The Catch Cancelled at ABC

Time has finally caught up with The Catch: ABC has cancelled the con-man drama after two seasons, TVLine has learned.

The Killing alum Mireille Enos starred as private investigator Alice Vaughan, who learns that her fiancé Benjamin Jones (Parenthood‘s Peter Krause) is a con-man and sets out to track him down and bring him to justice. Shonda Rhimes was an executive producer, and the drama got a cushy TGIT timeslot after Scandal when it debuted in March of last year.

But ratings were mediocre from the start (5.8 million viewers/1.2 demo rating for the series premiere), and even a Season 2 reboot — refashioning the show as a light, sexy cat-and-mouse game between Alice and Ben — didn’t help matters.

Thursday’s cancellation caps The Catch‘s series run at a total of 20 episodes. But fans can get one more taste of the con-man game, at least: The Season 2 finale is slated to air tonight at 10/9c.

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  1. AB says:

    Nice try but it just never got any buzz going.

    • Cheyenne says:

      A lot of people actively boycotted it after Shonda Rhimes ripped Scandal to shreds last season. Probably the only thing that saved HTGAWM from the same fate was Viola Davis. Greys was too well established by that time to be affected, but The Catch was doomed from the start.

      • I don’t watch Scandal so I have no idea how Shonda “ripped Scandal to shreds last season.” but to me that’s such BS – not saying you’re wrong/lying, just to be clear haha! But that it’s BS if people actually boycotted a different show, one that is great btw, just because they’re immature and petty over a show not going the way they wanted.

  2. kn1231 says:

    I am so devestated about this. The second season was so good! This was the best Shondaland show this season. Hope tonight’s final provides a satisfying ending.

  3. Dannie C says:

    Boooo I’ve been enjoying this season

    • Roy Spray says:

      Piggybacking on your comment but me too. It seems like the networks like to cancel the good shows. I really enjoyed it and season 2 was way better than season 1. (season 1 was good also)

  4. PoPo says:

    Huge mistake. It was one the most entertaining shows out there. Do you think Hulu/Netflix would be interested in picking it up?

  5. Lisa Echerd says:

    it’s a shame. The 2nd season was much better. Of course, once ABC gives up on a show they do nothing to promote it. Instead they run promo ad nauseum of a new show like Imaginary Mary.

  6. fernando933 says:

    Boo this was a good show and season 2 proved that

  7. Brian says:

    Feel bad for Mireille Enos.

  8. Adam says:

    Makes sense why Scandal is going into its final season. It’s a shame though, it was getting into its groove.

  9. Pamela says:

    Both great actors, both on the wrong show. I know they will get new work. quickly and I look forward to watching.

  10. T.W.S.S. says:

    Well, they’ve ordered another Shondaland show to replace it, cuz apparently ABC can’t get enough.

  11. NP20 says:

    It’s a fun little show. A shame it’ll be gone

  12. Danny123 says:

    Hey what about Quantico and fresh off the boat?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Patience. . ABC technically has until Tuesday.

    • bcivy says:

      Quantico is the biggest pus. The most unrealistic storylines, unlikeable characters, painful to watch. If they renew Quantico after cancelling The Catch… It’s a mad world

      • Jay Jay says:

        Quantico has been renewed for a short season 3

      • Hazel says:

        I totally agree. I watched 4 episodes in the first season & couldn’t stand it. I hated every character, found it unrealistic & unprofessional. I can’t even stand the lead actresses commercial I hated the show so much. Lol
        The Catch is a smart, funny, sexy show, with excellent actors. I can’t believe it’s cancelled, but Fresh off the Boat & Mary are hyped big time.

        So unfair & a poor decision by ABC.

      • JULIE SMOCK says:

        agreed. sick of quantico. love the catch.

      • Tom says:

        Quantico is a pain to watch. The most annoying is the lead girl Parish

  13. aria808 says:

    This cancellation shocks/hurts me the most. Was really enjoying this season. :(

  14. Penny says:

    Boo. I literally just caught up with last weeks episode and opened this article. I have been loving this second season reboot. Such a shame. It really was such a fun show and kept me entertained!

  15. Jon Willis says:

    The finally tonight better not end in a god damn cliffhanger

  16. Nancy says:

    It deserved better advertising from ABC. Peter Krause is such a talented actor, I hope Hulu or Netflix will give it life again, so anxious for the finale tonight.

  17. Matt C. says:

    The only cancellation thus far that breaks my heart! I’ve really loved this show and the characters. Shame it never found a (big) audience, but honestly it was a miracle it even got a second season. Hopefully tonight’s finale has good enough closure.

  18. Cook says:

    I loved this show…bad mistake to cancel

  19. Billy meacham says:

    I swear to god if u cancel quantico…..

  20. Julia says:

    Just when it was getting really good. Season 2 was more fun & interesting than season 1, and I liked the addition of the daughter. Sorry to hear it won’t be returning.

  21. Laurel says:

    NOOOOOOO. I love this show. Why me? Almost every show I watch has been cancelled so far. Boo ABC, boo.

    • Kim Leach says:

      What this post said! Booo!! Fabulous acting on all their parts and super fun! I miss fun…so much drama on TV these days!

      • Nadine says:

        Yeah I agree I use to watch Grimm & Sleepy Hollow as well. These shows would still be on if the CW network picked them up. Some shows come on and go off so quickly I forget what I watch half of the time.

  22. Ella says:

    I love this show! So sad. It was so much better this year.

  23. Cancelar Grey’s Anatomy, que tá uma merda não cancela.

  24. mpsutts says:

    any news on if it will end on a cliffhanger? could it be recovered? I feel like it would fit well with hulu though shondaland hasnt shopped around at all, though she also hasnt been cancelled either…

  25. Carla Krae says:

    Come on! The show is fun. Second season has been delightful.

