Pretty Little Liars Final Season

Did FEUD Overlook a Secret? Can Liars Afford Filler? Flash Twins Wasted? Clumsiest Product Plug? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Training Day, FEUD, Once Upon a Time, Better Call Saul, Handmaid’s Tale and Riverdale!

1 | Did you spot Training Day‘s Villain of the Week the instant they introduced the Random, Rich White Guy Doing Right by the Urban Community?

2 | How could FEUD: Bette and Joan exclude the 1968 incident in which sixtysomething Crawford filled in for twentysomething daughter Christina on The Secret Storm?

3 | How is American Crime going to wrap up any of its storylines, with just one episode left?

4 | When The White Princess‘ Lizzie threatened to forcibly eject the royal heir from her womb if the bishop didn’t do what she said, was it the first (and maybe only) time a powerful man’s complete ignorance of female anatomy worked in a woman’s favor?

5 | Um, since several Once Upon a Time characters boast mad magic skills, can’t Emma’s wedding venue be pretty much anything they want it to be…?

| How do the masks worn by Jane the Virgin‘s Rose not only disguise her face, but also change her body shape and voice?

| If Dancing With the Stars already had Nick Carter as a guest judge, why not also let him (instead of the mediocre house band) sing the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” for Bonner and Sharna’s routine?

| Couldn’t Better Call Saul‘s Mike have come up with a less elaborate plan to frame Hector’s drivers, as cool as the sneaker-shooting stunt was?

| Did The Flash waste its visually fun Barry/Barry team-up on two of the series’ most forgettable metas? And weren’t you kind of wondering how a normal-sized human being would eventually emerge from hulking Savitar’s suit?

10 | With only a handful of hours left to wrap up seven seasons of mysteries, can Pretty Little Liars afford to be feeding us filler episodes like this week’s? And do we really need to be meeting new suspects at this point?

11 | For a show about news broadcasts, couldn’t NBC’s Great News have put a little more effort into those on-air graphics?

12 | Did Episode 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale inspire you to dust off your Scrabble board or bury it in the back of your closet never to be seen again?

13 | We weren’t the only Empire viewers surprised to learn Rumer Willis is doing all of her own singing, were we?

14 | Is Arrow‘s Curtis as of late walking a fine line between comic relief and annoying nattering? Was this the fakest-looking city backdrop ever? And TVLine reader Ansig asks: “Can someone tell me why with Lyla being the head of A.R.G.U.S., she and Diggle still live in an apartment?! How much do homes cost in Star City?!”

15 | Where does Designated Survivor‘s (pointless!) Ford Fusion product demo rank among TV’s most overt on-screen plugs?

16 | We understand that The Big Bang Theory has a 22-minute structure to work within, but still: Wasn’t it preposterous that Penny wouldn’t have spent a little more time vetting the job offer she received from her ex before deciding to make a major-ish career change?

17 | If Riverdale‘s trend of casting ’80s and ’90s stars as parents continues, might we see Skeet Ulrich’s Scream co-star Courteney Cox pop up next season as Jughead’s mom?

18 | Is Scandal‘s “mystery woman” (possibly named Marjorie Ruland) easily the most annoying character in the show’s history?

19 | Did you go into The President Show expecting to hate it, but wind up loving it? And can we agree that Anthony Atamanuik’s Donald Trump impression is infinitely better than Alec Baldwin’s?

20 | With all due respect to Teddy Sears and Zoom, is there no Flash dialogue snippet featuring, you know, series star Grant Gustin that Optimum could use for their “Faster!” commercial?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ayana says:

    17-I’d like to see Neve Campbell play Jughead’s mom next season.

  2. Miss Ellys says:

    6. She got real plastic surgery this time.
    I personally think the show’s drastic change in stories and characters after Michael’s death has made it too tedious to watch.

    • Jamie Huffman says:

      That’s what I assumed at first too, but she didn’t, we saw her as Rose in this week’s episode. I agree that the show has become somewhat tedious, I still watch but I pay less attention.

    • Chris says:

      I wish they would just bring Michael back.

  3. Daniel says:

    10: Could not be more true. Idec who is AD at this point…I just want a damn good backstory behind it

  4. Miss Ellys says:

    Pretty Little Liars this week could not have been more filler if it was inside a custard donut. The only takeaway was that we’re supposed to be suspicious of Mona and Paige

  5. Daniel says:

    15 – HAHHA literally was so bad

    18 – Disagreed. I thill she’s perfect for a villian

  6. maltru says:

    #6- Yeah, body shape wouldn’t change, but they have explained the voice- that little strip on her neck when she takes the mask off is a voice changer. I mean, as with the mask in general it’s far fetched, but it’s a telenovela; it’s meant to be a bit unbelievable!

