Scream Season 3

Scream Season 3: Meet the New Killer's Diverse Pack of Potential Victims

Gather ’round, lovers of horror, because it’s time to get acquainted with the fresh crop of characters populating MTV’s Scream reboot — you know, while they’re all still alive.

Following MTV’s recent announcement of a new showrunner (The Vampire Diaries‘ Brett Matthews) and a new pack of executive producers (including Queen Latifah!), TVLine has exclusively learned of five new characters being cast in Season 3:

* First up is Dion, a Michael B. Jordan-esque football player on track to score a college scholarship — that is, until a masked killer uses Dion’s darkest secrets against him, turning his life upside down and making him question his own sanity.

Liv is Dion’s cheerleader girlfriend, as beautiful as she is brilliant. She’s also down to lend a helping hand where needed, though her good intentions often land her in hot water.

Kym is the rebellious one of the group, always willing to say what everyone else is thinking. She’s organized and protective, two qualities that will serve her well when a killer starts targeting her friends.

Beth is a little different from her fellow seniors, sporting a goth look and a morbid collection of interests. A “walking encyclopedia of all things horror,” she’s compared to The Craft‘s Fairuza Balk.

* And then there’s Dion’s step-brother Jamal. Despite hanging out with a rough crowd, he’s got a big heart and an undying loyalty to Dion.

It should be noted that MTV is stressing diverse casting for Scream‘s third season; Dion and Jamal are both black, while actresses of diverse backgrounds will be considered for the roles of Liv and Kym.

Your thoughts on Scream‘s new crew? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Emily says:

    but i want the old cast

  2. Able says:

    I’m so excited for this. This is one of my favorite horror franchises. It’s only supposed to be six episodes but I wonder if they’ll order more if it’s good and gets the right buzz!

    • Ken says:

      If you’re a fan of horror franchises and your excited by this, why does your post give the impression that you have absolutely no idea there was a Scream tv series prior to this announcement? And don’t get your hopes up, they already screwed up the already established storyline from the first two seasons by abandoning them, don’t think you’ll get anything after these 6 episodes. Twitter and other social media have Season 1 & 2 fans boycotting this abortion of a third season. This will bomb hard.

      • Able says:

        Yeah I saw seasons 1 & 2. They were what they were. I find that I have the same hopefulness I had with Scream 4. Nothing will live up to being in 7th grade and home alone watching the original Scream.

      • J knight says:


  3. Ken says:

    Pass. MTV and the producers are royally screwing over the fans of the first and second seasons by completely ignoring the original cast, the ongoing storylines and the many cliffhangers still unresolved. Instead of destroying the established story, they could have either added more diverse characters to the admittedly mostly white cast (although to be fair, the cast did contain African American and Mexican American actors), or better yet expand the scream universe and do a spinoff with new characters and storylines instead of destroying what you already had.

    • JM says:

      lame to have a new cast.
      Youre basically starting a new show hoping to get more viewers.
      How does that make sense?
      Has a last minute cast change EVER saved a cooked show?
      Youre better off with your regular cast and going out in style.
      Besides streaming is forever.
      Scream will literally make money forever.
      So go ahead and make it.

      But for gods sake, keep your old stars.
      Theres only like 4 left.
      Why not keep them on?

      Plus diverse for the sake of diversity seems forced.
      Part of me supports it but part of me is like oh come on.

  4. Garbo says:

    So One Tree Hill with diversity and a murder mystery ?

  5. Summer says:

    I could get behind this if it was called I Know What You Did Last Summer or anything else besides Scream. Like, the special after the first two seasons ended on a cliffhanger. Finish that story, that’s the group I’m invested in.

  6. Big Mike says:

    Hahaha, MTV thinks I’m gonna come BACK after they b!tchslapped me?!? I don’t think so.

    Original cast, or no buys.

  7. Phoenix says:

    I will be watching, I won’t miss the old cast, that story should have wrapped up in season one, since they aren’t taking straight from the original movie, it should have been an anthology series like American Horror Story that way anything could happen and the stakes would be high because the new season is a new beginning. I have to note that this new direction is a direct reflection of “Get out” Reading some of these descriptions I couldn’t help but think of the movie Get out.

  8. Keden says:

    I’m glad I don’t have to deal with Emma any more, but I’m a little apprehensive about a seemingly (?) male main character.

  9. Kai says:

    No way! I want the original cast back! -.-

  10. fentypuma says:

    Yawn, I feel like this just like the first 2 seasons won’t capture the attitude and commentary of horror of the films. That’s what frustrated me about the first 2 seasons. Yes it was good in what it was but it was more akin to a pretty little liars than trying to capture what was so great about the scream movies.

