Riverdale Reggie Recast Season 2

Riverdale Set to Recast a Major Character Ahead of Season 2

A Riverdale mainstay will be virtually unrecognizable next season.

TVLine has learned exclusively that producers of The CW’s rookie teen drama have decided to recast the role of Archie’s foe Reggie ahead of Season 2 as a result of scheduling issues with the character’s portrayer Ross Butler

“We love what Ross did with the role of Reggie [this season], but because of his commitments to other projects, we couldn’t use him nearly as much as we would have liked,” series creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said in a statement to TVLine. “[Next season], we want more Reggie on our show — he’s Archie’s rival! — and because Ross is unavailable to come back to Riverdale, we’re looking for a new Reggie. Those are big shoes to fill, but we’re confident we can find an actor who is as funny and sexy as Ross. And of course we all wish Ross the best.”

Butler is a series regular on Netflix’s breakout hit 13 Reasons Why, which is a lock to get a Season 2 pickup.

The Reggie recast is the second significant piece of Riverdale Season 2 news to break in as many days. On Monday, we reported that Pitch‘s Mark Consuelos has signed on to play Veronica’s heretofore-unseen dad Hiram Lodge, although his casting is in second position to Fox’s on-the-bubble baseball drama.

Thoughts on Riverdale‘s decision to give Reggie a facelift? Got casting tips? Hit the comments!

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  1. Chuck says:

    I doubt anyone will notice since they hardly used Reggie at all this season.

    • I must agree with Chuck since the show didn’t show Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle. I hope that that the new Reggie will be seen in more episode this time.

    • dude says:

      Sounds like they couldn’t because of his schedule which is why they’re recasting him anyways.

    • Ross Butler was very good as Reggie Mantle. What was sad that I forgot about Reggie Mantle because the show have so many characters and I didn’t miss Reggie until I read about that there will be a new Reggie Mantle for the second season.I want to wish the actor who becomes the new Reggie Mantle all the luck in the world.

      • I still can’t believe that we are having the same discussion about the fiction character race background. I remember the uproar about Iron Fist background.Some claim that he should an Asian actor play the role. Ross Butler got the role because the person who hire the actor thought that he is the right person for the role.

        • Most people forget that CW Riverdale base on Archie was created in the late 30.The writer changes both Reggie Mantle and Veronica Lodge over the year which differed in the modern day. I was looking at the old repeat comic strip, minority character was using like that they were third world character. I still can’t believe the uproar about the hiring of the white actor for Daniel “Iron Fist ” Rand instead going for an Asian actor. I thought that Ross Butler was hired because he was perfect for Reggie Mantle role. Good luck to the next actor.

    • I was so happy that Riverdale got renewal for a second season that I forgot how many episodes that the show will be airing. Good luck to the show.

  2. Ben says:

    I wonder if this means 13 reasons why will come back.

  3. TV Gord says:

    I’m glad that they plan to use Reggie more. I kind of resented Kevin for seemingly taking Reggie’s slot in the gang. It’s the same way I felt when Sesame Street shoved Grover into the background for that little runt, Elmo. ;-)

    • Riana says:

      I do hope he stays Asian.

      • dude says:

        It will be kind of weird if he isn’t but then again, recastings in general are weird so who knows?

      • JJ says:

        THIS. I also hope he is still played by an Asian actor.

        • Mel says:

          I hope he is played by a Caucasian actor, to stay true to the character’s roots.

          • Jess says:

            That’s the dumbest and most racist thing I’ve read on here. GTFO.

          • Sorry, Mel. Reggie Mantle was created in the 40 before everything must be corrected. Mel should be glad that the show will gets the right actor for the role.

          • Pat says:

            I agree, Mel.

          • Rain says:

            I’m Asian and I agree w/ Mel.

          • Max says:

            Jess I don’t think it’s racist. If it works with an Asian guy great and for me the comics are so ancient that I’m not bothered. But sometimes changing the look of a character from the source material completely can be so irritating or hard to adjust to initially. If the source material is especially good, I get very criticak when they change things, it’s just different perspectives. I understand the concept of trying to bring something into a more multicultural era but don’t just change a character drastically unless it’s going to make sense, I don’t believe it doing things just for some political statement. They could instead write new characters into the same world.

