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The 100 Star Breaks Down Raven's 'Selfish' Decision: 'I Was Shocked'

Lindsey Morgan‘s character made a life-changing decision on Wednesday’s The 100, and according to the actress, it was so not Raven.

But before we dive in, a quick recap of the episode: While Clarke attempted (unsuccessfully) to establish herself as the new Commander, Octavia traded her gardening tools for weapons to join the battle of the tribes. Back at Arkadia, Jasper and Harper — among a handful of other hopeless teens — decided to party their way to the grave, rather than join the others in the bunker.

This brings us to Raven, who continued to suffer from hallucinations — this time of Becca, who offered to help her space-walk. (“If you’re going to go out, you might as well go out with a view.”) During Raven’s final scene, she revealed her plans to Murphy: “Do you have any idea what it feels like to be in pain every day?” she asked him. “When I was space-walking, everything was right. I just want that again.” And if anyone asks? “Tell them I floated myself.”

If you found yourself stunned by Raven’s suicidal thoughts, you’re not alone.

“I was shocked because Raven has always been so selfless, and I thought killing herself was actually very selfish of her,” Morgan tells TVLine. “For once, she’s doing something completely for herself, with no regard for her friends. I thought it was not very Raven-like, but I can empathize with her. She feels like she would be a waste in the bunker, taking up space and air that someone else could use.”

Morgan admits, “It took me a minute to wrap my head around her decision and understand where she was coming from. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but she’s facing her death head-on, and accepting it. That’s what it is, it’s an acceptance of her death.”

As for why she chose to confide in Murphy, Morgan acknowledges, “Murphy and Raven’s relationship is very unique because of everything they’ve been through. I mean, he disabled her. I think he admires and respects her, in addition to feeling an insurmountable amount of guilt for what he did to her. He may fight her, but he’s going to support her either way. I don’t think he feels he can stop her.”

100 fans, are you worried about Raven, or do you think she’ll change her mind before doing something she can’t take back? (Also, editor’s note: Am I crazy, or is this whole storyline insanely problematic? #LeaveRavenAlone!) Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I reaaaaally hope there is a twist where her going into space or something fixes her brain cause losing Raven off this show would be a HUGE mistake.

  2. katie says:


  3. fernando933 says:

    I think she will be the one to save everyone this time around. She better not die.

    I’m so happy octivia arrive at the end to save skye crew from this hunger games

    I’m really mad the writer still just haven’t made Clarke the commander. I really think she’s the right person to lead the world

    • Sawyer says:

      I was kinda pissed when they stopped the accention ceremony with Clarke. Science made Clarke night blood, it also made Becca the first Heda. Damn just put the first Commander spirit in her. Abby pissed me off. I really don’t care for Roan. He can’t replace Lexa .

      • Maia says:

        Agreed about that. I think the more characters they kill off though, the more viewers they lose which thet can’t afford because it’s already at rock bottom there. Lindsey leaving is no surprise, she has another project now.

        • jayameff says:

          There’s nothing wrong with a show killing off favourite characters. I think it shows guts on the part of the showrunners. The problem is that The 100 is not replacing those they kill off with new characters that the fans really give a hoot about. For example, I like Luna but she gets such minimal airtime that she’s hardly a blip.

    • Jim says:

      I think there’s no way that chip doesn’t end up in her head. They want her to earn it though, not steal it with subterfuge. It should be an epic moment, and that ascension ceremony didn’t cut it. The show will do it right.

  4. mia says:

    I just want to know What the H E Double Hockey Sticks happened to Wick!!

    • tina says:

      hahaha so does everyone else. I mean I read that the actor said some not pc things so he wasn’t asked back but the writers could have at least killed him off off screen not just leave us hanging

      • Jami says:

        He made some homophobia remarks about show, and he was gone, He has to realize that Berlanti is openly gay or maybe it’s Jason. He was fired. No can’t be Jason he really Clexa’s death.

    • Dominique says:

      it’s a shame, really, cause wick was a very likable character who pushed raven in the right way. too bad the actor is such a rascist piece of sh!#t

  5. Sawyer says:

    DNR LOL to bad Kane wasn’t in that scene all I could think of was Not Penny’s boat. I love this show, little shout out to some pretty awesome scifi shows. Let the game begin.

  6. Lysh says:

    Losing the brainy people would be just as much of a loss as losing their muscle. Raven needs some wins in her life. I hope she doesn’t die.
    Clarke would be a great commander, but I’m glad they didn’t put that thing in her neck. These people need to bring back some good old fashioned democracy, if they survive the end of the world.

