The Originals Recap

The Originals Recap: Old Friends, Older Frenemies

Two familiar faces turned up in New Orleans on Friday’s episode of The Originals — with two very different agendas.

Let’s start with Davina, who whisked Klaus and Hayley off to the ancestral realm for a little history lesson on the Hollow. And once class was in session, Davina made it clear that she was not messing around, boasting about being the “only thing” standing between them and the Hollow. (Honestly, if she could have bent Klaus over a desk and spanked him with a ruler, I’m sure she would have.)

Anyway, it turns out the Hollow’s existence traces all the way back to New Orleans’ first-ever werewolves; in fact, the Hollow — nicknamed as such due to her insatiable hunger for death, chaos, etc. — is the one who created the werewolf curse in the first place. Given that they come from the same line of ‘wolves, Hayley (and Hope by proxy) is the Hollow’s only weakness, hence the reason she wants her out of the picture. (You know, in addition to that aforementioned hunger for death, chaos, etc.)

But just when Davina started to seem like a “cool” teacher — you know, the kind who sits backwards in chairs and really gets their students — she revealed the real reason for her visit: She intended to sacrifice Klaus in order to bind the Hollow. And she would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for that meddling kid. Yes, I’m talking about badass-in-training Hope Mikaelson, who appeared as if from nowhere to put Davina back in her damn place.

(I actually feel like Hope’s big moment was a nice callback to Season 1, when Davina killed those four witches in mid-air. No one expected to see someone of her stature pull off a sick move like that, either. Never forget Rule No. 1 of The Originals: Great power often comes in small packages.)

As if Davina’s return wasn’t enough to satisfy longtime fans, this week’s episode also featured a visit from Alaric Saltzman, last seen opening up a school for the supernatural on The Vampire Diaries series finale. He can say his “days of fighting monsters are over” all he wants, but he went full-on Indiana Jones in this episode — delivering ancient bones, blowing s**t up and going toe-to-toe with a possessed vampire — and he loved it.

He also exhibited a really sweet connection with Hope, likely because she reminds him of his own bewitching daughters. He seemed mesmerized by her abilities, especially the amount of witchcraft she’s managed to teach herself, and was eager to enroll her at his and Caroline’s school. (Klaus, on the other hand, seemed less inclined to send his daughter away. The look he gave Alaric when he said “Give my regards to Mystic Falls” was downright chilling.)

And because why not, here’s the face Klaus made right after he heard Alaric utter the word “Caroline.” Go ahead, dissect it as you will:

The Originals Recap

The episode ended on a pretty unfortunate note, with a possessed Sofya literally stabbing Elijah in the back, setting up a hell of a rescue mission next week.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Were Davina and Alaric’s visits worth the hype? (I vote yes!) Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. A. D. says:

    Awesome with Alaric showing up…He and Caroline need to be regulars next season!

    • Rob says:

      I was actually hoping – while I love The Originals, I’m not sure how many story lines they have left – that Alaric and Caroline would show up a few times next season leading to a spin off taking place 10 year in the future where Hope and Alaric’s twins star as students at Alaric and Caroline’s school. That way the characters from The Originals and TVD can guest star and the franchise can continue, but new stories can be explored. I just feel that there isn’t much more to be told with The Originals. Klaus and Marcel fighting over New Orleans again would be tedious, we’ve explored the Mikaelson family and now we are getting into the Labonair Family finally and… what else is there? The show is so good but I don’t want it to continue for the sake of continuing like the TVD did. It should end while it is still creatively interesting. And The CW can keep the franchise alive with a spin off about Hope.

      • Esther A says:

        Rob I don’t think I agree, the originals still has alot of storyline to explore they either don’t want to use it or feel scard taking the focus from Klaus. Of cause Klaus is a character everyone love the most in this show, but if they were to focus on one or more of the other siblings, there is a chance to tell their story anyhow they want to. Sure the school storyline will be okay on a spin-off. But I do not want to accept this is all they have to tell about the Mikaelsons. If they are out of ideas, bring new people with new ideas. Make caroline a regular not just for klaus’s sake. Give her character a chance to shine and be written well and given the credit she deserves. Bonnie too can make appearances to visit her friend. Believe it, this show can be more amazing than it already is. With the way Elijah’s character is being written lately, it’s as if the writer is tired. Imagine supernatural is still on why, because they change stories and make it fit the show. Please we can do better with this show.

