2 Broke Girls Cancelled

2 Broke Girls Cancelled at CBS

If you had money on 2 Broke Girls getting renewed, you’re out of luck.

CBS has cancelled the raunchy Kat DenningsBeth Behrs comedy after six seasons, TVLine has learned.

Showrunner Michelle Nader previously told TVLine that everyone connected with the show had “the creative urge” to keep the series going into a seventh season. “This is not the end for these girls,” the EP insisted ahead of last month’s Season 6 finale, which found Dennings’ Max getting engaged to on-again/off-again beau Randy. “We’re not finished and we don’t want to be finished and I don’t think the audience is finished. Obviously there’s no guarantee that we will be back, but we did not write the episode as a series finale.”

Our sister site Deadline recently noted that negotiations between CBS and Warner Bros. (the studio that produces 2 Broke Girls) had been tense. Ultimately, the fact that CBS had no ownership in the show proved to be its undoing.

Sources confirm that Warner Bros. does not plan to shop 2 Broke Girls around.

Dennings and Behrs released a joint statement on social media late Friday:


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  1. webly3 says:

    Honestly shocked. Watched the first season and faded after, but I’m still shocked. Ownership matters. I think this was a big deciding factor in this and Last Man Standing.

    • GregJ. says:

      This one hurts, it hurts DEEEEEP!!!! I have watched since season 1. If the network didn’t plan renewing it they should’ve told the producers to give us closure. I hate when a show is canceled after being on many years with a cliffhanger. I hope another network picks it up. Really upset about this.

      • Bwine says:

        While I totally feel your pain, is it really all CBS’ fault that the fans didn’t get closure, because I read the interview the showrunner did, and she was pretty adamant that they were not going to write a season finale that could serve as a series finale. Given the show’s less than stellar ratings and the fact CBS did not own it, wasn’t it a little irresponsible for them not to write a finale that left the door open for next season, but also gave the fans a satisfying ending just in case the show wasn’t renewed?

        • Boiler says:

          Less than stellar?? I believe they were better than Donuts for sure and at least as good as other comedies outside Big Bang.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Most current:
            3.2 BIG BANG
            1.6 KEVIN
            1.5 GREAT INDOORS
            1.4 MOM
            1.3 LIFE IN PIECES
            1.3 BROKE GIRLS
            1.3 MAN WITH PLAN
            1.2 DONUTS
            1.0 ODD COUPLE

          • Bwine says:

            Yes, the ratings were less than stellar. Check the list Matt so helpfully posted. Given ALL the factors the show had going against it, I still think it was irresponsible of the showrunners to bury their heads in the sand and refuse to write an ending that gave the fans some closure.

      • Fabrizia says:

        Paging FOX? Their comedies have teriible ratings, they could use this one.

  2. David Hess says:

    This would be paired great with Younger on TVland.

  3. Missy Kelly says:

    ooooooooohhhhhh! I think that’s the only comedy I watched. No. I know it was the only comedy I watched. Scratch that. Big Bang Theory. I watch that. But will cancel CBS All Access in protest.

  4. john says:

    im shook

  5. A. D. says:

    Thank god…horrible show…should’ve been gone years ago

    • Louis E. says:

      2BG sounded like a good idea to me.
      I tried to watch it once.
      I couldn’t make it through that single episode.

      • dana CASWELL says:

        Love 2 Broke Girls. I am going to miss it. There is a small hand full of shows that I look forward to seeing each week and this is one I am sure to record.

      • Mike Oxbig says:

        I’m with you Louise. Nothing funny about this stuff at all. Incredibly bland and predictable fluff.

        • Daymana says:

          bland and predictable? you are talking about big bang, not 2bg. Anyone who thinks 2bg is lame and bbt is good is seriously someone i noticed who doesnt get outside much, and falls for cliche and weak nerd jokes that REAL nerds loathe. No real nerdy smart guy watches bbt, because the jokes are beyond horrible and the laugh track on the show says it all. The only reason ratings are high is because it comes on after the news, and people left their TV on to go eat and cook dinner! REAL TALK!

          • Jennifer says:

            You are kidding right? “No real nerdy smart guy watches bbt”??? That’s a joke, true? Every nerd I know watches the show. And trust me, I know many. My sister is an aeronautical engineer, works with NASA and they ALL watch it.

            2BG plays to the lowest common denominator. It is lowbrow comedy. If it were on cable it would be “blue.” It is all sex and short jokes. What’s funny about that?

    • Donna says:

      Yes! I agree.dreadful show.

