Supergirl Spoilers

Supergirl's Mother of a Twist Threatens to Pit Kara Against Lena and Mon-El

Supergirl‘s Rhea and Lena might seem like an unlikely duo at first, but if you strip away the ladies’ stoic exteriors, their potential partnership actually makes perfect sense.

“Lena has just suffered a great deal of loss; she lost her brother, she just lost Jack and she’s in a very fragile emotional state,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg reminds TVLine. “What she could really use is a mother, and her own mother is sadly not up to the task. So along comes Rhea, who’s eager to fill the role of the supportive mother. They become this newfound family, as Rhea’s needing to be a mother, and Lena is needing to be mothered.”

Following last week’s end-of-hour meeting, Rhea will continue to sink her claws into Lena on Monday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c). And although Kreisberg can’t say exactly what Mon-El’s menacing mother is up to, he promises that it will have major repercussions for Kara and Lena’s friendship as we head towards the show’s May 22 season finale.

“[Kara and Lena’s] loyalty to each other is certainly put to the test,” he says. “Lena is very firmly on Kara Danvers’ side, but is she on Supergirl’s side? That’s an interesting question that gets asked. We love their relationship, and we think they’re great together. We have some great plans for next season in terms of exploring that relationship and having it travel in new places.”

Also on the chopping block: “Karamel”!

“By design, [Kara and Mon-El] have always had this tumultuous relationship, but they finally settled into a good place,” Kreisberg says. “His parents definitely complicated things for the two of them, but now they seem even more firmly committed to each other, thinking that Rhea has left the planet. Little do they know, she’s up to something sneaky. One thing we’ll ask is: Where exactly do Mon-El’s loyalties lie? He’s already made the decision to stick with Kara over his family, but is he going to be able to abide by that as Rhea’s plans unfolds?”

And here’s one final note on Rhea: You can, sadly, stop holding your breath waiting for former Lois & Clark stars Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain to share the screen.

“Storywise, it became difficult to make that happen, much to my, Dean and Teri’s dismay,” Kreisberg says. “There’s an episode in which they both appeared, and even though they weren’t in any scenes together, just to see their names together in the credits blew my mind.”

Supergirl fans, what do you suspect Rhea is cooking up in that crazy little head of hers? Drop a comment with your theories below.

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  1. Toni says:

    Mon-El’s loyalties obviously lie with Kara and he knows his mom is crazy. It will even get worse when he learns that she killed his dad.

    However, we already know that he will sacrifice his happiness if it means keeping Kara safe. So while his loyalties lie with Kara, it is possible he abides by his mom’s wishes if he believes it will save her (and any others who might be in harm’s way).

    I foresee this being a problem in the future because he has to ask himself if staying with Kara is worth the havoc Rhea wreaks. As seen in “Distant Sun,” his instinct is flight so I can’t wait to see what he does when his mother becomes his biggest adversary.

  2. fly says:

    Mon El complaints in 3 2 1

  3. “We have some great plans for next season in terms of exploring that relationship and having it travel in new places.” OH OKAY, I AM DEFINITELY HERE FOR THAT lol

    Seriously speaking, I am excited to find out what this Rhea Lena alliance means, as long as it doesn’t mean Lena permanently going bad, or her friendship being permanently damaged with Kara. If we can’t have romantic supercorp (I am still keeping my fingers crossed), I hope their friendship lasts the whole series.

  4. God I hope they don’t make her evil, it’s way too cliche and boring.
    As for Karamel, I wish they had written them this way from the beginning. They’re charming when Mon-El is the supportive boyfriend who’s comic relief on the side, but when the try to turn him into a romantic leading man he becomes insufferable. Having them be that way ‘by design’ was a bad move, and it’s led to a LOT of backlash.
    I’m really hoping that the season finishes strong, because it’s been a real let down lately.

  5. dansue says:

    Monel has to go back to Daxam after defeating his mom, right? So he can take over and lead them to better things. The Mgann storyline was so similar if he picks Kara over what’s left of his people it would look really bad on him. She did the hard but right thing and went back home and if he did the easy but wrong thing and stays his entire “I want to be better” arc was a crock.
    His character is so confusing. Hero or love interest? It’s like he can only be one at a time. And if he does stay what would he do next season? There are already enough (too many) crime fighters on this show and what would a powered down superman type add? Unless they have something really interesting planned I can’t see his arc going past this season.

