Notorious Cancelled

Notorious Cancelled After 1 Season

Louise Herrick has signed off for the last time; Notorious will not return for a second season on ABC.

The drama starred Piper Perabo and Daniel Sunjata as a news producer and attorney, respectively, whose professional and personal lives often became intertwined — though, surprisingly enough, the two never kissed (not even once!) during the show’s 10-episode run. (Notorious‘ original 13-episode order was cut in October.)

Following the show’s season-turned-series finale in December, creator Josh Berman teased several storylines for a potential second outing: Darin would get a job at a competing network, creating a major conflict of interest for Ryan; new secrets revealed about Dana would “turn her story on its head”; and “romantic sparks” would fly between Megan and new-girl Avery. Berman is now an executive producer on VH1’s Daytime Divas.

Your thoughts on Notorious‘ cancellation? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Oran says:


  2. Television says:

    Too bad you couldnt have kept the original shows they both were on for more seasons. Those two shows were top notch. This was a total waste for them because literally everyone else was horrilbe. Covert Affairs and Graceland!

  3. Jimmy says:

    Not surprising, this was such a terrible show. Could barely get through 2 episodes before giving up on it.

  4. Barb Krock says:

    Very sorry to read Notorious was cancelled. There are so few shows on tv I enjoy but I did enjoy this one. It would be nice if there would have been a series finale. I enjoyed Piper in Covert Affairs & they didn’t have a series finale either. If a network cancels a show it would be great if they do a final for the fans that liked the show.

  5. ally says:

    why cancel it in the middle of the suspense.. what happen to Dana? Did Maya jump? How is Julia coping with what happen in Mexico? Is her and Th D.A moving forward with their relationship? if you’re going to cancel a show atleast end it off right. other than that the show was amazing

  6. Kirsten K. says:

    Just sickened by this news, what an excellent, clever show; anything with style & wit gets chopped anymore, instead of given a real chance! ABC at al networks have ADHD!!!!. Gaaahhh

    • Emily says:

      It’s not the networks that have attention deficit. It’s audiences…clever doesn’t go over very well, nor do shows about people with education above a bachelor’s… the average person can’t relate and people with education can usually afford HBO lol.

      Shows cost a lot of money to make. Just consider the fact that even lower totem pole actors get about 40k per episode. If the show is underperforming, it makes sense that a network would cancel it… At the same time, I agree that Notorious was clever, with solid and attractive actors, it’s totally unfortunate that it was cancelled.

    • Christina says:

      Agreed!! I always loved Graceland and it got cancelled which shocked me! Seems like anything GOOD gets cancelled then I see these other shows continuing on that I couldn’t even tolerate watching one episode!

  7. Sherrie says:

    This show really grew on me! Didnt like it at first but kept watching and really loved the direction it took! So many times these shows start out way to slow instead of giving us a bang in the beginning to keep people interested,sad to see it go!

  8. Oommma says:

    Looking for new episodes of Notorious. Of course it’s cancelled. ABC is the worst!!!

  9. Helly816 says:

    I’m so pissed….First I find out The Catch is canceled and now this?!?!? I also watched the series premier of Still Star Crossed (which nevwr even heard of) last night and I LOVED IT…come to find out people are already bashing it after one episode!!! So, I go search to make sure I’m not surprised by any more cancelations. I wasn’t…yet BUT I see shows that are getting renewed/already renewed…shows like bachelor, bachelorette, the paradise bachelor or w.e, once upon a time, american housewives or w.e, quantico…and many others that I can’t think of because I’m so upset at this news. What is wrong with america today :(…I mean they should give Notorious another season and if the ratings go up do another one until they get a seasons ratings that was worse than the season before. Same with The Catch…season 2 had better ratings than season 1 but they canceled anyways?!?!?!?! I bet season 3 would have had even better ratings!!!! Not too mention I never hears anything about The catch (just happen to come upon it after HTGAWM) also just came upon Notorious…along with this new show Still Star Crossed….I think they need to preview these shows better and that could potentially make a huge difference!!!

