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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Finale

Big Bang Theory Finale: The Story Behind That Sheldon/Amy Twist

The following story contains spoilers from Thursday’s The Big Bang Theory finale, proceed at your own peril.

He likes it, and he’s finally ready to put a ring on it. But there’s a catch!

In Thursday’s Big Bang Theory finale, an unwelcome advance from his aggressive ex Ramona pushed Sheldon to travel cross-country and propose to Amy (finally making use of that engagement ring he’s been sitting on for two seasons). And her response to his grand gesture? A loud chorus of… crickets. Yep, Season 10 came to a close before Amy had a chance to say yea or nay to Sheldon’s long overdue overture (and the dumbstruck look on her face suggests perhaps her answer will be more ambiguous).

Regardless, the climactic twist marked a major turning point in the Sheldon-Amy love story and, below, showrunner Steve Molaro breaks down the cliffhanger and lightly teases the pair’s sure-to-be “delightful” nuptials.

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon ProposesTVLINE | How long have you known Season 10 would end with the proposal?
He’s had that ring for a while, so him proposing has always been floating around in the ether. And as we were closing in on the end of our 10th season, it started to feel like that’s where we wanted to take it.

TVLINE | Is the Sheldon-Ramona kiss going to be an issue for Amy?
There’s a good chance it will come up. Sheldon is not one to withhold evidence. It wouldn’t be shocking to me if it’s something that he just matter-of-factly conveys to Amy.

TVLINE | I realize she didn’t actually say yes, but how excited are you even thinking about what a possible Sheldon-Amy wedding would look like?
I don’t know when that would be, but the thought of it is just delightful. Sheldon and Amy are such a beloved couple, and it is really fun to think about.

TVLINE | This episode was unique in that there was no B-story. Everything revolved around Amy and Sheldon. Why?
It was nice to end the season with everyone involved and rallying together around one central point. I thought it worked really well. I enjoyed seeing the gang rally around Sheldon and Amy. It gave the show a nice cohesive family-like energy.

TVLINE | Sheldon’s silent cross-country trek was quite amusing.
We really enjoyed taking our time with that montage. We knew it would be a little weird to just go on this adventure without knowing where he’s going or what’s going to happen. We talked quite a bit about whether that montage should have music. Ultimately, we watched it in silence and found it so compelling, just watching Sheldon, that we left it alone like that. Also, we didn’t want to tip off what was happening. If [the music] was anything about romance or love it would’ve [spoiled] the ending. I’m really happy with our choice to let it play out in the weird silence.

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  1. AprilJo says:

    Excellent finale! Love Amy and Sheldon.

  2. Michael says:

    Best episode of the season I loved seeing the whole gang in one story and that ending was just awesome

    • dan says:

      Agree! Best episode of the last few years!

    • eddie1261 says:

      Agreed. This has been a very up and down season for the writers but they brought it home with a great cliff hanger. I totally expected it to be Leonard and Penny parting ways. There has never been a worse match in real life or on TV!

  3. laurelnev says:

    I can just imagine…Amy’s probably been keeping a “Dream Wedding Book” since childhood, much like Monica Geller. But Amy’s probably looks like Lisa Frank on Acid. (Maybe something like the Penny Blossom Web Page?) And of course, Sheldon’s Mom will want the whole Texas Christian aspect. Sheldon would probably want a Superhero theme, like Flash or something. :) Hope we FINALLY get a BIG wedding ep from the gang! (Will we finally get to meet Amy’s mom?)

  4. Terrier says:

    Tremendous finale!

  5. Tom says:

    Was it really that much of a twist?

    >Also, we didn’t want to tip off what was happening.

    Also pretty much as soon as he got in the cab I had figured it out

    • Piers says:

      This is super nit picky but the show’s inconsistencies have always irritated me. With Amy across the country he wouldn’t have had the ring with him [he keeps it in that strongbox]. He wouldn’t travel without A. his bus pants B. Purell C. A jacket. You could argue that he had an epiphany, but it doesn’t scan for me. Putting that aside, they’d better find a life for Raj soon.

      • eddie1261 says:

        I think he was so awestruck by Ramona kissing him that it jarred him into forgetting about his “quirks” as the group calls them. It made him realize how much Amy means to him and that threw him off his game. I can’t imagine her saying no but then again, the writers have thrown curve balls before. She has just always been so desperate to have ANYBODY that I doubt she will pass on this opportunity.

