Prison Break Recap

Prison Break 'Definitely' Could Continue On, Says Fox — As for 24: Legacy....

Michael Scofield may have yet another great escape in his future. But will 24: Legacy‘s Eric Carter have to face another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day?

As Fox’s Upfronts presentation day got underway on Monday morning, Fox Television Group CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman were asked if Prison Break might continue on beyond its current revival run, which airs the seventh of nine episodes this Tuesday and to date has averaged a 1.1 demo rating (equaling both Fox’s Lucifer and Gotham, which are set to return in the 2017-18 TV season).

“We would definitely consider doing more episodes,” Walden answered. “I know [the producers] are thinking about it.”

That said, Prison Break even in success is not being thought of as an every-season series. Rather, “We want to make it special” with intermittent encores, Walden said.

As for 24: Legacy, which averaged a 1.0 during its springtime run, Newman told TVLine they were “so happy with the creative” execution as well as Corey Hawkins’ job in the lead role. “Replacing Jack Bauer is no easy feat,” he noted.

Hawkins, however, is currently busy with his Tony Award-nominated run in Broadway’s Six Degrees of Separation, and that in part has put a pin in any new season of 24: Legacy, though the thriller remains “very much in the mix” at Fox, Newman said.

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  1. Jko says:

    They didn’t want to make any real decisions about these shows because they wanted the crutch of their legacys available in case they fail.

  2. 24Fan says:

    There was nothing creative about 24 Legacy. It was mostly a rehash of previous seasons, but with less interesting characters than the original.

  3. Rachelkinney says:

    As a prison break fan, it has sucked since end of season 2. This current season is awful. 24 imo is the greatest tv show ever. Legacy took some getting used to but it was very good. Maybe they should change heroes for each new run. I’d rather watch that than another old people boring procedural

    • Cynthia Highsmith says:

      I love prison break love the story line and the actors can’t wait for next season don’t like it don’t watch it don’t spoil it for us lovers and they have to be doing something right to have 1.1 viewers!!!

      • Linda says:

        I agree I love prison break and all the actors, each role in my opinion is excellent and I can’t wait to see hopefully another season!

        • Rebecca Holben says:

          I absolutely love Prison Break!! If you don’t like it, don’t watch it! And the cast is wonderful!! Please bring back another season! It is real life stuff ❤❤❤❤

          • Jared page says:

            Please tell me what sources I need to email to voice my same opinion. We must keep this going.

        • Pauline Forty says:

          Luv this whole series, pls let’s have series 6,7,8 etc etc even if they are all mini series e.g. 9/10 episodes they pack more excitement in than any other series on the box😀 rewatching 1 to 4 at mo brilliant😀

    • ? says:

      It sucked since about the middle of season 2. Although season 3 did have some good ideas, they weren’t executed well. And let’s not even talk about season 4. This revival has been so, so, SO boring. Oh well.

  4. Cat says:

    I hope they bring PRISON BREAK back again. Season 5 has been awesome!!! I’m on the edge of my seat for every episode! I hope the next season shows Sucre more & I’d love to see Lincoln’s son, Lj again! Best show on TV!!!!!

  5. Chris says:

    I’m a big fan of both shows. I’ve been slightly more interested in Prison Break, if only because the original characters are back. 24:Legacy felt contrived and recycled. I know that over 8 1/2 seasons, the original 24 sometimes felt that way… but at least I cared about the characters. Didn’t really care if any or all of them lived or died in Legacy.

    • Bob says:

      It is extremely difficult to replace Jack Bauer. Actually, 24 Legacy did a horrible job of it. The plots were mostly predictable. The character of Eric Carter weighs in at 3 out of 10 on the Bauer Scale of Toughness. Bringing Tony Almeda into the storyline was way too obvious of a ploy to put Legacy into the 24 universe. In the real 24, CTU had been dismantled. Now, all of a sudden it’s back? Yeah, right.
      Don’t bother with another season of this show. It’s going nowhere. 24 had a good run. It’s time for something new, but creatively different.

  6. Joey Padron says:

    Good news they are considering to make more episodes of Prison Break and the producers of the show are thinking about it.

