Last Man Standing Cancelled ABC

Last Man Standing Cancelled at ABC

Last Man Standing is no longer on its feet: ABC has axed the Tim Allen sitcom after six seasons, TVLine has learned.

Allen starred as Mike Baxter, a conservative sporting-goods exec whose traditional values often clashed with those around him, including his liberal son-in-law Ryan (Jordan Masterson). Nancy Travis co-starred as Mike’s wife Vanessa; Amanda Fuller, Molly Ephraim and Kaitlyn Dever played Mike and Vanessa’s three daughters.

Last Man Standing was a Friday-night staple for ABC, racking up a total of 130 episodes. This season, it averaged 6.4 million total viewers and a 1.1 demo rating, down just a tick from Season 5 (as well as the season before that), but only out-rating fellow ABC comedies The Real O’Neals, Dr. Ken and newbie Imaginary Mary. It wrapped up its sixth and final season in March, with Jay Leno guest-starring in the finale.

Will you miss seeing Tim Allen on ABC every week? Hit the comments with your Last Man Standing memories. 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Billy meacham says:

    Damn u abc!!! But u renew modern family for two seasons smh!!!

    • Paul says:

      Modern Family gets better ratings on a more competitive night!

      • Ann says:

        Last Man Standing gets great ratings on a night that not many people watch tv….ratings are low all-around on Friday nights.

        • justice says:

          Not to mention it’s syndicated on several other stations. The only difference this year is Tim Allen spoke out in support of Trump and Republicans so they axed him. It’s pretty obvious.

          • Cheryl A Boyle says:

            Hammer meet nail

          • Dee Willoughby says:

            I didn’t think of that makes sense- well ABC toodles you are dead to me and proved what Tim Allen said about the business- I am not of his political persuasion but who cares- the show was great. How much did Trump pay them?

          • Todd says:

            ABC owns Modern Family; they don’t own LMS (21st Fox does). It’s an expensive show.

            There’s no conspiracy about it.

          • Lorraine B says:

            That’s it in a nutshell! There is just such hate out there for free speech…but not from those on the Left…..

          • Cris says:

            I totally agree and of course no one can have an opinion or support our president.

          • Kevin Caldwell says:

            I tend to agree.

          • denise says:


          • Linda young says:

            One of the best. Only makes sense they would cancel. Hope Canada picks it up. God forbid if you aren’t a flaming liberal.l

          • Donna Creecy says:

            Come on! Flaming liberal? Really?! I am a fan of Last Man Standing also, and I was very upset to hear it had been cancelled. But why does every comment on every subject have to elicit a slur or slam of some kind against the other political party? I swear I could post a comment about cotton balls and someone would accuse me of being a “flaming liberal” or worse…so you’re not unique. I bite my tongue every day to keep from pissing off someone who has different views. I realize I’m not going to change someone else’s mind…and it’s a cheap price to pay to be kind.

          • Donna I feel the same way-it is a good show-left, right or center and it is frightening that it appears that one must be on one side or the other and there is no middle ground – or if on opposite sides that respect is no longer extended – very sad

        • Helene Lucca says:

          Damn you ABC! Last Man Standing is a staple for Friday night baby-boomers! It is a perfectly good show and true to life with the father being a conservative and the son-in-law being a cry baby liberal millennial! You are crazy to cancel this show!

          • Dee Willoughby says:


          • LaloBean says:

            In this day and age what we need is more unity not more division and the show preaches division in the family where we need unity most. It also preaches societal separatism.

            I’m also a “baby boomer” and pretty traditional … but in this case am glad to see this negative influence gone. It’s time for everyone to stop ragging on everyone else.

          • kathy finnegan says:


          • All the networks care about is money, meaning ratings. If more of these outspoken conservatives had actually watched the show instead of waiting until now to sing its praises then perhaps it wouldn’t have been cancelled. Though it seems you would rather just have this as an excuse to bash your political opposition.

          • Cris says:

            Absolutely sad that they chose to cancel the show. It was a smart show.

          • Meggie says:

            @LaloBean if you actually watched the show, then you’d know it’s actually more about how they’re all different, but they always come together or help each other out. NOT division at all. Coming together even though your beliefs are different.

          • Domecq says:

            So true! HeleneLucca.IGuess we’re not allowed to have a breath of fresh air on network tv. Pretty scary. Pretty much why I watch fox news and old movies.

          • Nick says:

            LaloBean…It’s clear from your statement that you don’t even really watch the show. The show is about unity. It has family members of different political beliefs who can keep their opinions separate from how they feel about one another. In some cases, they can even see the others’ point of view. They can all joke around with one another and the show is the only one that doesn’t just pick on Trump. It makes good-natured jokes about everyone.

          • Nick says:

            @Angela American Crime and the other shows that got cancelled had crappy ratings so none of them make good arguments!