        • Yep! says:

          I don’t think Amy is desperate for just anybody at all. We saw her date quickly and easily after SHE broke up with Sheldon a couple seasons ago, and Burt still has a thing for her. Amy has a lot more self-confidence/esteem these days, it is just that she only has eyes for Sheldon.

      • Yep! says:

        I thought about that as well, and it seemed like the point the writers/showrunners were trying to make with Sheldon taking off that quickly without any typical Sheldon prep was that he had another force driving him that overtook his compulsions, and that demonstrated growth for Sheldon.

        The ring in the strongbox is the biggest question I have on that front, and it may be that the show folks didn’t want to show Sheldon running home to get it before heading to the airport because that would have ruined the surprise for some (though I think we all knew he was going to NJ the second he got in the cab, I was still surprised with the proposal when she answered the door…I expected him to sweep her up in his arms and give the most passionate kiss we’ve ever seen of those two, and maybe even propose without a ring).

        Then again, maybe Sheldon had it handy because he had been thinking about proposing since Amy left. Hope we get a little more clarity next season.

        • Semmy says:

          Come on, guys, it’s a 22 minute sitcom. You can’t be looking for logic and consistency across the board. I’ve seen every episode and I long forgot almost all that stuff you’re talking about. Just sit back and enjoy it. Do the little things really matter?

      • Dee says:

        If Sheldon is anything like me, he always has a small bottle of Purell in his pocket.

  6. Lisa Echerd says:

    Loved it! I’m hoping that next season, Raj finally gets lucky in love. Besides none of these super intelligent people being able to fix their elevator; it’s equally puzzling that Penny has never given Raj a makeover.

  7. Tomm Huntre says:

    A great episode!! Perfect example of why there doesn’t need to be a B-story in every episode.

  8. sb says:

    What episode was it that Amy got the offer to teach at Princeton? I totally don’t remember that.

  9. Gina says:

    As soon as we saw LAX, I knew he was going to see Amy, but I thought he was going to confess to the kiss. I honestly did not see the proposal coming. I hope it sticks!

    • Daya says:

      As soon as I saw the taxi, I knew he was headed for Amy–but I didn’t expect a proposal, either! (I think I’d been hoping for one in the back of my mind, though. ;) )

    • Ibb says:

      Me too! i thought he was going to confess. I loved the ending didn’t expect it.

  10. Paula says:

    Art imitating real life – recent events! Wow 😳 Loved the Season Finally!!!

  11. NancyS says:

    Minor quibble:
    ” an unwelcome advance from his aggressive ex Ramona”
    Ramona is not Sheldon’s ex, they never dated.

    • Keisha Hall says:

      That bothered me too! Glad you said something.

    • Susan says:

      I loved the earlier show with Ramona but she was more of a stalker and Sheldon asked others to “get rid of her” and he didn’t care how. The others, especially Penny were involved too, with Ramona accusing Penny of being “in love” with Sheldon, and they did this whole (obviously insincere) pinky swear sisters thing, but at the end of the show when Sheldon told Ramona to “get out” Penny says, “Sisters?” and Ramona yells “Bite me!” Now they put Ramona back on and its as if none of them remember this past. I am confused by that but I loved this last show where Sheldon proposed.

  12. Bill says:

    The Amy character is the worst acted and reason I quit watching the show. What a waste.

    • Sam says:

      Then why are you commenting on an article about the finale of show you no longer watch?

      • Kevin Blain says:

        Excellent retort

        • Mary says:

          I think that Amy’s part is played beautifully by Mayim. It may appear like bad acting if the role of a “nerd” who has a strict mother isn’t understood. So happy to hear that the show is continuing on for at least 2 years. I dread to think of it ever ending, it will feel like the loss of good friends given the excellent acting and authenticity of all the actors. The writers are incredible as well.

          • eddie1261 says:

            I think so too, Mary. It has to be hard for her to act like Amy, lurching like a gorilla without swinging her arms when she walks, wearing those frumpy clothes…. Mayim is very attractive. A,y is a dog.

    • dan says:

      Apparently the actors who have nominated Mayim for several Emmys have a different opinion.

  13. Joey Bishop says:

    This reminds me a lot at the final season 5 of Castle “Watershed”, obviously without the dramatic and romantic that was that final of season

  14. hbeachman says:

    So happy for them! And glad they didn’t have Sheldon be tempted by Ramona or get drunk and end up in bed with her. The fact that Sheldon traveled by cab and flew in a plane all by himself showed how committed he was to showing Amy he was ready to “put a ring on it.”

