iZombie Renewed

iZombie Renewed for Season 4 at CW

Break out the celebratory champagne brains: The CW has renewed iZombie for Season 4.

Thus far in Season 3, iZombie is averaging 860,000 total viewers and a 0.3 rating, down sharply from Season 2. In the demo, it matches the also-renewed The Originals the recently axed Frequency and No Tomorrow, and out-rates Reign and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

iZombie is set to wrap its current 13-episode third season on June 27.

Are you excited for more undead iZombie adventures?

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  1. Roger says:

    Best DCTV show by far. Vertigo rocks.

  2. Lyndy says:

    Yaaay….this is awesome. Now if only the show’s ratings would go up and stay at 0.4 or higher. That way a season 5 can be guaranteed as well

    • Anne says:

      I think the Netflix numbers make a huge difference (and we don’t see those as the public). Izombie only airs on Netflix in Canada and I think a few other countries as well

  3. T.W.S.S. says:

    I’ve been mentally preparing myself for season three to be the end, but I’m looking froward to seeing what Rob does with a forth season and the growing zombie community.

  4. Big Cheddar says:


  5. drhenning says:

    Glad IZ has more…… I thought that maybe Rob Thomas couldn’t get past 3 seasons… This season has been terrific and really pretty funny.. Rose does a great job playing all those different brains…

  6. Anne says:

    Well thank frakkn god. It’s a slaughter this week for shows I love; glad that iZombie is surviving.

  7. opus says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! My favorite show on CW. Wish ratings would get better but this is fantastic news.

  8. Sam says:

    Huzzah! I was slightly worried for a bit but this is great news! I wish it was still on Hulu but if they take the Netflix numbers into account I’ll gladly keep bingeing it there!

  9. Monica says:


  10. Fdssite1 says:

    Might not be huge in america but more popular here in europe my sisters love it they will be happy to hear this news lol

  11. Margie says:

    I am so excited for this news. I love this show show much.

  12. Michael says:

    Great News this really is a good show, CW is becoming my go to place for good network tv

    • ninergrl6 says:

      It seems to be the only network that (1) tries to nurture genre shows and (2) doesn’t rely on Nielsen numbers to determine renewals. Praise Jesus!

  13. CourtTV says:


  14. Jason says:

    Excellent. It’s the CW we’re talking about, so I was anticipating this. But it’s still nice to stop worrying about it.

  15. Alichat says:


  16. Kerri says:

    Phew! So glad!!! I was worried about this one. WAHOO!!!

  17. I was also really worried about IZombie not making it another season, since they started Season 3 so late. This is great news. It is so entertaining. I am very disappointed about Frequency being canceled–I really liked that show too.

  18. I was really worried that IZombie wouldn’t get a Season 4 since the current season started so late. This is great news. It is a very entertaining show. I’m very disappointed that Frequency was cancelled–really liked that show too.

  19. Death says:

    i’m so happy izombie got renewed ♥

  20. Jared says:

    Good call CW! iZombie’s been great so far this season.

  21. Mac says:

    Yay! I was getting kind of nervous. I guess I still haven’t foriven the CW for Veronica Mars.

  22. Gerald says:

    Great news!!!

  23. Butch says:

    Yes. Finally some good news.

  24. Rylie says:


  25. mooshki says:


  26. ninergrl6 says:

    God bless the CW.

  27. DebG says:


  28. George H. says:

    Best zombie show on tv.

  29. murley says:

    YaaaaaaaaaaS. This is the best news.

  30. Shannon says:

    Yay! Best news in tv all week! I was expecting this, since Frequency and No Tomorrow got the axe already, but it’s good to see confirmation.

  31. Fantastic news! It’s official: all my shows are renewed from network to cable TV. It’s been a lucky year!.
    I love iZombie and I’m really happy to get one more season of Liv and friends. I’m also really enjoying the current season. Clive is even funnier now that he’s in on the zombie secret. His reaction to Liv on brains are priceless.

  32. lana says:

    YES great news this show is so underrated

  33. retsim says:

    Good news for all us fans .

  34. Cosmin says:

    Izombie need to come in mid-season on friday..against Bull or prison break or this is us , izombie can’t do good

  35. Jamie says:

    **Happy dance**

  36. BlittleU says:

    Fantastic news, this show is so good.

  37. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    Great. Zombies rule!

  38. With the overwhelming positive response here, it’s hard to believe that the show’s ratings are so low. CW is to be applauded for programming innovative and creative shows like iZ, CXGF and Riverdale, and standing by them despite “the so-called Fake Ratings.” (Couldn’t resist, even though in other areas, I’m resisting bigly).

  39. Kalie says:


  40. lulu says:

    Great news, now ratings need to be better in order to get a season 5 !! Watch it people, it is great tv !!

  41. Carol C says:

    Yay ~ great news!

  42. Mika says:

    This makes me happy, after losing Grimm, vampire diaries and SLEEPY HOLLOW, there isn’t much left to watch with a “supernatural” edge. Never really got into originals. So thank goodness we get to keep izombie!