    • Jane says:

      Alaric and Caroline can become regulars but I don’t think they’re coming to NO. Instead Mikaelsons might finally leave NO, which means regulars like Marcel or Vincent could be replaced with Caroline or Ric. New location, new combo of characters, new stories. Also Elijah reminds me of Stefan from tvd s08: dreaming about bright future with his girl, but has been killing too many innocents lately and is up to be a sacrifice for his family.

      JP loves love-triangles, and she might wanna go: Klaus, Caroline, Hayley. But then Haylijah is pretty much canon, so to have that love triangle, Elijah would have to get out of the way.

      • Esther A says:

        They don’t need that triangle, I agree Elijah’s writing has been poor lately and trying so hard to be better yet can’t bear to watch his family threatened or in danger. To be fair, that was one reason I loved the originals, with all their drama and quarrels, they always manage to come through for each other even kol. I love the idea of family above all but it’s OK when Klaus do all the dirty work because I think he has a way with that Stuff but not Elijah. He is suppose to be noble at least that was the introduction they gave us about him on TVD. distorying his character now only means one thing to me, he is going to die like Stefan. Not to sound understanding, Elijah did know those witches were going to wake. I mean they did wickness it once so…….. If you ask me, I want Marcel to sacrifice himself to defeat the hallow. After all, what has he ever done to be grateful for all the Mikaelsons family did for him other than complain and sound more ungrateful.

        • Jane says:

          I don’t think it’s lazy writing, because Klaus, Hayley, Freya, Hope and others are pretty great this season and in line with their character traits. And now Elijah told Marcel how sorry he was for killing him, so it seems they’re raising the stakes here. I don’t think Marcel will be the one to die, this season the writers don’t really focus on him per se, but there is a lot of focus on Hope, Hayley’s family and Elijah taking leadership over the family. So my bet, Elijah will pay his bills and check out at the end of this season.
          Shame, I’d still choose him over Marcel or even Freya and Hayley. It was also weird how in the latest episode Freya missed talk with the ancestors and Davina nearly sacrificing Klaus. And as for the love-triangle – since when JP create them or ships when she needs them? She does it just for fun and non-stop. I mean she even had Ric-Caroline-Stefan drama at some point O_O Do you honestly think she’ll be able to help herself when it comes to Klaus-Caroline-Hayley? I doubt it.

          • Esther A says:

            What I mean by poor writing does not apply to the rest of them just Elijah. His character is isn’t solid right now, he seems out of place and confused. They can’t say he is still dealing with what his Mama did to him, he needs to be fixed. I know they won’t kill Marcel off. Hayley should be the one to sacrifice herself, that would be much better than Elijah. I think leaving Freya out of this episode was to let Hope Shine in her power aspect. JP shouldnt make the mistake of making this a love triangle what’s the point, klaus is very much interested in Caroline and Hayley loves Elijah even if he’s gone, that can’t change. It’s stupid but I know she can’t resist.

  2. Mleha says:

    He’s so proud of her with that look 😭😭😭

  3. Goldenvibefan says:

    So great to have Davina back, even if it is only for one episode. I’ve missed seeing her on the show so much.

    • Ben says:

      +1. It was fun. But i still don’t buy how the ancestors forgive her and maker her again their official representative/speaker after all what she did. The hollow origin felt kinda meh.. ala Huntress from TVD. It’s gonna be interesting to see if little Hope end up been a part of the hollow as well… ’cause the now fact that only Hayley can stop “it” and “save” her daughter that we learn in this episode must mean something.

  4. Fari says:

    The face he made when Caroline was mentioned says “Your chosen future is more noble than I ever fathomed.” But also with a side of “let me kill all the Klaroline shippers with one look.” Lolol I JUST CANT WAIT FOR THIS STORY TO HOPEFULLY BE MORE EXPLORED. #KlarolineForever

    • Tina says:

      Such a blink and you miss it moment, but that tiny smile made me swoon! Joseph at his finest! Season 5 Klaroline! We have waited forever, but it’s finally our time!

  5. Uno says:

    Good episode… Wish we woulda got more Marcel and Elijah time so we could really sort out their issues… Great ending with Marcel speaking to davina… I always wondered if we will ever get to learn about Marcel’s bio FAM I mean his dad was a slave owner.. But was he the last of the bloodline no other gerards?? And was his mother sold after he was born… Did she die because he was always shown alone… I hope they eventually give us a lil info about that… I’m super glad we got the origins of werewolves about time… We know  so far its Haley.. Tyler and two other families  the Del Robles are all dead leaving one left..  Wonder who it’ll be… Keelin would be kinda on the nose so I’m not sure.