  6. chadcronin says:

    Booooo. So wrong. This is why I used to get so mad at CBS. They handle the end of shows horribly. Now there will be no proper ending. This one upsets me

  7. Catherine says:

    Whaaaaat??? Noooo!!!

  8. AmyP says:

    🙁 They should have been given a proper ending.

  9. ChicagoDan says:

    I’d be shocked if WB doesn’t try to get it on somewhere else, considering it has a record-setting syndication deal.

  10. Patrick says:

    Shocker. I loved this show. Boo.

  11. katsssblog says:

    Damn you CBS, I wanted ending of that. They should at least gave them 13 episode to finish the story. They deserved that.

    Honestly, I am shocked with this year renewal/cancellation, looks like all good shows are cancelled and bad ones are still on the air.

    • Gabi says:

      Your right whoever you are

      • Daymana says:

        Right on, I really cannot imagine an educated person laughing at bigbang and not this show. You have to be uneducated and just dont understand the jokes. BBT has such cliche nerd jokes that nerds do not like that show, real nerds. The show is only popular because of its time slot after the major news

        • Jennifer says:

          The fact that you’re agreeing with someone who’s grammar gives me pause (your should be “you’re” a in “you are right.” Tells me you are one of the low brow who does not understand high humor.

  12. Jko says:

    Never got into the show really but I’m surprised by the cancellation. I wonder if Great Indoors is still in the doghouse or if it’s chances are better now.

  13. Amber says:

    This is probably going to sound dumb, but I personally think once a show reaches a certain number of seasons, whatever network should be obligated to give it time to properly wrap up. Be it a clip on the web, a movie, a shorten season, whatever. If a show makes it this far, even if it’s a “bubble” show, clearly people are watching and they shouldn’t be left hanging.

    • LE says:

      Amen! I agree 100% if a one season show hurts a 6 season show feels horrible

    • Coop says:

      If CBS (or another network) has nothing to gain from continuing to air a show, why would they give it another season? If WB wanted CBS to renew the show, they could have given them an offer they couldn’t refuse like various other shows have done in the past in order to increase episode #s for syndication. Maybe WB felt confident they could find a landing place for Season 7 so they didn’t go that route.

    • Steven Mascaro says:

      i agree completely.

    • Andrea says:

      Along that same line of thought, I think that EPs and the network in question really need to have a frank conversation if the show is indeed a “bubble” show. EPs need to be told “There’s an X percent chance that we’re going to cancel you, and we really WILL do it. I’m not all that upset about 2 Broke Girls specifically, but I’m tired of EPs playing this game of “chicken” by writing things in the hopes that networks will think twice about canceling them because there is a cliffhanger or unresolved threads. CSI Miami, The Glades, and Forever lost that bet. I know that series like to leave a little wiggle room just in case, but enough with trying to force a network’s hand. It doesn’t work, and unresolved issues just make losing a show that much worse.

      • Iris says:

        I agree. Nevertheless, some EPs are truly blindsided by execs who change their mind at the last minute.

    • Muffy says:

      I believe that too but it never happens. I hate when long running shows do not get closure, even if I didn’t watch said show.

  14. ggny says:

    I expected it to be shopped around. The show still had good ratings especially in the younger demo

    • Mac says:

      Did it really? I always thought the show was pretty obnoxious and tone deaf, like it was maybe being marketed to the younger demo but was oblivious to what that demo actually enjoys.

      Regardless I’ve never knowm CBS to care that much about the younger demo anyway, if they have something that appeals to them they put it on the CW.

    • Chris says:

      No it doesn’t have good rating especially in the demo. It’s the third worst sitcom in cbs. It got what it desevres from day one cancellation.

  15. Jennifer says:

    It’s about time. This was the worst, most crass show that was ever on the screen.

  16. JK says:

    Shocking! I wish they would have given it a short last season. I will miss it.

  17. Robert Kessler says:

    One of the funniest shows in years & they cancel it. Very hard to make people laugh like those two young ladies. Hopefully another network with more common sense will give it a shot.

  18. Boiler says:

    They have cancelled one of their top comedies for crap that has been going downhill. On the assumption Elementary will meet the same fate not much left on CBS and certainly see nothing good coming. Used to network I watched the most

    • Mike says:

      I’m holding out hope for Elementary because a.) it’s owned by CBS and b.) it still kills internationally.

      And CBS has give out shortened final seasons to its shows before (Mentalist, Person of Interest).

  19. Sheryl says:

    Pls keep 2 broke girls

  20. joe says:

    Canceled this but they kept 2.5 men on for 11 years

  21. Chris says:

    Finally such an awful show.