        • MikeM says:


        • Lance says:

          Spot on.

          • Lorraine B says:

            “Division”?? ABC is the one acting divisive! Life is real and it was portrayed that way in Last Man Standing! If you didn’t like it, you didn’t have to watch it. ABC should of renewed it on it’s merits and there were many. It was a crappy political decision, which means (for our family TV viewers anyway), no more ABC. We’ll watch Netflix, Prime Video, Pureflix or one of the many other that are available out there!

        • Another Poster says:

          It was also a great 8 PM show to start off ABC’s Friday night line up.
          It was easy of ABC to cancel Last Man Standing, because they did not own it and it was getting expensive after 6 seasons.
          Let’s see what they put in its time slot to compete against the popular MacGyver, and to bring in viewers for their 9 and 10 PM programs. That will not be so easy.
          It was a real shame that Last Man Standing did not get the series finale it should have after 6 years on the air. It’s season/series finale was just another episode where nothing special happened.
          The season/series finale of Dr. Ken, looked like a real series finale, (where Dr. Ken left the medical clinic to work as actor on a TV show about a “community” college), and its cancellation was no surprise to anyone who saw the last show.

          • He was fired because he said he was tired of all the anti Trump crap. This was a political decision.

          • Angela says:

            @marypippert: Except there were plenty of liberal-leaning shows on ABC that also got cancelled this week (“American Crime”, for instance), and Patricia Heaton’s a conservative and yet her show “The Middle”, which is also on ABC, is still going strong and is widely praised to boot.
            So no. This was not politically motivated. People need to quit with this ridiculous narrative.

          • June Bailey says:

            It’s a sad comment that tv networks can’t tolerate even one show with both liberal and conservative views. Haters are gonna hate!

          • Nick says:

            It really wasn’t easy of ABC. It was quite stupid. You negotiate and come to a compromise. I’m sure Tim Allen would’ve tried to work with everyone. Besides, they would’ve saved money from cutting Eve from the cast. She should be going away to school. Anyway, bottom line is that ABC has got to stop cancelling popular shows without finding replacements that will do just as well!

        • jericho says:

          Thats the thing they don’t mention in the comparisons they made. It may be 4th in their comedies, but it gets good ratings for a Friday show. I just hope we dont get more “reality” Friday fare. Shark Tank is one thing, but Toy Box is horrible. ABC is going to drive my family to Netflix on Friday nights.

          • LaloBean says:

            Agreed, I hope it’s replace by something that is NOT a reality show. And ditto on Toy Box — that show is just awful… there’s nothing redeeming about it.

          • Nick says:

            It got second in ABC comedies and third on the network. ABC is lucky that I will continue to watch “The Goldbergs”, “Fresh off the Boat”, “Modern Family” and “Grey’s Anatomy”, but that’s it! I won’t be watching any new shows and I definitely have no interest in a “Grey’s Anatomy” prequel series. Shonda is ruining “Grey’s” without the April/Jackson pair-up and I won’t be watching live.

        • michelle says:

          And they have done it again. I looked forward to watching Last Man Standing on Friday night. And, if I wasn’t gong to be around, I’d set my DVR and watch it the next day. Between CBS and ABC they need to get rid of the people who make the decisions of what gets cancelled and what stays. Clearly they are not competent enough to make those decisions.

        • Wendy says:

          Lalo Bean no one raged on this show, they had everything that you get from Modern Family just not in your face…..the oldest daughter and husband were liberals, the youngest daughters best friend was gay….. Mike and Vanessa’s buddies were black his father owned an operated a pot store….what more diversity were you looking for ….I think what got the show axed was that Mike was a Christian Republican ……what more did you want? It’s a shame that you can’t watch a program unless the views are the same as yours…..

      • Lorraine B says:

        “More” competitive? You mean “Less” competitive!

      • Nick says:

        Paul…that’s the point. “Last Man Standing” earns high ratings for ABC on a night when fewer people watch television. The truth is that “Modern Family” is running out of storylines. They should’ve renewed each show for one more season. “Modern Family” is going to get stale. They’d better find a way to bring back Andy.

    • Jim says:

      Exactly what I was thinking, this junk modern family stays on, probably cause al bundy ed oniel. But Last Man Standing, one of the funniest shows on gets cancelled.

    • Frank U says:

      Horrible Decisions, This is Why ABC is #1 for terrible shows. Not sure about ratings, and the baby’s who can’t handle the shows truth, and material but alot of people love this show and I will no longer watch ABC anymore, yea your thinking 1 person, who cares, well it’s not just one, I’m speaking for Tons.

      • Sharon U. says:

        You certainly are speaking for me. Not only is ABC out, so are their sponsors. You have to hit these people in the pocketbooks!