  26. Rose says:

    NOOO! Aw this sucks. The second season was actually so entertaining and the cast was great. Gonna miss this one a lot. Damn you ABC

  27. Deny says:

    Please bring this great show back!!

  28. Lori says:

    I think that is a BIG mistake the show has amazing story lines great suspense the characters were perfect. There really isn’t any of these shows anymore all you do is show reality shows showing us how the rich lives well I am tired of that it is refreshing watching a show like The Catch but if course you cancel it. I was looking forward to season 3. Maybe you should rethink the cancellation

  29. KLS says:

    Another reboot/retooled show that didn’t work.

  30. Teresa Roth says:

    Loved this show!!!! Once again ABC proves that there are idiots in charge. They’re ratings never take into consideration all the people watching this show on DVR!

    • Dana says:

      Exactly! Pretty much everything I watch is on DVR. I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched a show live.

      • I’m the same with 90-95% of my shows. The only things I *usually* watch live are Dancing With The Stars, America’s Got Talent, and premieres/finales of certain shows that I know have a history of “OMG!” premieres/finales!

        I didn’t watch The Catch live except for the pilot episode, and the S1 finale – both watched with my grandma♥ but I absolutely love(d) this show!! I especially enjoyed the slight shift in tone this season. Really enjoyed seeing more of Alice/Ben actually being a couple, really dug Margot in general, as well as her relationship with Danny. {Undeniably, a part of my love for Margot stems from the fact that Sonya was on my favorite show EVER, Lost ♥♥♥} The reveal of Margot/Ben having a daughter was really interesting, and even with the twist in the finale and subsequent results of said twist, I still loved that particular arc. Rhys/Ben working as CI’s for the FBI was great as well, gave some great moments!

        I just REALLY enjoyed this show and am very disappointed to see it go :(

    • Hazel says:

      Yup we also watch ALL our shows on our several DVRs. Sometimes 1/2 a season or more. I’m pretty sure there are millions more fans than the eggheads at ABC realize. The Neilson system needs to be updated. It’s as current as 1999.

      Just because awful “reality” shows are cheap to make doesn’t mean they’re a good investment. We HATE them and all networks for cancelling great shows with talented actors, writers etc.

      I really hope Hulu or Netflix picks up this excellent show.

  31. Casanova34 says:

    Would never have gotten a Season 2 if Shonda wasn’t attached to it

  32. Megan Waren says:

    I love this show so much. Reminds me of my favorite movie, The Thomas Crown Affair. Peter and Mireille oozed so much chemistry on screen.

  33. Jeff Becker says:

    I’m so sad to hear this! Maybe another network could pick it up? We need a good “caper show”, and USA would do well to pick this up to fill the void left by White Collar!

    I’m really going to miss this cast and their chemistry. 😢

    • tvloverSA says:

      Wow it will be so perfect for USA just wasnt the ABC like…..I loved it and to be honest s2 along with agents of shield and designated survivor were the best well scripted writing and great acting on the ABC this year……

      • MelodyJ says:

        USA dumped the “Characters Welcome” shows years ago. They now want edgy shows. This would not fit USA’s new image.

  34. Jack ownes says:


  35. Imagecrafters says:

    Oh no I just loved this show. It reminded me of A sophisticated 1940s show ala Myrna Loy and William Powell.

  36. Michelle says:

    No way I love love love this show I waited anxiously for season 2 now it’s gone

  37. ZinniQ says:

    I am so pleased, it only got a second season Because of Miss Rhymes. It was awful!

  38. Allie says:

    This has been a really rough week!!!! I loved The Catch, Timeless and Secrets & Lies. All 3 were so entertaining and I would watch these 3 shows before any other shows each week. I say we #boycott new shows!!!!!!!

  39. Kim R says:

    That’s too bad. We enjoy it in this household. Especially the second season.

  40. DD says:

    I love The Catch, am very disappointed. Got away with murder better be good or I am done with ABC

  41. DD says:

    That is a shame, I guess will no longer be watching ABC

  42. Penny Jackson says:

    Wow…I don’t watch a lot of series on TV. But this peeked my curiosity. And I really like this show. It is very different from the majority of the shows that are on right now. And the series is really heating up. I am going to be sorry to see it go.

  43. Laura Testa says:

    I am so so sick and tired of networks using these stupid ratings in our digital world! I record so many shows that I watch them later or the next day! This show was so good and they are foolish to let this one go and keep that stupid Bachelor / Bachelorette debaucle of fakeness every year. Shame on you, ABC for canceling this show – maybe another network can pick it up!

  44. Flick Hale says:

    This was one of the best shows on TV this season. It was the only Shonda Rhimes show that I could really enjoy. The cast was was great and the storyline kept evolving with an intelligent combination of wit, intrigue, and character associations that kept me coming back week after week. This seems to happen every time I get to liking a show – I need to just stick with movies on Netlix.

  45. Dave says:

    Ratings mean nothing when you consider streaming shows isn’t taken into consideration. I no longer watch ABC programing in any form.

  46. Elise says:


  47. Lita says:

    I am shocked!! I really loved this show! I love the cat and mouse games and the sexy comedy. I’m really going to miss the catch. Hoping Hulu or Netflix may pick it up!

  48. Terry Mott says:

    Very sad enjoyed this series alot

  49. JCB says:

    Awww man! I really liked The Catch! In fact, these characters are all great & the chemistry was fantastic. I’m so bummed that ABC is cancelling all of the entertaining shows. I hate reality TV shows. Since I watch all of the ABC shows on Hulu the next day or so, my viewing didn’t count. :(

  50. seddrick holder says:

    what is ABC doing?