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Scandal's Joe Morton Reacts to Mellie's VP Pick, Rowan's Face-Off With Fitz

Regardless of how you choose to address him — Eli, Rowan, Papa Pope — one thing is becoming abundantly clear about Joe Morton‘s character on Scandal: He has completely run out of F’s to give.

While Olivia & Co. were busy scrambling to thwart the Shadowy Organization™ on Thursday’s episode, Rowan went in on Washington’s (alleged) elite, letting them each now just how useless they are in times of crisis — including his own daughter, whom he equated to a “stripper,” before calling Fitz out about how he “should know all about that from [his] daddy.” (Yikes! Can we not mention Big Jerry ever again please?)

#TeamWhiteHat eventually proved itself to be more resourceful than Rowan anticipated, using a fake drone strike to quarantine Ruland long enough for Mellie to name a new vice president: Frankie’s wife, Luna Vargas! But even though Ruland is in federal custody, Peus remains very much at large, as you can see from this uncomfortable stand-off at OPA headquarters:

Other highlights from the episode included: Olivia being named Mellie’s chief of staff, Cyrus trying (and failing) to kill Rowan in the White House wine cellar, Marcus giving Mellie a heartfelt pep talk, and Quinn reassuring Charlie that he doesn’t need to view Huck as a threat to their engagement. (Yeah, right.)

Below, Morton talks to TVLine about some of the episode’s biggest moments:

On Rowan’s latest near-death experience: “It’s all about his resourcefulness and his ability to be ahead of the curve in many cases. In the wine cellar with Cyrus, he went into it with a certain amount of suspicion. He just told this man he shot Frankie Vargas, so he literally had to watch his back. It didn’t surprise me that Cyrus would try to kill Rowan at this point.”

On Rowan’s feud with Fitz (and that kiss): “These are two men who don’t like each other, so clearly Fitz wanted to do something that was going to irritate Rowan — which he did by kissing his daughter in front of him. Fitz always tries to put him in a position where Rowan is ‘handcuffed’ or ‘caged’ in order to make Rowan feel smaller, but it never seems to work out that way.”

On Rowan calling Olivia a “stripper”: She will always be the treasure of his life, the thing he will spend every ounce of his strength protecting. But that doesn’t mean he has to abide by or agree with her behavior, especially where it has to do with Fitz. He thinks Fitz is weak and cheap and spoiled, and he thinks that being with Fitz isn’t a smart thing to do on any number of levels. That doesn’t mean he loves her any less.

On Rowan’s epic dressing down of… everyone: “He’s willing to put his life on the line, because that’s what his life has always been. So to dress these people down — these politicians who, other than Jake, have never put their lives on the line on purpose — is his way of calling them all a–holes and letting them know that they talk a great talk, but aren’t actually doing anything.”

On Rowan’s future in the White House: “I can’t imagine that Rowan would want to spend any time at the White House, so Olivia being Chief of Staff to Mellie doesn’t change that.”

On Mellie’s pick for VP: “There are a lot of great things about it. For one thing, we’re saying it is possible to have two women run the country. Also, Luna seems to be someone who upholds all of Frankie’s positions and desires, so from the outside, it looks like a great choice.”

On the future of the Shadowy Organization™: “For all intents and purposes, they’re that one thing we wish never happens in our government, which is that someone actually gets into the White House who does not have our best interest at heart. The Theodore Peus character is, I imagine, what Steve Bannon is like in real life. It’s somebody inside the White House whose point of view is not necessarily one that’s out to make it a better country so much as fulfilling an ideal.”

Your thoughts on this week’s Scandal? Hopes for the rest of Season 6? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Peter Allan Ker says:

    Amazing Episode!

    Congratulations Luna Vargas (D-PA) Vice President-Elect of the United States of America!

  2. Anna says:

    So Rowan’s dressing everyone down? Well, I’m gonna watch THIS episode, I guess. Thanks for the recap; they help me decide if I should waste one hour watching Scandal.

  3. Brian says:

    So glad they made a change at VP. It’s something different and the VP choice isn’t a character that i’m tired of. And something just has to be coming with this Rowan and Olivia storyline, right? This storyline with these 2 just never changes. This storyline with them makes me have some appreciation for Negan on Walking Dead. At least Negan can sometimes make me laugh and there’s no mistaking that he’s a bad guy. While on this show watching Olivia have this strong dedication to her “father” just makes you want to puke.

  4. meret says:

    Why they didn’t just shoot those two villains when they had he chance is beyond me.Once I saw Peus in my office I wold have had Huck handle his business. And that woman in the safe room would never have left it LOL! No extra chairs Red?

    • Antwon303 says:

      I agree. Jake was at David’s house and told him and could have easily gone and sliced and diced that vile woman. It must have to do with if you cut off the head of the snake…another head with sprout of. I don’t recall them actually saying this on the show but it is the only thing that makes sense to me. Their goal must be to take down the entire organization.