  22. Steve says:

    Umm . . . Wow! It seems that things have changed dramatically in the broadcast network world. Very atypical season in terms of cancellations (not juse on CBS). Despite being a show that some simply loved to hate, 2BG was still a relatively successful “hit.” I would never have expected this. That said, I’ll survive without it.

    • Chris says:

      It’s a n aging show at this point in its run the. Rework foots the bill instead of splitting it with the studio. And since it’s not produced by cbs they get nothing from syndication so there for ther was no reason to renew it when they won’t make any money from it.

  23. GuessWhat says:

    full disclosure: this was my guilty pleasure show. sure the storylines were dumb. but the chemistry between the girls was really good. and the zippy dirty dialogue was funny. it deserved a proper ending. RIP.

  24. Jason Paul says:

    Outraged! CBS should be ashamed.

    • Meh.... says:

      Yes…CBS should be ashamed of themselves for keeping such a crass & classless show for this long.
      Even CBS did not respect 2BG, just look at the way they treated it these past 2 seasons.
      Should’ve cut the cord sooner!!

      • Daymana says:

        Their top classlesss and bogusly over rated show would be BIGBANG, not this show… you must be on opiates “meh” commenter

  25. davidztaylor says:

    This news made my day! Happy Happy Joy Joy. I hate it with the burning intensity of a thousand red dwarf suns. I watched it to be a good ‘tit for tat’ friend but I hated it. It seems like it should have been a companion show for “Threes Company’.
    The acting was horrible. It was raunchy and stupid. Not one of the actors ever seemed to be a real person. It was just played broadly. Now every show can’t be a gem and there’s a market for shows like this I suppose.
    It’s one of those ‘wooooo’ shows. I hate the ‘woooo’ shows. You know, when its filmed before an audience who goes ‘woooooo’ when someone says something sassy. I’m glad Garrett Morris had work, I’m sure it’s hard for him to find roles. I hope he saved up his money.
    The actors who played the leads can just faded away please. Especially “Max”. Worst actress on a sitcom. Ever. and I’m counting Mother, The Car and the monkey that Darrin Stephens was turned into by Endora.

    This show had a check list it would have to hit each episode.
    Joke about being short for the owner. (Check)
    Joke about the owners lack of a sex life. (Check).
    Joke about cashier doing drugs. (Check)
    Joke about cashier being old or black or old and black. (Check)
    Joke about the cook doing something sexual in the kitchen. (Check)
    Joke about Sophia and Olafs weird sexual appetites. (Check)
    Joke about Dark Hair girls terrible poor home life as a child. (Check)
    Joke about Blonde girl now being poor. (Check)
    Joke and Moral of the story about chasing your dreams and making them happen. Check. Check and Check.
    Viola. 23 minutes of tv hell.


    • Master_K says:

      Wow this is savage! Why would you admit to investing so much time into a series then tear it up when it’s unceremoniously cancelled? After denial and anger comes bargaining, depression and acceptance.

      RIP 2BG

    • lrdslvrhnd says:

      You forgot “Joke about insulting somebody or something famous (x3)”
      Although I’m rather curious why you kept watching it if you hated it so much.

      • Jerri says:

        Clearly he kept watching because he has a gun to his head or other form of threat to his life. Either that or he hasn’t seen the show at all but just read a few recaps / heard about it from people on Facebook or read it up on Wiki/in the comments section of various threads online.

    • abz says:

      You forgot one. Jennifer Coolidge’s Sophie character walking in and saying “Hey Everybody” with the obligatory applause from the audience. Pissed me off every single time. So friggin annoying.

  26. jimmyu says:

    I suppose this is good news for The Great Indoors since it seemed like it was between those two shows for one renewal.

  27. i hope tbs will pick up 2 broke girls

  28. Meh... says:

    Oh Well….good riddance

  29. Kevin Tran says:

    This makes me very sad. What an amazing way to end one of the most outrageous and funniest sitcoms I’ve ever seen. Thanks to Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs for making them one of the dynamic duos in recent TV comedy history.

  30. Kika says:

    I’m bummed mostly vecause de disent have a real closure. It was like a cliffhanger. They should have a small season 7.
    For me, the whole Max/Randy was a mess. And I liked them at first.

