Supergirl Recap

Supergirl Recap: 'A Hero Without a Suit'

Much of James’ inner turmoil on Monday’s Supergirl hinged on his inability to understand why the citizens of National City were so afraid of Guardian, to which I counter: What isn’t scary about Guardian?

I mean, I understand that Guardian is one of the good guys, but I also have the added benefit of watching his story unfold through the magic of my television. Objectively speaking, James’ alter ego — with his shadowy armor and terrifying cover-up voice — is a walking nightmare.

In the end, it took the innocence of a child — not Winn, an actual child — to help James understand that he’s of great use to mankind. The DEO needed to get close to Marcus, a young alien whose mother was responsible for a telekinetic attack on the city, and James turned out to be just the man for the job. (Meanwhile, your guess is as good as mine how Cat Co. is still afloat with James at the helm. Do we ever see him doing his actual job?)

POST MORTEMSupergirl‘s Chyler Leigh, Floriana Lima Open Up About ‘Sanvers’ Moment, LGBT Storyline’s ‘Profound’ Impact

When it was discovered that Lena and Rhea’s portal-in-progress was the cause of Marcus’ mother’s freakout, the whole crew descended upon their lab for a little chat an explosive smackdown that ended with Mon-El threatening to shoot his own mother in the head. And had she told him the truth about his father’s death, rather than claiming he committed suicide after Mon-El’s betrayal, he might have actually done it!

(Side note: Did no one in the lab overhear Rhea’s incredibly incriminating phone call with Supergirl earlier in the episode? Maybe they did, but believed her when she claimed it was a telemarketer. I’ve been known to threaten them with intergalactic destruction, myself.)

In the end, Rhea revealed her master plan — or, rather, it revealed itself when thousands of Daxamites began flying though the portal, hovering over National City as Rhea declared, “Welcome to New Daxam!”

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  1. jason says:

    Can’t help but think this turn with Guardian was because of fan reaction to how poorly the writers developed the entire plot. Clear they’re back tracking on the entire thing.

    • Sara says:

      No interest in the Guardian storyline. And, at this point, no longer interested in James.

    • Jim says:

      Thought #1: Oh good, a James episode (/sarcasm/). Thought #2: If they don’t want to encourage the whole Kara/Lena thing, they shouldn’t shoot them having lunch together with camera angles that suggest they’re leaning in over the table about to make out.

      • canadian ninja says:

        They clearly want to walk the line where it’s not super obvious to casual fans but the shippers can get excited about every morsel tossed their way and keep watching. It’s pretty overt if you’re looking for it. I mean my lord the long loving ‘friendship’ stares these two give each other. The fan fiction practically writes itself.

      • Theo J says:

        Good job James, the City Of Lost Children honor you with gratitude. It’s also fun to pay homage to the fine art of Transformation, when it’s time for Kara to don the red boots.

    • Guardian99 says:

      I tried to help from noticing the TvLine Intro person’s use of the word “inability,” to describe James. Inability? Really? That reads like a headful of silly putty. From the Realm of objective viewership, inability, simply does not apply. Anyone who watched COLC could clearly see that Mr. Olsen aptly displayed recurring consideration.

  2. Sara says:

    This sucks. I like Mon-el and this all but assures that he will leave at the end of the the season. Someone is going to have to take all the Daxamites back home.

    • I really hope this is true because I can’t stand him!

      • Fern says:

        Preach! I really hope this mean Mon-El’s days are numbered.

      • Olivia says:

        Let’s hope so. The only fans he has are CW fangirls and dudebros who’d love to have Supergirl actually be about Superman and see him as a self insert. Pretty much everyone else hate him and what he’s turned the show into. Including reviewers. If TPTB don’t see that, they’re blind.
        I feel cheated that Cadmus has been planted as the season villain and we end up with subpar threat and this ridiculous last minute Daxam stuff.

        • Anna says:

          How old are you, Olivia? I bet you don’t mind seeing Oliver Queen or Barry Allen paired up with someone but Kara Danvers shouldn’t. Why, exactly? Are you adult enough to understand that no one in life can exactly fares well in any area of their lives without someone who loves them and who loves them back?

          • Sara says:

            Agree. And I am not a fan girl. And I hate the argument that Kara cannot have a love interest because it is not feminist. Whatever

            Mon-el is very polarizing. Some sites LOVE him. Other HATE him. Either way, he will probably take his people home. But James’s is worse. No one hates him. They just do not care. Which is worse.

