Roseanne Revival Eyed at ABC

The Conners are jumping on TV’s revival bandwagon.

An eight-episode Roseanne revival is currently in the works starring original leads Roseanne Barr, John Goodman and Sara Gilbert, Deadline reports. The project is currently being shopped around, with both the show’s original home ABC and streamer Netflix apparently interested. Laurie Metcalf, who scored three Emmys for her role as Roseanne’s kid sis Jackie, is also expected to participate. 

The series’ original producing team of Barr, Tom Werner and Bruce Helford are all on board, with Gilbert also taking an EP credit.

Last month, Gilbert staged a mini Roseanne revival with TV dad Goodman on the set of her CBS gabfest The Talk. At the time, Goodman expressed enthusiasm for an official revival. “Oh, hell yes… if we could get everyone together,” he said. “[Roseanne] and I did a pilot about five years ago that didn’t go anywhere…but we were very happy to work together.”

Some big questions remain (aside from where it will air):
* Will Dan’s death be erased?
* Who will play Becky?
* Will CBS allow Big Bang Theory‘s Johnny Galecki to participate?
* Will it be closer in quality to Seasons 1-7 (the series’ golden years) or Seasons 8 and 9 (the years the show self-destructed).

Got any other burning questions? Or just general thoughts about the revival? Hit the comments!

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  1. Stacey says:

    Wow. Curious how it goes after the final season and finale didn’t leave room for a reboot with everyone to move on to a new chapter, and especially if John Goodman is involved. But I would love it in this era of reboots and nostalgia. I read the idea would be everyone including Johnny Galecki’s would appear…

  2. Kyle says:

    But.. Dan died??

    • Joy says:

      I would be happy for a rewrite where those last 2 seasons didn’t happen at all!

      • Stacey says:

        You would have to rewrite as if the final season was a dream. Or leave some stuff in it but recon other aspects. Dan’s death is a big one if they include John in it. How about Becky. The actor who played her husband has died. Would they recast Becky yet again? Or will she be off living with her husband and kids or a widow?

        It has possibilities, but a lot of what would they do to forget. More so that the Gilmore Girls which had a final season people hated.

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          Didn’t Becky end up with David in the end? It’s been so long.

        • ToyCannon says:

          All they have to do is ignore the last 5 minutes of the series finale. That is where Roseanne’s voice tells us that Dan died from his heart attack, that Jackie was a lesbian, that Becky married David and Darlene married Mark. None of that would make sense anyway. I mean did Becky leave town in season 5 with an underaged David? Or did 15 year old Darlene leave with Mark?

          • I think Becky married Mark, David’s older brother. The actor who played him tragically OD’ed while co-starring on Angel. I can’t remember his name. I think Darlene ended up with David, but did they actually get married? Maybe with Dan, they’ll do a Ghost and Mrs. Conner thingee.

    • readenreply says:

      Just pretend the season finale didn’t happen instead… retcon it!

      Like so many lottery winners, Rosanne and Dan blew threw the money and are back to having to work because what money they have left is in retirement accounts and small trust funds for the kids.

      Rosann published a book where she changed everyone’s identities (a la the finale), but it didn’t sell well, but now she works from home writing her “Domestic Goddess” blog that generates a small income. Dan and DJ started a bicycle shop with the lottery money. Their main client is still the city, as they have the contract for the local “bike share program.”

      Show begins with everyone coming together to celebrate the 21st birthday of the first Connor grandchild

      Thank you, my job is done here.

    • Larc says:

      Means nothing. It wasn’t like a real death, but a Hollywood version. People can be revived from those and are quite often. ;)

    • TV Gord says:

      Obviously, this revival would have to begin with Patrick Duffy stepping out of the shower…as a plumber repairing Dan and Roseanne’s bathroom!

  3. Gospino says:

    If they do this, I hope they retcon some of the stuff that happened late in the original run.

  4. Adam says:

    I’m thrilled but……how?

  5. Ange says:

    please no

  6. Rob says:

    Is this the 90s show revival that was alluded to in this week’s Ask Ausiello?

    • Wordsmith says:

      Seems like a reasonable conclusion. Hard to imagine there being a second huge 90s show poised to make a comeback at the exact same time.

    • Jerry says:

      I’m not sure it is, actually. Didn’t the Ask Ausiello say “very limited” revival? I take that to mean 2-3 episodes.. Roseanne is getting 8. That’s more than The X-Files got (the first season back)!