    • Ella says:

      It’s been a SUPER long time but I’m pretty sure his mother died? Wasn’t that why he didn’t have a name, and Klaus named him Marcellus, because she died before she had the chance?

    • Esther A says:

      Marcel is not an original, he is not part of the Mikaelsons family why the bloody hell should they care about his really mother or family. It doesn’t matter how they try to make him important like the only one who can kill an original but the only importance I see there is him being klaus son and that has been his saving grace.

      • Jane says:

        You really seem to not like Marcel much haha I actually think what’s forced is how hard the writers are trying to make Hayley super important, at this point she’s more important than the freaking originals in defeating the Hollow and she came from the original werewolf (the Hollow’s mother). Klaus can’t compete with his baby and her mum lol This’s just absurd

        • cjk51 says:

          It’s like they forgot Klaus is a wolf, the original hybrid. That fans have been waiting years to see his wolf form. Everything I’d expect from Klaus lineage goes to Hayley.

          • Esther A says:

            Hmm yes that is true, it all goes to Hayley. I don’t hate Marcel at all, I’m just pissed at his attitude sometimes. The show makes Hayley important they also make Marcel important and indisposable like somehow getting Hope to like him. Dad he is my friend oh please!

          • cecelia kovacs says:

            I don’t mind Marcel most the time. He is like a spoiled rich kid, lol! But they need to bind his venom, like Esther did Klaus’ wolf and strength should be something you earn in time. The longer you live, the stronger you get. A 200 yr old should not be as strong as a 1000 yr old vampire. It just goes against the rules. Lol!

  6. Dominique says:

    it was terrific to see both davina and alaric again.
    davina is still not to be underestimated, she’s so freaking awesome. also her final scene with marcel made it seem like we haven’t seen the last of her just yet. hopefully her next return will be out in the open, perhaps a reunion with kol, now that she can manifest herself?
    oh man, alaric… he’s one of my faves, and given the terrible send off he was given in the series finale of tvd (y’know… hardly given anything to do etc), it was nice to see him on his own and be reminded that he is indeed a modern-day indiana jones.
    elijah can’t die! this is one thing i simply won’t accept. he’s the one who started it all way back on tvd. they can’t kill him off.

  7. Ella says:

    I feel like this ep was a little filler-y but I still enjoyed it. I’m kinda loving Klaus this season? He just seems more lively and *fun* then he has in a l o n g time. Him and Davina sniping at each other is always gold (that scene from S2 where he’s knocked out and she’s smacking him around is one of my all time faves). I do wish she’d gotten to do more than just exposition. The scene at the end with Marcel talking to her tomb was lovely. I’m glad that Elijah’s showing a little remorse, some evidence that his actions have left him conflicted. Previously I was about ready to cheer while Marcel roasted him over a spit but now I’m cool with whatever they’ll pull of to save him from the Thorns O’Death. And finally I’m going to cry real tears when Klaus sends Hope to Caroline for safekeeping. Just like Caroline ran to Klaus for help in protecting Josie and Lizzie. They’ve come so far and while I’m not counting my chickens *yet* I’m really beginning to think we’ll see more of Caroline Forbes.

    • cjk51 says:

      I can’t imagine Klaus sending Hope so far away, he just got her back!!!!!!

      • Ella says:

        Yeah, but she’s currently in danger because she and Hayley are The Hollow’s targets. He’ll do what he needs to do to keep her safe and I’m sure it’ll be temporary.

        • cecelia kovacs says:

          Funny that’s what they say. The hollow wants them dead. But Hayley stabbed her with her blood on that knife and the hollow just laughed. If she wanted her dead, why not kill her right there??

          • Ella says:

            Because then the show wouldn’t be able to talk about how special Hayley is anymore? More seriously I think sometimes they have a certain plot in mind and kinda ignore logic to get there. Like, when Klaus was dancing with Sofia and he was taunting her with that bracelet what was stopping him from ripping off her hand and compelling someone to throw the thorn thing in a fire? Would have solved that problem but they needed Elijah to be in peril this week.

          • oke says:

            No it wouldn’t, klaus wanted information, details, secret about the hallow ripping the bracelet off her hand and compelling anyone won’t solve anything. They have a whole bunch of it growing that house. Klaus is smart and he knew killing Sofya wouldn’t give him what he wants the most, distorying the hallow. Hayley’s blood is said to be the key to killing the hallow but they didn’t say how to use it. The hallow can’t be Killed, only trapped. So that little show she put on by stabbing the hallow with her blood was a waste of time. The originals are becoming too easy to kill, I hate that situation. Now they aren’t powerful but in fear wow!