        • janet says:

          I love this show. its the reason I hurry to turn the tv on in the evening. i’m going to see who their sponsors are and boycott all of them.

    • Trish says:

      A. Another B. Bad. C. Choice.
      Discusted once again. Tell it Jim.

    • Judy Gooden says:

      ABC, Why don”t you cancel show like the VIEW, it is disgusting women, constantly downing our President, there r other shows that r terrible yet you leave them on, Last Man Standing is a great show ,Tim Allen we all love.. we want this show to stay on.Shame on ABC….

    • Debra Desch says:

      Last man standing best comedy in decades YOU SUCK ABC……

    • Kathy Weir says:


    • Nick says:

      Right!!!! Modern Family doesn’t have that much more plot to work with…it’s going to get stale. Each show should’ve been renewed for one more season.

  2. Jimmy says:

    I’m going to miss the show. It was funny and entertaining.

    • Jim says:

      Worst Decision ABC will make, I know alot of people who love this show, I love it, my whole family watches this show everyday. Guess the liberals don’t like it’s realness. But seriously this show being cancelled with all the other junk that’s still on is a crime. Good luck with this decision. Guarantee it’s a bad one.

      • Robin Stark says:

        Shame on you, Jim, for making such a generalization. I am a liberal and I love this show. I am extremely disappointed that it is being cancelled. One of the great things about it was how it showed the juxtaposition of both sides (all sides), in one well-written, hilariously-acted TV show. I’d sooner blame the time slot or probably just people who don’t appreciate good TV [sigh]. I guess there are a lot of them, dammit.

        • BobM says:

          Robin, First off it’s a free world. Jim can say what he wants. Just because it doesn’t jive with a liberals doesn’t mean he is wrong or should be shamed. For the most part Jim is 100% right. You know this if you look at the other shows that are still going that are much worse. Nobody makes it on Friday nights hardly. Last Man Standing did for a long time. So Robin, relax with your shaming people who don’t think like you. Jim could very well save your life one day.

          • Lance says:

            Bob, Robin is correct I keep seeing all these posts about liberals and it’s their fault. Don’t bring up liberals then shame people for pointing it out. I love the show as a show. I do not care about anything but the show being good. ABC isn’t a well watched station for a reason. How abiut we take politics out of it.

          • So it’s okay for Jim to shame people who don’t think like him, but not okay for Robin to do so in response? And in case you didn’t notice, Robin AGREES that the show was good and deserved to stay on. You’re letting that similarity between you two take a backseat to politics. But isn’t one of the hallmarks of a good show its ability to bring people together despite their differing opinion? So why are you turning away allies just because they happen to fall on the other end of the spectrum? If anything, you should be appealing to peoples’ common interests to help keep the next good conservative-oriented show from being canned (by getting more people of all beliefs to tune in). So maybe let’s not let politics drive us apart any more than it already does.

        • great comment. the primary problem in this great country is the insistence of labelling everyone and everything

          • June Bailey says:

            There ARE no other conservative shows on tv. Some of us are tired of all shows having gay couples, no references to church, or talk show hosts and comedians disrespecting our president. Last Man Standing was a breath of fresh air.

        • C says:

          Jim was likely referring to liberals in charge at ABC who didn’t like Allen’s politics.

      • M says:

        The problem with comments (in general) about the show getting axed because of Tim Allen’s political views or its conservative material is that the show was on for 6 seasons. Did it always have a conservative viewpoint? Was Tim Allen always conservative and open about it? Was the episode order cut last fall or whenever it was he expressed his support for Trump? The show has apparently been on the bubble every single season yet has survived. This season, the ratings went down, even if slightly, but maybe that popped the bubble. There are already lots of episodes available for syndication, where apparently it does quite well and likely will continue to do so. Automatically assuming that the cancellation is due to Allen’s comments or the show’s conservative angle (again, generalizing across many people’s responses) is a big leap. It’s like the saying: If you hear hoof beats, assume horses, not zebras. It was likely economics.

        • Lance says:

          M, well stated.

        • Brad Tafoya says:

          You forgot about one thing, the political climate against anyone who shows any support for Trump are ‘attacked’. The current climate is about cleansing the airwaves of any conservative viewpoints.

        • Lorraine B says:

          I don’t buy it. Sure Last Man Standing has been on for several years and it kept getting renewed. Donald J Trump has caused people to become more nasty than ever before. Tim’s show was fine even with Obama as president but when DJT became President, the other party went crazy and has protested anything and everything prefaced with the name Trump. Irregardless of what political leanings you’re aligned to, it looks like a large number of people loved the show. I don’t think it was economic, they had a winning series! They need to be straight on the reason but we know they won’t…..