            And next season will become the Alex show. I like her and Maggie but I watch for Kara. Not for Alex and Maggie. Or even worse, the show will be even more political than it is. Which is turning me off more than anything else.

            I am going to watch the rest of this season and early next and then will determine if I keep watching. We will see.

          • dansue says:

            Oh wow, that last sentence reflects such a narrow understanding of love I just gotta shake my head.

          • Olivia says:

            @Anna: Thanks for your concern! In my thirties, married, but I guess I don’t know and I would love to learn from you. Single people will love to learn “how to succeed in life” from you as well, I’m sure! Also the only other show on CW I watch is iZombie. Is it why I’m failing at life? Should I quit everything and binge-watch asap? I am so excited !!

          • Tai says:

            Wow Olivia. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse. I’m also in my 30s. I’m a social worker and a licensed therapist. The only CW shows I watch are Flash, Supergirl and iZombie as well. I still like Mon-El. Please tell me how this makes me a CW loving fan girl. Seriously. Please tell me. Because that appears to be all you have going for you in this “everyone hates Mon-El” argument. Which is really you and a select part of the Internet hate him. And you think if you declare it loudly enough and then throw age and credentials behind it, everyone will believe it.

          • Olivia says:

            @Tal Lol she legit asked and you hold it against me? So you basically can’t read, you’re convinced that his fans are lots of people (isn’t that what they call delusion in your field?) and you proceed to mock “credentials”… by giving yours? My goodness, they hand out licenses to anyone these days.
            Seems like I touched a nerve, if you guys take offense in such a harmless opinion. QED, by the way, thanks.

          • Tai says:

            @Olivia and it seems I touched a nerve with you as well. So I’m confused what exactly am I holding against you? Also you keeping telling me that I need to learn to read, which thank you I already did. Your concern is touching. But I’m also just confused as to what I seem to misunderstanding about your statement. You literally said “The only fans he has are CW fangirls and dudebros who’d love to have Supergirl actually be about Superman and see him as a self insert. Pretty much everyone else hate him….” So how is my question to you wrong? I’m just telling you that isn’t the case. I’m neither of those and I’m a fan. My friends who also watch the show are not CW fangirls, mostly because they’re men, and also not dudebros because most of them hate Superman. So I’m just trying to figure out where fall in your scenario. If we’re not those and we’re not the pretty much everyone else, where do we fall? Or maybe, just maybe, recognize that you don’t speak for anyone other than yourself. Which was the point I was making. Generalizations are not a good look.

        • Tai says:

          Really? Are those the only fans he has? That’s really interesting. Because I like Mon-El and the last thing in the world I would ever want to see is this show become about Superman. To be completely honest, it wasn’t until this show that I actually liked a representation of Superman. So please check whatever petty biases you have at the door and recognize that you don’t speak for anyone other than yourself. You definitely don’t speak for everyone.

          • Olivia says:

            You really should do something about that reading comprehension issue. Because unless you’re a Superman-loving dudebro who needs a self insert, which was my exact mention, your reply is outstandingly off the mark.

    • Ws says:

      I suspect they wind up in the phantom zone… that would explain how Zod shows up in the finale. I dont mind Mon-El, other than i wish he was closer to his comicbook character… always assumed he was a one season thing though.

      • stevie says:

        I don’t mind Mon-el so much either. I just wished they developed his character more thoroughly with conflict much earlier instead of having him bartend most of his camera time, then thrown together with Kara all of a sudden. Then expected us to accept them as a super couple

    • Mari says:

      Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that Mon El will offer to sacrifice himself thus becoming a true hero instead of a jerk but all will work out in the end and he’ll stay on Earth with Kara.
      If anyone is going to be gone next season, it will most likely be James because they’ve really had a problem writing him this year. That sucks for me because the emphasis this year on The Mon El Show with his sidekick Supergirl is going to drive me from the show.

    • Rylie says:

      I agree with you. I like Mon-el, and don’t want to see him go.

  3. Uno says:

    I liked how both Lena and James felt overlooked in this episode I thought some of their emotional beats paralleled well… Be nice if they got to actually speak… Well I guess I should give up on my dream of James and Kara actually having that talk about her breaking up with him like 3 hours after they started dating for reasons still unknown after an entire year of will they wont they pining and to the detriment of his relationship with Lucy lane… Or a real conversation at all this season… Did the actors have a secret fight and not wanna work at all together… I kept thinking during the opening James would pop up during that brunch and it would be awkward… Or somn… But nope. 