      • Stacy says:

        I consider 8 episodes a “very limited” run. Especially compared to the shows original 20+ episode seasons. X-Files was also a very limited run, and that was only because they couldn’t get the schedule availability for more.

  7. Brennan says:

    The problem with all these revivals lately is they keep picking shows that had their run. Roseanne ran for 9 long seasons, and got to wrap everything up in a neat littlw bow. The X-Files had nine seasons and two theatrical movies. Gilmore Girls ran for 7 seasons and sure the last season didn’t involve the creator but after seeing A Year in the Life i much prefer the season 7 finale – at least the writers had a feeling it could be the end and made it to where it could go either way, and still felt complete. Full House had 6 seasons. Boy Meets World had 7 seasons. Will & Grace had 8 seasons, and the finale covered their entire future! It’s just so senseless, with all these shows getting canceled maybe give one of them a chance to finish their story instead of bringing back shows that ran their course.

    • Jimmy says:

      Full House had 8 seasons.*

    • Brian says:

      When a show runs that long it is generally because it had a big fanbase and it easier to convince a network people will be interested in a revival. If a show was canceled after 1-2 seasons (especially if we’re talking about 10-20 years ago) there’s less incentive for a network to try again.

    • Television says:

      oh exactly, now you can’t even watch a tv show for one episode and it gets yanked. not cool. i bet most of the old shows would have gotten yanked too, since it is rough at the beginning of most shows. lets give new shows a chance. i for one liked the Time After Time show, but it got yanked before it had a chance.

    • Tomm Huntre says:

      Soooo you want revivals of ‘afterMASH’ or ‘The Tortellis’?? Revivals need fanbases.

      This reminds me of the 80s when networks did reunions of shows like ‘Leave It To Beaver’ and ‘Father Knows Best’. It’s not a new thing

  8. JJ says:

    Too bad they can’t leave Roseanne out of the revival. I’d be on board if they did.

  9. Susan says:

    Can’t these people come up with anything original? I’m so tired of reboots and imitations.

    • Dysturbed says:

      After so many decades of movies and tv shows, originality isn’t going to be as easy to come by as many would like. There are numerous examples of it successfully happening, but for the most part, even a lot of original things are in some way reminiscent of previous things.

    • Gospino says:

      This is not a reboot or an imitation. It’s a continuation of the original series with apparently much of the cast meant to return.

  10. * Will CBS allow Big Bang Theory‘s Johnny Galecki to participate? No, they will just have Darlene say she divorced David/Mark (or never married him depending on the continuity) and reveal that Darlene is a lesbian, like the actress.

  11. N says:

    Ya, I kind of think it would be funny if they just ignore the entire Dan died, or the entire final season was a dream lol. You have to get both beckys back and just swap the in and out. Just let this be fun and don’t take it too seriously. Honestly did you ever think wed get this just enjoy it

  12. Joanne says:

    I would like it… and I agree ignore the whole last season. I mean Darlene’s daughter would be 20.

    • Marie says:

      Darlene giving birth was honestly one of the only final season episodes I liked. Something had to snap her out of that tough chick routine & force her to be a real human.

  13. N says:

    I pray this lays the groundwork for fox getting a Limited Married with Children going, as it never did get a proper finale and Roseanne and Married with Children were two of my favorites growing up.

  14. Rhonda says:

    Do you know when?

  15. Television says:

    you have got to be kidding me. there are no new ideas left to make i guess.

  16. TJ says:

    They should get both actresses to play Becky again and literally switch them every scene.

  17. Bill says:

    I would be surprised if this is the one he hinted at, as Michael usually does a good job pointing out which news items he teased as a blind item or whatever earlier. There’s no mention of that here.

  18. msuehale says:

    Please no!!!! Stupid enough the first time….don’t add to it!

  19. Michael McGee says:

    Since “Darlene” and Sheldon’s “mom” have been on Big Bang I would imagine that it won’t be a problem for Galecki to appear on a new Roseanne reboot. But, yeah, pretend the last 2 seasons were a dream.
    And I can’t wait to see what Drumpf has to say. Roseanne is no fan. But you can tell the Drumpf trolls in the comments.

  20. Jbj says:

    I don’t even get why there is a question of which Becky since, of the two, Sarah Clarke is the only one obviously still acting. Not to mention that Scrubs made her an infinitely better and funnier actress.

    Oh gosh, Glenn Quinn…

    • iHeart says:

      yeah I know there’s that elephant in the room as well, something that Aus didn’t bring up, what do we do about that considering he’s been gone for 15 years

      • Mel says:

        Young marriages frequently end in divorce. Lecy’s Becky was already getting tired of Mark in season 8, and talking of going off to college and not really concerned with what would happen to Mark.