          • Nick says:

            @Lorraine B It’s sad and it’s not Trump’s fault that his haters are so nasty! He tries and he can’t help that the Democrats, Liberals, and Clinton do everything they can to badmouth him. He can’t do anything to silence the media or the talk show hosts’ that constantly bash him every day. “Last Man Standing” was a breath of fresh air with its good-natured jokes about everyone, just like Jimmy Fallon.

        • Linda Pitman says:

          Cancelling The Last Man Standing will be the biggest mistake ABC has ever made. Myself like millions of other Americans will definitely boycott ABC if they cancel last man standing simply because Tim Allen is pro Trump. The people that run that program must be the biggest idiots on the planet. Why cancel one of the top running programs simply because one of its Stars happens to like our president. Dumbest move ABC has ever made they just lost my business. Tim Allen has had a political Viewpoint since the very first show aired he was anti Obama from day one. They are cancelling the show because he is pro-trump bottom line there is no other reason for it it is a very well-liked show that is watched by millions. I hope ABC loses its viewership because of this idiotic move. Perhaps another smarter network will pick up the program because it is very well-liked. Talk about the First Amendment apparently you can’t do that on TV or your show gets canceled. ABC you just nailed your own coffin shut.

          • I am in absolute agreement. Liberal-conservative-who cares it is a beautiful show-excellent writing-funny-rewatchable-I too have the episodes saved. When there is not anything else on-which is 99% of the tie I rewatch. Thanks for NOTHING ABC-never will your programming enter my home again

        • Jay says:

          I agree. In so much as Tim Allen’s character was conservative and he regularly pronounced his sentiments there was also lively repartee between himself and his son-in law, Ryan. The character of his daughter Kristin was an outspoken Liberal who often fought with her dad over his politics. The end result is that both sides of the aisle were generally represented. And, let’s not forget the social commentary which was presented by the relationship of the Baxters and the Larabees. A liberal (and provocative) playing field was well presented in their interactions, with plenty of room left for insight.

          • I absolutely agree with what you have said. I am so very disappointed in their decision. Less and less on network tv-so seriously checking out several streaming options. Hope someone picks this show up it is great.

        • Nick says:

          Not true! Towards the end of the season, the ratings went up and it became the third watched show on ABC. It averaged the highest ratings number that it had pretty much ever produced! “Quantico” was supposed to be a lock to get the ax since their ratings had supposedly become abysmal. I never watched it and I stopped watching “Once” and “Agents”. What do you do when a show is only averaging 3 million viewers on ABC…you give it a spinoff? The Inhumans, the lack of Skye/Ward, them calling her Daisy, and her hooking up with other love interests are the reasons why I stopped watching the show. The Inhumans are boring and Friday night is going to sink faster than the Titanic for ABC.

  3. Lyndy says:

    For Fridays this show was doing quite good…I don’t get this cancellation

    • KLS says:

      Too expensive?

      • Ben says:

        I’m guessing that must be it, Tim Allen probably still doesn’t come cheap.

        • Nick says:

          I bet you he would’ve rather taken a cut or dropped some characters rather than not have a 7th season. Eve should’ve been going away to school anyway.

    • Ben says:

      Me either. I wish they’d given it a ‘final season’ at least.

    • C Cane says:

      Really. I do. Hollywood liberals. When you can’t compete in the arena, you destroy your opponent or shut them down.

      • Eli says:

        I was just going to say this. Allen is a big Trump supporter and I have a feeling they cancelled it to “punish” him. If he supported Hillary it would have been renewed. The ratings were much higher than other shows they renewed.

        • Carolyn Bess says:

          No surprise, again!

        • Exactly! This cancellation was definitely politically motivated.

          • M says:

            It was? Definitely? Absolutely? You have proof?Did the ratings go up and yet they still canceled it? Was Tim Allen always a vocal conservative? Was the episode order cut when he expressed support for Trump? There are a lot of wild assumptions going on. Networks care about economics.

          • Nick says:

            @M Yes, the ratings did go up by the end of the last season.

        • Cool Chick says:

          If you do not want to be punished.. Then don’t do wrong or be on the wrong side of right… People want it all these days .. To be a crappy person or have crappy views comes with punishment…

          • Stacy says:

            You want people with opinions that are “wrong” aka “different from yours” to be punished? Doing wrong – something immoral or illegal, and holding a view that opposes yours are very different things. People don’t get punished for crappy views. They get punished for violating the law.

          • C says:

            Not everyone in this world has the same opinion. It would be a boring world if everyone did have the same opinion. Having an opinion different from someone else’s is NOT wrong (in fact by definition of the word opinion). I’m not even a Trump fan, but come on! Implying that someone should be punished (in any way) because they support a different candidate than you is just silly. As is implying that an opinion different from your own is wrong.