          • Pedro says:

            Glad to know racism is a lie because a commenter thinks so…

          • Riverdale the show didn’t use Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle this season. It was only after I read that the show got a renewal for the second season and learn that there was going to be a search for a new Reggie Mantle that I remember about Ross Butler disappear. I want to wish him all the luck with his future role. Mel keeps forever that this is 2017 and not 1939 era. Good luck to the actor who will replace Ross Butler in the role.

          • TV Gord says:

            I didn’t even know Reggie was Asian until this story.

          • Meghan says:

            Lol Pedro what are you talking about? If it’s Jess, pay her no heed, I see her now and again and she is a bit overly sensitive by nature.

          • Meghan says:

            Lol Pedro what are you talking about or who are you even referring to?? If it’s Jess, pay her no heed, I see her now and again and she is a bit overly sensitive by nature.

      • Esteban says:

        It takes a special cynicism to think they’ll recast with a white dude. The backlash would be deafening. And only a racist would PREFER a white actor.

        • Pedro says:

          Actually, there’s usually more backlash with Black actors / characters. Hollywood whitewashes and stereotypes Asians so often.

        • TV Gord says:

          If a show commits to color-blind casting, that should mean it’s okay to replace an actor with the best candidate for the job. It seems to me insisting on an Asian recast only is as narrow-minded as saying the character can only be white.

          • Pedro says:

            No. That’s not the case at all. Unless Riverdale is launching a Rachel Dolezal-inspired plot, making a character trans-racial would be one of the most stupid thing ever.

            That would be like recasting Meredith’s daughter Zola, in Grey’s Anatomy, which they have done many times, with a suddenly White child. If you have established that in this continuity Zola is Black, she is Black.

        • BJSully says:

          For your information, ESTEBAN, the Archie characters were all white when the comic made its debut in 1939, so you by default are the racist by insisting that the character should be played by anything BUT a white actor. If the show is based on the characters and they want to ‘modernize’ it by casting the roles with actors not of the same nationality as the original characters, that’s fine – but you can NOT, regardless of ANYTHING you have been told or believe, CHANGE the history of something [be it an actual event or a fictional piece of work] simply because it doesn’t suit the bigotry that YOU have. Otherwise you could be looking at ‘Roots’ with an all white cast one day, ESTEBAN.

          • Pedro says:

            In 1939 segregation laws were still in place in the United States. You cannot change that History. But today is 2017 and the White race isn’t the only one celebrated or even with full legal rights. And if White people want to make a TV show about White Slavery, go ahead. But spend a couple of centuries as slaves to make it accurate.

          • reverse racism isnt real bj, grow up. says:

            oh eat an arse BJ your thinly veiled racism is just sad there are so many different versions of archie with little changes why cant reggie be asian in this one?? im not insisting reggie be played by anyone BUT a white actor im insisting that they stick with the race theyve already cast him as it would not make sense for reggie to suddenly turn white,black or any other race then the one theyve chosen to portray him as (also the characters in roots were specifically black characters dealing with slavery and racism why would you make them white ?? reggie on the other hand isnt specifically white)

        • Rain says:

          I’m 100% Asian and I want Reggie to be white on the show. His character is originally white after all.

          • Hey y’all we are so lucky to have the spokesperson for 100% Asian people right here on this message board! Woot!

          • yikes says:

            *insert sure jan gif here* are u the lorax for asian ppl or something?? do u speak for every single asian person?? binch so was veronica in the original so what?? do you know how many reiterations of archie there are?? in this one reggie is asian so id like them to stick with that itd be pretty fracking weird for reggie to come back from spring break or w.e looking like cold sprouts

        • Tom says:

          I like how this Esteban guy ALL CAPS prefer, because clearly its not racist to dislike a white actor, and he needs to make that clear.

          Of course any sane person will realize having racial preferences for any race is racist. Intentionally changing a character because of its race, is racist.

      • pretendernx01 says:

        He will stay Asian, someone on reddit found a casting notice for an Asian-American male character named “Rick” Riverdale was looking to cast for. They figure Rick was probably a codename for Reggie.

  4. Jared says:

    Reggie was in what? 1-2 episodes for half a second?? Ross Butler was great but I doubt anyone would have even noticed. Happy to see them beefing up that character in S2.

