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Once Upon Time Morrison Leaving

Once Upon a Time's Jennifer Morrison Weighs In on Henry Twist ('People Should Have Faith'), Fave Storylines

The following contains spoilers from Once Upon a Time‘s Season 6 finale.

Jennifer Morrison is excited to see Once Upon a Time‘s Henry suddenly all grown up, even though she won’t have much opportunity to hang with him, no longer being a series regular as the ABC drama enters Season 7.

“This is part of the creative process. Things change and evolve,” the original cast member says of the show’s new “chapter,” which was teased at the close of the Season 6 finale on Sunday night. “The idea of Henry in the future opens up so many possibilities for the storytelling, so I think people should have faith in [series creators] Eddy [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz]. They do such amazing jobs at reinventing the show and finding ways to keep it fresh and interesting.”

Here is what else that Morrison, who will appear in one Season 7 episode (the premiere), had to say in Part 2 of her Once Upon a Time exit interview:

TVLINE | You obviously worked a lot over the years with Colin [O’Donoghue, as Hook]. What was his reaction to your decision to leave, what kind of support did you get?
Colin and I are good friends and will always be good friends. He knows me like a family member, so he was sad, because obviously we work well together and we enjoy our time on set together. But the other side of that is he cares about me as a person and he knew it was the right thing for my life. He was very supportive about that.

TVLINE | Looking back, do you have any favorite seasons or storylines?
I loved the Dark Swan storyline, the idea of being able to stretch Emma in different ways and explore the darker side of her. And I also love that ultimately they still stayed true to the Savior that was within her. That she is who she is, and you can’t take away that fate. That no matter what she went through and no matter how far she pushed the limits, ultimately within her was this fate as the Savior. I thought they did an amazing job of giving that character a chance to spread her wings and be completely different in certain ways but also keep her true to the core of her being. Her intentions and her desires were actually well-intended, even though she was going about it in maybe not the most productive way. [Laughs]

I have loved so many of the storylines over the years. I loved the Back to the Future stuff that I did with Colin [in the Season 3 finale]. Once Upon Time Back FutureI loved the musical episode [on May 7]; I was so happy that I got to be a part of that and I felt as if it was a very beautiful wrap-up of who Emma has become. It was a chance to really see her go from that ugly duckling to a swan, in that song she has [“Emma’s Theme”] in the mayor’s office. It was also a chance to see her completely unguarded and absolutely in love and vulnerable with Hook at the wedding. She was full of joy and not worrying about the next monster or crisis, just absolutely deciding to be in the moment and alive and free and happy. And she was willing to do that knowing that she’s about to face something really difficult. She had the courage to say, “You know what? It’s OK to be in the moment. We’re going to find a way through and it’s going to be OK.” To see her in that place after how far she has come…. It’s hard to imagine, when you watch her in the pilot, being someone who could grow to that place. I love that I got to take her on such an incredible journey.

TVLINE | How will you be keeping busy this summer, to start?
My God. [Laughs] I thought I was going to give myself some time, and that turned into me being busier than ever — which has been wonderful! I have been very creatively satisfied, so it’s been great. Right as I was wrapping Season 6, I went to New Orleans to do a small part in a movie called Assassination Nation, which a dear friend of mine [Sam Levinson] is directing but also I just think is a really special piece; I was excited to be a part of it, even in a very small way.Morrison Perry I went back to Louisiana to do the film Back Roads, which Alex Pettyfer is starring in and is his directorial debut. He’s doing an incredible job, I truly believe in him as a director.

Right now, I’m in New York in rehearsals for the Off-Broadway play The End of Longing, which Matthew [Perry] wrote and is starring in. I’m playing opposite him, and we are having so much fun. We’re all exhausted with rehearsals but loving it. And then, Sun Dogs is going to premiere at a signficant festival in the next few months. And beyond all that, I’m going through a lot of material to find what will be my second feature as a director. And I have some projects I’m developing as a producer. So, I’m developing some things and doing some acting, just waiting to see what falls into place first after the play.

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  1. Mary T says:

    I have no faith the writers. It’s why I quit watching when it became clear that they were intent on destroying Emma and they did.

    • kbot says:

      Most tired argument in the history of arguments on this show. They didn’t destroy her, only perhaps your favorite version of her. She’s always been a badass and still is. Love and vulnerability are not weaknesses.

    • Val says:

      Emma Swan has had the most beautiful, raw, emotional, whole character development!! Growth!! She has come full circle. As a favourite of mine since season 1, i am happy to see this.. and also narrative wise as well.

  2. Kevin Tran says:

    Really going to miss Jennifer Morrison on OUAT and Season 7 will never be the same without Emma Swan.

