The Originals Renewed

The Originals Renewed for Season 5

The CW has opted to extend the Mikaelsons’ stay in New Orleans, renewing The Originals for a fifth season.

As previously reported, Michael Narducci will not return as showrunner for Season 5. Instead, series creator — and former Vampire Diaries showrunner — Julie Plec will call the shots. Leslie Morgenstern (TVD) will also executive-produce.

The Originals follows, as its title suggests, the world’s first family of vampires — plus a few hybrids and witches thrown in for good measure. Now midway through its fourth season, the show is pitting its heroes against their most powerful foe yet, a mysterious entity known as The Hollow.

Thus far this season The Originals is averaging 980,000 total viewers and a 0.3 rating, up in audience versus Season 3 but down a tick in the demo (where it matches the recently axed Frequency and No Tomorrow and bests Reign and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend).

Originals fans, how relieved are you by this news? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mary says:

    thank god! I hope season 5 be the last…

  2. Mandy says:


  3. Wiz says:

    I can take a breath of relief now. But now I’m holding it back in since Miss Plec is taking over. Just bring back Kevin Williamson. Plec should just work on Days of Our Lives since all she writes are love stories.

    • Angelfan says:

      Don’t give Ken Corday any ideas. Days fans want good writers.

      • Jj says:

        No kidding. Every couple would be like Dannifer. Rammed down our throats, and retconning of an entire show to make it work.

    • Candi says:

      Julie plea is he reason the vampire diaries went on for eight years! I think you should do your homework before commenting on someone’s talent :) just sayin

  4. Franz says:


  5. Cosmin says:


  6. Leah says:

    Hell Yeah!

  7. Paul says:

    Julie Plec cannot run shows on her own. Exhibit A: The Vampire Diaries after Kevin Williamson left.

    • Wiz says:

      Obviously The CW pres and co learned nothing about Julie making TVD go down the drain.

    • Pam says:

      Vampire diaries only tanked because Nina dobtev wasn’t professional enough to work with her ex boyfriend .. so she ruined it forcast crew and CW ..

      • Wiz says:

        That’s nonsense. No one forced them to continue on without her. And anyone with eyes knows Ian became an asshole after Nina dumped him. TVD tanked because Julie turned it into a love ship fest. Instead of having myth arcs the center of the show it became who will end up with who? Everyone always prefers seasons 1 & 2 because Kevin was there.

        • Zim says:

          Seasons 1 & 2 were the most juvenile and therefore my least favorites. The show started to grow up in season 2, but season 3 is really where it became an adult show, less geared to the high school crowd. Another reason I don’t understand why The Originals is not more popular. I think it got pegged as a teen show, but find it far more grown up than TVD ever was. And I’m 52, so I understand “grown up”. LOL.

      • Angela says:

        I agree with you ! Nina was the cause !
        I miss TVD!

      • Chris Gentner says:


  8. Lyndy says:

    Awesome…wonder if this will be the final season

  9. Dem says:

    I’m happy about the renewal, but so bloody disappointed that Julie Plec will be its showrunner.

  10. Dominique says:

    after the cancellation fest from helI this past week, i’m glad the CW’s getting rid of everything as well.
    very happy to read the originals will stick around for another season! it might come back to bite me in the as$ with plec taking over, but i’m not ready yet to see goodbye to the mikaelsons.
    have they said anything about the amount of episodes?

  11. Lola says:

    Oh happy day!

  12. Liz says:

    Ahhh yes! Here’s hoping we see Caroline next season!

    • Karen says:

      A thousand times no!!!!!

      • Lydia Gold says:

        You might be surprised, Klaus and Caroline could great for the show. Don’t dismiss it yet. you might really like them together. Now TVD was related to this show but it’s a different show on its own. They tired Cami with Klaus but it was big fail. They aren’t willing to give Hayley a chance. But caroline has a big chance, it makes sense and they are beautiful together plus their fans are huge and won’t give it a rest. Why else didn’t they give Klaus any romantic interest? Yes he needs time with his daughter come on how much time? Klaroline is happening.

        • Charmian C says:

          Lydia, I agree with you on some points, and while I did like Caroline as a character, it does make me wary of the notion regardless; However, given that The Originals is both more adult in theme and far darker than the vampire diaries, bringing say one or two cast members, such as Candice’s Caroline, may not hinder the storyline.

          Following up on her thought, the trouble with Vampire Diaries, which I too enjoyed, is that it was most certainly not a very adult themed show. It tacked young adult themes in a somewhat dark fashion but not one that is equivalent to The Originals. As fans of The Originals, since Julie did help bring them into being in the first place (their start was on The Vampire Diaries after all,) I believe we owe it to the series we love to be open minded and not outright refuse an idea that we cannot 100% foresee how it will turn out. Lest, of course, anyone who is entirely against it happens to be clairvoyant and therefore actually see it turning out poorly, in which case I am most certain that we are all ears. But suffice to say, I fathom most are not so psychically gifted and thus do we not owe it to ourselves, the characters that we claim to love, the show, and the person that aided bringing them into being to at least give the potential notion a fair chance to prove itself? The answer, simply put, is yes; Otherwise, how can we call ourselves fans of the series or characters at all?

