Greg Rikaart Leaving Young and the Restless

Young and the Restless Exit Shocker: Greg Rikaart Leaving After 14 Years

It’s the end of an era at The Young and the Restless.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Daytime Emmy winner Greg Rikaart — who has played reformed perp Kevin Fisher on TV’s No. 1 soap for the past 14 years — will exit the CBS sudser later this summer. Although reps for Y&R and Rikaart declined to comment, sources confirm that The Powers That Be opted not to renew Rikaart’s contract. [UPDATE: Rikaart has released a statement confirming his departure.]

When Rikaart debuted in 2003, his Internet predator character was only slated to appear on a short-term basis. But fans took to his villainous alter ego and Y&R subsequently signed him to a contract. Kevin has long since been redeemed, now works for the Genoa City Police and recently found out that he’s the father of on-again/off-again wife Chloe’s daughter.

Rikaart — whose primetime credits include guest stints on Bones, Major Crimes and CSI: Miami — will continue to tape episodes through June, with his swan song slated to air in August. Rumor has it that exec producer Mal Young and head writer Sally Sussman are leaving the door open for Kevin to return down the line (i.e. he’s not getting killed off).

Thoughts on Rikaart’s departure? Is the blow cushioned somewhat by the fact that Kevin will not head out of Genoa City in a body bag? Hit the comments with your thoughts. 

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  1. Kevin Tran says:

    OH NO! This news makes Y&R fans really sad. Kevin & Mariah did have great chemistry together.

    • Jo Garret says:

      They havent been using him well enough. He deserves better anyhow.

    • Niys Gaddy says:

      Yes they be messing up the storyline the writer’s

    • crestokes says:

      I know right…

      • Gina says:

        Dislike!!!! We need him!!! His character needs to stay & we want to watch Bella grow up!!!!
        I agree Cre!!!

        • Kathleen says:

          Bella is probably a child that has been kidnapped by Chloe. WE ALL KNOW DNA TESTS CAN BE ALTERED..

          • Annie says:

            Which she did … it’s Billy’s baby! She was trying to create another Delia!!!

          • Camille R says:

            Would not put it past Chloe’s law breaking antics to kidnap a child to call her own, except Bella looks almost identical to Delia when she was that age, so she is definitely Chloe’s child.

          • camjeff says:

            Annie, I don’t know where you got that she altered the DNA test to make Bella Billy’s baby. She had stolen a sample of Billy’s sperm to get artificially inseminated, but she had also slept with Kevin, so she truly didn’t know which one was Bella’s father. Which is why she sent both of them letters to instruct them to do a new dna test because the dna test that Kevin had previously taken when she first showed up to GC with Bella, she had exchanged his speciman with some random sperm so he would not show as the father even if he was. The new DNA test that both Kevin and Billy took was not altered in any way (Chloe was long gone from GC by then) and showed without a doubt that Kevin was Bella’s father.

        • Sandi Lowe says:

          Getting rid of Greg ( Kevin) is yet another reason why Y & R is no longer the #1 soap. I have watched it for decades and am now so disappointed in what actors you toss out !! Listen to your fans, please !!!!!!!!!

    • Sharon BEACH says:

      I LOVE Kevin so glad he is Bella’s father, maybe they just taking a vacation. I wish him luck. DON’t stay gone for too long. He makes the show great

    • GEna B says:

      Not sure where this story is going but all the exciting actors are leaving. Why not get rid of Sharon’s role. Or Chelsea’s or even Phyllis. Now here they brought in Hillary and Juillet and Tessa -no story to follow except hunger for younger men….

  2. Eric7740 says:

    Boo to Y&R for not renewing Greg’s contract!!! That is very upsetting!!! Kevin is a major reason why I watch Y&R!!! This better have nothing to do with his personal life. Greg was brave enough to admit his sexuality years ago, and there was a time when that was “not allowed” for daytime actors!!! Kudos to you Greg and best of luck to you in your future endeavors!!! Maybe go to GH, a better soap than Y&R anyways!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Gosh I remember being in college and becoming addicted to Y&R. I think Kevin started as the guy who was stalking Colleen and JT saved her from him. Good old days!

  4. Sequoia Hammel says:

    Yikes! My mom will be sad to hear about his departure. Mom has been a fan, since episode 1! Kevin deserves a HAPPY send off. Poor Kevin, happiness always eludes this character.