  3. amy says:

    thanks for this Matt, I have always enjoyed your interviews with Morrison the most.It was so amazing watching her breathe life into Emma Swan and take her on such a journey of growth I for one will miss her on my tv every Sunday but looking forward to what she does next!

  4. Alex Breakaway says:

    The Dark Swan plot is the one that in my opinion hurt the show

  5. ninergrl6 says:

    Thanks for this interview, Matt. Even though I’m disappointed with Jen’s departure, I’ll give the new incarnation of OUAT a chance, mainly because I love Colin’s portrayal of Hook so much. I still can’t imagine what they’ll do with Hook without his TL, but I guess we’ll see.

  6. Val says:

    Thank you Emma Swan, Thank you Jennifer Morrison. For bringing life to my favourite character Emma Swan since season 1. She will be missed, she is loved!! OUAT will not be the same without Emma Swan. Left a huge hole.
    I have enjoyed her journey since season 1… the beautiful build up as her character in herself, her acceptance and of family and home, and her love story has been so great to watch. What a character development and growth. And Emmas’s love story with Hook has been brilliant to watch from the days of the beanstalk to the wedding day, they have fought for their love and beyond! . Thank you Jen and Colin, for them and the partnership on-screen and off-screen.
    Emma Swan will be solely missed but always remembered!!

  7. Get Over Yourselves says:

    TRUE fans of the show will never lose faith in it. Only petulant, spoiled brats who don’t get their way will complain, even after saying they haven’t watched the show in years, but come back only to criticize what they haven’t even watched. Stop trying to ruin things for other people just because YOU don’t like something!

    • SamofSherwood says:

      Hey, hey, I’m a true fan & I’m unsure, I’ve watched it from the teaser at Comic Con way back when but I’m on the fence if there’s a risk what has come before will be undone.

    • Gospino says:

      If you let the opinions of online strangers “ruin” a show for you, stop and put things in perspective. You should care about how YOU feel about the show and not what other people think. And also let them have their opinions graciously whether they agree with you or not, because certainly not everyone will.

  8. SamofSherwood says:

    A friend & I re-watched the pilot together tonight, it is remarkable how Jennifer just became Emma, you could see she put everything into her.
    You will be missed Jennifer, truly, I am cautiously optimistic about season 7 with a caveat.
    If they end at the end of season 7, is there really any point in that short space of time to begin this & is there time to do adult Henry’s story well?
    I’d love to see some more of Killian’s history, he’s such an under utilised character, he’s always been more to me then Emma’s arm candy.
    The plot holes are frustrating, with one watch & not really paying 100% attention at 4am I could pick out several.
    I’m on the fence, I admit, that doesn’t mean I don’t love what came before.

    • Val says:

      I actually think Hook is standalone character from his very first episode, with his history we have seen… and flashbacks, we know most of it in terms of journey it took to him becoming how he did and finding what he deep down always longed for Love and Family!!! He found that with Emma,. His motivation has always been love. And that is what i have understood about him. I already know Killian and parts of his history that are important. He has been utilised well, sure i like to see more. But i will so very much miss Emma/Hook together.

  9. datdudemurphy says:

    I’ll check out a couple episodes next season, just to see where they decide to go with things…but I am having trouble picturing the show without the originals.

  10. Devin says:

    The way I look at Once Upon a time now is that Season 7 is a spin off, and that finale last night was the series final for Once as we know it. When I look at it that way I am excited for a spin off a show that has made me so happy in the past 6 years. It’s all in how you look at it!

  11. David Hess says:

    I’ll miss Emma of course, and I hope Tiger Lily will be upgraded to regular.

  12. Laurie Stinchcomb says:

    You will truly missed

  13. AnnieM says:

    Once Upon a Time = Archie Bunker’s Place

  14. Brooke says:

    I will miss jennifer morrison on the show. Over the past 6 years you have learned to love these charecters in their own way. And when someone leaves you feel sad, but though once upon a time will bring a season seven once as we know it has changed forever. Even though it will not be the same and wont be my favorite thing thats happened i know that it will be another interesting journy. (But i would have been better if they ended with that dinner sean instead of fast forwarding sevral years later)

  15. Nicole Poulos says:

    I just wanna know if she’ll be in the fourth Star Trek movie with Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine

  16. canadian ninja says:

    Damn, Morrison is WORKING. No moss on that girl.

  17. Tee says:

    most exciting part about there being a new Henry? Maybe this one can act!

    • Dove says:

      Stop being mean!

      • Tee says:

        It’s mind-blowing to think you think Jared can act. He was a cute little boy, and could be forgiven back in the day, but as he got older, his “talent” became more evident. Just look at the finale when he spoke into the mirror! It was bad. If we’re supposed to buy into a show about fairy tales and fantasy, you have to be able to act in a believable way and allow your audience to believe what you’re saying and doing. I believed all of the actors. All but him. I love the show, but it’s painful to watch when he’s on screen.