          Addressing Klaroline, simply put, while I myself am not adverse to the idea, were it to done, it ought to be addressed with a certain level of care and respect for not only the characters but the actual storyline and world that The Originals is built upon. For though it shares a number of historical branches with the Vampire Diaries, it is not nor will ever be the same show, nor cater to precisely the same demographic or type of viewership. At the end of the day, that really is what it comes down to, respect for the world we have come to know and love, as well as the characters. So if that can, in fact, be achieved, then I say, why not. Because we simply will never know the outcome, for better or for worse, unless we actually see it.

          • Jane says:

            I think some people miss the fact that this “more mature” show nearly got cancelled, so being more adult show doesn’t help TO much anyway. Also, let’s be honest, neither TVD nor TO are particularly mature or smart shows, they’re what I call guilty pleasure, but hardly intellectually challenging tv series. So even if JP makes TO more similar to TVD in terms of drama, I don’t think it will really harm TO. Consider what kind of romances TO had, and how are they different from TVD love stories? If anything they were more ridiculous. What’s more absurd than 170-year-old men falling for a teen girl? Only 1000-year-old man falling for a teen girl (Kol & Davina). In fact, ALL three original brothers who presumably witnessed the most exceptional women in human history, keep falling for young girls like creepy chronic pedophiles. Kol and Davina, then Klaus sharing all his drama with a girl who back then was still in college. Hayley never even made it to college, but it never bothered Elijah, they never talk about anything intellectual, just family drama and their love. So, I’m sorry but TO romances are in no way more mature than ships from TVD. And if Klaus had no trouble falling for a 20-something year old part-time bartender, than a woman who experienced great losses (parents, friends, lovers), who survived enemies like Katherine, Silas, Kai, etc., who found a way to be a vampire without becoming a serial killer, who has two kids and actually is giving something back to the world by running this school for magical kids, surely makes more sense as a LI for Klaus. In a way Caroline will be the most mature and successful woman on this show, with experience, kids, money, powerful friends and a career.

          • Hermes_1992 says:

            I agree with Jane. And the only darker thing about TO is they don’t use light during the filming and we miss half of what happens

        • Monie L says:

          YASSSSS Charmian u hit the nail on the hammer

        • zoe says:

          I loved Klaus with Cami and I also loved vher friendship with Vincent. Big mistake killing her off.

          • knox says:

            I love what you said there. They shouldn’t have killed her off

          • Tawny Fields-Bennett says:

            Yes! I think Cami being gone is a mistake. I loved her and she was great for Klaus. Hope they find a way to bring her back as well.

      • Pam says:

        Agreed I can’t stand that character and Klaus is my fave. I’ll not be able to handle the corruption

    • Ella says:

      Yes! I’m also reasonably oprimistic we’ll see her *this* season tbh.

      • Jane says:

        Yes! at the end of TVD they said something about beginning of another story about Klaus and Caroline, well I’d be ecstatic to see it!

        • An "original" fan says:

          As much I loved the vampire diaries I don’t think it would make sense for Caroline to come onto the new season of the originals. As was mentioned that they cannot have any connection to Hope or each other as the hollow will try to regain control of Hope. And Klaus was a huge part in the finding of the school for Caroline and Alaric. And the school is where Hayley took Hope. Too close of a connection to her near Hope and reignite the hollow. And then at that point the storyline would be repeating itself from this past season. But I do love both shows and am excited that at least the originals is coming back.

  13. Red Snapper says:

    I’m so happy this was renewed. I don’t think I can take anymore cancellation heartbreak. Now I just need to hear that AoS is renewed.

  14. Akcelt says:

    Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can breath again. Couldn’t lose both TVD and Originals in the same year.

  15. Liza says:

    Hurray! I am SO happy to hear this news. I think the family should move back to Mystic Falls and Alaric, Matt, and Caroline should join the cast.

    • Ally Oop says:

      No way. Let the VD characters rest in TV peace. I like The Originals way better without them. The only character I would like to see more of is Bonnie.

      • DeAnna says:

        Same i dont ship klaroline i dont want nina or ian and paul wesleys stefan died so if bonnie and mat went on there that would be ok i like matt i always have and bonnie and matt would have been cute together since the whole season 8 ancester thing.

  16. John036 says:

    I imagine a lot of shows are only be getting 13 episode orders, from the CW, this season. They picked up so many pilots and basically renewed their whole slate

    • M says:

      Well, no. They canceled No Tomorrow and Frequency.

    • Ella says:

      It’s pretty much exactly the same lineup as last year. They cancelled 2 newbies and TVD and Reign. New shows always get 13 eps to start unless they’re guaranteed hits like The Flash (which none of these are) and they earn the back 9. The shows that have 22 eps will stay and everything else will be shorter, I’d bet.

  17. Stacey says:

    Woo! So happy, this season has been great! I just hope Candice makes some appearances next season, she said she was open to it!