    • jason says:

      its been odd watching the ways the show has avoided putting James and Kara in the same scene.

      • Pamela says:

        It’s as if the CW is trying to pretend season 1 never happened, and it’s too bad because imo I enjoyed the show better before the move from CBS to the CW.

        • Libra113 says:

          Well, given the level of hate the first season got I can’t blame them. That and it was so interfered with by CBS that it wasn’t anything like a superhero show. I’ve heard they actively worked to keep out anything to ‘comic booky’. The first season also focused way too much on Kara and not enough on Supergirl. Too much of her at work and not enough of her in costume fighting villains. With it on the CW they’re trying to make it more inline with “Flash” and “Arrow”.

          I mean just look at the average “Arrow” or “Flash” and season one of “Supergirl” and compare how many scenes of season one “Supergirl” show her at work and how many of “Flash” and “Arrow” show their leads at work. Hell, for awhile Oliver didn’t even have a job.

    • Ws says:

      New network new plans.. plus Kara and James never worked.. they had no chemistry and it just felt kinda icky… like she was dating her older brother…

    • TJ411 says:

      I seem to recall some reports in early season 2 explaining that the move to the CW came with a clause in Mehcad Brooks’ contract where in he is/was free to leave at will… so they back pedaled their romance so it would not be a loose end if he decided to walk away… my guess is the ‘cute relationship stuff’ with Kara/MonEl was originally Kara/Jimmy so ‘RealJimmy’ ended up pushed to the side… and was given ‘Guardian’ to keep him Busy (note how Little ‘hero-ing’ Mon El has actually done as well)

  4. Lolo says:

    My favorite part of the episode was when Winn was whistling “Super Friend”. Nice little call back.

  5. Mary says:

    Lena seemed far enough away and involved in whatever she was doing to really notice who Rhea was really talking to or what she was saying. Don’t know about anybody else.
    If James wants to continue to be a hero, he does need to find a less scary way to do it around most people. It’s fine for him to scare the crap out of bad guys, but when he’s trying to help people like the woman in the beginning, of course they’re going to freak out.

  6. Cato says:

    The fact that they’re trying to course-correct with James makes me hope they’re also listening to critisism about Mon-El. It’s time for him to go back to Daxam and for Supergirl to take her show back

    • Ws says:

      These episodes were written and shot months ago.. they dont care about your criticisms

    • Libra113 says:

      In what way is he taking the show away from her? That’s like saying Wally is taking Flash’s show away from him or any of Oliver’s team is taking his show from him or are you suggesting that Kara is such a weak character that having other heroes around steals her show from her?

      It’s nice to have him around but I do wish they would be a bit more clear about his powers and get him a better costume that a black jumpsuit.

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        There were lots of complaints last season that Felicity took Oliver’s show away from him.

        • Libra113 says:

          I don’t know if I would say a lot, it does seem to me that there are some people who think the title character should be in every single second of every episode at all times or such and such character is ‘taking over the show’. It’s not a POV I particularly share or understand. Widening the world allows the writers to up the anti on the danger and the challenge level of the show.

          If “Arrow” was just Oliver being Green Arrow all by himself without other characters to help him out it would: (1) be very dull and (2) the challenges couldn’t escalate from one season to the next as he wouldn’t be able to plausibly handle the ever growing threat. No way he takes out Dameon all by himself.

          In the case of Supergirl, having J’onn around and hopefully, finally allowing Mon-El to do something useful will allow them to plausibly bring in threats even she can’t handle alone.

          I also find it funny to think Mon-El is taking over when he can’t seem to get through one fight scene without having ass handed to him or being saved by Supergirl. They’re also careful to say she’s more powerful than he is, so yeah no chance he’s taking over.

          What’s really funny about this mentality is that’s only ever leveled at characters people hate. I’ve never heard anyone claim a character that is generally liked is taking over a show.

    • stevie says:

      I think they might be losing James because Katie Magrath(Lena)was just announced as a regular for season 2. It’s too bad because I liked James, just not Guardian.