      • Davis says:

        Well.. Slicing miss Rulind’s throat and shooting Peus is not an option.
        1. If they were just shot off then what is the point of the show? I think they have in place a swift plan to get rid of Peus.
        2. We still don’t know as to whether the conspirators are two, what if there’s a larger wheel and Peus and Rulind are just spokes on a wheel?
        3. Well.. In the season 6 finale.. I’d really look Forward to seeing those villans being left for dead.

  5. Lisa Echerd says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this entire storyline is ridiculous? Fitz is the President of the US. As he has shown with Eli, he can have anyone he wants captured and detained. There are plenty of eyewitnesses to what these two new people whose names I haven’t bothered to learn have done. And I think nominating Luna is an insult to those who supported Hillary Clinton in the real election. Clinton had been First Lady for 8 years as has Mellie and she had also been a senator for 8 years and Secretary of State for 4. Like her or not, she had qualifications. We know nothing about Luna but it would be hard to invent a resume for her now that would give her any qualifications for the job. We don’t want any woman in office; we want a qualified woman in office. And how do they know Luna can handle this? I wish Cyrus had taken the VP slot.

    • Larc says:

      No, you’re not the only one. Unbelievable the mayhem Peus and a few others can cause a crowd with the blood of so many on their hands. Not only that, but he and his henchwomen send the top end of a branch of the US Government into a hand-wringing frenzy. This storyline so totally defies logic that it fails to ring true on every level. There’s more reality in fairy tales.

    • Seriously. …..equalling Luna with Hillary?

    • Davis says:

      Cyrus Been is a monster! He’s a liar, he’s a cheat. And he wasn’t even supposed to win that election because he killed for it.
      Do you honestly think he’s any better?

  6. mrmcgee says:

    I’m still wondering why they didn’t bring back current VP Susan as well as Vargas’ brother who was shaking up to be an interesting character/foil for Olivia last season.

    I do agree with some points that they have all of these resources, including B613 (shudder), but you never know. Some people think it’s not too far fetched to believe that an organization can manipulate and threaten to get who they wasn’t in the White House, even when they’re not qualified.

    As far as Peus though, really, who is he? Does he think a random shadowy guy can just be picked as VP without the main scrutinizing his background?

    • Triiinea says:

      Ummm….Yes. Look at our actual government.

    • Lisa Echerd says:

      Yes, Susan. That is who I thought they were going to pick when they were saying at the end that only one person would fit this job. I was screaming to myself “Susan” because I love Susan and she has proven she can do the job. But no, we got Luna who we don’t know at all.

  7. Eric7740 says:

    “You don’t take Olivia Pope…. Olivia Pope takes you!” Oh my how I love this show and Kerry Washington and the character Olivia Pope!!! That’s the Olivia I know and love and have missed, I love it when Olivia is her bad a** self!!! Slay Olivia, slay!!!

  8. The Rookie says:

    Can they just get rid of Rowan and Jake? That way I can start watching the show again. I don’t understand Shonda’s obsession with the spy games and B613, iI she wanted a spy show she could have created one. Sadly, I think Scandal is now on it’s last two seasons and it wasted it’s potential. What could have been great was damaged beyond repair by those two characters and the ridiculous plot lines. Hope Kerry finds a show where she can show all her acting abilities with actual good stories. Would love to see her in an HBO/Amazon/Netflix drama.

    • Triiinea says:

      TEAM JAKE….TEAM JAKE. I can’t stand OLitz. JAAAAKKKE Stand in the sun with JAKE

    • Casey says:

      Completely disagree- this show was a boring, serialized drama before the introduction of Jake, Rowan and B613. They are the most interesting part of the show and the reason I keep tuning in.

      • mrmcgee says:

        Hmm…See I liked the introduction of Papa and Jake but their shenanigans went on too long. Papa’s arc should’ve ended when Olivia put him in jail. And Jake…I don’t know, sometimes he’s just so unlikable, I thought he should have died when that one spy stabbed him all to hell.

  9. Jeanne Samples says:

    I Love this program, it started out little slow but then bam!
    Never let’s me down.

  10. Mel says:

    I don’t care who Olivia is sleeping with. Fitz or Jakey boy. She’s so annoying at this point, she doesn’t deserve anyone but her crazy papa. She’s made me hate jam and Vermont and especially jam made in Vermont. She can go burn in the sun with Jake. Good riddance

  11. iforgotmyusernameagain says:

    Can Rowan go now? Olivia is now Mellie’s new CoS. She’s back in the Oval like he always wanted. This character has long overstayed his welcome.

  12. T says:

    Jake off the show and I would stop watching. I like most of the other characters but LOVE JAKE. Some could gladly go and I would be happy (Fitz, Rowan) others I could still watch if they left (Cyrus, Abby) and a few others I might not continue to watch if they left (Huck, David Rosen) but other than Olivia – Jake is the only one I couldn’t stand watching the show without!