American Crime Cancelled

American Crime Cancelled at ABC

American Crime is no longer paying at ABC: The network has cancelled John Ridley’s Emmy-winning anthology drama after three seasons.

The series was never a ratings powerhouse for ABC, but its Season 3 ratings were particularly woeful; it wrapped its run on April 30 with an anemic 2 million viewers and a 0.4 demo rating. But Crime was arguably ABC’s most acclaimed drama of the past few years, snagging consecutive Emmy nominations for Best Limited Series and back-to-back wins for star Regina King.

Last month at Deadline‘s The Contenders Emmy soiree in Los Angeles, franchise vet Felicity Huffman seemed prepared for the worst, saying, “If there isn’t a Season 4, I’m so honored that this is our last season. I think ABC has changed the face of network TV and what network TV can do. … They are beyond what cable can do. Sometimes those things have a short shelf life, but the ripple effect is great.”

At the same event, exec producer Michael McDonald revealed that a fourth season would’ve centered on “women in the workplace,” before citing the recent sexual harassment scandals enveloping Uber and Fox News (Bill O’Reilly specifically) as examples.

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  1. christine harris says:

    a shame was a great show

  2. Grace says:

    This is such a shame. I know the ratings weren’t good but this was far and away the best show on network television right now. So disappointed to hear this.

  3. abz says:

    Such a shame. ABC brings back American Idol when I doubt many even asked for it and yet they cancel such a great quality show with potential for even better seasons. I know it’s usually all about money in TV, but sometimes I wish they would keep shows around just for the quality. It wasn’t a ratings success, but it was definitely a great show that explored many important and mature themes and probably would have been even better with less censoring on a different network.

  4. kittycat925 says:

    So sad; I loved “American Crime”. The show had a powerful cast all three seasons; excellent storylines!

  5. Guy says:

    Nooo. I saw this coming and was actually surprised when it was renewed last year for season 3, but still. This was such a compelling show. Easily the best drama on network TV.

    • Wyngate says:

      The first season was the best. Second season was iffy, and I didn’t get to watch the third because Dish and the local ABC stations (Hearst) couldn’t agree on a price for two months. Does anybody at the networks see how that problem is realistically killing their shows?

  6. Alex Breakaway says:

    I knew this was coming, but still hurts, at least I have Shield for another possibly last season. A.C. certainly was the best tv show on network tv. No doubt the cast would get good offers for upcoming projects, hopefully Connor Jessup land a good role on cable, the dude is really talented

    • Anna says:

      Connor Jessup plays the protagonist Oscar Madly in the movie Closet Monster, released in 2015. It’s available on Netflix, it’s a new arrival too. It’s a really great movie with very deep meaning. :)

  7. Angela says:

    And so ends another show I watch. Sigh. Shame, there’s so many more interesting stories they could’ve told, but I’m not surprised. If the ratings aren’t there, then…*Shrugs*

    • Ann says:

      Any show that’s good with actors with such a range is never going to be excepted. I loved that show. You never knew what kind of story line would be the next subject. Sad 😩

  8. I am sorry that there won’t be a fourth season for Amercian Crime. I still believe that this show was a classic series. I still hope that the show will go the syndication market route and save the show. Maybe Netflix will save the show.

  9. Michael says:

    S3 was really difficult to watch..extremely dark, but it’s why the show is so good. Handled very tough subjects without bias & great casts. Maybe FX, HULU or Netflix will pick it up

    • Shellbrav says:

      Very true. It really showed the variety in crimes committed against the poor. It was hard to watch but life is not all happy endings.

  10. kmw says:

    It is a shame about American Crime but it never sustained the audience and demo it needed especially when they were moved to Sunday. Just a shame

  11. webly3 says:

    I’m upset, but I knew this was coming. :(

  12. Kayte CookWatts says:

    Not surprising but still sad. Absolutely perfect cast- great writing too. I will miss this one.

  13. Paul says:

    Canceling this show is in itself a crime. One of the last shows that I watched on the broadcast networks. Maybe it will be picked up by one of the cable channels. It was too smart, well written and acted for the network.

  14. Billy meacham says:

    Well I was going to start getting into this show, glad I didn’t.

    • Each season is a completely different story with (mostly) the same actors playing different parts. You should watch the three seasons they put out. The seasons don’t relate to each other so you don’t have to watch them in order.

  15. charl says:


  16. Suggestion: Screw ABC… take the show to cable or NETFLIX/ Hulu/ Amazon where it will be truly appreciated. Disgraceful that this show gets cancelled and yet they want to revive the tired and corny American Idol! Utter codswallop…

  17. Sharon Boughton says:

    I guess it makes sense. It’s way too smart a show for most. And why give us quality when we already have cable TV. Just yet another reason to stay away from network tv.

  18. peegee says:

    what a shame just another example of how networks are dumbing down viewers

  19. Bobbi says:

    This really breaks my heart. One of the best ensembles I have ever seen on TV and compelling, well written stories. Of course, they cancel just before a season that would have focused on women. But, the fairy tales will be back! Absolute travesty.

  20. GuessWhat says:

    best show on basic network TV
    enjoyed all 3 seasons
    RIP American Crime

  21. Shellbrav says:

    American crime anthology series was maybe best scripted show in tv. I think maybe too intelligent for today’s viewers.

  22. Karen T. says:

    I’m just glad American Crime lasted as long as it did. It’s a shame such topical and intelligent fare isn’t as accepted as much as some of the procedural drivel that fills network tv schedule. A great show with great actors. It would have played better on cable.

  23. Dave D says:

    Sorry to see it go. My wife and I were always anxious to see what the theme of the next season was going to be. This show was in a class by it’s self. We are going to miss it. I wish Netflix or Amazon would pick it up.