  7. Teo says:

    2. I think Ryan Murphy did not want to cover material from Mommie Dearest.

  8. LADY_in_MD says:

    #6-I am so over this Rose story line she killed Louisa’s father and kidnapped Mateo and yet Louisa is still with her? Is she really that weak of a person?

    #15-that was so annoying and obvious they turn the car on from the app and then walk the 10 feet to it?

  9. Tim says:

    American Crime always has open endings.

  10. Thithya says:

    17. If Courteney Cox plays Jughead’s mother it will also be a FRIENDS reunion :-)

  11. John036 says:

    17 – Amy Jo Johnson aka the first Pink Ranger to play Jughead’s mom! I think she even lives in the same city they shoot in

  12. Luis Roman says:

    14. Curtis is on the verge of unwatchable for me, between the never being able to shut the hell up and being utterly useless in a physical fight. Couldn’t he just send the T-Spheres out with the Team and control them from the lair?

    19. My wife hates it, but I always felt Anthony’s Trump was the best impersonation going – the Bernie v. Trump debate he did on @midnight was hysterical!

  13. Geo says:

    2) FEUD seemed to want to avoid repeating the scenes that had been covered in Mommy Dearest. Notice how there was almost nothing about Christina (and in fact the show pointedly gave Joan’s other children’s point-of-view on their mom, which was quite different than Christina’s). Joan Crawford on Secret Storm is covered in the Mommy Dearest movie, as are things like Joan telling off the Pepsi executives. I think Ryan Murphy considered that anyone interested in Joan would either likely have already seen Mommy Dearest or would go watch Mommy Dearest after FEUD, so the show focused on events that hadn’t already been dramatized/filmed elsewhere.

    • NP20 says:

      I kept hoping FX would have Mommie Dearest at some point when FEUD was airing – I’m always up for that movie

  14. 9. The episode had too many dark moments already. I think Top and Mirror Master were chosen for their comedic flair. If Barry had to fight sad, mopey, angry, terrifying metas on top of everything it would have been too much.

  15. Kepler says:

    Agree so hard about this week’s Pretty Little Liars. I’ve always been into this show because of the mystery and any week where there don’t seem to be any clues seems like such a waste, especially with so few episodes left and still so much to cover. Hell we still don’t know who killed Jessica, and that was from like 3 seasons ago.

  16. Thank you for mentioning #6. The masks cannot change someone’s body shape and height.

    Also, can someone please tell that to the writers of Pretty Little Liars as we?

  17. Azerty says:

    Pretty little liars fooled me for the last time (yes it is easy to say with only 8 episodes left). They said the last 10 episodes would be packed with actions and revelations and since it got back it was 2 hours of boring mess. If they reveal everything in the very last episode it will be a shame.

  18. Jim says:

    #15…..In its final seasons, Smallville relied heavily on product placements to offset its rising costs. In one episode, I remember Chloe yelling to someone, “Take my Yaris!,” followed by a blatant shot of her Toyota Yaris. Another episode was set in the Five gum factory, with the logo and mentions of the gum throughout the hour.

  19. Gerald says:

    9. Mirror Master is pretty awesome Villain. Hope he comes into play more. Shocking how easily Cisco could figure out something to chase him where ever he goes.
    16 – How did Amy not suggest taking up Music to Sheldon? It is proven to improve learning. And they could do some wicked duets on Harp and another instrument.
    17 – Totally thought Molly Ringwald was too old to play Archie’s mom, but turns out she is 2 years younger than Luke. Man that guy was old when he was on 90210.

  20. TV Gord says:

    16) Check the run-time of The Big Bang Theory. They’ve been in the 18-19 minute range for a few years now (and STILL runs over the 8:30 mark every week)!

    • ragnar51 says:

      Interesting point. It seems that the one hour shows of today run anywhere from 40-43 minutes including the intros and credits. Contrast that with the one hour shows of days gone by (Wagon Train, Hawaiian Eye) which ran 50-53 including intros and credits. Lots MORE commercials to pay the crazy salaries.

  21. David Hambly says:

    17: t would be rally ketchy to have jason priestly play veronicas dad, then luke perry could say to him “hey,didn’t we go to high school together.” jason: “yeah,riverdale high,like every other parent in this show.” luke:hmnn, i thought it was a different high school.”

  22. Kim R says:

    15. Designated Survivor – I know! We sat here trying to figure out how it fit into the plot because it was so obvious!
    19. The President Show – I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really found it funny and yes, the impression was almost spot on unlike Alec’s who is a little over the top. Still funny though.

  23. David Hambly says:

    or anthony micheal hall as veronicas dad so he could ask molly ringwald if he could borrow her panties to show his friends.

  24. Ana says:

    #5 – If the production of OUAT can’t spare any money for decent clothes for their characters or for any real special effects, there is no way their spending money on a new location.

