NCIS Sean Murray McGee Wedding

NCIS: Sean Murray Previews Emotional Wedding Drama, Then a 'Wild' Finale

NCIS‘ Tim McGee and Delilah Fielding aren’t set to exchange vows until summer, but the wedding-day drama will arrive early, and hard, tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

As the episode opens, the groom-to-be “is doing OK, you know? He’s always a little overwhelmed, but other than that he’s doing OK,” Sean Murray tells TVLine. “We’re getting ready,” with tux fittings and such, “and McGee, as usual, is sort of in a state of, ‘Well, I’m not quite sure what I want to do here.’ He’s overwhelmed by all the little details, and that’s sort of what the episode is about — McGee learning not to sweat the small stuff so much.”

Especially given that some very big stuff is about to turn his and Delilah’s world upside-down.

“In the midst of everything, Delilah (returning guest star Margo Harshman) collapses and is rushed to the hospital, which just kills McGee,” Murray previews. “McGee being McGee, he freaks right out and needs help from everyone. He does a lot of contemplating, as it kind of puts things in perspective for him.”

Akin to Season 14 episodes that dealt the likes of Bishop, Torres and Quinn “some heavy stuff,” “It’s an emotional one” for McGee, says Murray, who singles out “a McGee and Gibbs scene, a moment, that I’m pretty proud of.”

Murray, like NCIS‘ co-showrunners, was quite mum on how things will shake out for fiancé and fiancée, only promising that viewers will go through “a lot of different emotions” during the final act.

NCIS Season 14 FinaleLooking ahead to next Tuesday’s season finale, in which Gibbs, McGee and Torres travel to a remote area in Paraguay that is controlled by violent rebels, Murray describes it as a “really busy one” and “a wild shoot.”

“We went for some pretty cool action stuff, so I’m still sore and recovering from that a little bit,” he shared with a laugh.

And as for talk that the finale might hint at a change to the team for Season 15, “On our show, that’s a real possibility sometimes,” the longtime cast member allowed.

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  1. The Rookie says:

    Already disappointed knowing Tony will not be the best man. There is no logic, reason, or justification for not having MW film a scene for the wedding.

    • Andrea says:

      I disagree. As much as I like Tony, the reality is that Michael is the lead actor on another series that films in New York. Such an appearance by Tony would have been lovely if Michael were between projects and had the time, but that’s not the case here. He had his own responsibilities to his own series.

      I’m sure that we’ll get a mention of Tony and that will suit me just fine.

    • Paige says:

      I didn’t see anything about a best man so how do you know? It references the wedding taking place over the summer. If the wedding happens as planned, it’d probably be shown in flashbacks next season.

  2. chadcronin says:

    I thought he was Colin Hanks at first glance

    • Albert says:

      Didn’t they have a joke about Muarry and Hanks resembling each other in the season ten premiere? I’m curious if they are going to cut a few cast members after the finale. I tried being open minded but I ended up dropping the show a couple of months ago and just reading recaps.

  3. Ida Gonzalez says:

    Can you please, please lower the music background on NCIS especially when it involves Abby. Music overpowers the dialogue when characters are speaking. It’s overwhelming and extremely annoying.

  4. Jason says:

    I know you can’t take previews at face value, but if they were to kill off Delilah, I might drop kick my tv through the window. And there is absolutely no reason for she and McGee to do anything other than successfully get married. This is season 14 for god’s sake. If you’re not going to let characters evolve now, then when, exactly. She is a wonderful character and they’re great together. I can’t think of a single benefit to disrupting that. They’ve spent two season blowing up Bishop’s personal life. You could say much the same of Tony, as well. So far, Palmer is the only one allowed to actually have a settled home life. Speaking for the majority of us who’ve watched this show for all these years, it’s not going to kill the writers to throw us a bone from time to time. It’s a little sad when a spin-off like NCIS L.A. is lapping the mothership on matters of personal growth. I guess they figured out there are storylines other than revenge, loneliness, and grief to be mined. So go ahead and commit, NCIS! You might find it rewarding.

    • Larc says:

      Agree. NCIS needs to jettison some excess baggage, but I don’t think that should be Tim or Delilah.

    • Andrea says:

      I could see Delilah dying if there’s a good chance that Margo Harshman becomes a series regular on another show. Maybe she did pilot season. I do agree that NCIS has a knack for killing off characters, but the other choices for Tim would be to break up with Delilah or to have her be completely off-screen.

      Although, I don’t think we’ll lose her. The vibe from this article is the same one I got from the promo…that’s what TPTB want everyone to think is going to happen, but it actually does not happen.

