Blindspot NBC

Blindspot Renewed for Season 3 at NBC

Blindspot is looking nearly as permanent as Jane’s ink: NBC has renewed the drama for a third season.

The renewal comes even though Blindspot‘s viewership dropped sharply when the freshman hit moved from Mondays at 10 pm to Wednesdays at 8 for Season 2. Averaging a 1.0 in the demo — and sliding as low as 0.9 — it currently ranks below the newly cancelled (and better-DVR’d) Timeless and bests only Grimm‘s farewell season, Shades of Blue, bubble drama Blacklist: Redemption and the recently axed Emerald City

However, when asked if the Peacock Net should keep or cut Blindspot, nearly 86 percent of TVLine readers said the Jaimie Alexander starrer should score a third season.

Blindspot‘s Season 2 finale airs Wednesday, May 17, at 8/7c on NBC.

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  1. onelastemperor says:

    Oh thank the Gods!
    I was worried)

  2. Rachel says:


  3. Michael says:

    That’s fantastic news! I’m so glad.

  4. Boiler says:

    Yea this makes a ton of sense where in the exact same timeslot last year Mysteries of Laura performed better and they were cancelled. I have nothing against Blindspot but this crap is why people are driven nuts by networks. How utterly stupid

    • KLS says:

      MOL might not have fit into NBC’s current plan, genre-wise. Plus, it may have been more expensive. Who knows?

      • Douglas from Brazil says:

        I’m not sure about that but I read somewhere that Debra Messing salary was in the range of 300k per episode. Also, Deadline is saying that NBC was not losing money on Blindspot.

      • Betsy says:

        i used to watch all the time. now i find myself watching the first and last 5-10 minutes every few weeks to see who dies or leaves.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I think Revolution’s ratings were around a 1.0 when it was cancelled, too. I wonder if the ownership is different or something? I agree it’s incredibly frustrating trying to understand this stuff.

      • Mark says:

        Well Revolution was 3 years ago now. With the continued rise of streaming (and other options for watching shows), what networks consider acceptable live ratings keep dropping. A 1.0 3 years ago was, relatively speaking, worse than a 1.0 today.

        • Katherine215 says:

          Networks have been a little slow to accept their new normal.

          • Mark says:

            Well the advertisers are a big part of the problem as well. Live+3 and Live+7 ratings have only started becoming relevant in the past couple of years, and even then they pale in comparison to the importance of Live+Same Day. They continue to put a ton of stock in an outdated and unsustainable viewership model. The whole system needs a change, cause it’s beginning to collapse on itself.

      • Gilded Lady says:

        Ownership matters. A network is more likely to keep a show if they made a show, because it’s how they offset loses in ad revenue.Live +3 and Live + 7 remain basically worthless because they almost always involve ad skipping. Eyes don’t matter if they aren’t watching the ads.

  5. KLS says:

    This surprised me, but since it’s a WB production, it’s cheap for NBC (same for Taken’s (International production) renewal announcement yesterday). Now, if they could just go back to what made it so intriguing in S1…

  6. Big Mike says:

    Another dagger in the heart of Timeless :(

  7. Lisa says:

    Yay!! I’m soooo happy. This just made my day. Bring on season 3. Still holding out hope for a Timeless renewal though.

  8. Ray says:

    Yes! Thank you, TV gods.

  9. TV Gord says:

    I hope they rerun it this summer. I’ve missed a bunch, thinking it would be done soon. Ooops.

  10. Katherine215 says:

    I’m happy about this, assuming it gets back to its season 1 glory and doesn’t try to introduce useless new characters to drive a wedge between Weller and Jane for “drama.”

  11. cej says:

    Really? To me, this show has been spinning its wheels in season 2. I would rather see a second season of Timless. Oh well.

  12. Casey says:

    A season 3 renewal almost means a season 4 renewal as well, though I don’t think the 80+ episode marker is as big of a deal anymore in terms of selling syndication rights. When they announce the actual daily schedule next week, I won’t be at all surprised if they place Blindspot on Fridays.

  13. Gerri says:

    Better this than Quantico. More Roman in the field please

  14. Spikenalabama says:

    But they cancel Timeless? Blindspot has been all over the place this season. Not nearly as good as the first season. SMH

  15. Pat says:

    Thank goodness, for this news. I was worried that I would see another cancellation of a show that I watch.

