2 Broke Girls Season 7 Cher

2 Broke Girls' Lost Season 7 Casting Surprise: Cher as Max's MIA Mother

If only they could turn back time…

The Powers That Be behind 2 Broke Girls, which was cancelled by CBS late Friday after six seasons, had been in very preliminary discussions with Cher to guest star in a potential seventh season as the MIA mother of Kat Dennings’ Max, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The character was originally intended to debut at the end of the series’ just-wrapped sixth (and now final) season, but exec producer Michelle Nader confirmed to TVLine at the time that casting issues forced them to delay her arrival. “We didn’t find the right person,” Nader said. “We’ve waited a long time to [meet her], so it’s got to be somebody amazing.”

Sources tell TVLine that there are no current plans to find 2 Broke Girls a new home, which means we’ll likely never get to see Cher (or any other actress) play Max’s mom. It’s probably little consolation, but TVLine has obtained the original casting breakdown for the role. The notice was released prior to Season 6’s 18th episode, which is when Max was originally slated to be reunited with her mom.

[DIANE KING]Late 40s-70s, she’s Max Black’s mother. She’s an attractive woman who will never tell you her age, or the whole truth. She’s incredibly charming and very street smart. You see where Max gets it. LOOKING FOR RECOGNIZABLE NAMES/FACES. GUEST STAR


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  1. Van says:

    Oh what the heck
    I hope they do send it to Netflix

  2. chadcronin says:

    Yet another reason to be mad at CBS. They should change their mind and order up some episodes. I am gonna think twice on starting up any new shows from them. I require a proper ending on any show that’s in it’s 5th season or later.

    • Sophie says:

      I agree!!

    • Mike says:

      Dude the show was not that good and I bet men only saw it hopeing to Max’s boobs pop out

      • yermom says:

        Question, Mike, if you don’t like it, why the hell are you wasting your time reading about it and commenting on a fans post? Do you not have anything better to do with your time?

      • K says:

        I watched it for Beth’s fine legs. And flat chest.

        I much prefer a woman with a dancer’s body,

    • TheDuck0 says:

      I don’t understand this mania regarding a “proper ending” for a situation comedy. The situation will continue and the characters go on: why must it be wrapped up in some kind of bow? Who cares that much about these make-believe characters whose sole purpose was to provide light amusement?

      Trust me, no network executive is worried about your requirements for a show.

      • Disagree. I know a lot of people who looked up to this show with hopes of seeing them get the success they want. It inspires us who are pursuing our dreams with no money. And they were 1 season away from it anyway. Stupid they didn’t just give us the Max wedding and riches that would come from the success of Caroline’s film drawing people to their bar in a 13-episode final season, but they brought back Elementary which was lower rated. Oh well.

        • chadcronin says:

          I agree. A final 13 episodes would be great. Showing the girls getting out of debt and some proper closure jokes. It just had a certain energy about it and everyone knows it wasn’t over. This was a deal that came to standstill. What comes in to replace it will not be as good. CBS’s loss. There’s not many shows I buy to repeat watch. This was one of the last few I was buying.

      • Keith E. Johnson CPA says:

        Nope, we like the central story line wrapped up at the end. We like closure. Look at how they botched HIMYM at the end. We take it seriously.
        Having said that, the best scenario was described above. Have a 13 episode half season to show Max and Randy’s wedding and the stability of the dessert bar and their final retirement from the diner. But the show was jumping the shark so they did the best they could given the uncertainty. But WERE THE VIEWERS, we deserve closure

  3. laurelnev says:

    It had gotten tired, but still, I am sad about this. I’d like to have seen an abbreviated season to wrap it up. It’s better than other comedies CBS renewed.

    • Homer says:

      I think sophie, oleg and baby barbra had become annoying.

      • Keith E. Johnson CPA says:

        After binge watching the season last week, I came to the same conclusion. EVERY line from Sophie and Oleg’s was either about Barbara or how they get laid every five seconds. They had no depth. Earl was getting pathetic with his dementia too.

  4. Buckshot says:

    Well, ABC has really screwed up my Friday nights!!!

  5. Lauren says:

    It feels cruel for you to reveal this now.

  6. Sophie says:

    Stop canceling all the good shows and bringing new crap on so you can cancel that to. Not going to start watching new shows. You kept stupid shows like Goldbergs, Speechless, Great News and cancel good shows. You networks have no idea what you are doing.

  7. jk says:

    If it was an arc story line, my choice for Max’s mom was Paget Brewster. @pagetpaget definitely has all of the above requirements. BTW, shouldn’t have been canceled and I hope goes to Netflix.

  8. Erin says:

    The producers were in “very preliminary talks” with Cher. That means it was not a sure thing that she would be on the show. This honestly just sounds like sour grapes from the producers.

  9. william says:

    Cher looked like she was 70 IN the 70’s.

    • davidztaylor says:

      I was thinking something similar. If they really wanted Cher—– she’s be more appropriate as the grandmother. the really scary grandmother who tries to act younger and fails at it. Considering how cliched this show is– of course they’d envision that character as an older Max. If they wanted to try be creative, it should have been someone completely against the character that Max has talked about for years. A sweet quiet Librarian living in New Mexico who was in Witness Protection or something that wasn’t so predictable you’d see it coming a mile off. But wait- that is the show in a nutshell.