  15. Daya says:

    Between BBT and NCIS, it’s been a good week! (*excited dance*)

  16. Lisa says:

    Loved this episode. Go Sheldon and Amy!

  17. Toni D Byram says:

    It was a great finale. Now I can’t wait for season 11 to s tee art.

  18. patricia wiley says:

    Great way to end season. Love this show!

  19. Julia says:

    Not a fan of Sheldon & Amy. She’s ruined the show in a lot of ways.

    • Piers says:

      ITA but it is what it is. I just wish they hadn’t wasted April Bowlby as Bert’s girlfriend. She’d have been perfect for Raj and they could have moved into the empty 3rd. floor apartment. And speaking of Raj, where is Cinnamon? She wasn’t around when Raj was staying with Lenny/Penny.

      • eddie1261 says:

        Yes she was. If you go back, Leonard taunts Sheldon saying “Cinnamon is loose in the building”.

  20. James D says:

    With everyone married (poor Raj) what are they going to do for too more seasons… wait I forgot it is Sheldon and Amy it will probably be the series finale when they get hitched :) Good finale though. I hope they give Raj some love next season.

    • eddie1261 says:

      Raj will finally be let out of the closet and he will hook up with Howard, who has been dumped by Bernadette because she got tired of being his mother. Howard is a lazy, worthless child who is a typical spoiled Jewish boy.

  21. DG says:

    I haven’t yelled at my TV screen for a good reason in forever! So good how they butted Ramona out the way on their way down the stairs, too!

  22. karen rollins says:

    please o please o please let her say yes!!!

  23. BarryFlash says:

    It didn’t seem like Penny remembered Ramona. I was hoping for a “Holy crap on a cracker!” from Penny.

  24. Marc says:

    I found the most disturbing item to be the comment, related by Sheldon, that Raj had asked about the kind of ladder recommended to kill himself. Something that I’m guessing slipped right by most viewers…

    • Kris says:

      I took that comment to mean that Raj was so bored there with Sheldon he was being sarcastic and saying which ladder would work.

  25. patricia leong says:

    well it’s about time Sheldon

  26. Ciarra says:

    Sheldon has ruined this show and now more Amy? No thanks

    • CJ says:

      Sheldon ruined this show?? LOL…Sheldon IS this show! Mayim hit the nail on the head….haters gotta hate!!

    • ToyCannon says:

      Sheldon IS the show. It has been his show since the pilot when he uttered the line “and imaginary.”

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      I’m guessing you also think Oliver Queen ruins Arrow, Barry Allen ruins The Flash, and Kara Danvers ruins Supergirl.

  27. Rita K Garshak says:

    Love it!

  28. Pat says:

    Fanatastic, season finale. I am pretty sure that Amy, will accept Sheldon’s proposal. Of course Sheldon will tell Amy what happen when Ramona kissed him because that is who he is and his brain is just wired to do this. This will be his way of telling Amy, that Ramona kissing him gave him the jolt in realizing, that he loved Amy and it was time to ask her to marry him.

  29. Bark Star says:

    “Beloved couple” my ass.

  30. Esmeralda Torres says:

    My daughter and I yelled in excitement when Amy opened door and saw Sheldon on knee with ring great season finale always number #1 show have watched since first episode. Continue to bring us more Big Bang Theory

  31. Lisa G McGee says:

    I love big bang theory… And every actor and actress that plays on it it’s the best I’ve seen in a long time and I will always keep watching it! I hope it never ends !!! I just love you all… keep smiling!!!! P.S. The ending was everything I expected it to awesome…I just loved it!!

  32. The second he got in the cab, it was clear he was going to propose. The only oddity is that they tried to make it a cliffhanger. It would make no sense for Amy to say no, and Sheldon did nothing wrong when that girl kissed him.

  33. partisan says:

    Great episode but why did it seem like they didn’t remember Ramona? Penny said she had no idea what she looked like when Amy asked her. Sheldon said he knew her years ago but when he brought her back to the apartment there were comments like “Nice to meet you” from people that had watched in horror during her first time with Sheldon. What gives? Was there a Men In Black memory flasher thing happening?

    • Piers says:

      TBBT is notorious for inconsistency. Leonard is allergic to wine, but now drinks it at dinner. Penny’s apartment apparently overhangs the street. They bought the couch from people moving out of the first floor despite the fact that there are no apartments on the first floor, not to mention the mailbox arrangement. When they needed one there was a trash can directly inside the lobby door, but never before or since. Deus ex machina. It’s a drinking game when bingeing reruns.