        • Lance says:

          Eli, from what I have seen it’s a financial decision as Tim Allen gets big money and ABC didn’t feel is was cost effective when ratings taken into account which is why nobody watches ABC all that much.

          • Wendy says:

            However people did watch ABC just to watch Last Man Standing…..looks like the ratings will fall even lower now….

        • I agree with you what Tim says is pretty much true. And liberals don’t want to hear the truth

        • JoyAnne Whiteman says:

          What does that mean?
          A program that supports Christian values you say amen to it’s cancellation. Sounds like a liberal misappropriating the word amen.

      • Jamie says:

        Oh please – he’s been an outspoken conservative for a really long time. This is not new information. It was more likely axed because of how much the network has to pay him (because y’all know Tim Allen doesn’t come cheap) vs. how well the show was doing. But by all means, conservatives, continue to complain online about petty things while calling liberals “special snowflakes.”

        • Colleen says:

          Yup! He’s been an outspoken conservative for a really long time. But he wasn’t a Trump supporter before. It seems like anyone in Hollywood who supports Trump these days is getting their asses handed to them. But it’s ok. There are other networks to watch and support.

        • Cool Chick says:

          Yes thank you … Jamie… Conservatives are the biggest whiners about everything and every issue… As they call Liberals Special Snowflakes for having actual real concerns on real issues… Ugh.. And it is funny he’s a conservative.. Tho he went to jail for selling Coke .. Real conservative..or an A hole.. Lol..

          • proudAmerican says:

            Allen changed his life around and is trying to make a living. More then I can say about you winy liberals who collect your welfare checks while the rest of us work on a daily basis just to put food on the table.

            Not all of us can enjoy a “easy life” like you liberals have it.

          • Lorraine B says:

            Cool Chick: You are DEFINITELY not cool – you’re a Left Wing Loon that can’t handle the fact that #1, Tim is an outspoken conservative – I even doubt you even liked Tim Allen or watched the series! and #2, you ARE a whiny Left Wing Loon!!! That’s much nicer than your calling Tim Allen an “A hole”…..

        • C says:

          I agree that it’s unlikely that it got canceled due to politics. It’s likely that it’s too expensive or they just want to go another way. Hopefully CMT Will pick the show up like they did with Nashville.

          Besides, the show presented both sides of politics because the wife was a democrat.

        • June Bailey says:

          If Hillary had won, liberals wouldn’t have cared about Last Man Standjng. But now the crybabies are doing everything in their power to squash Trump supporters and make it look like no one supports him. Sick of it.

        • Nick says:

          I bet Tim Allen would’ve compromised for another season and it would’ve made more sense to cut some characters, starting with Eve. She should’ve been going away to the Air Force Academy!

      • KCC says:

        Why would ABC, aka the Hollywood liberals, air the show for six years if it’s cancellation is due to content? Has the content changed?
        TV is a business. If a show is generating enough profit it won’t get cancelled. The ratings are one thing, but advertisers have to be willing to pay the rates the networks charge for those ratings. Look at O’Reilly, he had great ratings but was canned because advertisers were not willing to purchase time on his show. If the advertisers didn’t bail on him, he’d still be on the air.

        • TheDuck says:

          You have posted an intelligent reply that addresses the issue at hand and doesn’t stoop to insults and name-calling.

          How did you get on the internet? :-)

        • justice says:

          “If the advertisers didn’t bail on him, he’d still be on the air.” debatable.
          Difference is Hollywood is taking a hard like against Trump supporters, not Republicans in general (although they don’t get much love their either). Advertisement was fine on this show and it was making good money in syndication. If you look at what was kept instead, you would see how obvious it is that this was politically motivated.

        • Nick says:

          “Last Man Standing” didn’t lose any advertisers and the ratings went up. ABC said that 20th Century Fox owned it and they weren’t going to be able to squeeze any more money out of it. However, since so many of the other shows have crappy ratings, it’s probably making them the same amount of money with their cut.

      • Cas says:

        This is an ignorant comment. Do you blame liberals for everything? As a liberal, I actually enjoyed the show. It showed liberals and conservatives working together and compromising often. Something not done in the real world. I also think it did really good for being on a Friday night and I am fairly certain ABC will have a hard time finding another show to get those numbers on a Friday night. With that said, I am sure Tim Allen is not cheap. So why not blame him for being so expensive?

        • Linda Bryant says:

          Amen. I’m a liberal too and love the show.

        • Nick says:

          @Cas Because I bet you Tim Allen would’ve rather compromised for one season than have his show cancelled. Also, I bet he would’ve agreed to cut characters like so many other shows are doing. After all, Eve should’ve been going away to school.

      • Billy Bob Johnson says:

        No conspiracy here. It’s simply a matter of money. The older the show, the more expensive it is to produce. Mediocre ratings and more money spell doom for old shows.