  5. Adam says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. Y&R has been in a long and slow decline for years. Jeanne Coopers death was the beginning. Then the show allowing Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller, and Marcy Rylan to all leave for GH didn’t help. Letting Michael Muhney go sped up the process. And then hiring Justin Hartley and giving him a plastic surgery storyline knowing he was headed to primetime soon was just puzzling. The current regime doesn’t seem to understand that actors, not the characters the actors are portraying (Jason Thompson is NOT Billy Abbott sorry), are what makes a show great. Letting Greg go is just another mistake this show is making. Please right the ship before it sinks. Best of luck Greg, you’re an amazing actor and will land somewhere fabulous!

    • Heading to primetime soon? He was on the show for two years.

    • Chris says:

      Jason Thompson is perfectly fine as Billy Abbott :) It is nothing new/unusual that the roles were recast. Gina Tognoni, Justin Hartley or Melissa Ordway are not worse then Michelle Stafford, Michael Muhney or Marcy Rylan,

      • Shaunqui L Harris says:


      • Tom says:

        Justin, although a good actor, was no MM as Adam. And Melissa is just finally feeling like Abby. Gina can do any role, no matter who had it previously.

      • Adam says:

        Each to their own :) Jason is terrible in the role and I keep thinking why is Dr. Patrick talking to Victoria? And although Gina is AMAZING (loved her as Dinah on GL), she is NOT Phyllis. And don’t get me started on the girl that plays Abby. She’s lovely but I’d rather watch paint dry as everyone around her steps over her in scenes. Sorry to be passionate, Y&R used to be my guilty pleasure and I miss the glory days!

        • Adam says:

          One more point and I promise I’ll stop! Remember the Jack/Phyllis/Nick/Sharon/
          Restless Style days? Omg. Lightening in a bottle! It was like watching a prime time soap. Back on subject…we’ll miss you Greg!

          • Angela says:

            Agree to all above. Michelle Stafford can never be replaced! The chemistry between she and anyone especially Nick….one hot tamale!! Miss those days too!

          • Eric7740 says:

            Love me some Michelle Stafford and love her on GH!!! I remember those Y&R days!!! “I’m going to squash that little bug!!!” That is Phyllis Summers!!!

        • Eric7740 says:

          I completely agree with you on the recasts Adam. All I see is Patrick Drake and he and GIna have the chemistry of nothing!!! Gina is NO PHYLLIS and can’t hold a candle to Michelle Stafford in the role, Phyllis should never have been recast, that’s when I started slowly getting away from watching Y&R, and poor Melissa Ordway, she’s just no Abby and does nothing for the role the way Emme Rylan did. GH got all the good ones and here’s hoping Greg follows suit!!!

          • Adam says:

            A fellow Michelle fan! Geeking out but do you remember the scene where she finally gets caught for trying to run over Cricket? Her eyes closed and just a few tears fallong, slowly saying, ‘I hate that bug’. Now THAT’s Phyllis Summers!

      • Christina says:

        We will have to agree to disagree there.

      • Fabrizia says:

        Billy is supposed to be blond/ish in order to blend in with the other Abbots.

        • Mary jojo says:

          No, the blond comes from Dina mergeron…John Abbott had brown hair, as does Billy’s mom, Jill. This casting of Billy Abbott completely works for me, and I like his chemistry with both Vicki and Phyllis.

    • Pamela Last says:

      Well said!

    • Janie says:


    • Connie Riley says:

      I agree 100%. Not too interesting anymore.

    • Marc says:

      I think the new Billy Abbott ( Jason Thompson) is great and his chemistry with both VIctoria and Phillis shows that this casting worked.

    • Jennifer Hendricks says:

      You said it perfect!
      It’s the actors themselves we grow to love!

    • Adam, your comment is well stated!!

    • Tammy says:

      Agreed. Now if we can just get rid of evil Hillary.

    • Wanda Lee says:

      I agree

  6. Teresa Healey says:

    NO.NO…KEVIN. ..PLEASE DON’T LEAVE !!!!! You people need to keep this man on contract. WE ALL LOVE OUR KEVIN.

  7. Linda says:

    I don’t watch it anymore but I did when he made his debut and years after that. (Even the whole Angelina/Angelo fiasco). I also remember Greg from Dawson’s Creek.

    • Chaosrainz says:

      I had forgotten Angelina/ Angelo. I think I was so traumatized, I blocked it out. Thanks for bringing it up- I may have nightmares! LoL

  8. CarolynGentleman says:

    Adam is so right. Why would they let Greg go. He iS such an important part of the show and really loved by all the fans. Dumb decisions like this are what is causing fans to leave Y&R. After watching it for over 20 yrs. I also am thinking of leaving. Terrible story lines, bad writing etc. smarten up writers or watch your show get cancelled.

  9. Wow! Greg Rikaart will be totally missed! On The Young and the Restless!

  10. Rae Meissel says:

    so sorry to hear this. But, you’ve got to do what’s benifit to you. I wish you returns when you can. and prImetime if it’s better. all the best and blessings! !!!