  5. Jwats says:

    If the produces truly valued Ross’s role in the show they would find ways to accommodate his avalibility and or develop a story line and contract that would better appeal to an in demand your actor. It’s a shame.

    • O'yaya says:

      It’s not a matter of accommodation, it’s a matter of contracts. a basic actor’s contract can not let them be a series regular in two shows. when they got him for riverdale they probably didn’t want to pay him the cost of a series regular contract so they kept him recurring which is a common practice (and it’s fine if the actor doesn’t have another study gig ) but the danger there is if the actor gets a series regular contract on another show. which means 13RW get him as much as they want and his role on Riverdale is never really guaranteed. it’s why Alycia Debnam-Carey was killed off the 100.

      • Pedro says:

        Actually, they can, especially when both shows run limited seasons. However, it’s likely both shows are shooting at the same time.

        • Kate says:

          But you can’t. Contractually one show is in 1st position and one show is in 2nd position and when there is a conflict the show in first position is the one you are obligated to do. It’s just too bad and just just chance the show in 1st position is the one with less impact and heat. He got more press and had more impact from his smaller role in riverdale

          • Pedro says:

            That is absolutely not true. Plenty of people are regulars in different shows, especially if they are short-season series. And Ross Butler was recurring, not regular in Riverdale.

            Riverdale is very soft rated and she is a peripheral character. He had a much bigger role in a much more impacting show in 13 Reasons Why.

            The idea that Riverdale has more heat than 13RW is baffling.

        • Has there been a statement that RIVERDALE season two will be as short as season one? I’d presumed it was following a typical CW pattern of launching with a short spring season before picking up a full-season renewal (or 13 with an option for another 9) for the fall.

      • Max says:

        Yeah and Alycia Debnam Carey betrayed her Lexa fans and is a flop now. Alicia Clark is a terrible character in Fear the Walking whatever and that show is actually crap, the girl was greedy. Plus there is younger hotter fish in the sea now with the like of Katherine Langford from 13RW, love her.

  6. Lindsay says:

    I don’t understand how 13 reasons why is a lock to come back for another season. It was a closed ended story. *spoiler alert* Hannah died. She can’t record more tapes.

    • Grant says:

      Her ghost will be leaving 13 EVPs.

    • Pedro says:

      Another kid attempted suicide in the finale and another was planning a school shooting.

    • Esteban says:

      Ausiello usually knows insider things, i won’t question lol

    • Dysturbed says:

      That story was closed ended, but what happened to another specific character is still an option to be told through a fairly new story. Such flashbacks could also include showing certain things that were already seen, but from that character’s perspective, which therefore allows Hannah to be included in a limited capacity.

      The other characters would continue to be featured in flashbacks and more heavily in the modern scenes, and the modern scenes could also help resolve the various cliffhangers.

  7. K.D.S. says:

    That’s sad. I like Ross Butler, even tho he wasn’t in that many scenes. But he was great in 13 Reasons Why. I hope this means that it will get renewed. I know, it followed the whole book, but i didn’t like the loose endings that much. And the author himself said that he wouldn’t mind if they continue the story of his book characters.

  8. fernando933 says:

    Why is 13 Reason getting a second season it should be a one and done season type of show.

  9. Pedro says:

    They’d better not cast a White actor just as the character is about to gain more exposure. While Blacks have solidified their presence on TV, Asians are still far and between, especially in a non-stereotypical role like this, where you can be tall and handsome and kind of a jerk and not the computer nerd or a kung fu fighter.

  10. Matt C. says:

    Is 13 Reasons Why really considered “a lock” to return? They definitely left a lot of open-ended storylines, but the central arc (and the basis for the title of the show) was completely resolved. Is it impossible for a series to just have one amazing season and be done? Even Big Little Lies is being considered to continue (although even I’ll admit that extending that series would make more sense than to do another season of 13 Reasons Why).

  11. Dennis says:

    Wow that sucks

  12. Steveo says:

    No comment from Butler?