  18. Michele says:

    She can’t be serious about the whole “have faith” thing, can she? Honestly I love Emma and for the most part I loved her story, but overall this show has been a mess for several seasons now. The plot holes, the continuity errors, the sheer nonsense that pops up every so often with no explanation never to be mentioned again… yeah I have no faith in these writers.

  19. Joan says:

    Great interview- Jen always gives such thoughtful answers! OUAT won’t be same with so many main characters leaving and Emma really was the heart of the show. I’ll probably watch S7 but I just won’t be as invested as I was.

  20. tribulationschimeriques says:

    There is still something I don’t understand from The Final Battle … if Henry existed long before the other fairy tales characters, how can Emma still be his mother?

    • SamofSherwood says:

      Do you mean the Author? There has been lots, the role has been passed along to different people through time 🤔

    • Uh says:

      Or maybe that comes after the final battle, just because it’s the first scene does not mean it came before Emma’s story.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Maybe, Henry started/found a new book, continued it, then ended up with a similar Storybrooke type fate?

  21. TabloidJunkie says:

    I am very excited to see what the writers have in store for Henry! His storyline is the only storyline that I can see actually going somewhere in s7. We will hopefully be able to see our fav characters, but I don’t think there will be much of them. I believe they will focus on Henry and his daughter, just like they did in s1 with Henry and Swan. I just hope that it doesn’t take forever for him to believe again, so we can get back to Storybrooke full-time!
    I also want to take a moment and thank Jennifer Morrison for bringing life to such and awesome character! I think while it is a fairytale show, that a lot of Swan’s struggles where real and a lot of people could relate. I agree with another commenter when they hoped that the writers didn’t kill Swan off, just have her offscreen. I am hoping that they do that for the sake of the show. I will continue watching to see what happens, and hoping to see Swan again!
    Good Luck Jen with all you do!

  22. Marios says:

    Can we take a moment to talk about the number 815 which is on the door of older Henry’s apartment?! Such a spooky ‘Lost’ reference…
    Why are you messing with our head Kitsis and Horowitz?!?! ;)

  23. Lisa Zimmermaker says:

    I’m actually disappointed in this next step. Emma and Capt. Hook just got married and now we will now well miss their life togethers. Pl life t

  24. SBoogie says:

    This is a typical PR response and I find it difficult to believe when she praises the direction that this show has taken. She had alluded to issues she had with the story lines and that her vision was different from the writers. My faith in the show was lost around season 3 and then I finally stopped watching after season 4. I am glad that she is moving on to different projects and will check out her Broadway play. Her performance in OUAT has been lackluster and the growth of the character has been inconsistent. The OUAT story lines are repetitive and boring.

  25. ToLera Peek says:

    So why not return after the play , and do a couple more episodes with Once Upon A Time… Yes I’m excited to see how adult Henry story line plays in… But you will be missed, and knowing that you will appear in only one episode… sucks……
    I have followed this show since it first aired and never did I imagine you the character Emma Swan would leave…
    This show keeps the idea of Hope alive.

    • SamofSherwood says:

      Maybe if the ratings improve on Friday she will, I’m not holding my breath as Jennifer seemed pretty adamant to me but who knows?

  26. Kristi H says:

    They could have ended the show at the end of season 6 where all the characters was at Granny’s and it would have been the perfect happy ending. However, I do look forward to season 7 and see where they take the show.

  27. I lost interest and faith in these writers after season 3 when they killed Neal off who was important to the story and than tried to destroy Rumple and Belle. Then it became the CS story and I taped and watched the scenes I wanted to see and ignored the others. I deleted, except for episode 10, the first half of season 6 and I am not sure about the next season. I’ll decide later on. I just don’t want Rumbelle’s and Regina’s happy ending undone.
    I loved Emma and never thought she needed to be fixed. I loved her toughness and vulnerability and her trying to fit in with these fairy tale characters. I wasn’t against her falling in love but they destroyed her in the process. It seemed like she found her way in the end but her indifferent attitude towards the children in the dark realm and wanting to kill Gideon and only caring about Hook just left me cold.
    I wish Jennifer the best of luck. She seems to be jumping back into things and that is good. If she is happy, I am happy for her. I am mad they fired Emilie because I would have loved to see her and Robert as Rumbelle. We hardly ever get to see them together from season 4 on because they sidelined Belle. If they undo that happy ending for Belle and Rumple I will be mad and won’t watch season 7. They honestly should have ended this season but I am interested in Henry’s story so I am torn.

  28. Tricia says:

    Without the hearts of the show, Emma, Snow and David. I can’t find a reason to keep watching… I’m so disappointed.