sells me on the show.
    The Mayor: Maybe. I’ll at least watch the pilot if only to see David “should be” Spade lose.
    Roseanne: Almost certainly. I’ll be interested in the “other role” for Sarah Chalke, and how they explain away the finale.
    Splitting Up Together: Probably not.
    10 Days in the Valley: Nope.

  26. zaxe says:

    i loved the korean version of the good doctor so i am hoping this one will not disappoint.

  27. Karlisle says:

    From the network that brought you castle, we bring you another unlikely duo of a wise cracking escape artist and a stickler law enforcement officer who does not really care for him. But over time he will gain her trust, and eventually her love in the process as they find crime and solve mysteries. it’s always the same formula every time, its beyond getting old!

  28. jerrired says:

    I will also probably check out The Mayor and The Gospel of Kevin.

  29. Cosmin says:

    deception, for the people, inhumans

  30. Kam says:

    I wish they kept Cristela on The Gospel of Kevin

    • Stacy says:

      Your comment just made me google. I didn’t know they were dropping her! That sucks. I watched the whole promo thinking, “Cristela is going to be awesome in this.” And now…. nothing.

  31. fernando933 says:

    The Good Doctor looks like ABC next hot. Freddy is amazing.

    10 Days looks great too

  32. Ray says:

    Lame crop of shows; there’s not a single one amongst them I’m actually excited about. I might check out one or two out of sheer curiosity, but that’s about it.

    There was a time I watched more shows on ABC than any other network. Saddened by the direction the network is going in.

  33. This is the first I’m hearing that the Good Doctor has a lead character with autism. I’m much more interested now. Looks a lot better than Fox’s doctor drama too.

  34. Kevin says:

    Wow, what a collection of turds.. Predicting ABC will have a lot of cancellations in the fall.

  35. TvLover says:

    Or Castle with card tricks?

  36. Bill says:

    “The Mayor” looks smart and funny. The lead actor is very charismatic.

  37. BB says:

    Right off the bat I like Alex, Inc (terrible name. Please change it lol), Gospel, The Crossing (reminded me so much of Lost and The 4400)and Ten Days. The Mayor looks cute, I may sample it. Everything else looks “blah”. I want to like The Good Doctor, but…I just don’t. I’ll probably check out the 1st episode but I don’t see myself keeping up with it.

  38. Jared says:

    Just give Freddie his Emmy now…

  39. Steven says:

    I’ll definitely be checking out Lost, Limitless and Suits.
    Finally a network with shows worth watching

  40. fatalsin says:

    i think I woulda like the crossing much more if they had cast someone other than steve zahn in the sheriff role… dont get me wrong i like him but not in a serious role…

  41. Stacy says:

    Ten Days in the Valley: I’m surprised it’s not getting more love in the comments.
    Roseanne: Of course I’m in to catch up with the Connor family, and the whole family is back!’
    The Mayor: Thought the promo was really good. Funny and sweet without being saccharine, hopefully.
    Gospel of Kevin: I was in… then I learned Cristela is out. Now I’m rethinking.
    Alex, Inc: Eh. Bummed because I’m a Braff fan, but this promo didn’t leave me wanting more.
    Splitting Up Together: I can see this gaining an audience, but I’m over the whole “fixing everything after calling it quits” trope. Again, bummed because Jenna Fischer’s great.
    Good Doctor: Like the idea, Highmore’s well respected, but it doesn’t grab my attention.

  42. datdudemurphy says:

    These look much better than Fox’s…..
    I really need to see the Inhumans trailer tho

  43. Temperance says:

    The Crossing and The Good Doctor are the only ones that even remotely interest me. So. Not Impressed.

  44. Joey Padron says:

    The Good Doctor looks good. I will check it out since Freddie Highmore is in it, The Mayor looks really good, Alex, Inc. and The Gospel of Kevin looks pretty good. Will check out both shows since Jason Ritter & Zach Braff are in it. Hope the trailer for Inhumans show will be out soon.

  45. dude says:

    I’ll check out The Mayor and Gospel of Kevin.

  46. Sarah D says:

    Will give The Gospel of Kevin a miss.
    The Good Doctor looks good. Will watch that, the Mayor and Deception.

    Might watch The Crossing and For the people.

  47. Lore says:

    I had my doubts about the Good Doctor, but now i know, this is a korean drama

  48. For the People, The Good Doctor and The Mayor! I’ll be watching.

  49. B says:

    I had NO interest in Deception, until saw the trailer…or at least the freeze-frame before the trailer started.

  50. Does no one else get a Real O’Neils vibe from Splitting Up Together?