        • Nick says:

          @Billy Bob Johnson Except in this case, the ratings increased. They averaged about 6.5 for the whole season, but they hit 8 million viewers towards the end right behind “Modern Family”.

      • Tom says:

        You mean like 45, firing everyone who is against him? The reason this was cancelled was ratings. If it had better ratings it would have been worth paying the extra money Tim gets.

        • Nick says:

          @Billy Bob Johnson Except in this case, the ratings increased. They averaged about 6.5 for the whole season, but they hit 8 million viewers towards the end right behind “Modern Family”.

        • Nick says:

          @Tom It wasn’t ratings! I heard it averaged about 6.5 million for the whole season and increased to 8 million viewers by the end, right behind “Modern Family.” ABC was only making money from advertisers because it’s a Fox show. They wanted to produce more episodes of ABC shows so they could keep making money off of them for years in syndication. However, a lot of the shows have already made them pretty much all the money they’re going to because the people who want to watch them already are, and some of them have even gotten tired of them and stopped altogether.

      • Laurel Lane says:

        Didn’t Tim Allen actually say as much when he was a guest on a talk show?

    • Frank says:

      Politically motivated. Can’t have shows that poke fun at the left and do well in ratings, Orwellian thinking at it’s best

    • justice says:

      Tim Allen is a republic and the show is about traditional values. Plus he voiced support for the current President, so he had to be punished.

      • Cas says:

        No Tim Allen is expensive.

      • Angela says:

        And nothing says “traditional values” like supporting a president who’s been married multiple times and has had numerous affairs, right?

        • Nick says:

          @Angela People can’t change? I think love changes people. Also, some people change with age. The “married multiple times” thing doesn’t apply to values. A lot of people get married a lot because marriages don’t work out more than half the time.

  4. Goldenvibefan says:

    Another show I liked that got axed. Welp, I will definitely miss it. Was one of the best comedies still on the air.

  5. Paul says:

    I guess no man is left standing now.

  6. Van says:

    I wanted them to kill off eve in a war for being such a horrible person. Darn

    • Well, killing off Eve is just mean. Also, Eve isn’t horrible. She’s a teenager. If it had to be canceled, it would have been nice to at least have a final episode where issues are tied up. For example: Eve finally gets accepted to West Point, Mandy’s fashion line really takes off and she & Kyle move into their own home and Kristen realizes what an annoying ass Ryan is and kicks his ass to the curb.

      • Nick says:

        @Laural Billman Actually, Eve didn’t need West Point since she got accepted by the Air Force Academy. They could’ve even cut her from the last season to save money because she went away to school.

    • Nick says:

      @Van Mean…Eve didn’t even have to be in the last season! She could’ve just gone away to the Air Force Academy.

  7. A. D. says:

    This really sucks….Loved this show!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Wow. It is a brutal year for my favorite shows.

  9. Michael says:

    NOOOOOOO!!!! Good show it could have gotten a final season. I guess ABC is becoming the new NBC.

  10. anon says:

    Ha! It’s about time!

  11. Cancelled last man standing, sleepy hollow, Grimm; nothing to watch on Friday nights, alas!😔😢

    • Laurel Lane says:

      I know. I loved Sleepy Hollow and Last Man Standing; never missed either show. Guess the only show left for me on Friday nites is Blue Bloods….but I liked those other two shows better….

    • dan says:

      Lol. I’ve felt that since Stargate: SG1 and Battlestar Galactica got clipped. It doesn’t get much better as time passes either. :(

  12. Donna Salvi says:

    VERY disappointing ABC. This show has done well for you on Friday nights. My family never missed an episode. We are all feeling very sad about this news. Get rid of Modern Family and keep this one.

    • Chris says:

      Modern family has critical acclaim that this extremely unfunny show never had. It deserved to be cancelled long ago if we’re renewing this based only on quality.

      • Annie says:

        I’m not sure what show YOU were watching but it was far from unfunny.

        • Chris says:

          The one with Tim Allen and the tree annoying daughter who could barely act.

          • nick says:

            Well you can barely spell. But the show was amazing and funny and it got better overtime.

          • Chris says:

            It was not ever funny it was extremely stupid and for the uneducated.

          • Nick says:

            @ Chris It was very funny. You obviously didn’t like it because it doesn’t support your views and because of how people talk about Trump, Clinton, or Obama. I get it. I can’t watch any of the late night talk show hosts’ or the nasty jokes any show makes about Trump and his family. I don’t find them funny at all!

          • Donna Creecy says:

            Did you find it funny when Obama and family were compared to monkeys? I have a feeling you did.

        • Laurel Lane says:

          I agree with you, Annie. Loved this show and always looked forward to watching it.

        • Amanda says:

          I agree with you too! I wonder if the ratings included those that DVR’d it to watch at a more convenient time?