  8. Katie says:

    I really enjoyed tonight’s episode. I thought the backstory of The Hollow and how it was introduced was fantastic! I was really enjoying Davina schooling Klaus until that “catch” about sacrificing him came up and then, as before in the past, I wanted to smack her. That character does that to me: One minute I like her and the next I want to pound her face in. Ah well! And how bad*** was Alaric with the vehicle rigged with C4? Mom and I laughed when he said that to Sofya/The Hollow. I like him. Can I say how proud I am of Hope for putting Davina back in HER place: I love that kid! “You’re not helping us, you’re hurting us. And I won’t let you.” BAM! Talk about getting schooled by a 7 year old! And Elijah getting stabbed by those thorns when he went to take back the blade to Marcel made me think: No good deed goes unpunished. One thing though: Where the heck were Freya and Vincent during this mess? Other than that question it was a great episode!

    • S. Moore says:

      I have the same feelings regarding Davina. From the beginning I’ve liked and disliked her. One minute she is strong and cool then the next she is a crybaby nobody cares about. I have not yet watched this episode so idk if I’ll love her return or hate it but I am sure she’ll be on my nerves.

      • Esther A says:

        Hahaha likewise, like this episode she played both part. It was so cool how Hope steped in and saved the day.

      • Lucy C says:

        My feelings exactly. Davina has always been “too big for her britches,” IMO. She’s never been able to see howvshe and Klaus were alike. They were both outcasts, and felt betrayed and unloved. They both are stubborn and think they have the right way to “fix” things. Davina despises Klaus for killing Jesse, but in a way she brought that on herself because she attacked Klaus, Elijah, and even Marcel. She was then naive enough to think Klaus wouldn’t play hardball back. Davina isn’t an evil character, but she sure is a misguided one.

        • Esther A says:

          Very well said. Whatever evil she thought klaus did to her was brought upon her by herself. If she didn’t attack him he wouldn’t hurt her friend. And does she really think she loves Marcel more than klaus? Even Marcel’s feelings are conflicted when it comes to klaus. Turely, her character is a misgaurded one no doubt.

  9. Gilded Lady says:

    Alaric took a level in badass, but he’s still just as stupid as ever. “Don’t come to Mystic Falls, please” shortly followed by “enroll Hope in my school.” If she goes, Klaue and Hayley go. If they go, so goes Elijah because Hayley. Freya would also go because curiosity and not trusting siphon twins. They’d drown in Mikaelsons. LOL.

    Also, how crazy powerful was Hope? Scary, but awesome.

  10. Yolonda says:

    First and foremost, it was GREAT seeing Davina and Alaric…but it great seeing the abilities of Hope’s power and her love for father….she heard his cry and didn’t hesitate to do rescue mission…I really think Davina is trying to find her way to the land of the living. And definitely the Hollow needs her but stomp for harming Elijah.

  11. Cosmin says:

    Please bring Davina back!
    Bring Caroline next season! If they do this..the show will be good and the ratings will grow

  12. jan hills says:

    I think they should bring Davina back even for the next season and Cami too she saw that Klaus did care had a heart etc so to speak remember their many scenes

  13. Gift says:

    Is everyone forgetting Hope’s displayed powers? Wow that little girl is a brilliant actress! This, it’s part of what I wanted so much to see. Klaus the mighty is saved by his little girl, how sweet. They should find a way to bring Divina back to life. I hate to see her turn dark with hate. Once again klaus is being punished for Elijah’s sin. I want the Elijah we knew back soon please. Who will be sacrificed? I’m so nervous thinking about it. Well, this episode is an amazing one. It keeps getting better and better. Klaroline will come sooner or later. Like Aleric said, I’ll be seeing you around. Good work guys.

  14. So says:

    lol, that face was basic.

  15. Oke says:

    I screamed seeing Hope display part of her powers. I can’t help but love that little girl more. She sure is a Mikaelson with their instincts and will do anything to protect their own. Well Davina good to see you maybe. (Should any of her suitors fails to meet my Expectations I’ll compel them to the priesthood) really klaus that is so wicked and cold Hahaha. But I will love to see that.

  16. Esther A says:

    Yes! Hope you made my day and seeing how you over powered Davina that made me very happy. Hopefully are strong enough to fight the hallow. Loved this episode! Really Marcel, you are trying to save Sofya what good is she anyway, once a spy always a spy. I suggest she dies quickly. Elijah is doing his best, I hope some people understands. Great to see you Aleric, your daughters should have come with you. Hoping to see more fantastic episodes like this, Thank you team.