    • Rebecca Holben says:

      YES!! And the producers are Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield) and Dominic Purcell (Lincoln)!!! I hope they bring it back ❤❤

  7. Azerty says:

    The prison break revival has been great so far but too many seasons is the reason the show decreased in quality in the first place so make a good story and be dînent with it. If that’s a 10 épisodes storybook ok if that’s 20 ok but donnt milk the cow…

  8. Hank says:

    So in other words, when Designated Survivor ends we may throw money at Kiefer and if he accepts, then we’ll bring 24 back.

    This latest version was a rehash and pathetic. Tony did absolutely nothing worth a damn until the end. they had great ideas,which they even talked about in an interview, but they instead with with stupid rehash crap.

  9. Wrstlgirl says:

    I’m a huge Prison Break fan and am loving this revival but this being Prison Break I think back to the original series and the same old question “how any times can we break someone out of prison”. I’m just not sure how much more it has in the tank.

  10. Bob says:

    It is extremely difficult to replace Jack Bauer. Actually, 24 Legacy did a horrible job of it. The plots were mostly predictable. The character of Eric Carter weighs in at 3 out of 10 on the Bauer Scale of Toughness. Bringing Tony Almeda into the storyline was way too obvious of a ploy to put Legacy into the 24 universe. In the real 24, CTU had been dismantled. Now, all of a sudden it’s back? Yeah, right.
    Don’t bother with another season of this show. It’s going nowhere. 24 had a good run. It’s time for something new, but creatively different.

  11. kmw says:

    24 shouldn’t be in the mix at all. FOX is completely embarrassed that 24 tanked so badly after the Super Bowl they cannot say out loud that is done. Yes I see 24 coming back maybe by spring but by then what is the point. I am however glad Prison Break will likely come back in a year or two when they are ready. PB has done better for FOX than 24

  12. Gospino says:

    More Prison Break, yeah. This season has been very good. Otoh, 24 has not been good. They need better writing if it returns.

  13. R.O.B. says:

    I wouldn’t blame Corey Hawkins at all. They wrote him too safe. What killed it for me was the first episode where the one CTU tech gal had to name drop that she was Edgar Styles’ niece. What were we suppose dto think – Wow! That’s so awesome! No, so cheesy. I watched the whole series and it just didn’t have the edge that early seasons of 24 had, and I wasn’t invested in the characters. They even forgot about the bridge explosion 3 hours later, and somehow were able to continue teleporting to CTU rather than get stuck in what would literally be days of standstill traffic. You know on account of a bridge being gone.

  14. Maria says:

    I’d say that replacing Jack Bauer is impossible. And unnecessary. Kiefer got it right the first time.

  15. Kevin Tran says:

    If 24: Legacy does get renewed, should Season 2 run 12 or 24 episodes and what would the terrorist plot be about not to mention the location.

  16. RichieS says:

    How about a plot where there is a crisis only Bauer can contend with so they send an all star crew to break him out of Russian prison and get him out of that country. They wouldn’t even have to have Kiefer on camera until the last one or two eps. Cast could include Almeida and Chloe from the original show, Kevin Bacon’s detective from the Following, McGarett from 5-0, and of course Scofield and Burrows. Thoughts..?

  17. Aleiya says:

    I think they should make more seasons because I love this show and everyone on it and is does a lot of other people please give it a chance. Just think about it

  18. Big Cheddar says:

    I’m still waiting for them to cancel Wayward Pines …

    • Wyngate says:

      Actually thought Wayward Pines was very well done. Deviated too much from Crouch’s book, but by the end of season 2 we were right on line with the end of the original book series. Creating new ideas for 2000 more years into the future would be an inspiring challenge for the writers. I am sure Blake Crouch has some ideas.

  19. Lorna says:

    I love 24 legacy! And I am a die hard fan of 24 with Jack Bauer! It was fast-moving 24 legacy they got their job done! There was never a dull moment any of the episodes! Back fox TV. The best new show 2017 besides the return of prison break

  20. Lorna says:

    I love to 24 legacy. I am a diehard fan of 24 with Jack Bauer. But I believe 24 legacy added up to a powerful well choreographed show. Each episode was more exciting than the other bravo please bring it back

  21. Rebecca Holben says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring Prison Break back!! It is one of my favorite shows of all time!! Please reconsider….