      • Sam says:

        Well there you go. Mon-El leaves to go back to Daxum or wherever he is from we now have Kara/Lena . We don’t know if Krypton’s are bi-sexual. I like Mon-El. However Kara/Lena long stares and passionate glances at lunches, feel more like dates than a lunch date . I have to admit they maybe messing with the shippers, but darn they look hot together. Please don’t make the mistake T100 made and Lena get’s hit by a stray bullet. Hahaha

        • Brian says:

          SuperCorp is not likely going to happen. Its amazing to me that because the show has put in a semi-realistic and seemingly healthy lesbian relationship with two mature and intelligent ladies(yes I do like the “Sanvers” relationship), The LGBT community(and the lesbian section in particular) have suddenly decided that the show MUST allow only lesbian relationships. No I don’t think I am exaggerating. All you need do to see it is to go watch the YouTube reactions. There is so much hate from them any time the Kara/Mon-El relationship is shown on screen. I have even seen one shipper saying how dare they allow the Mon-El relationship, that this show belonged to them now. It’s gotten a bit out of hand. They are demanding and attempting to use the clout of their fandom to force the CW to make Kara a lesbian as well. Kara very clearly stated when she was coming out as Supergirl to Winn that she was not/is not gay. If the CW buckles to this pressure I think that will be the end of my watching the show.

          • Libra113 says:

            they’re dreaming because there’s no way DC is going to allow a character with the kind of longevity and history of Supergirl to be made a lesbian just to please a group of fans. Not only that but there is literally nothing in her history to support it (okay there was that weird Comet thing in the Silver Age but that wasn’t the same).

            Anyway, if DC were going to make a high-profile and long-running female character full on lesbian Wonder Woman would make the most sense given her backstory and even that is never going to happen.

  7. Agent 86 says:

    Eugh. More Guardian nonsense? When will it end? Please send Jimmy back to Metropolis. Or have Guardian become a villain for CADMUS.

    Every single one of Jimmy’s storylines this season has been nonsensical, from becoming head of CatCo to bullying Winn into stealing DEO equipment, weapons and information so that Jimmy could play at being a superhero. I can’t believe how accommodating the DEO has been for Jimmy – letting him keep all the stolen equipment, letting him continue to utilise DEO resources (including Winn), letting him freely wander around the DEO as though he is an agent and just generally letting him run rampant around National City.

    Even when they use the Guardian it doesn’t make any sense. Jimmy’s superpower is apparently getting into costume within mere seconds, but once in costume he does the most dumbfounded things. In the episode with the bounty hunters, instead of going with Winn to stop the telepathic alien who was controlling Mon-El, Jimmy ran off to “save” Supergirl even though she was never in any danger from Mon-El who is weaker than her, has less super powers than her and has less training than her. Winn could have easily been killed by the alien, not that Jimmy has ever been too concerned with risking Winn’s life for his own glory and ego.

    • Sara says:

      All good points. James wants to be a hero for all the wrong reasons. And yet he criticized Mon-el?

      I loved the scene where Winn said that they help with info. And that there was no shame in that. And he was right. Does anyone not think that Winn is a hero?

      Btw – does any one else hate that they refer to themselves as heros all the time? Seriously?

    • Libra113 says:

      Maybe I’m forgetting something but what exactly did he steal from the DEO? My memory is that Wynn designed the costume for him. Granted he probably used DEO resources to make the suit but that’s more Wynn misappropriating his employer’s property and a matter between them.

      Also, Wynn does most of his work with Guardian at night, when he should be off the clock with the DEO (outside of an emergency) AND Guardian has lent a hand to the DEO when needed.

      AS for JImmy’s motives I thought they were, as he said tonight, honoring his father’s memory (prompting by the camera his father gave him being destroyed), not sure that’s a wrong reason, I’ve certainly heard worse character motivations (remember the golden age when being a bored playboy millionaire was an excuse to put on a domino mask and punch out bad guys)?

      • Agent 86 says:

        I may be misremembering, but I thought he strongly coerced Winn into stealing the Guardian suit (i.e. armour and helmet), shield and other resources (e.g. communications equipment in the Guardian-mobile). From memory Jimmy was basically: “I’m going to be a vigilante and unless you give me a super-suit, then I’ll probably die. So give me a super-suit and you won’t be responsible for your BFF’s death”.

        On the second point, you’re right in that it is more of an issue for J’onn who should have fired Winn multiple times by now given that Winn has withheld information from the DEO (to feed to the Guardian), stolen equipment and resources from the DEO, spent company time helping the Guardian, broke into a museum and his “second job” helping the Guardian no doubt means that Winn is less effective at work (unless Winn has a secret superpower that means he doesn’t need to sleep).

  8. DAMN says:

    There was a Batman reference in the beginning, when Winn and James are talking in the park.
    James: So people see this big guy in this scary mask and they freak out, they run away. Just like Clark’s friend.
    Winn: Oh you mean (gestures), I feel like they’re more frenemies.