      • eddie1261 says:

        I don’t follow the apartment part of your post. Both apartments face the street. Sheldon walked across the ledge to Penny’s once.

        • partisan says:

          Actually he crawled along the ledge from his room to Leonards. If it’s the one where the apartment got robbed if that you’re thinking of.

        • Piers says:

          Picture the space in your mind. You walk in the lobby and the stairs are on your left street side of the elevator. Up a flight, closed landing, turn up one more flight, turn right, past elevator and there is the door to the apartment two floors below Penny’s. And so on. No apts. on floor one and not enough room for Penny’s apt. before the street. We’ve all seen Howard’s scooter parked there and the red chair at the curb.

  34. Linda McLellan says:

    Howard and Bernadette had a baby, but she’s never part of the story line. Does not address at all how parenthood effects their lives.

    • eddie1261 says:

      Are you kidding? They have had whole episodes, like leaving the kid at day care for the first time. I agree that the baby adds zero to the show though. Usually that’s the beginning of the end for a show when they start adding kids.

  35. DaveM says:

    I call BS. no one as smart as Sheldon would ever go for someone as terrible and ugly as Amy.

    • The Guilded Hero says:

      You do realize looks can change but personality and who you are as a person can’t right? If all you care about is how someone looks you will have a very sad life! Sheldon is in love with Amy for her entirity that means her smarts, her personality and he finds her beautiful!

  36. ErikK says:

    TBBT went down the drain years ago when they added Amy and Bernadette.

  37. Klaudi91 says:

    So this amazing adorable story turned to the COMMON and DEAD BORING family soap opera. God job. Someone destroyed this famous hilarious story of geniuses to the primitiv stupid no brainer love story, and family breeding. Yeeeeesssss…. Makes me vomit.

  38. Hazel says:

    Really sweet finale, I enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing Amy as a bridezilla. She was funny as a crazy maid of honor. I do hope we get to see a nice family wedding.

  39. Ryan says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing at this episode! lol best yet.

  40. Teresa Crenshaw says:

    Loved the Big Bang Cliffhanger!

  41. Gerald says:

    Bernadette would be great at Mario Carts. I loved her making efforts to keep Ramona at bay.
    It wasn’t a great romantic setting, but the gesture was huge. And I guess he had the ring on him as he left his office and went straight to the airport.

  42. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    Great season finale. Always leave ’em hanging.

    I knew as soon as he got in the first taxi that he was going to see Amy, but my thoughts ran along the lines of him dumping Amy in person because the surprise kiss opened up the rest of his romantic mind (it’s Sheldon, after all). It did, but in the most positive way.

    • eddie1261 says:

      I thought that too. When he told Ramona “Will you excuse me a moment” I thought he was going to another room to call Amy and dump her.

  43. Allison says:

    I loved the ending, I knew he was going to propose but it still shocked me nonetheless. And I liked how protective they were of Sheldon/Amy’s relationship… it was quite loving. So, am curious… did Sheldon keep the ring in this pocket all the time? He left work, flew straight to Princeton to see Amy, when did he have the time to pick up the ring? Also, why wasn’t Amy more surprised that Sheldon was at Princeton to see her?

    • eddie1261 says:

      Did you not notice the look on her face when he started his OCD 3 knock pattern? How much more surprised could she have been?

  44. E. D. Boddy says:

    “A loud chorus of… crickets.”??? Cut it out! The scene ended before Amy had a chance to respond! (That’s the whole idea of a cliffhanger.)

    • Semmy says:

      EXACTLY! And it wasn’t even a “twist”. I have a strong feeling the writer of this article only recently discovered television.

  45. Mario D. says:

    Cannot help but think that Shamy will marry in the season 11 finale and Penny will go into labor at the wedding and mar that event just like Sheldon did to theirs (both of them) That would be a typical ending for TBBT

  46. Sonia says:

    Hope to hear her answer.loved the end.

  47. Luis Roman says:

    I absolutely adored the silent cross-country montage. It was so utterly Sheldon. To have him on bended knee when Amy opened the door was just so perfect! Can’t wait for next season!

  48. semmy says:

    Sheldon and Amy have been dating for years and living together for the entire season. How is him proposing a “twist”?

  49. SHAR says:

    its nice to be entertained No politics just amusement LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS

  50. John Davila says:

    I really thought Amy was going to be pregnant! since they did have coitus before she left. You know TV timelines, we don’t really know how long Amy was gone! Then Sheldon could have flown to NJ and proposed.