  16. TJ says:

    Why? Bad acting, bad writing!

  17. Kevin Tran says:

    Thank goodness for Blindspot not pulling a Revolution on them.

  18. kirads09 says:

    I am happy about this.

  19. It’ll be interesting to see what this means for The Blacklist.

  20. drhenning says:

    Another NYC area filmed series gets more.. Hurray.. And BS has been getting better in recent episodes..

  21. Michael Summerset says:

    I’m guessing they’re using it to replace Grimm on Friday.

  22. tvloverSA says:

    Yessssss NBC though sad about timeless but they are just too many time traveling shows… will get over that.

  23. Tahoe Mike says:

    Keep the show, kill Weller.

  24. Audrey says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised about the renewal. I sure hope the show can get back or near to its former glory self during in season one. This season has been boring and the forced will-they-won’t- they trope is vomit-inducing. The mystery is gone and as Sheperd’s plan is rolling out, it sounds more and more stupid. While this season does have some good moments, it’s a sophomore slump in my book.

  25. shannonmctx says:

    So happy, and I’d be also happy if next season is the last. Plan for a proper story wrap up

  26. PatriciaLee says:

    I guess that means what’s her name gets away and lives to be chased down another day. Fun.

  27. tonythetank says:

    The show could be much better. Please get better writers. If you going to have a shootout with the FBI finest shooters you better show they killed more of their enemy. Give me a break !!! How many did 6 to 8 trained FBI kill? It looked like one bad guy.

    • Carlos Lee says:

      Yes. It appears the only one who can shoot straight are members of the team! Btw, this is the 3rd time the FBI headquarters got infiltrated by baddies this season. I love the characters, but the storyline for season 2 has just been okay.

  28. doris says:

    I’m good NBC renewed 4/5 of my favorite shows Taken and Blindspot, Chicago PD and Chicago Med. Sorry, Timeless got the hit, loved it. Maybe Netflix or Amazon Prime will pickup?

  29. Max says:

    Needs to return to a 10 pm timeslot. How about Sunday nights?

  30. James D says:

    Nice! second season started slowly but the last few episodes have been great I’m happy NBC gave it another season.

  31. Renewed by a hairsbreadth I think. Come on Gero and Co, you wrote a fantastic first season. Find that magic again. This season was just awful.

  32. Eli says:

    This surprised me. I loved season one but it seems to have lost some of its mojo for me. I just didn’t find this season that interesting. I have been far more invested in the secondary characters this year and not really caring about Jane and Weller. Hopefully season 3 will get me invested again.

  33. fernando933 says:

    It’s going to fridays

  34. Jennifer says:

    YAY! Love this show! Love Sullivan Stapleton ever since Strike Back.

  35. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    Good, but they should have kept Timeless, too.

  36. Kali says:

    That’s nice to read. Though, to be honest, as much as I used to love this show during season one, season two wasn’t up there at all. I loved that this show used to focus not just on the plot, but also on the characters and that it struck such a nice balance between the two. But the whole Jane/Kurt alienation, his ex getting pregnant and him meanlessly sleeping with Nas, it just ruined to much for me. I’m still watching but with lots of fast forwarding. Too bad. I still wish they hadn’t cancelled Limitless. That was such a truly brilliant show.

  37. Ann says:

    So happy ‘Blindspot’ and “The Blacklist’ were renewed. Now I’m hoping ABC does the right thing and renews ‘Quantico’.

  38. Trena says:

    I CANNOT wait for season 3 of Blindspot. I really really love this show the actors are great especially Jane and Weller characters I absolutely adore and love them together. If this show is not renewed that would be a VERY HUGE mistake and it’s awhile since a TV show grabs my attention I literally turn my phone off and my kids know not to bother me when Blindspot is on I stay glued to the TV. I just can’t put it into words how much I love this show and the anticipation is killing me waiting for the next season. When I need a fix I re-watch each episodes. When is season 3 going to be aired?

  39. Two shots of everything... says:

    Should have cancelled and KEPT GRIMM. This show took a turn for the worst. 1st season was the best then it went down hill.

  40. Jerry McCue says:

    When is Blindspot season three coming on