  17. Deana says:

    Bring Caroline and Klaus together. I don’t watch the Originals but Iwatched VD. I WOULD watch the originals if Caroline came into the pic.

  18. Liza says:

    For Season 5, they need to take the action back to Mystic Falls – the Mikaelsons, Marcel, and Hayley. Sorry, Vincent and Josh, but there is no reason for you to go. Add to the cast Alaric and Caroline and their twins, and Matty Blue Eyes too. I love The Originals, but would be surprised if it goes beyond season 5, so give us what we want and that is Klaus and Caroline’s happily ever after.

  19. Veronica M Johnson says:

    Please let Cole and Rebecca back to kill Marcel girlfriend and Cole to see Davina and help with his witch powers and Caroline and Hope to meet and be friends and go to their school. Link Mystic Falls.

  20. Charlotte mulholland says:

    Friday night May 13 ,2017 did not have sound ,I missed it when will I be able to see it.

  21. Charlotte mulholland says:

    Friday night May 13 ,2017 did not have sound ,I missed it when will I be able to see it.

  22. Patty says:

    Thought was fantastic. I would love to see more of them appearing.

  23. Cassandra says:

    💞I Love Love the Originals, the Show & Cast Members R all Sooooo Super Great!! Hope the Show will B staying around 4 a Long Long X!!!🔮 The Show is Exciting & R Full of Secrets & Surprises…There is also Good Chemistry among Each other, Which is Fantastic So Originals pls have @ it, U all Rock an Epic Show!!!🎆🎉

  24. Angelfan says:

    I am reading Klaus/Hailey as the end game. I also laughed my ass of at Marcel accusing Elijah of being a murderer. Dude, you all are murderers kinda pot/kettle. That said, I always looked at Elijah as a pragmatic killer, whereas Klaus is a passionate killer . I think they have gotten a little away from who Elijah is this season

  25. Guest says:

    I’m hoping Hope goes away to this school and takes Hayley with her. Sweet Yeezus! Phoebe Tonkin acting is terrible and the character is an undead Felicity Smoak. Phoebe has got THE deadest eyes I have ever seen. Every time she comes on screen, I think I’m watching a crossover between America’s Next Top Model and Z Nation. Then in this episode she’s admonishing Elijah for being willing to sacrifice himself for the brother he’s loved for 1000+ years, would sacrifice himself for Elijah without a second thought, and was the FATHER OF HAYELY’S CHILD. She whining and her reasoning was if he dies, she won’t get the fantasy “good” life wants and in reality – doesn’t deserve. She made the entire thing about HERSELF and her not having her dreams come true. When Elijah brings up Hope needing her father more, Hayley is like, “WHAT ABOUT ME?!!!!!” Please, kill her off ASAP and Haylijah is an awful pairing with 0 chemistry. They are like two cyborgs going through the motions. They are painful to watch.

    And, Hayley is even more speshul on top of all the junk and the werewolf HAS TO revolve around Hayley and be completely absurd of course.

    Also, who is watching Hope that she’s wandering around town? What do they do? Fill her doggy bowls with water and food, bid her “Good Luck” and then run off to accomplish tasks? Then Hope leaves and wanders the city looking for adventures? Does anyone supervise this child? Even when both Klaus and Hayley are with the kid, she’s wandering aimlessly. Last episode, Hayley is too busy going through family heirlooms and Klaus is busy brooding while Hope wanders into basement dungeon to speak to the prisoner they have below. Hope says, “My mom trusts me.” She’s 7! Being kept in a house because danger is all around and Hayley thinks wandering about without supervision is great parenting. She’s bored? GET HER AN iPAD or have her watch TV while both or one half of the Klayley train wreck watch her. It’s not that hard.

  26. BETTY BURNS says:

    I love this show …Klaus I love the evil but also like good he can do ..Haley she is also favorite.. Elijah he can’t die him and Haley supposed to live happily ever after..hope she is to cute and to smart I also love her my birds also watch this show with me…never missed episode yet

  27. Lauree Barnes says:

    Missing Rebecca…..

  28. I always miss Rebecca

  29. Maria Gulizia says:


  30. megan says:

    No no no. Please do not bring in Caroline, girl got two kids to look after and a school to deal with. She has no business in NOLA. And Klaus needs to focus on his family and raising Hope and the occasionally enemy fighting. Please no TVD transfers.

    • cjk51 says:

      No, no, no, no, Do not bring Davina back!!!! She is nothing but trouble. I thought the 1000 year old vampires being condescending was irritating, Davina is the cockiest thing this side of the world!!