    • Tai says:

      I caught that. They’re going out of their way to keep referencing Batman without actually mentioning Batman. It’s hilarious. I can’t wait for them to just bring him in along with the rest of the justice league.

    • Rob says:

      Thank you, thank you for saying that. I read the whole article and all of these posts just to find out who “Clark’s friend” was. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out who he was talking about for some weird reason. So thank you for FINALLY giving me the answer!!
      (Of course, now it seems obvious lol)

  9. Mari says:

    This is the kind of episode I wish the show did more of. The problem was solved not from someone beating up someone else, but with thought and kindness and compassion.
    I’m glad they finally had an episode centering around James rather than all the time fights and characters I don’t care about (Mon El, I’m looking at you).

  10. Libra113 says:

    I see the Guardian thing ending in one of two ways: (1) he will quit being Guardian and focus on what he can do, behind the scenes, as himself or (2) he will get a lighter colored costume and drop the full mask for something that makes him look less threatening and more human. Maybe the suit will be more like the blue and yellow one from the comics.

  11. GDeal says:

    Winn and Mon-El are my 2 favorite characters, frankly. Enjoy both actors, and would hate to see either go. But I don’t get that deep into the ‘mythology’ really. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. :) It’s a fun show.

    • Tai says:

      Here here. I enjoy the show for what it is. Not what I imagine it should be. I like all of the characters equally but I do have a soft spot for Winn and then the others. I genuinely enjoy this cast.

    • Sara says:

      Same here. I do not read comics so I just enjoy these shows for what they are and do not focus on canon

      I love the scenes between Mon -el and Winn

  12. fly says:

    I like the reference on batman, I hope they bring him next season.

  13. Red Snapper says:

    I didn’t really get that into the episode. I spent most of it casually listening as I cooked. I knew it was a James-centric episode so I wasn’t that excited for it. They really need to decide what they want to do with James. It seems like they have no idea what to do with him. Everything they try just doesn’t work. In the first season the romance between him and Supergirl felt so forced and they were right to end it. There just isn’t any chemistry between them. In season two they didn’t know what to do with him so they tried to make him a hero which again is just not working. I feel like they need to either kill him/write him out or really overhaul his character but I don’t think anything they do will save the character. The only thing I can think of is to bring Lucy back. That was the only time I was even a little interested in his character. Okay, now that I’m done with my usual rant of how James is a failed character I’ll talk about the actual episode. I did not see Daxam invading Earth coming. I get how Mon-El couldn’t shoot his mother. I feel bad that Lena was used by another mother figure. I hope she doesn’t blame herself or aliens as a whole. Others mentioned that they think Mon-El will leave to bring his people home. I really hope that doesn’t happen. I love Mon-El and think he’s been a great addition to the show. I could go on about how I don’t understand how people don’t like him but I try to keep it to one rant a post. I really hope he’s back next season. I know his story from the comics and hope they change a few things. I am super excited for next week, mostly for Cat Grant she has been missed.

    • Angelfan says:

      It’s a casual watch for me now as well, though I do have it on every week, I tend to drift off. I don’t particularly fault one storyline or character, but something isn’t working. I do like it when Barry visits.

    • Guardian99 says:

      Nay, nay. nay. Nobody cares what the nayers say. Since when do they know better any ‘ole way – Power to Episode 20.

  14. Jess says:

    I knew it. I thought that this was her plan since she came to Lena. Can’t wait to watch next week’s episode

  15. oke says:

    People rooting for Mon-El to go will be disappointed by the end of this season. I don’t see why you people hate him before him, this show was unbearable to watch. Yes he is a prince nd in the end might return to his world for his people or it might take a different turn and he might give someone else qualified enough to rule his people the chance to do that. Or his mother might finally leaving without him. You haters are so full of it, you can’t even see beyond ur hatred. We might not care about James but this episode and his part was insightful. Trying to teach us something which so many people exprence in life, finding a place to fit in, connecting with something or someone. It inspire how or one could find a purpose in their life and existence. It goes beyond Mon-El leaving soon or James being irrelevant to the show. It doesn’t matter the amount of complain u put in because of Mon-El, if u stop watching many people will still be there to watch. And James wasn’t so bad in this episode, I actually enjoyed his scene and I’m not saying this as his fan, I’m not. I stoped watching season 1 because it wasn’t fun or interesting to me at all but this entire season 2 has been a fun ride. If we are talking about the show then it’s achieve its purpose.

    • Libra113 says:

      Given some of Mon-El’s past statements, I would expect him to try and establish a democracy on new Daxem and give up the thrown to give that power to an elected president.

      The character has great potential, I just feel they need to define his powers better (I’m not really sure what he can and can’t do) and give him a better costume. His classic red and blue one should do nicely. Also, a more humble and serious personality, due to the loss of his parents (you know mom is going to die at some point) and having to fight off his own people wouldn’t hurt either.

  16. Max says:

    James should just move back to Metropolis and back as Superman’s sidekick in the (hopeful) spin-off.

  17. First, regarding Kara and Lena–I know this may seem radical, but two women can become friends without one or both being lesbian. I don’t get why people are trying to make that into something it isn’t.

    As for this episode, I liked it in part because they stopped with the relationship plots for a week and just made a comic book show.

    Next week looks great too.

    • Libra113 says:

      I didn’t even know that was a thing until I got on this message board. :) I hope they keep it like it is and don’t have Lena go evil too. I think it would be a nice twist for them to become and stay friends and for Lena to be actually good. I know everyone is expecting her to turn evil and turn against Kara/Supergirl which is reason enough NOT to do that.

      • Brian says:

        I think (hope) that Lena is safe from the old Lena(read the hero’s best friend) Turns Evil Trope. Her character is too well rounded and grounded to do so unless the writers just get lazy. Her character development has shown in every case that she is determined with every fiber in her being to show that a Luthor can be good, and that she is not a copy of her brother. Unless she is somehow mind controlled I can’t see her turning evil. Now having seen the way Rhea was able to use her one real weakness against her(that being her powerful desire to be loved and accepted by her family for who she is) I think that the writers had they not been so quick to expose the Rhea plot to further this storyline so quickly and had they had her behind the scenes pulling strings with Lena for a season she might have eventually been turned. I think they missed a golden plot opportunity there, but I’m glad since I don’t want her to turn evil anyway. I love that she has found a true friend in Kara, and how comfortable they are around each other.

        • Libra113 says:

          Hopefully and it would a nice twist to avoid having her go evil just because she’s a Luthor but there are moments and when I see them I kind do of cringe. Such as in the episode where she called Kara to get advice about joining forces with Mon-El’s mother but she kind of blew her off. I was like oh God here are the seeds, she’s going to start feeling like their friendship is one way and start feeling used and it’s going to head down that road. Hopefully not though.

          Given that the Silver Age Lex went from being Superboy’s friend to Superman’s bitter enemy because Superboy accidentally made him lose his hair while trying to save his life, anything is possible.

  18. Jd PURPURA says:

    A little to much personal drama is written into the show . It after all is an action hero storyline. So a bit more Supergirl action would be great.

    • Libra113 says:

      Have you seen “Arrow” and “Flash”? The whole main story on the “Flash” for months how has been trying to save Iris from being killed in the future. If that’s not personal drama, I don’t know what is.

      A show can’t live on costumed people pummeling the crap out of each other alone.

      • oke says:

        thanks u

        • Libra113 says:

          You’re welcome. All the shows do it but “Supergirl” gets slammed for it, for some reason. Also, I have to laugh when all the shows get slammed for stuff the comics themselves do such as have romantic subplots (those are as old as the love triangle between Clark, Lois, and Superman) or even the movies when they do something from the comics and people who don’t know any better slam them for it too (such as… I don’t know… Superman killing Zod… he’s done it in the comics too).

  19. Cate says:

    Much better episode than I was expecting considering it was James heavy and Kara-lite. Good use of James giving a different angle for his character.

    Poor Lena! I knew Rhea was evil but duping the lovely Luthor like that? Unforgivable!

  20. Brian says:

    You will notice that its all the Supercorp shippers whining about Mon-El.

  21. oke says:

    his personality was never humble, he is or was a prince and a really spoiled one. He is finally growing from that, learning to be selfless and all that. yes his mother will die at some point hopefully she doesn’t bring him down with her. And this battle isn’t for supergirl but Mon El’s. Anyways he needs to know the kind of hero he wants to be before thinking of costumes. But he is getting there.

  22. Theo J says:

    Hmmm, maybe this Mon-El dude should reconsider and capitulate to mother Rhea’s zestful adjuration. Nahhh, lets level National City instead, just in time for Ms. CatCo’s return (then Supergirl can capture a nuke, and send it through the portal > haven’t I seen that somewhere before)?