    • Maria says:

      It’s NCIS…they must kill the wimmenz!! (Jenny, Shannon and Kelly, Agent Lee, Kate, Paula Cassidy….)

    • Royberto says:

      Well, Tim and Delilah got married. Seems like they let characters evolve.

  5. Betty says:

    What ever you do PLEASE NEVER CANCEL THIS SHOW. This is the best show on TV. DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW. EVER!!!!!!!

  6. Donna m says:

    Tues is our favorite night for tv. NCIS is our most favorite.

  7. Olga Stewart says:

    If they are considering a change to the team, I hope that they will get rid of Torres.

    I’m just not a fan of both his character and the actor.

  8. Paulette says:

    How disappointing that Tony didn’t make a guest appearance for Tim’s wedding. It just didn’t feel right. After all they spent 13 seasons together. It was just wrong!!

    So is Gibbs leaving the show. It’s obvious Gibbs is not well. He clearly has lost weight and looks like he has aged significantly this

    season. Maybe he needs some time off but I hope it’s not permanent.. You can kiss the show goodbye if that’s the case..

    I think they should drop Torres and Quinn. Not the right chemistry for the show. Both were boring and just didn’t fit in…

    Still not over that Tony and Ziva are gone…

    I am a dedicated NCIS fan and watch religiously…..

    • Rose Skeffington says:

      I agree bring back tony

    • Andrea says:

      As long as Bull is a series, I think the only time we’ll see Tony again is when CBS decides to end NCIS. Then, I think the network will be inclined to work with Bull and NCIS to make it possible for Michael to reprise the role of Tony to close the series. However, I don’t see Tony returning for any other reason.

      • Royberto says:

        If NCIS wants Tony for an episode, Bull, NCIS and CBS will make it happen. They know that their is a ratings bonanza to be had if they can convince Cote to do an episode to give Tony and Ziva the sendoff they deserve(Ask Cote to write it so she is gets it exactly the way she wants it). Tony on his own would be ratings, but the only reason to bring him back at this point would be to reunite with Ziva. It would be kind of awkward to bring him back while he is still looking for answers regarding Ziva’s “death”.

    • Royberto says:

      Gibbs isn’t leaving. The only way he does is if the show wnds with him.

  9. Chloe says:

    Was really hoping that the wedding wouldn’t happen for whatever reason. I don’t dislike Delilah but I always preferred McGee with Abby.
    Also have to say that although Delilah is portrayed as being smart, she’s apparently not so bright when it comes to birth control & dense as hell when it comes to not realizing she’s 10 weeks pregnant. Even if you’re under stress, etc, most women would be nervous [panicky?] & get a pregnancy test. In 10 weeks, this chick never thought “gee, I wonder”???

  10. Margaret Johnson says:

    I loved the episode. Not upset Delilah did not know she was preggers. Many folks who are disabled are on meds that might mask her condition. And as for not being on the pill they obviously wanted to start their family and when it happened was ok just did sooner rather than later. Having the whole team there for the wedding was a cute twist. Didn’t miss Tony as that would have taken away from the wedding couple but I expect he might make a guest appearance for the party Tim said they would have later. It can be filmed during hiatus.
    On the whole love all the NCIS’s.

  11. Andrea says:

    Next season should be interesting, depending on how much reality the show draws on. I have a disability and use a wheelchair, but am not paralyzed. I never had kids but was told if I ever did, I would automatically be considered a high-risk pregnancy because of my disability plus use of the wheelchair. I wonder if the writers will just handwave all of that or play out parts of it? No more trips to Dubai for Delilah until after the baby is born.

  12. Freida says:

    Criminal Minds??????
    Code Black??????
    These are high quality shows!!!

  13. James Dumas says:

    I am happy for McGee and Delilah, they deserve it. Too bad Tony and McGee’s sister couldn’t be at the wedding.

  14. Mary says:

    I laughed out loud and cried happy tears . . . Great episode!!

  15. lrdslvrhnd says:

    Something I absolutely hated about the impromptu wedding: Everybody from McGee’s work family was there… but *nobody* from Delilah’s job. I get that they weren’t taking time to fly everybody in and there’d be a proper wedding ceremony later where they do that… but you’d think that Delilah would have *some* friends in the city where she’s lived and worked.

  16. Niikki says:

    Personally I think after The story line of Tony & Ziva known as Tiva This show has gone down the pan, killing Ziva off and then getting rid of tony to take care of their little one which resorts in him leaving, both parents should be there with their daughter.
    I always watch the season that they both played in, they have a passion of a love/ hate relationship. This show needs them. Back with their daughter Talli.