    • Toni says:

      Why does Mon-El need to return to Daxam? Those people are probably better off scattered around like they have been for 35 years than to get back to a monarchy on a planet that’s a wasteland.

      • dansue says:

        But there is a structure and populace and no shown resistance or shadow government that could take over for the monarchy. He would be the logical choice to take over as the prince. Heck, they’ve got those portals so visiting earth wouldn’t be much of an issue. They’ve been building him up as wanting to be a hero and leading his people would be a pretty heroic thing to do.

        • Toni says:

          You literally have no idea how the people of Daxam are faring wherever they are. All we know is that they are scattered around and Rhea wants to gain power back for her selfish reasons. For all we know, the average Daxamite is doing much better than they did under Rhea and Lar Gand.

          The one and only thing that gives Mon-El the right to “lead” his people is his ancestry. And I argue that’s no real right.

          And if Daxamites want to reunite, let them do it on their own and figure out the best government that works for them. This is how they can evolve. Or are we all assuming that they are stupid or too immature for this? I personally have a problem with someone imposing a supposedly foreign, “better” government on his own people. Of course, everything Mon-El said about equality sounds great and I’m not knocking it. But I think sometimes, people don’t understand the implications of this storyline, and I’m sure the writers don’t mean it to be interpreted this way but all I’ll say is that we need to let the people of Daxam figure out what works best for them and not impose another planet’s system of governance on them.

          • I get what you mean, but it’s not another planets system of governance. It’s being introduced my Mon-El, their prince, so it would be their own system, just new.
            Mon-El even talked about doing it himself when he went off on his mom, talking about how they were going to change things for the better when they returned. Most of the Daxamite people are already back on Daxam, as implied by Rhea. The system they have now is horrible and condones slavery and oppression. Even if the Daxamite people decided to change things in their own, having Mon-El around to guide them would allow for it to be an easy transition. He could get rid of slavery, institute a democracy so that the Daxamites can decide their own fate.
            It’s the only sensible course of action and the writers have written themselves into a corner with this one.

          • Toni says:

            As far as we know, Daxam currently has no system because Daxamites are scattered around the galaxy and the planet is a wasteland.

            What the king and queen wanted to do was unite the people and pick up where it left off 35 years ago.

            They needed Mon-El as a face to entice their people to return and “Make Daxam Great Again.”

            So the system of slavery, oppression etc don’t currently exist on Daxam because no one lives there right now.

            Why should Mon-El go back and get everyone back together to create a new Daxam on a wasteland? As I said, how do you know they aren’t better off assimilated on the new planets they now inhabit?

          • dansue says:

            There’s a lot we don’t know (how many Daxam people are on that ship? Is Daxam a wasteland or do they have a new planet they want to colonize/take over? How many are just hanging around in space? Honestly the entire story line doesn’t make much sense). My main thoughts were that they set up a contrast with Mgann who left to go help her people despite finding a new life on Earth. Shouldn’t Monel do the same? It’s just too shallow for him to turn his back on his people for Kara, and it would make her look worse if she was okay with that. At least those on the ship would be looking for a leader if/when the queen is defeated.
            Mgann and Jonn come across as grownups while Kara and Monel, well, don’t.
            Or who knows, the writers could pull off a great twist that would solve all these issues!

  6. Cate says:

    I’m thinking Mon-El is going to be forced to kill his mother and will then have to head off to lead his people. The big question is whether he will be back for S3.
    As for Lena, she has no reason to hate Supergirl, and turning her choice to save her over Jack in Ace Reporter into a motive to turn on Supergirl seems unlikely. However, I think we will see a clever and scheming Queen Rhea TRY to manipulate and use her. How exactly, I’m not sure

  7. Arthur says:

    Rhea will expose Kara as Supergirl to Lena. That will have a part in threatening Kara and Lena’s relationship. She’ll start thinking about her brother, Superman, all Kryptonians are alike..blah blah blah.😲

  8. KLS says:

    I am starting to hate the endings of every episode. Like clockwork, after proving the whole previous 42 minutes that she’s a strong, independant woman, they have Kara say something demeaning and against her character that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe, I’ll just mute the last 5 minutes.

  9. Scalett says:

    “…travel in new places.”? What the heck does THAT mean??