  11. Carol Lee says:

    This is indeed sad news! Hope this decision can be reversed!! Keep Kevin !!!

  12. JDRiley says:

    Ohhh nooo i really like Kevin. Greg is an awesome actor and will be sad to see him go. I agree that like i just read that another actor can’t portray him. Like Billy Abbott Billy Miller (i know wasn’t the 1st billy Abbott) but there it’s no other actor. Michael Mulney is and i mean only the only person who can be adam i did grow found of Justin after awhile but he also could never be the real Adam Neumann and portray him the way m.m could..also..Phillis. I can’t recall the actress name who is now at General hospital. I feel this Phillis is a great actress..and she’s growing on Me. Anyways i really hope they can find away to change this and keep him ( they could save some $and get rid of Victoria’s teen son and the few teen girs)

    • CarolynGentleman says:

      So true, get rid of Reed and the other young actors, make no Sense whatsoever to the show. Stupid. Just trying to garner a younger audience for the summer, but what happens in the fall when they go back to school,and you’ve already lost your main audience. Hello GH

      • Chris says:

        We had teenager before, Nick, Sharon, Victoriia, so … why not have some youngsters now ??? It is natural circle of life :)

      • jj says:

        You truly don’t see the sense of having younger characters? It’s building up the next generation of the show. Just like the show did with other characters when they were young (Victoria, Nick, Sharon, Devon, Lily, Kevin, Billy, etc). If soaps didn’t do that, they only characters that would be left would be 60+ years old. Just because you don’t understand the logic doesn’t mean it’s stupid.

  13. Brenda Black says:

    Will he be replaced? Who will take cares of his daughter?

  14. Vanessa Mullins says:

    Why would you write off a good part of the show?

  15. Paula Holmes says:

    Well this makes me sad…. I only wish the best for him and hope some day he will be back on the show… He needs to stay😔

  16. Very unhappy to see him go. O e if the good ones. Just wish he would have been used more to be more relevant instead of all the young, useless teenagers who just fill up time not substance. We g move Y and R. Very sad.

  17. Vicki says:

    I love Kevin and don’t want to see someone with such Incredible acting skills to leave. I was so happy he is Bellas Dad just the other day. I hope you can work out something to keep Kevin

  18. Ana Harmon says:

    I have watched Y&R since 1989, lately the show is kinda boring. It seems there are not enough people in GC to go around, everyone ends up sleeping with each other. All the good characters leave and I find myself not being so into the show anymore. It used to be exciting all the time, not so much now.😐

  19. Marilyn Morris says:

    Noooo ! I agree with others who posted he hasn’t been used enough, and it’s a waste of his considerable talent, but the writers could easily fix that! His absence will affect a whole arena of actors! Sad this is happening!

  20. Opal Jones says:

    Maybe he is going to meet up with Chloe, since Victor gave her enough money to get away and live on. Maybe they will raise Bella together.

    • Cyndi says:

      Yes! Now that will be a good turn of events. Then they can all come back when Adam resurfaces and Chloe will no longer be wanted for his murder.

  21. Norma Mangels says:

    Big mistake. I love Kevin.

  22. Jim B says:

    He probably a victim of budget cuts because the ratings tanked in February. Bad move.

  23. Andrea Paul says:

    That totally stinks!! I was looking forward to watching Kevin in full blown daddy mode with Bella!! Good luck to Greg in the future and he’ll be sorely missed on The Young and the Restless!!

  24. Joanne says:

    Oh no, I really liked him. Hate to see him leave.

  25. Joanne Armstead says:

    Oh no, I really liked him. Hate to see him leave…

  26. Omg. I love his character. I love Greg. He’s a great actor. I’ll miss him on the show. Best wishes.

  27. Andrew Hass says:

    I’ll miss Greg Rikaart on Y&R but 14 years is a great run.Plus sometimes a character needs to take a rest.

  28. Lynn Caldwell says:

    I am so disgusted with the”powers that be”, I thought when the new team took over that things would improve, instead they are writing poor storylines and getting rid of people we fans care about. It is behaving like Days Of Our Lives and letting our favorites go, I stopped watching DOOL when Be died, if been a viewed for 35 years, and I’ve been a viewer of Y&R since day one in 1973, I almost stopped watching when Justin Hartley left and again when Steve Burton left, but then they started writing Phyllis properly, with spunk and attitude the way she was meant to be portrayed and I thought I’d stick around , and Hillary finally faced the music, but now with the stupid Ravi storyline, and turning kind Victor back into ruthless Victor, and putting Phyllis back with Billy and now Greg leaving,there is really no longer a reason to watch, by the way….. Why did the new team elect NOT to bring back Dr Neville??? He was such a breath of fresh air, LOVED THAT CHARACTER, and he and Ashley made an awesome couple even though they never really got to be a couple, the Sparks were there, but am I the only one who thinks Ravi is extremely UNATTRACTIVE?? TIRED of the entire female cast calling him a hunk. Sheldon on Big Band Theory is 100 times more of a hunk than Ravi, and let’s face it Sheldon is no hunk.