    • Ceree Norris says:

      I agree with uou.

    • Jim says:

      Totally agree

  13. carol says:

    omg nooooooo this show was great damn so funny
    stupid decision

  14. kmw says:

    Very stupid ABC. I get that Modern Family is their trophy show( really TWO!!! more years of that one) but LMS is so steady on a night that generally isn’t good and wasn’t pulling awful numbers( compared to some on FOX that will get renewed). I also get that they don’t own it either but ABC has had in reality a bad year and getting rid of a stable comedy isn’t going to help them. I am really disappointed that LMS didn’t get renewed

  15. Jennifer says:

    Ok. Seriously, this year Is a bloodbath for shows that I watch. Very depressed now. Given the way this day is going, code black, once upon a time and agents of shield are next.

    I need a drink

  16. Simon says:

    I’m sorry to the fans of this show, however this news makes me so happy. I hated this show so much: it-it- the f – it -flam – flames. Flames, on the side of my face, …
    And even worse since it became syndicated and was all over the TV.

    • Ben says:

      I’m familiar with the feeling of wishing a show would die, but you are not sorry to the fans of a show if you say you’re being pleased online. Just keep it to yourself.

      • Chris says:

        Your right we’re not sorry for the fans we’re ashamed that there were fans if this terrible show to begin with.

    • anon says:

      I don’t hate it but so many of my pro-T***p family members love it so I’m automatically biased against it. I am sorry that I commented earlier with my “ha!” comment. That was rude of me.

    • kamiamaya says:

      ” it-it- the f – it -flam – flames. Flames, on the side of my face,”
      I love that movie.

    • MikeM says:

      You obviously don’t appreciate good comedy.

  17. Mike says:

    seen episodes like them I hope it’s gets closeure and now waiting for news for AOS

  18. Carla Krae says:

    Whaaaaat? Ratings have been really good for Friday. It’s a consistent show for ABC. WTF?

  19. David Bloom says:

    The producers should try to shop this around to some cable outlets. The repeats draw good numbers on CMT.

  20. Brenna says:

    Boo, I actually was quite fond of this show. I watch it all the time on Netflix.

  21. Tracy288 says:

    No!!!!!!! I love this show!!!! :-(

  22. mzemina says:

    This was the only bright light on Friday night, not much else was worth watching. Maybe Netflix can pick it up!

  23. Steve menner says:

    I was hoping for at least a seventh season. I don’t get why ABC cancelled since it does so well than most shows that air on Friday night . If it because of money they should have least brought back for 13 episodes for proper closure. This was the only show I watch on abc beside dr ken and I thought that would cancelled before last man standing

  24. Ella says:

    What? This is a great show! But you renew The Middle and Modern Family who have so run out of storylines! Shame on you!
    Does Shonda need the time slot?

    • tvloverSA says:

      The middle is the funniest show on ABC right now has way better numbers than that trope. ……MF with all its past glory and large audience appeal deserves to leave at its own time.

  25. Jerry marz says:

    See what happens when a conservative show gets on a liberal station, dam snowflakes!🇺🇸

    • DryHeat says:

      So it’s the Left’s fault that not enough on the Right watched a conservative show?

      • Haz says:

        Weather politics played a role into its cancellation or not, it makes Channing Dungey look bad. Wasn’t it January when she spoke about wanting to develop content that the heartland and blue collar Americans could relate to? Yet Marc Cherrys show with Reba I’ve heard isn’t gaining much traction and who knows with AI returning if Roseanne will indeed come back or not. This is a little odd since ratings were stable and some have said Allen is expensive but I’m sure Patrica Heaton is as well. Is The Middle owned by ABC?

        • Bill says:

          Precisely; you knew the writing was on the wall when they ran the pro-church episode earlier this year; the network of Shondaland would never stand for that.

          • Jamie says:

            Plenty of Shondaland characters are church-goers. Spread your ignorance elsewhere.

  26. Bozo says:

    No! Say it isn’t so!

  27. Catherine says:

    Aw man!

  28. Adam says:

    I hated the show and have never liked him but wow. The most shocking cancellation in a long time. They must really be hoping American Idol works, or have spent all their money on reviving it.

  29. It does better numbers than praise-drenched Black-ish.

    This soft aged cheese show (LMS) is the stuff Becker or Raising Hope was made of. Sure, it was on for 6-7 seasons, but 10 years from now — in the big picture — SFW (!).

    It’s the type of show that’s *meant* for a syndication dump in crappy time slots of weekday afternoons at 2pm or overnight post-11pm on local stations. Certainly NOT the stuff 7pm (et) plum pre-primetime ModFam/Big Bang worthy.