  13. mike says:

    Cody Christian or Austin Falk

  14. It’s a shame to lose him, but possibly for the best possible reason. Tough situation there.

  15. Carmen says:

    I absolutely love the series and I would also love more Reggie. So far I have really loved their casting, so I have faith in who they will find. When I first saw 13 Reasons, I was like “What’s Reggie doing in this show? Are there going to be more crossover characters?” It was mildly trippy because it was like he had entered an alternate universe where he was still a high school student in a varsity jacket. And the two characters themselves were somewhat similar… cocky jocks with a bit of heart. I would also probably lose my sh*t if they cast Jason Priestley somehow. Then Brandon and Dylan could be together again.

  16. Cecile says:

    Instead of recasting, make up sone excuse of Reggie having to leave Riverdale and someone new, like a new student, can fill in and be archie’s new enemy. But then again, that’ll be too much considering the fact that Veronica is new and shes still kinda considered the “new girl” but just think about it.

  17. jbj says:

    While I don’t blame Ross Butler for trying to cover his bases in the precarious world of TV acting, what were the showrunners thinking by not locking a Reggie down with the standard CW contract?! Have the comics changed so much that Reggie isn’t a principle character anymore? In my day, he was Archie’s chief nemesis…nowadays his “chief frenemy.” He was the “Chuck Bass” of Riverdale, and can you imagine if Gossip Girl had only hired Ed Westwick to recur
    during season 1 ?

  18. David says:

    To bad they can’t recast Archie…

    • KLS says:

      I was hoping for that too. And praying they’ld keep the current Jughead.

      • I can’t wait to see what happen in the second season and how the show used the individual character. The fan must remember that Archie and Gang were created back in the late 40’s before everything must be so correctly. I still don’t know why Ross Butler wasn’t able to make more appear on Riverdale. I just want to say good luck to the new actor to replace Ross Butler next season.

      • I can’t wait to see what happen in the second season and how the show used the individual character. The fan must remember that Archie and Gang were created back in the late 40’s before everything must be so correctly. I still don’t know why Ross Butler wasn’t able to make more appear on Riverdale. I just want to say good luck to the new actor to replace Ross Butler next season. The fan should hope and pray that the individual plot will capture the heart and soul of the comics book.

    • lily says:

      or jughead tbh his lines just come across as cringy esp that im a weirdo stupid hat scene

  19. elve123 says:

    I really hope that means a lot more Reggie next season. Because he honestly is the fifth core character in the comics.

  20. TV Gord says:

    For the record, Archie debuted in 1941. I’ve seen comments here mention other dates, but this is the 75th anniversary year of Archie. Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica first appeared in the December 1941 issue of Pep Comics, and Archie Comics soon followed with a cover date of Winter 1942.

  21. AegonSnow says:

    Shame Ross Butler left the show, he makes a perfect Reggie, however his commitment role as Zach on 13 Reasons Why is stellar too, which BTW bears an uncanny striking resemblance similarity to Reggie’s character which both are resident high school jocks who are also pivotal mean douchebag jerks & bullies too. Given Reggie’s a key character from the comics, plus 13 is such a hit series, no wonder Ross commitment towards the show which he’s got featured alot, no doubt will affect his already limited role on Riverdale, to be fair the recast has to be inevitable. That given said, whoever the actor recast need not have to be Asian, especially the fact it’s so rare to find an Asian actor who’s pretty buff, with unique exception of Ross. It’s hard to find another Asian actor to fill in the shoes for role playing the resident football jock who’s not only a babe magnet but also a douchebag jerk bully as well, which is pretty challenging. To cast another actor to play a character as a constant arch nemesis of Archie. Based on Reggie’s devious nature as 2-headed snake-in-the-grass, self-loving prick type, the ethnicity doesn’t have to be white as long the actor besides dark-haired with outgoing personality, must be pretty well built, preferably gymbod buff. Could be either Italian, Turkish, Mediterranean Greek, Latino or Jew, with looks that’s cross in-between Mark Salling & John Stamos, would be total perfection! :)

    • I also hope that his father Mantle Sr. would show up in the second season. Good luck getting the new Reggie Mantle actor. Reggie Mantle was a very important character that debut in the comics from the 40’s.

  22. Joe Eisenman says:

    I have a casting tip…. cast me!! I’ll send a headshot and resume!

  23. Amber says:

    I found our Reggie !!