  11. Olivia says:

    Curiosity satisfied, thanks.
    Still a big nope.

  12. Cassie says:

    So…Kym=Audrey and Beth=gothy female Noah?

  13. Liz says:

    They should keep the original series cast and finish their storylines! If they want diversity they should just create a slasher show and air it on BET

  14. Rose Marie Rose says:

    Yes! A football player and his cheerleading girlfriend, points for creativity and originality there. Mtv betrayed the fans and screwed over the original cast. I am oassing, but everyone can do what they want to do.

  15. Nora says:

    Trans character pl3

  16. Reavaria says:

    NOPE! OLD CAST OR I PASS. What part of we came back for season two tells MTV that it’s OK to pull a SWITCHAROO on us?

  17. REACHEL HARRIS says:

    If your using wes cravins name you should be giving the fans what they want like he would have as he loved his fans to. Old cast to finished what he started before he passed. I am so disappointed in what your doing , i will not watch it.

    • Karen says:

      They definitely should have the old cast because the last one ended season with the killer being killed that’s why we need the old cast back to finish up the story. We we’re all hoping for that and that’s why I will not be watching this one because its a start to a whole new story not the same scream without the original cast

  18. J knight says:

    Finish up last seasons cliff hanger before starting a whole new show with a whole new cast
    Fans deserve it!

  19. David says:

    Na na na
    wheel was not broke so why fix it….a CONCLUSION to the first cast would have been better before moving on. ..Mtv used to be about music….they screwed that up as well

  20. Jennifer says:

    I think they should have continued with the original story line instead of starting a new one. There are still so many unanswered questions from the last seasons! UGH! So frustrating! I don’t even want to watch this one.

  21. Emily says:

    this show wasn’t going to last that much longer anyway. they should have just finished it out with the original cast. if they think adding a new cast will help the ratings, i think they may be wrong. a lot of fans won’t be watching. i mostly loved the show bc of the amazing cast. i guess maybe some new fans will check the show out. but i doubt the ratings will improve.

  22. Ms Bean says:

    “Hello, Jamal! Whats your favourite tyler perry movie? 😂 Oh my gosh. These character names are random. Dion already annoys me! Who wants a black, male final boy in a Scream franchise? Its supposed to be the final girl! Why does this tv show keep trying to change things up? The Scream films are loved, and they keep excluding everything that made the films work. Please just have more chase scenes!! I want to see ghostface run after its victims! I crave and miss that thrill. Also, why bring back teenagers? Im tired of these cliched storylines…jock with dark secrets, a misunderstood stepbrother. The cheerleader. Just stop with childishness of it all.

  23. PFM says:

    Shame on you MTV for stabbing the fans in the back. I realize you need ratings, etc… but for God sake, you alienated your fan base. I have a feeling this is going to be really bad.

  24. Anthony scott5 says:

    It would really be nice, if you would tie up loose ends, like who was the original killer. I don’t think Brandon James killed all the kids in the beginning and who killed Kieran.

  25. Anthony scott says:

    It would really be nice, if you would tie up loose ends, like who was the original killer. I don’t think Brandon James killed all the kids in the beginning and who killed Kieran.

  26. Chris says:

    Dumb as hell. Bring back the actual cast and continue the story. Left us with a cliff hanger finding out Brandon James was still alive now were not going to know. Screw you MTV

  27. katelyn johnson says:

    mtv is so crazy you can’t no beatbox the original cast all of the movies aren’t so important and you have us hooked on this story line you can’t just change the cast it make sure no sense mtv really bruh really nobody can play the emma noah broke audrey roles better than them

  28. Shannon says:

    And you lost me as a viewer. Later.

  29. Tom Bernie says:

    MTV is doing to Scream what Brian France has done to NASCAR – took a really good thing and completely destroyed it. This new reboot will go from zero to SUCK in 5 seconds flat.

  30. Norman Fleming Jr says:

    I wish they kept going with the orginal cast & story because there’s still things we don’t know from the last episode of season 2 but i’ll im willing to give the tv reboot a chance.

  31. Kh says:

    I definitely won’t be watching. Shame on the producers for having the opportunity to tie up loose ends for its loyal, though diminished, fan base and not doing so. Original series fans won’t watch this season three flop. May as well cut production and save your money.