  10. Monet says:

    I’m sooooo disappointed beyond disappointed the show was so good omg wtf

  11. Montiana Wilder says:

    I loved this show!! It saddens me that it got canceled!!! Please just one more season!!! One More Season!!!!!

  12. Fran Aperones says:

    Notorious: only discovered it today on HULU & now I discover it’s “cancelled.” Well, of course, not on same level as Madam Secretary, but it was engaging enough. The writing was fine, acting well done, did not deserve to be cancelled. However, I agree with other comments noting that not enough exposure to audiences pre-season, so enough viewers would at least try it out! Too bad. Am fine with The Catch being gone. I cancelled it as soon as ‘long, lost daughter’ was discovered…yuk! The age differences at that point were too diffiicult for me to follow it. Stretched my imagination too far!

  13. It was a hot mess of a show. Piper Perabo was the wrong choice for this series.

    • Su Red says:

      Why do you say that? I thought she did a wonderful job in this role. I’m sad to hear this series is cancelled.

  14. Christy Roth says:

    Loved the show! Bring it back!

  15. Bill carr says:

    So sad was a great show. Networks are not giving new shows a chance to get a following.

  16. Iris says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this show!! Why didn’t ABC give it a chance?

  17. Chris Black says:

    I loved Notorious, why was it cancelled? In the past two years I have seen more good shows cancelled and these so called live tv shows appear.

  18. Samantha Goodman says:

    I just found Notorious on Hulu and I loved it. I finished the 10 episodes in 2 days and I was looking for season 2 only to find out that it was cancelled! Why, Why, Oh Why do everything I like gets cancelled?!! It’s too much on tv and people don’t always find out about tv shows until it’s too late. I would have liked to see a finale. How is it that the garbage is still on tv? Maybe they should try Netflix or Hulu series. I like to watch my tv this way anyway instead of waiting week to week for an episodes. Leave the week to week stuff for reality tv.

  19. Klaus says:

    Yes, please cancel the good shows and lets keeping making more seasons of the old, borring ones because why not? More and more I prefer European and Asian shows because they actually know how to keep a show going and not cancel it because hell’s knows what.

  20. TARA HAMMOND says:

    I am so sick of them cancelling good shows while those that have run their course and basically regurgitate the same crap with new actors season after season continue. This show was great. I swear anymore you have to google this stuff before you get too involved with a new show. Unreal.

  21. Kristopher says:

    I really enjoyed this show and it’s cast I found it very entertaining I am very sad to see it go :-(

  22. Vegeta says:

    Just once, would I like to get into a show that isn’t Cancelled after 1 Season :(

  23. Christina says:

    Why is it all the good shows get cancelled? In just about done with ABC! Every show I start to watch and love get cancelled!

  24. Shanekie says:

    Hate to see this show come to an end.

  25. Tracy Smith says:

    My wife and I enjoy so few shows as either the writhing or lack of redeemable characters detract from the entertainment value. Notorious was a very entertaining show with a great cast and characters. It’s truly a shame to lose such a great show with so much other garbage on TV being renewed.

  26. Kelly kindred says:

    Plz return it I love this show. Plz can u do this

  27. Kerrie Peterson says:

    Extremely angry and annoyed that you have canceled such an amazing show! It ended on a cliff hanger, now I have no closure. Why can’t you networks allow shows to give closure and endings for the viewers who love these shows. Stop airing new shows and cancelling them abruptly! Notorious was a great show!

  28. Angie says:

    I absolutely loved Notoriuos!!! So sad it’s been cancelled! Wish they would give it a second chance…

  29. Celena Presley says:

    Everytime I get interested in a show it gets cancelled! Notorious was great just like Covert Affairs! Why do they keep cancelling great TV shows? I DVR mine so I don’t have to watch commercials, so, are they taking that into consideration when checking ratings??

  30. Jan G says:

    This is outrageous. Great series & show how do you cancel a show after the finale I’m super upset & looked forward to the return of season two. Why !

  31. Tami Sweeney says:

    I really liked the show piper and Daniel were so cute together bring it back so they could at least wrap it up we need a finale come on ts

  32. Shila Ham says:

    Was looking forward to season 2 of Notorious