  18. Goldenvibefan says:

    Still waiting for Davina to come back..

  19. Jason says:

    I wonder if they’ll stick with the shorter season order. If it gives the network more incentive to keep going, then I say 13 episodes is fine.

  20. Pamela Maria says:

    I am soo very happy to hear this! I love The Originals more than the vampire Diaries. I do think hat the CW should move it back to a Fall September/October premier and move it to a better night!! A Supernatural/The Originals night would play well off of each other in my opinion.. So if the CW powers that be follow this, please think about it!!!

    • Dawn Willoughby says:

      I also think a Thursday night Originals/Supernatural would work. Not happy about Julie. Even though I liked TVD, I always thought The Originals had better writing. Season 5 will probably be the last.

    • The Originals will stay on Fridays I think. Its a steady show for that night. Its coming to the end of its life so it won’t waste better slots on it they can use to debut new shows. The only show I can recall escaping Friday is Supernatural and that is because Supernatural is a freak of TV nature

      • Kat says:

        That’s because Supernatural Fandom is a family and we stick with our show through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  21. Zoe-Pascale Roux says:

    I’m so happy! I really hope they bring on another showrunner though, Julie Plec on her own sucks!

    • Eddy Jawed says:

      Everyone berating Julie, don’t you know that she called the shots from the very beginning on TO, and she is the mastermind behind it. I think she’ll do an awesome job on her own.

  22. Tomas says:

    Wow, I’m SO relieved by this renewal! I’m still anxiously awaiting Once Upon A Time renewal news but this made me very happy! *sigh of relief*

    Now fingers crossed for OUAT

    • MLPR says:

      No way. I am hoping that OUAT gets the boot since Jennifer Morrison is leaving. Glad for The Originals, though!

  23. It’s been rating pretty well for a Friday night CW series. It makes sense to renew it. I think they will be better off though sticking with a 13 episode season rather then trying to go back to 22. It will also be interesting to see if any former Vampire Diaries cast members join the show next season.

  24. Ash says:

    Nooo not Julie Plec.

  25. Carla Krae says:

    Well, at least one thing made me happy today.

  26. Cody says:

    Great! I can take a breath now as I was holding out for this show and the three chicago shows that was renewed as well. Glad inwilk be able to need the mikealsons back in my living room once again.

  27. Wooster182 says:


  28. Kimberly Chamberlain says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  29. Katie says:

    I’m so freaking happy! I can breathe easier now! I was so afraid they’d cancel it but thank God they didn’t! If they decide to keep it to 13 eps, I can live with that. My summer has just been made! Yahooooo!

  30. Mary freeman says:

    I am so happy and excited The Originals will be back!!! My daughters and my favorite TV Show… Watchtd the TVD and loved it, but The Originals is the best!!!!

  31. M says:

    I’m glad The Originals will be back (again for a short season, I assume? I think it’s better that way), but reading that it had the same demo as No Tomorrow, and No Tomorrow was axed, is seriously disappointing.

  32. Mary freeman says:

    Thank goodness!!! Best show on TV better than TVD… Happy daughter and mom:)

  33. Linda says:

    AWESOME!! I love the Originals and I am so happy they will be around next season!
    Thank yoou

  34. CK says:


  35. rose says:


  36. Misty L Williams says:

    So so so happy!!! This is such a great and exciting show.

  37. Yes! So happy! Love love this show!!!

  38. Berrylicious says:

    I just love CW announcements today. First, I see that Originals has been renewed and then that Isaiah Washington won’t be regular on The 100 anymore. Best day ever! Lol

  39. Will says:

    I’m happy, but if this Is the last season, let us know ahead of time, I’d rather know going in than just have it not be renewed, like we had for TVD or like Grimm did calling season 6 the final chapter.

  40. L says:

    Best fantasy show about the ties that bind. Keep the edge and don’t get soft.

  41. Oh good says:

    I’m happy about this. Hopefully there will be more seasons after that as well and they aren’t just pulling a Buffy/Angel. Besides, WB/CW has a great track record with shows starring two brothers.:)

  42. Erick Voshel says:


  43. This is the best news in a long time! I am very, very, very happy!!! Thank you, CW!!!!

  44. ejdax37 says:

    This is the best new I have heard all day! This is the show I have been worried about so that is a relief. I am a little worried about Plec taking over but will give her the benefit of the doubt. I don’t mind the 13 episode seasons I feel that they can better serve the show, they can tell a tighter story. I have been loving this season so far, but If they kill off Freya’s new girlfriend I will be mad, she deserves a relationship! The only thing that is worrying me is Elijah and Haley, I feel he is going very dark to protect Klaus and Hayley will feel that she has to protect Hope from him and they will pull away from each other, but now we have another season for redemption!

  45. Edel vesey says:

    Ooh I’m delighted the originals is been renewed for a fifth season absolutely love this show 👍👍😘😘

  46. g3popstar says:

    God, I love it!!!

  47. Edel vesey says:

    Ooh I’m delighted to hear that the originals are returning for a fifth season absolutely love this show 👍 👍 😘 😘