  10. Karen MT says:

    Aww, that would have been great to see!

  11. hbeachman says:

    Pshaw, there’ll be a reboot within a year or two. Just like every other show that’s been cancelled over the last few days.

  12. MadHobbit says:

    do the stars of most shows sign a 7 year contract? could the behind the scene reason is by letting them go now,not to go into long contract talks.

  13. Raven says:

    Dang it I thought they were at a good place for a final season 7 dang it! Going to cable and full series releases sick and tired of being neglected as a fan and source of income for networks!


  14. CBS should move to Showtime.

  15. Shauna says:

    At least give them.one more season for closure……everything is just left wide open …..this sucks

  16. Tomm Huntre says:

    This show hasn’t been really good since midway thru year three. It’s been way past time for cancellation. It’s been nothing but crass, classless and gross in attempts at humor. THAT’S the real sad end for this show.

    • Jan says:

      This show was not appropriate at the time slot it was on. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. I’m actually glad it’s finally being taken off. The language and the way Max dressed was digusting.

  17. jr. says:

    Like the show. But like Cher too much, to have seen her do this part.

  18. Andrea Hopkins says:

    What!!!! I’m pissed to the highest pistivity! This was my show!! I need Netflix to pick this up ASAP.

  19. Smith says:

    Very laughable…better leave it being cancelled

  20. Hugo says:

    Too bad they’re not searching for a new home for a final season… WB produces the show.. so it could be on CW?

    • Another Poster says:

      Too expensive and not the type of show that airs on the CW network.
      It’s not Supergirl or Riverdale.
      Two Broke Girls would not fit in their schedule.

  21. Angelstorm says:

    Oh my gosh – this would have been perfect !!
    Sad to see the show go :(

  22. gern says:

    Once again CBS the Cancel Best Series network , I want a job there. I can make stupid choices too.

  23. C Baro says:

    I am more than disappointed that 2 Broke Girls was cancelled. I hope negations will begin again WITH MORE sense and LESS dollars$.

  24. Jim J. says:

    I probably don’t think they could afford to get a top-tier celebrity like Cher to to do a guest spot on “2 Broke Girls” at this point, even if it stayed on CBS, so I wouldn’t mind somebody else in t he role of Max’s Mom.

    That said, I still want TBS to pick up new episodes of “2 Broke Girls” since the cancellation by CBS was just so unexpected, and TBS already airs reruns of the show. If you hate “2BG”, then I don’t care what you say at this point.

  25. Piper says:

    It deserved a final season. I am so disappointed. They need to shop it around to other channels or Netflix or Hulu this can’t be the end :(

  26. Mellisa Dickerson says:

    Am very disappointment in CBS first Big Bang Therory and now 2 Broke Girls. its time they start asking before they cancel shows.

  27. Timbob says:

    Worst show ever created, should have been caneled years ago, nontaleted cast!!!

  28. Yvette Reyes says:

    Please don’t cancel 2 brokes girls just yet..I would definitely see max with her wedding dress,getting married to her handsome man randy.Cher would play a good role for max mom..And new coming events for the rest of the crew..This show is very funny..May you please put this show on netflix..

  29. Jeff Tackett says:

    Why, I love this show.

    Cher would of been great

    I’m so bummed I for now on only watching all the housewives shows and Y&R I’m done with the old stations

  30. Jeff Tackett says:

    bring back knots landing

  31. K says:

    I would have MUCH preferred Bebe Neuwirth as the senior Ms Black.

  32. Ash says:

    I would like to see 2 broke girls properly ended. If you have to cancel fine (even though I hate it) move to Hulu like mindy for example. It’s was just very lighthearted and sweet I enjoyed it.

  33. Keith E. Johnson CPA says:

    Just finished binge watching Season 6. The finale could have served as both a season and series finale, and I don’t believe the producers saying they didn’t write it as a series finale. You can easily tell it gave enough closure with Max’s engagement that it easily could have served as a happy ending, and there was enough room for the story lines to continue if a seventh season occurred. Well written from that respect.

    Having said that, I am happy the show is over. It was not fun watching Earl develop dementia, Sophie and Oleg’s constant having about having sex every five seconds or if Barbara’s IQ was more than a doorknob got old and no longer contributed to the main story.

    It was rapidly getting to the point where major cast changes were needed (Randy and Bobby) just to continue, and much more often than not, that means the show has jumped the shark. I think the show ended about as well as it could have at the perfect time.

  34. Helena Harbuck says:

    I love the show 2 broke girls its down to earth on things thats happening around us everyday. Just when I find a show I really enjoy it gets canceled. Wish it would stay

  35. Keith E. Johnson CPA says:

    This is why you need to regulate the cancellation process. Make it totally objectively tied to overall Nielsen ratings. Make it so you can cancel a show that’s higher rated than a show you’re keeping. Fair for everyone