  22. Jared page says:

    Continue prison break in 2017.
    This season must not be the last

  23. Brian F says:

    Prison break is definitely by far my favorite TV show of all time, hands down. I will be extremely disappointed if the network decides to not keep going, why tease us with just 9 short episodes, I mean come on we waited 7 years for 9 weeks lol. 24 legacy on the other hands was a great show but if it comes down to that or prison break well must I say what I will choose.

  24. Mike Lyno says:

    This season of Prison Break is pure junk. I’m surprised it is even considered for more seasons. I’m going to finish watching this season cause I want to finish what I start but I’m done after this. Even watching up to now (7th episode), I fast forward through a lot of it cause it’s so predictable and because of the bad acting. Amazes me there were as many seasons as there were. So many people sit through and watch crap after crap. Most of the time networks don’t know a good show from a bad one. This one is not good. The two main actors in this are not even good actors and never were.

    • Elizabeth M Waters says:

      Well Mike, don’t watch it then…. It’s that simple! Many of us are upset because there ARE ONLY 9 Episodes….. I’d love to say that roughly 13 episodes are missing…. These guys are hot commodities in the FBI, CIA, and secret service. And if you notice in the end when Wentworth/Micheal was talking and fixing to leave the CIA, he was offered a job…. That’s an opening for another 13 episodes, or another 20 episodes of another season, but hey for those that don’t like it, don’t watch, there’s enough of us PB lovers to make up for you and those that probably watch the real house wife’s or some lame reality show! Js

  25. Brenda Johnson says:

    Please bring prison break back I love this show please

  26. Meredith Gonzalez says:

    Bring back Prison Break for another season! Last night’s episode was awesome! Please do not stop making this show. I agree that they should bring LJ back. He was so good. I also would like to revisit other characters from previous seasons.

  27. Andrea Espinoza says:

    Prison Break is By Far, The best, and greatest T.v. Show, I have ever seen. I loved All Four Seasons, And the 5th Season Rocks As well. Wentworth Miller, Sara Wayne Callie’s, and Dominic Purcell Are Such Great Actors/Actress, Not too mention, Wentworth Miller is So Amazingly Gorgeous. :) I Could watch the whole series over and over again. And I Would Just be Ecstatic If they came out with 10 More Seasons. Keep them coming Fox/Casts. Your Biggest Fan… 💚💞💜 #1 Prisonbreakfan

  28. Lila says:

    This new Prison Break is so horribly written I can’t even comprehend how its getting praise. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it back in the day but that love doesn’t blind me to its rushed production and sloppy plot.

  29. bp says:

    the show is exciting and i hope it continues I have been watching it for years and I believe this series is even better than before.

  30. Biranda says:


  31. Bonnie Rohr says:

    Prison Break was a hit 10+

    24 Legacy: I rate the show a 9., only because Keiffer was not in it. Advertising led us to believe 24 was coming back.
    No it didn’t. The new one was a good show, but you should had given it a Brand new name. Not ride the coat tails of 24.

  32. Me... says:

    More Prison Break PLEASE…

  33. Josie Barraza says:

    My fam. & I Love watching Prison Break, since the beginning & are hoping Fox will consider bringing it back for more seasons after season 5, Prison Break has been the best show ever!!!!!!

  34. My fam. & I Love watching Prison Break since the beginning, season 5 was great!!! please “Fox” can you please bring back Prison Break!!!!!!!!!!!! for more seasons!!!

  35. Danielle says:

    Please bring back prison break, i love the show ive been watching it since the beginning and i love it. When it was announced that it was being brought back, me and my husband watched all the seasons again for the umpteenth time just to be up to date, plus we love it that much, and also because each time we rewatched it we learned something new that we missed the first time around. I also would love to see LJ in that show again as well as Mahone. I really liked his character. So please bring it back.

    • I am so happy!!! to here you are bringing Prison Break back!!! for more seasons, My fam. & friend’s we all enjoy watching Prison Break!!!! We been watching Prison Break!!! from the beginning & we Love season 5, we have been waiting to here the great news!!! that Fox is bringing it back!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank You,

      Josie Barraza

  36. Carolyn Howell says:

    Just watched finale in Australia last night. The whole series had me on the edge of my seat so the writers did a great job. Please give us more Prison Break!!! Of course you could always make new story lines with the great actors you have on the show. Loved it!! Why should it have to end, keep making more shows guys as you will always have a keen audience!!!

  37. maria says:

    Vaasa its really good