    A LOT of disappointed markets tried @ 10pm (et) only to see it dumped to crappy times. WGN Chicago & Peachtree TV Atlanta for example. Just ask stations managers about trashy Two Broke Girls… another LMS for local syndication/cable returns.

    No, Allen’s show is the stuff of cable rot: weekday marathons on Hallmark & much like Murphy Brown, will be HOPELESSLY dated by 2020.

    Most of the shows (excluding ModFam/BigBang) I listed had glory years in its first 2 seasons on network. It all went down hill after.

  30. Richard Kutz says:

    Bring it back such a good and funny comedy.Why do they keep renewing all of these crappy shows….

  31. Sam says:

    Noooooo. It was a solid, traditional sitcom. I’ll miss it.

  32. Tomm Huntre says:

    Aww, man! I really enjoy this show. Well written. Well cast.

    My guess? Offended the left wing of the network execs. God forbid they air a sitcom with a right to middle point of view. Now I’m expecting THE MIDDLE to get axed. Sad

  33. Terri says:

    Hope another station picks it up…love this show

    • Another Poster says:

      I hope another network will pick it up as well. However, it will have to be a deal that makes that network money. ABC probably cancelled it because it was no longer profitable. TV is a business and the only way Last Man Standing returns to TV is by earning a profit for a network that airs it.
      I liked Last Man Standing and I wonder what ABC will air now to compete against MacGyver, which is very popular, (in the 18 – 49 demo), in the 8 to 9 pm time slot?

      • Daniel says:

        The thing is that Last Man Standing was doing very well. It was one of ABC’s top shows and it had a lot of viewers every Friday night. So if making money and having a lot of viewers is all that is needed in order to get another network to pick this show back up and create a seventh season, than I would say that chances are pretty good as long as their is a Network that is willing to pick it up.

      • Nick says:

        No it makes money…but more for Fox since it owns LMS.

  34. Aeol says:

    Good. It was an unfunny, entitled piece of junk.

  35. Thanks ABC, LMS was my only reason to tune into this forlorn network, 👎


    Modern Family got renewed because of the Gay element, I’m not homophobic, but can’t we have just one conservative show you F***ing Ass****s.

  37. Greg says:

    This is a show I truly looked forward to watching every week. They should have given it a proper send off. So much better than the garbage they kept.

  38. jerry klemm says:

    Z they should move the last man standing series to cmt network like they did with nashville.come abc . Missing it already

  39. jerry klemm says:

    Z they should move the last man standing series to cmt network like they did with nashville.come abc . Missing it already

  40. jerry klemm3 says:

    Missing it already bring it back on I’m serious

  41. Jules says:

    It’s always funny when something is canceled that I never knew was on.

  42. Molly says:

    Bummer. It wasn’t the best thing on TV, but it was certainly not the worst. I enjoyed it. It was the only thing worth watching on Friday nights.

  43. Kate says:

    Boo! Actually liked this show and the varying opinions about current issues. That you can have differences and still get along.

    • Annie says:

      Exactly! My family has differing opinions on things (political, religious, etc) but we all enjoyed this show.

    • Jan Maasch says:

      I agree, this show was great. It showed how a parent could let their children have their own ideas and political convictions without hate and division. Polititions should learn from this. I wish we could get rid of political parties and elect the president based on merit and skills versus based on party.

  44. Jolynn Helton says:

    Please don’t cancel Last Man Standing! It’s truly one of the best shows on TV!! There are SO many shows that are ridiculous by comparison!For instance, The Great Indoors, Superior Doughnuts, Modern Family, The Middle, Animal Kingdom….. PLEASE DONT TAKE THE FUNNIEST SHOW ON TV AWAY FROM US!After that, we LOVE Kevin CanWait, Man with a Plan, 2 Broke Girls,Criminal MindsX2, Hawaii50, NCIS X3,Amazing Race…You ALWAYS seem to take away all the shows my husband and I love! In fact, we joke we shouldn’t admit we like any shows, because they’ll be cancelled!

  45. Hope Sims says:

    Is there anything left on ABC now? Last Man Standing was one of my favorites that I never missed. Any good wholesome family show that the whole family can watch gets cancelled while shows I wouldn’t watch especially with my son are still on.

  46. Neal Kunz says:

    Last man standing only TV show worth watching. There is so much crap on TV.

    • Andrew Jackson McHatton says:

      Couldn’t agree more. There was finally a decent comedy on network TV with no smut, killing, senseless violence and ABC cancelled it. No wonder streaming is so popular.

  47. Bill wyckoff says:

    Love this show hate to see it go

  48. It was one of the few comedies I watched! Loved the cast and the show…it was hilarious!

  49. Rita Menak says:

    So sorry to hear about the cancellation of Last Man Standing. I looked forward to watching this very funny and entertaining show every Friday. I hope ABC will reconsider and renew!

  50. Brad says: