The Originals Alaric

Vampire Diaries' Matt Davis (aka Alaric) Visits The Originals — First Look

Two months after The Vampire Diaries‘ series finale, one of Mystic Falls’ finest is making his way to the Big Easy.

As TVLine previously reported, TVD vet Matt Davis will guest-star in the May 12 episode of The Originals (The CW, 8/7c). And now, we’ve got your exclusive first look at his meeting with the two most important women in Klaus’ life:

The Originals Alaric

Following the Vampire Diaries finale — during which Caroline and Alaric’s new school for supernatural kids received a sizable donation from Klaus — TVLine spoke with TVD showrunner Julie Plec, who told us that Alaric’s trip to New Orleans “falls probably more in line with the timeline of that last scene with [Klaus’] letter.”

“In fact, Alaric is the one who shows up and actually tells Klaus about the school,” Plec said. “The idea of the school as a safe haven for young supernatural beings certainly has a lot of relevance for Hope Mikaelson.”

So it should come as no surprise that our first-look photo finds Alaric meeting the youngest member of the Mikaelson clan. (The question is: Will she also become the newest student at Alaric and Caroline’s school?)

Additionally, according to the episode’s official synopsis, Alaric brings along a “crucial artifact that could help in [the Mikaelsons’] fight against the Hollow.”

Drink that photo in, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I never thought I’d be so excited to see Alaric. Can not wait for this episode!

    • SUSa says:

      I know!! I thought we might Ben going back to Mystic Falls until I read this article BUT I WILL TAKE IT!!

      PS TVLine YOU NEED TO TAKE SOME ADS DOWN OR whatever you are doing. The lag on my PHONE is nothing I have ever experienced 😐😐😐

  2. Chrissy says:

    Oh god, all I see is potential Klaroline and I am DYINGGGG. Hurry up next week!!!

  3. Gift says:

    Great great!!!! I’m really excited for this!

  4. Quwinn says:

    We can only hope this leads to Klaroline. I suspect that The Originals is folding at the end of the season, making way for the new show about this school, and it’s newest teenage student, Hope Mikaelson. Klaus as the new art/history teacher would be just too good to be true. But come on, the school as the new show was a given, it’s just a matter of who moves over.

    • Tina says:

      I have to disagree. Joseph will move on once the originals is canceled. They may get a fifth and final season with some background of he school, but the originals has always been about Haley. They would never allow the show to not have her be a main focus. nardudccci left the show because they forced him to kill off Cami to make room for klaroline who he hated but Julie won’t kill off Haley.

      • oke says:

        Who gave you that idea? Did u know him personally or where you there? We don’t know why he left, whatever the reason I’m sure it’s not a reason so stupid as that. Sorry for the choice of words but I’m serious.

        • Tina says:

          First why apologize for being rude when you clearly aren’t? Secondly, he has not come right out and said it because of contracts, but his twitter account last season clearly stated his distaste with the direction he was forced to go into because the network told them to. His shady remarks about how he will do what he wants and then left the show he claimed was his baby? He either left on is own or was forced out. Also, I am allowed to make speculations. This is a discussion board so if you don’t agree fine, but I have had plenty of run ins with the man on twitter and find him to be a terrible person and am not sad he is gone. As for Joseph he stated in an interview he was ready to move on once the originals was over because he’d been playing the. Character for years.

    • Esther A says:

      Really, a show without klaus? or any of the originals…… I don’t think I want that. If klaus is there than I’m watching. But I do hope they renew The orignals and many more seasons.

  5. Dominique says:

    i’m really excited about alaric’s appearance on the show, he’s one of my fave tvd characters and i’ve missed him these past weeks. can’t wait to see the episode!

  6. Lila says:

    I’m down for anything that gives us more Matt Davis.

  7. french5851 says:

    I hope to hec we get to see that school in action – really need more of this world!

  8. Jane says:

    In my opinion, the most important women in Klaus’ life are Hope, Rebekah and now Freya. Frankly, if Hayley dies, Klaus will be upset that Hope lost her mum, but someone like him, will probably appreciate the fact that now he is her one and only parent. Plus Klaus’d get Elijah all to himself again haha I know it’s twisted, but Klaus is still Klaus and he likes to be everyone’s number one. Anyway, can’t wait for Alaric’s crossover, finally getting to the part that will hopefully explain Klaus’s letter.

  9. JOANIE says:

    Oh snap!!! I am too excited!!!

  10. Kiki says:

    I’d really love to know who’s the person in charge of picking characters to cross over from TVD to TO. This person should be fired because they always choose characters no one cares about. The onlye exception was Stefan.

  11. Guest says:

    Great! Who is next? April Young? I have no idea why they can’t let TVD and all the the characters go away! Klaroline, Caroline, and that magic kiddie school is more crap. I’m fearing another wave of shipper trash and watching Klaus (once again) become a puppy to earn the love of some irritating run of the mill woman (Caroline) with magical baby adventures. The only good part is if they sent Hope and Hayley away to attend this BS school with Hope making brief appearances and Hayley – NEVER. I guess we’ll see.

    • Jane says:

      To be fair it was clear from the start that a baby will play significant part in this show. Same about Hayley. Klarolne was a big part of Klaus’s story on TVD and then he had a LI (Camille) on TO for a few seasons. I means if all these things annoy you so much, it’s amazing you still watched almost 4 seasons of this show. I don’t mind Hope, Hayley always annoyed me but if she’s on a background, preferably quiet, I don’t mind. Like when in the previous episode she was mostly away from the main action, quietly digging through her family crap, she didn’t bother me at all.

      • Guest says:

        Yes, the baby would be in the show, not BE the show. It was not clear from the start that every season was going to be a desperate struggle to protect Hayley and Hope. That’s a distinction with a difference. Hope and Hayley are a package deal. I don’t see them killing Hayley, so both would have to go to this school. I don’t mind the kid being around and liked Charlie/Blake but, Hayley is unbearable and they never seem to be able to fix her and dump buckets of pity and praise with unbearable ships in place of character development.

        I also enjoy when Hayley is quiet and in the background. Unfortunately, they feel the need to prop her up in absurd ways. Now they are retconning her past and making her SUPER vital, last season it was Xeroxed hearts and her inexplicably being the only unsired vampire on Earth. They even said Klaus got a “magical vasectomy” so Hope will be his only child and Hayley’s womb will remain the only platinum one to deliver a hybrid angel child. I swear next season, we’re going to find out Hayley is part unicorn from a “royal” line of unicorns. It’s comin’. Brace yourself.

        • oke says:

          Lol I get what you are saying and believe me, I’m sick of it too. Some how the show isn’t about the Mikaelsons, the originals anymore. I see Alot of potential if they want to dig deep in the the originals story. They each have a unique theme they could fall back to and tell a story right. This time let’s not focus on klaus but on the other siblings for a change. They all have history, enemies and drama. Dig into that. Love Hope by the way but it’s Hayley I can’t stand.

        • Jane says:

          Lol you forgot how Hayley almost single-handedly saved the oldest vamp family and managed to avoid or kill all enemies that’d surely use an opportunity to take revenge while Mikaelsons vulnerable in their caskets. Oh well, it’s things like that, poor writing, inconsistent characters’ behaviour and endless ships, that will probably get TO cancelled. Shame, I loved TO in their TVD days

          • oke says:

            Come-on, it’s a given that she had to protect them in their wickest point. One she can’t get Elijah back without the rest, two Hope will ask questions, three she knows Hope Posses alot of power and if anyone can deal with this things and enemies it’s the Mikaelsons. Four she has this bizarre believe that she is a Mikaelson but no, she is not! I don’t buy all that drama of her being Hope’s mother and that makes her so important? Yes but mothers do die. I like her in the background and not interfering in the Mikaelsons decisions sorry to her fans I’m puring my dislike out in this manner. The fact is if they wanted to make Hayley so important, they should have made her be in love with Klaus not that I would completely approve because I am a fan of Klaroline. But if it were so, we would see Hayley differently. I watched them talking this episode and there is total chemistry between them. I don’t know about others but I saw it.

          • Jane says:

            Yes, Hayley should have TRIED to save Mikaelsons, my point was that she should’ve failed, given that Mikaelsons have numerous ancient enemies, etcetra etcetra. So what she’s a baby hybrid, she has minimum experience and knowledge, she was with a kid plus a bunch of coffins was dragging her down, no way her character was strong enough to pull off that whole thing with saving Mikaelsons. She didn’t even have a powerful witch like Bonnie or her pack helping her, just Freya’s instructions.

            Klayley would make more sense than klaroline2.0, if they gave it a try in the very beginning, instead of that whole Klaroline 2.0 Cami thing. I never understood why JP decided not to go down that road, given that at some point she even paired Caroline and Ric, so why not Klaus and Hayley? Very unlike JP. Regardless, klaroline is my only OTP in TVD universe, all other ships I’m okay with, whatever, didn’t even have strict preference between Stelena and Delena. But Klaroline is the best for me, meaning I hated Klamille and would hate Klayley just as much. Luckily she’s deep in with Elijah, phew, dodged that one

  12. S M W says:

    When will these be on Netflix?

    • AnnieM says:

      With that CW/Netflix deal, the current season of TO should be available a week after the Season Finale airs, which I think makes it late June?

  13. Papa says:

    U guys clearly for got about dekol(kol and devina) She is coming back so is he so why u guys r talking about kluas and caroline u r missing impotant details
    And just saying if ric is coming on the show best believe carline is coming so that me playdate

    • Gift says:

      Hahaha, Klaroline is coming that will be a happy day in originals. I’m also glad to hear Davina is returning to the originals. I hope she is with the Mikaelsons this time.

  14. leelulove says:

    Great episode, loved every minute of it, special shout out to Klaus/Hope/Marcel scenes. Cant wait to see Alaric, but most of all, just want to see my queen Caroline Salvatore.!

  15. Desiree Brackin says:

    I hope they give the originals enough time to show that they have​a better story line ..love the new addition to the Mikaelsons… what a wonderful child actress .

  16. Ell says:

    Think lissie and Josie might become the friends hope should have, if the show continues…….fingers crossed.

  17. Ss says:

    What are thoes things called that hope put around the jawbone ?