  32. Karen says:

    Why is it a new cast when the other 3 people are still alive? This doesn’t mage any sense to me

  33. Jake Bernal says:

    Fingers crossed, this is for Wes. Wes Craven’s last questioning words on Blackboxtv were basically weather or not if pushing some young final girl down the kitchen floor, traumatized beyond the meantime after seeing her frozen dead boyfriend, a killer should instantaneously slams the freezer & refrigerator door shut.

    Remember – the chase scene of a long flight of stairs, lots and lots of stairs, creepier camera angles following the final girl’s butt run up the stairs.

    This next subject was going to fly off the bat eventually…

    Right half Brandon James, lake monster mask, left half peanut eyed Ghostface screaming white yarn down rustic zombie material.

    New two faced mask! New two faced mask!

    And hot bad bitches hiding big knives behind their bikinis, classical. 👌

  34. stacy says:

    I think we should honestly keep the old cast because i love all of them the story really did not end with an answer with that cast

  35. Aritra Gupta says:

    Uh-oh, ‘diversity’. May mean a disaster. As it is, a new cast is hardly inspiring. On top of that, when someone says they’re stressing ‘diversity’ you know the show’s in trouble. It’d be like when they proposed casting Idris Elba – someone known for serious roles – in the cast of a comicbook hero like James Bond to to get a black Bond. You want ‘diversity’, cast Morgan Freeman or Samuel L Jackson in the role of a cop. Get Isaiah Washington in the role of a teacher or dean/principal. But in the name of diversity don’t cast Jaden Smith in any role whatsoever.

  36. Jordan says:

    So you’re telling me they couldn’t have figured it out for season 3 with the old cast.. for 6 episodes… that’s a gigantic let down. I’m not even remotely excited for this reboot whatsoever…. so many things die and go unanswered now.

  37. Alex says:

    Not thrilled with how they just dropped the storyline to the first two seasons. The cliffhanger was not amusing. Very disappointed in a new start to the series. I almost don’t even want to watch the new storyline in fear of being disappointed by another abrupt ending.

  38. Krqi says:

    The thing about this that’s annoying is that you know MTV isn’t going to be giving roles to black actors just because they’re best for the story, because this is 2017 MTV and it’s bound to be SJW’d to the max. Dion and Jamal are sons of a chemical engineer and a neurosurgeon, straight A kings of the school, football gods, and above all, completely oppressed, but new racist ghostface (notice his mask is WHITE) swoops in in time to knock “da black man” down EVEN MORE and restore white supremacy. After Dion gets a 98 instead of a 100 on his quiz, he suspects the teacher may be the racist killer. After the teacher is killed by a member of the totally cool and peaceful group Isis, a Hijab party is held to celebrate, but Dion still faces threats, more so than the average cross burnings and vandalism all blacks face 24/7. Eventually token goth Ms. HotTopicAndTumblrRawr saves the day by schooling Ghostface: The White Oppressor on his privilege, and tells him to “swerve.” before ripping off his mask and revealing none other than Donald J Trump. The season ends with MTV unaware that they made a “White Savior” and this totally realistic group of friends all go to Berkeley for college where they spend the rest of their days studying for their women in dance degree and protesting pretty much anything because hey, it’s all offensive. There. Now no one needs to watch.

  39. Jason says:

    Deccion making at its ABSOLUTE WORST! I understand MTV is trying to grab fans it lost after Season 1, but all they are doing is pissing off fans that stood by the show its ENTIRE RUN! I will admit the mostly white cast annoyed me, but they could have corrected this during Season 2 (the biracial girl with blue eyes DOES NOT COUNT). This show clearly wasnt going to continue past Season 3, so why not use these six episodes to wrap up the Bradon James storyline…then if miracles happened and they got renewed THEN REBOOT IT! THE ONLY WAY this could work is if they did another 2hr special to end Brandon James (something they should have done with the last special) but seeing as most of the cast have moved on to other projects this most likey wont happen. #RIPScream

  40. Steve Croft says:

    LOL they seriously think this is diverse?

    Black athlete defined by his skin color (check).
    Cheerleader girlfriend (check).
    White goth (check).
    “Rebellious best friend” who “doesn’t play by the rules” (check).
    The ‘older brother’ trope, he hasn’t done as well as the younger brother and despite his troubles ‘has a good heart’ (check)

    Oh MTV, in your quest for ‘diversity’, you just created the most cliche bunch of stereotypes dependent on skin color ever. Well done. *slow clap* well. done.

  41. Jacob Bernal says:

    Wes would’ve wanted the two different Scream masks stitched down the middle somehow together to where Ghostface’s mouth is still there, just righting with a new upgraded lip and cheek… now that’s a blur no one should see.