  25. Mommaknowsbest says:

    7. Hard to sing and judge at the same time . . I guess.

    15. What the heck??? A free commercial??? Right before the paid commercial? Give me a break, ABC!!

    Here’s a random question for you: after watching a commercial for Marriage Boot-Camp on WE-TV (which I never, EVER to watch, BTW), how much longer does WE-TV plan to keep Kendra Wilkinson on their payroll, screaming, crying and whining? Hasn’t she been on their network for about three or four years running already??

  26. Larc says:

    5- OUaT magic doesn’t work unless it fits writers’ storyline ideas.

    18- She’s so over-the-top obnoxious that I’d relish seeing her finish come at the hands of Huck and Quinn at their worst.

  27. Cathy says:

    The best comedy relief in The Flash was romance wtiter H R Wells. 1 2 3 Team Flash. Plus love Killer Frost. the rest I just didnt get all into cause I know Iris is not going to die.

  28. Gospino says:

    The casting of the Riverdale parents is so fun.

  29. Jared S says:

    9 – Did anyone else notice that future Barry was taller than present day Barry? I’m pretty sure people don’t get taller at Barry’s age. Did he maybe decide to add lifts in his boots to seem more imposing?

    • Thank you. I told my buddy the same thing. He said well maybe they just got a stand in who was taller. I said even in the scene where they were both in the shot one was taller than the other. I’m pretty sure they stop growing by Barry’s age.

  30. Chuck says:

    Feud conveniently overlooked all of Crawford’s TV work from The Lucy Show to Night Gallery. After Trog, she actually did one last TV appearance on The Sixth Sense two years later.

  31. Craig says:

    17. That would be AWESOME

  32. Jared says:

    PLL’s is a shell of its former fun and addictive storytelling. I don’t see a satisfying ending in the slightest at this point. Do the writers even know what they should wrap up???

    Courtney Cox or Neve Campbell as Jugheads mom is a must! Come on TVLine make it happen with those Riverdale connections 😂

  33. Tom says:

    6 | How do the masks worn by Jane the Virgin‘s Rose not only disguise her face, but also change her body shape and voice?
    Um, The Force? Sorry, couldn’t resist a shout out to the short lived Clerks Animated Series for some reason.
    11 | For a show about news broadcasts, couldn’t NBC’s Great News have put a little more effort into those on-air graphics?
    Didn’t realize it had premiered, wanted to catch it but didn’t. Is the station really WOLF? Because I’m sure they’re intending it to be fictional, but that’s the actual call sign of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Fox affiliate
    16 | We understand that The Big Bang Theory has a 22-minute structure to work within, but still: Wasn’t it preposterous that Penny wouldn’t have spent a little more time vetting the job offer she received from her ex before deciding to make a major-ish career change?
    There’s the 22 minute timeframe like is mentioned, and also somethings have to be sacrificed for a premise to work

  34. ReneCat says:

    Didn’t notice the “terrible” product placement….I guess I was too busy WATCHING an INCREDIBLE tv show to notice the abomination of product placement. That was sarcasm for any body who was too busy looking for my Ford to notice.

  35. Liz says:

    14. YES. Thank you. Curtis is beyond annoying this season. I think he’s pointless. They were getting shot at and he was worrying about a vintage computer game. Ugh.

  36. NP20 says:

    I kept looking for that moment in FEUD all season. Loved the show – bummed it won’t be set in Hollywood again next season

  37. Aeol says:

    7. I thought this too, but then he wouldn’t have been close enough attention to “judge.” I felt bad for Carter though, that interpretation was AWFUL.

  38. Katie says:

    18. IT’S THE WAY SHE TALKS. Holy hell. It sounds like she’s just overacting, but she’s not, it’s just her voice, and it’s nails on a chalkboard to me.

  39. Den Uhing says:

    Most forgettable Metas ?? This is Mirror Master we`re talking about here, one of the Flashs most major enemies in the comic books. He is probably second only to Thawne and Cold !

  40. leo21 says:

    2) It looks like they didn’t want too much Mommy Dearest spillover.

    13) Nope. She’s been touring for a while as a cabaret singer.

  41. nadigiv says:

    For the next week – is Tolstoy that unpopular in the US that The Blue Bloods went on to name all the Russians in the episode after Anna Karenina characters: Karenin, Vronsky, Levin? Seriously?

  42. 221bsam says:

    OMG! thank-you for bringing up Designated Survivor, I outwardly cringed at the blatant product placement, I mean how unsubtle was that?!
    Emma’s wedding on Once could be spectacular (which is why I’m not thrilled with the dress) though, I’m not certain, does the Saviour’s magic come with a price as she seems to use it quite frequently with no repercussions, hmm..?

  43. Yoko says:

    I think Feud was perfect. Christina was not the focus of this show besides a mere mention so why would we need to see Joan filling in for her. It was powerful and already had shown Joan’s insatiable need for being relevant on film. Christina & her brother were irrelevant to the way this show peeked into Joan’s life. I’m glad we saw the other children.