        The golden years of the show, BTW, were seasons 2-4. They started writing Roseanne Connor as very angry starting with season 5, and it only got worse. I don’t even want to hear about Sarah Chalke as Becky – she was a complete miscast.

        Bruce Helford, unfortunately, was NOT one of the original producers; he was the showrunner during season 5 only.

  21. Phil says:

    I preferred Sarah Chalke as Becky! May be the minority, but she is just less annoying to me and easily more mature!

  22. Sasha says:

    And of course idiots are complaining ‘but Dan is dead!’ For pete’s sake it’s a sitcom! They’re gonna pretend like Will and Grace that crappy finale has never happened. And we should be thankful for that! People just can’t have nice things because they’re always complaing.

    • ravynrobyn says:

      IKR?!?! If they can bring back Michael Scofield (Prison Break) back from the dead, they can bring back ANYONE. I used to care about logic/reality, but now…it’s just tv 😆

      I know the shows & circumstances are different: sitcom vs drama; one character’s supposed death never referred to vs on character’s supposed death being a big plot point that will eventually be explained…I just love my favorite shows coming back!

      I think a “Roseanne” revival will be great. I saw John Goodman & Sara Gilbert as Dan & Darlene on ‘The Talk”, and the magic is still there. As long as the writing is as good as it was on the original, it will be gold 💕

  23. jr. says:

    Didn’t they already address the final season of Roseanne? I seem to remember the last episode, showed us that the entire season was just Roseanne’s imaginings in her journal. She had wanted to be a writer, and Dan had built her a space in the basement to write. And the last episode showed us that. They hadn’t won the lottery. Dan didn’t pass away. Etc It was all just storys Roseanne had written down, and we saw them as episodes.

  24. Mary says:

    Ugh – stop. Does anyone have a creative bone in their body instead of bringing all these shows back, which some weren’t so great to begin with. Seriously.

  25. Bill S Jaffe says:

    really easy to skip if made

  26. kirads09 says:

    Hollywood “We can’t seem to come up with any new, fresh, relevant, original, thoughful, exciting ideas for programming and films. So I know – just reboot EVERYTHING that was hugely popular once upon a time and try to resurrect it!”

    Me: NOPE. Thanks.

    • DV says:

      No one will miss you. Can you get a new line to regurgitate? There are over 400 programs produced each year, and only a small fraction of those are reboots or some form of programming based on older properties.

  27. fiberlicious says:

    “We need this!” said no one. Ever.

    • Dysturbed says:

      We don’t “need” most shows that get made or brought back, but that doesn’t mean that if they are, that plenty of people won’t end up enjoying them regardless.

  28. I think it would work great. They could just forget Season 9 where Dan died and make it like a dream (like they did with Bobby on the original Dallas)

  29. Kelley H says:

    Dang, what’s next…..Good Times? Titled “Gooder Times: Life After the Projects”. Stop rebooting these shows from the 90’s.

  30. Philip says:

    I would wonder if CBS would also allow Sara to participate as The Talk is a CBS production. However, if at this stage, Sara’s name is confirmed and ABC is looking into this production, then perhaps Johnny could make a few appearances if the show goes into production.

    • fatalsin says:

      the talk is saras creation…and she is great friends with chen who is married to les who is the cbs god in charge so i dont see it being a problem with sara or metcalf or galecki

  31. Jackie says:

    Meh. If it was like the first three seasons, maybe. But not the crap fest of the last few seasons.

    Now if we’re talking revivals, WHEN will anyone do a Pushing Daisies revival to wrap things up?! That’s the one I’m waiting for!

  32. Jay says:

    Can’t wait! One of the best comedies ever (seasons 1-7). Just pretend the last two seasons were one of Roseanne’s short stories (just like how the last season was revealed to be in the finale).

  33. John Stark says:

    Literally my first thought was… how is John Goodman in this? Isn’t Dan dead?

  34. Andrea says:

    I’d want Johnny Galecki, John Goodman, and Sara Goodman in this, but I’d be fine with a “new” Becky and a different D.J. Laurie Metcalf as a series regular or even a guest star would be a great bonus. If necessary, ret-con the heck out of things to bring Dan back to the land of the living.

  35. Judson says:


  36. Bonnie Beauvais says:


  37. Jill miklinevich says:

    I need for this to happen. It would be the greatest reboot of all time..