    • Jacob Bernal says:

      Oh and sorry I said the b word last week, my bad. I didn’t read that, swear to God. All in all, slam that freezer door full of a dead boyfriend and scare some girl up the stairs. Also, it was very enticing when Billy Loomis growled, “Say hello to your mother” now that was the psycho we need… And Brook better be the killer cuz I wanna see her go that insane.

  42. Jacob Bernal says:

    Unmask the killer, then ‘to be continued’ because we need these thirty minutes to last for when whoever is doing this gets the Billy and Stu reboot well done… My money is on Brook and Audrey. I hope so badly Brook is the killer. :'( #dontbesexist

  43. Alyssa says:

    I do not like the idea of changing the whole cast. It is essentially a new story and there is so much left behind in the current story…

  44. Glenda Vick says:

    I need to know what happened to the former characters. Plus I need Noah!

  45. Glenda Vick says:

    I need to know what happened to the original characters, plus, I need Noah!

  46. Jade says:

    No way! Stay with the original cast !

  47. Jake Bernal says:


    Billy & Stu… Brooke & …



    Total BIPOLAR issues on weather or not if Brooke dramatically finds herself to become killer material!

    Hello!? MRS. VOORHEES!? Billy’s Mom?

    The twist WOULDN’T just do-over Friday the 13th again!

    This could only mean, NORMAN BATES, replicated as one slasher behind 4 MOVIES and 3 seasons REALISTICALLY clock-of-doom PSYCHO thoughts that debate memory loss – even if Brooke CRIES over dead love for ‘the Jake!

    Killers can’t die unless they get shot in the head.

    Brooke may look like the final girl closer to death each time she falls pockets of despair, but not everyone is as sweet as sweet Brooke.

    Same old “Emma’s Mother was a whore.”

    Emma’s real father… is Brandon James.


    Haven’t you seen HARPER’S ISLAND!?

    Critics raved it was the next Scream.

    (SPOILER ALERT: Harper’s kooky brother wanted to kidnap her and have really ghoulish sex with her.)

    Brooke is Emma’s cousin…

    How you ask?

    Brooke got stabbed by Kieran in a jealous rage of knowing she was secretly sleeping INCEST with her other long lost cousin…

    Poor demented little Piper, all alone, just wanted to be loved by someone as disturbing as herself.

    Not Kieran.

    Kieran was the one that got cheated on.

    Kieran was a pig that hooked up with the wrong lake monster.

    A sick family that slays together stays together.

    LEZ BE HONEST! (No offense Carlson, just how good your role could play out, like Black Christmas)

    Brooke’s uncle James seems to have a sister.

    Brooke’s little hidden Mommy dearest, back from rehab.


    They’ll never see it coming.

    I guess Audrey was innocent after all.

    Now… The gang’s all here.

    Brandon… Brooke… Brooke’s Mom.

    Brooke finally snaps LIKE NORMAN and realizes she is a killer and realizes ‘forget crying over Kieran killing Jake’ on all fours, “I ALWAYS HAD A THING FOR YOU, EMMA!”

    “In your dreams” ;)


    This is on everyone’s mind:

    The infamous Brandon James mask stitched to the right of Ghostface.

    Why the right?

    The killer portrays as Brandon James on the right of the mask.

    Everyone knows Brandon.

    Ghostface on ‘The Other Side’ because an unknown ripper holds the knife in the left hand.


    *bowing* *Thank you, thank you*

  48. Diego says:

    The first two seasons were trash compared to the movies. The TV Series made Scream 3 look like a frigging masterpiece of cinema. Let’s hope they can get it together with this third season. It was definitely a wise move to recast. Brooke was the only interesting character they had to offer, the others were a complete snoozefest to watch. Where was the energy? The humour? The excitement? That’s what the Scream films were all about! MTV is the perfect place for a TV adaptation, but what we got was painfully boring, way more Emo than it should have been, and completely predictable. I guessed the killer of the second season before it even began. Such an obvious writing choice. I so wish they were hire Kevin Williamson – he would know what to do. The biggest question is not who killed these drab, whiney teens…just please tell me who killed originality in the entertainment world. And who is responsible for making all these bad creative and casting decisions in the first place? Somebody hire me because the world has lost its ability to discern between quality entertainment and garbage. Ok so ranting aside – I will still be watching season 3, ever hopeful that they can do a good job this time with my all-time fave movie franchise. Don’t disappoint me or I will be donning a Ghostface outfit and coming right for ya wretched souls.