    • Barbara says:

      I totally agreed. Been watching on and off-DVD helps past many years to watch daily -since ’73, day 1. Get rid of Reed and friends, boring. Really want Micheal back as Adam (got use to Justin) Again Billy and Phylis? Come on new writers, keep us old folk watching!!!!!

  29. Exit your writer we the fans are tired of the same old dog and pony show

  30. darkangel200 says:

    Damn. He’s one of the few actors left on the show that kept me tuning in. Hope he gets a new gig somewhere good.

  31. Sue Long says:

    Makes me angry! They always get rid of my favorites and hang on goodness I would love to see gone! Sucks

  32. LaDonna says:

    Kevin has grown so much on the show, don’t send him away.

  33. Tracy Valdez says:

    This is very sad news! Not sure if I will be watching anymore!

  34. Annie says:

    Why take him off

  35. Sharon dranetz says:

    I think kevin a d bella will be meeting cholie

  36. Terithecook says:

    BOOOOOO!!! I love Greg/Kevin!

  37. Cherie Riley says:

    Don’t understand this, they will let Greg Rikaart go and keep Hunter King as Summer on recurring and Melissa Ordway as Abby. Those two actresses make me want to change the channel every time they are on. Thankfully I haven’t had to endure Summer in a while, but I’m pretty sure that will change soon. Kevin is a great character who can interact with anyone on the canvas and make it look effortless.

  38. Marcia says:

    Why just make him a father to bella and he is leaving don’t see the sense

  39. Shelia says:

    Phyllis is to old for Billy get rid of her she never liked her story line she can’t act sorry

    • Darla says:

      If I remember right, Phyllis’s son, Daniel, was older than Billy just a few years back! I hate when they “age up” some characters…….and don’t the writers take long time fans into consideration when they make someone who should be so much younger a love interest??? And now I see that Lily and Kane’s twins are “aging up” to pre teens…. not right!

  40. maewest131 says:

    Truly sad to see him go. He is an excellent actor and was so good with both little girls. Wish they would keep him on. Best wishes to him and his family.

  41. Sheila Reaves says:

    Wow Y&R for every tiny good thing you do you make a HUGE mistake. After watching as a 3rd generation since I was very young I finally stopped watching and sadly but you guys just made a joke of the show. It’s ashame.

    • Sheila Reaves says:

      Oh and btw, bringing Adam back HUGE mistake. Only so many times you cam come back from the dead, injured, running from daddy until its2 ridiculous. Justin was the only Adam. He was suave, he had very good chemistry with Melissa and could show emotion in a real and relatable6 way. MM was wooden with emotional scenes.

  42. Your kidding me right? You are crazy! The Y&R Will Slowly wind down as it has been doing! No more hot stakes anymore! Then will be seeing Victor Leaving Soon I think 💭? Better Get On It Writers !!! You Won’t Have A Show!!

  43. NETTALEE says:

    Will he take Bella with him?

  44. Ella says:

    Why do they continue to rid of the BEST actors..losing my interest quickly

  45. Pamela Last says:

    NO! I love Kevin! Please please please keep him! I want to see him raise Bella!

  46. carolyn says:

    Hate this news ,but if this is what he wants then it is a good thing. But please put Jack back with Phillis. And Victoria back with Billy and let Nikki forgive Victor because you know they belong together.

  47. Randy says:

    Greg plays a vital role on Y&R.
    Please replace with another Greg.

  48. Kj says:

    I was looking forward to seeing him in the father role and how it was going to play out!! The man finally catches a break playing this character and now it’s over.. Hope he will return after some R&R… He will be MISSED! !!

  49. Pat Bender says:

    So sorry to hear this I’ve enjoyed watching Kevin mature into a responsible adult and redeeming himself for all his bad boy days, becoming a Dad was so exciting ! Why does the Young and Restless continue to shake the tree and stupidly throw away the good fruit instead of the bad ? Seriously getting tired of loosing regulars from the show to be replaced by others. Bad business Y&R!

  50. Vonda Douglas says:

    Well it seems that I for one am getting closer and closer to PULLING the PLUG on Y&R after this stupid doings!!!!! 😞