  24. Jennie Schilz says:

    A shame. That was an outstanding program. I hope it’s picked up on a streaming network. Can’t believe the crap they keep on network TV, and cancel a well acted and great story like this.

  25. Kris says:

    Sorry to see this one cancelled.

  26. Jules says:

    Sorry to hear this. This season was more disjointed but season 2 was amazing. And the acting was fantastic. Maybe they’ll change their minds. With this kind of anthology, it seems like they could pull something off.

    • schmed says:

      Of course this show was way too good for broadcast TV, but I’m glad someone else is acknowledging that Season 3 was all over the place. There’s nothing wrong with providing parallel instances of “trafficking” or “exploitation” but the show needed way more than 8 episodes to tell all the stories it tried to tell in Season 3, all of which were just getting developed before the show’s center of interest would wander elsewhere. The first two seasons were way more successful, but of course the show should come back in some form on some network.

  27. Cheyenne says:

    I couldn’t get into it at all this season. The first two seasons were excellent.

  28. Patricia says:

    This was the best show on tv and I am hoping that Netflix or Hulu will pick it up.

  29. John W. Inskip says:

    American Crime was a truly well done show by a great cast and writers. I will miss it, but understand why it never had a chance competing with the junk that is preferred by most Americans these days.

  30. genehoke says:

    Too bad viewers don’t want to see anything that makes them think or challenges their assumptions about society. I really hope a streaming service or cable network picks this excellent show up. Broadcast was never a good fit.

  31. Jasmine says:

    They should really shop this show around…preferably to NETFLIX. Such an amazing show!!! Hate to see it go :(

  32. This show was so good. It was almost hard to watch at times. It’s a shame that the ratings, especially for S3, were never reflective of the quality of the show. I think each season was better than the last and I was eager to see more.

  33. Jeff says:

    Such a shame. I do give ABC credit for hanging on to it for 3 seasons when the ratings were never great. But they believed in the show, it always got them Emmy nominations. It would be awesome if Netflix or another would pick up the show. It sounds like season 4 would have been amazing!

  34. ravynrobyn says:

    In all due respect to the other actors, I will really miss seeing Timothy Hutton on my tv every week…he’s a master class in acting.

  35. Georgia Howard says:

    I love this drama. I find it troubling that absolute crap programming are kept and great ones like this get cut. It puzzles me that NCSI what ever can get rating. What are people thinking?

  36. Vicki Lucas says:

    What a huge mistake ABC. I truly hope anther network pics this up.

  37. Kevin says:

    This decision was very shocking. In amazed it didn’t catch on in the ratings. The stories, acting and cinematography were outstanding. Going to miss it greatly. Never missed an episode from the beginning. What a disappointment! Will be buying the series DVD to share with friends when it’s released.

  38. El Lionel says:

    I think this was due to poor advertisement of the show. I only learned about the show AFTER I heard it was being cancelled. I had the chance to binge watch all three seasons one weekend. AMAZING SHOW! Regina King is a standout actress but the entire cast was so amazing. The writing an directing is top notch. I can’t believe this gem is on the chopping block. Sigh….

  39. Linda Wadsworth says:

    It was a great show. Watched every episode. Cancel some reality show! Not a show with real substance!

  40. JoAnn Estrella says:

    American Crime was the best show!!! Please, Please don’t cancel……it’s the one program that left me waiting all week for the next…

  41. I am disheartened by this…excellent television

  42. Pat Johnson says:

    So much better television than ABC’s usual reality TV lineup. Well written, intricate plot lines, and great performances. Very disappointing.

  43. Ann and Eric says:

    American Crime told stories that needed telling, and it did so in an artful, compassionate, and usually uncomfortable way. I am disheartened to hear it is being cancelled, but am hoping Amazon or another tv network or cable network will be smart enough to pick it up and actually spend a little money marketing it.

  44. WSB says:

    American Crime-a thoughtful and well acted series-a true loss for tv-land. When so few people(2m) watch a show like this, what does this say about the intelligence of our country? And why can’t a non-cable network, along with its paid ad sponsors, provide a variety of shows in spite of low viewers? When will the mighty dollar stop dictating? Hoping Netflix or Amazon will pick up season 4. Thanks John Ridley for a great 3 seasons.

  45. M Lou Mandine says:

    Losing,yet another, QUALITY television program that reflected TRUTH and not pseudo reality.
    So SAD.

  46. Taj says:

    I need a season 4

  47. Netflix better snag it

  48. Anna says:

    I had just started the series on Netflix a few days ago and absolutely fell in love- obviously, because I watched all three seasons in two days…

    I was looking up when season four was planned to be released and it’s horrible to hear that there will not be a fourth season. I don’t care much for Netflix originals at all, but I truly hope they’ll pick it up to make at least one last season, if not more.

    I’m not really a series type of person, I enjoy movies much more, but I gave this show a chance and I’m so glad I did.

    • Dory Duguay says:

      Superb acting and an excellent series. Such a shame that it didn’t have a greater audience as I am positive that it would have made it. Please Netflix, Showtime, HBO-someone please pick this series up. So true to life. The acting my every single cast member was second to none. Ì am praying……

  49. How in the heck can they say bad views? This show took me by surprise on Netflix and I could not take my eyes off it. When I heard the show was canceled and why I was baffled. This show is great! ABC is crazy. The star actors did such an awesome job!

  50. Venisha Murphy says:

    Sadly, I just started watching this is absolutely an excellent show with phenomenal actors/actresses.. I truly wish I watched this when it was on ABC. Hey maybe FX, Netflix or Hulu will pick it up. I really hope someone will continue this series.