  31. Steven Mascaro says:

    We need some closure on this one. Yes, we do! Sorry to hear it was cancelled

  32. i have been a fan since the begging. all want is closer to end a show thats been on the air for 6 season to end on a cliffhanger ending will suck if another network does not pick it up

  33. The Truth Hurts says:

    Finally, CBS got smart and took this racist garbage off the air now. Hopefully it will be the end of it for good

  34. kittycat925 says:

    Saw “Two Broke Girls” a couple of times and thought it was a stupid show. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. I’m glad it’s not coming back:)

  35. I wanted to see Max get married, Caroline be happy and Cher as Max’s mom would have been awesome. It deserved a proper ending.

  36. Mike Murphy says:

    be honest, no one was watching this show. did anyone come into work and say, “boy that was a good 2 Broke Girls” last night.

  37. Shannon van valkenburg says:

    Hell no I hope they don’t cancel it because it’s the best show that’s ever been on TV and I love it because the person that plays Max I forgot her name she’s just like me I think dirty all the time and Caroline I would love to be at Hershey where she was rich and stuff but know what reality I’m just like those too cuz I am poor but I’m scrounging everyday and struggling everyday so I give him props for being poor and if nobody can understand you to wear that your situation is where your poor then they ain’t no friend of yours

  38. KLS says:

    I am not a fan of this show either. The first three episodes were good, then it just got raunchy and unfunny, but I know comedy is very subjective. Too bad the series ended badly for it’s fans.

  39. Adam says:

    Damn you CBS. I am finished with you and your increasely male dominated roster. Your Monday night comedy line up (minus 2BG) has been fractional and you deserve it. You treated Mike & Molly the same way and I hope your ratings continue to collapse. Good riddance.

  40. Jim J. says:

    I am very, very sorry that CBS decided to fire “2 Broke Girls” and leave it with an unresolved ending. Not being produced by a network’s in-house studio will really hurt a show, whether it’s freshman or veteran.

    Even though “2 Broke Girls” has a lot of haters, I am still very devastated by this shocking and sudden cancellation. I wanted at least a short final season for “2BG” (12 episodes) to wrap things up. Too bad this isn’t the old days anymore where an unresolved ending is all a scripted show gets. I am also sorry that its ratings were very low during its most recent sixth season, which wrapped last month.

    Because of the “2BG” cancellation, I will boycott any show produced by CBS Television Studios. And after “The Big Bang Theory” and “Mom” end their runs, the CBS network should never pick up any more serieses produced by Warner Bros. TV.

    • Coop says:

      I’ll never understand people that always blame the network when it can be just as much (or more, for that matter) the production company’s fault to come to terms when they’re not a network-owned show.

      • Chris says:

        It’s the people who don’t understand how tv negotionarions actually work who were surprised by this and last man standing.

  41. Anne says:


  42. 1idpete says:

    I always felt that the show was a big missed opportunity. It had 2 good stars with chemistry and comedic timing and a solid supporting cast (less the broadly overplayed Sophie character) but wasted it on an overabundance of cheap, sleazy, jr. high school level jokes and story lines.

  43. abz says:

    I’m not incredibly torn up about this. This was always a stupid show, but for the first few seasons, it was pretty funny and I would definitely laugh a lot, but the past two seasons were absolute garbage. Not entertaining at all. I found myself putting it on in the background when I needed to do laundry or when I felt like watching something where I didn’t have to pay much attention. It just became so bad. The jokes were so forced and repetitive for years. I still like Kat Dennings so hopefully she can move on to something better.

  44. Marmee Cruz says:

    Why do networks keep cancelling shows that have a following when their new offerings are worse?

    • KLS says:

      I think that’s the $10Trillion question.

      • Chris says:

        Because they aren’t making money. Tv is a business and when you don’t own the show you get nothing from syndication. Learn how tv works before asking dumb questions.

  45. Temperance says:

    Six seasons too late. Ugh, I made it though ten minutes, and it became an instant channel changer.

  46. Cindy says:

    So don’t want to loose the girls in the ashes. They brighten my day with their way of life and the curves it throws. Keep the positive smiling faces throughout.

  47. Vicki Ann reynolds says:

    This was a huge mistake!

    • Chris says:

      Renewing the past four years was the mistake.

      • boogeybear2 says:

        Multiple posts for a show you don’t like?…You really hate this show don’t you?! Were you frightened by big breasts as a small child?….Or sassy women who didn’t know their place?

        • Chris says:

          No it’s just an awful show that finally got what it deserved. Here rests were the only redeeming things about the show.

      • Veronica Edwards says:

        Wow did your mother ever tell u if u had nothing nice to say then don’t?

  48. Jerri says:

    Hmm. I wonder if 2 Broke Girls was a police procedural, CBS wouldn’t have pulled the plug.

  49. Dissapointed but not suprised.Ill miss it and the girls,