  7. RobTO says:

    This was a really bad episode. There were a lot of characters that did things that were so out of character. Abby’s decision to tell everyone about the blood and sentencing Skaikru to possibly losing the bunker, Raven’s decision and most specifically Harper and all of the kids (minus Jasper because he’s been suicidal for while) just choosing to kill themselves instead of choosing to live. Ugh, so stupid. Just a few episodes ago they were all fighting for who would be one of the 100 people in the ship and now all of a sudden it’s becoming so hard to live? That’s really dumb and poorly written. 3/10 for this episode.

    • fernando933 says:

      Honestly after all this time it’s believable that some of the kids or an adults would want to just die, they have been fighting all this time and they see no end to the fighting and trying hard to survive all they want is peace and death is the only way they think they will get it.

      Raven choice was strange but again she’s dying, she feels like it’s better for her to go out the way she wants them die in the bunker where she has to be taken care off and bascailly wasting space.

      Now the Abby thing I agree 100% she was dumb for that. Clarke should be the commander by this point

      • Rob TO says:

        But the kids wanting to die came OUT OF NOWHERE. Like I said they were arguing with their own people about being one of the people to survive in the ship just a few episodes ago. Now all of a sudden they refuse to live in a bunker? This was really poor writing. There should have been more hints that Jasper was convincing people in earlier episodes and getting in their head.

      • Jami says:

        Yes Abby pissed me off. She pretty much sentenced them to death. Clarke will end up being the next commander. How did Becca let all this happen with the tribes all fighting each other to the death. Becca was supposed to help the survivors, there has to be a back story.

    • Jim says:

      Abby was afraid the chip would kill Clarke. That the nightblood treatment wasn’t enough to let her body tolerate it. She said that to Clarke and Clarke was going to do it anyway so she took the decision out of her hands.

  8. Ws says:

    I really hope they let Jasper die this season.. he has really gotten insufferable.

  9. K says:

    why am I the only one who thinks this was very raven. ive always thought she was reckless, selfish and didn’t really care about her life. I mean look at her actions with finn, mount weather, the chip ..each season she does have her strong moments and for sure is helpful and amazing at times but don’t forget all her weak moments also

  10. Julie says:

    How come those cult people who built the bunker aren’t in it? There were dead people in that other bunker, so I would have thought the higher ups would have made it to the fancier bunker. What am I missing there?

  11. Ash says:

    Sadly I think she dies and do not think it was Lindsey’s choice based on her social media.

  12. bell says:

    ill be shocked if she doesn’t die, not to be a Debbie downer but a lot f the time when tvline does these interviews with actors its always when they are about to or have just left the show (I mean its not all of the time but it sure is a lot of the time) also O is about to fight to her death in battle and Jas, Monty and co all signed suicide pacts so why weren’t any of them interviewed why was just Lindsay. I mean you could say because she was wiling to do an interview but I’m still thinking its leaving the show.

  13. Tanya lunday says:

    I love raven she is strong an very strong willed. Killing her off would be a bad thing..please keep her! She’s tough an she’s the backbone of the group when things go to crap.

  14. Maia says:

    Yeah Raven dies while the audience figures drop further. Hasn’t been thea same since Lexa died and it won’t be.

  15. Michael Kelly says:

    Hi. Well I am certainly routing for Raven and hope she will pull through. She is my favourite character in this highly addictive series which I have been really enjoying. 😉😊

    I am happy the series is continuing on. Well done and congratulations to all the producers, directors and techs.

  16. Dominique says:

    we still have a few episodes left so i’m hoping there’s a twist coming. i also think part of this is due to becca, she’s messing with raven’s head. i know this is not a show where everybody gets to survive and live happily ever after, but killing off raven would be a huge mistake, and it would pretty much tell you that they haven’t learned from last season.
    i’ve got a bad feeling about the “hopeless teens.” with monty now there, i’m worried he’ll die trying to save jasper, who will unfortunately get to live another day/ talk about the most horrible character on the show.
    i’m disliking abby more and more as well. she’s willing to kill anything and everyone for her own survival, but as soon as clark does something (much smarter and more useful, i might add), abby ruins every plan even though it will kill her own people.
    i love that octavia is back again. she might just stand a chance against all the other champions.

  17. Chol H Yoon says:

    I have a feeling that we haven’t seen the last of Raven yet. Perhaps when she gets back in space, she’ll meet up with Alie, who ended up in the Satellite and create Raven 2.0 or save her.

  18. Tammy says:

    Did anyone notice how her hallucination went from Becca to what seemed like ALIE?

  19. Shantastic says:

    I think the red woman is posing as Becca, and that a part of her is somehow stored in Raven’s mind. I think she is going to control Raven’s body somehow.

  20. Carolina Bob says:

    Whatever way the plot is written Rabin must LIVE !!!
    She is the primary reason I watch !