Reign Series Finale Date

Reign Series Finale to Air in June

The end of Queen Mary’s Reign is nigh.

The CW on Thursday released a complete schedule of this year’s finale dates, including the farewell episode of Reign, which will wrap its four-season run on Friday, June 16 at 9/8c.

As for whether or not Reign‘s finale will stay true to history — with Mary (spoiler alert!) losing her head — star Adelaide Kane tells TVLine:

“We have taken some very generous creative liberties with our storylines, but we have kept the bones fairly accurate. I mean, if we were going to throw the baby out with the bathwater, we would have had Francis live. And then none of this would have happened!”

What are your hopes for Reign‘s final bow? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. brandydanforth81 says:

    Im gonna miss this show and it’s wonderful cast-Toby,Torrance,Megan,Rachel,Adelaide.

  2. Karen Ambrosine says:

    Im truly going to miss watching this show. I fight with family (and win) to watch it. Lol. I love the era, clothing, castles and beautiful country. Thank you for letting me see how they lived life back then

    • Karen Ambrosine says:

      The cast is brilliant also. Goodbye Reign.

    • Ray says:

      You realize that most of the costumes are not historically accurate on Reign, yes?

      • Kathryn Hamby says:

        This series has been absolutely addictive. It has been pure pleasure to watch and I will be going thru withdrawals when it’s gone. IN reality, Mary sat in prison many years before Elizabeth kills her. Can’t you take some creative liberties having her escape, thus adding some additional programs? Or maybe Cathryn and Natcisse could continue. After all the name of the show is Reign, not Mary. By the way, the costumes and settings have been wonderful. Music? Not so much. Bring back Bash one more time.

  3. haldrey says:

    Not good, not good, too many good shows saying goodbye this season while a lot of trash (and maybe low cost) are staying.

  4. fernando933 says:

    I wish we would have gotten just one more season. I would have like to seen two full seasons of Mary in Scotland

    • ninergrl6 says:

      IMO season 2 shouldn’t have existed, at least not the way it was written. Ideally (with 4 seasons planned in advance, which wasn’t the case) season 1 could’ve ended with Henry’s death, season 2 could’ve ended with Francis’ death, season 3 could’ve been Mary in Scotland ending with marriage #2, and season 4 could’ve been her pregnancy/the rest of her life in Scotland. Had the writers known the network’s long-term plans for the show, or at least a whole season at a time, the pacing could’ve been better. As it was written, season 2 was kind of a throw away, just an excuse to prolong Frary. I still love the show, and the addition of Elizabeth and the English court in season 3 gave it more dimension, but I would’ve liked to see more Mary in Scotland too.

    • Fabrizia says:

      I would like to see an historical miniseries about Mary Stuart, with a different cast and without the teenage drama and ridiculos costumes of this show.

  5. I’m so addicted to this series. Be so sorry to see it go.
    I think Lord Darnley needs to be killed off. And Mary lose the baby. Marry Lord Bothwell, get pregnant and have an heir right away! A Boy.
    Mary’s brother fall for Greer, settle down.
    Get rid of Charles as the King of France, bring his brother to the throne. Hope ly someone manly and scandalous like the Father, Catherine’s late husband.
    Alas, Mary will have to go at the hand of Elizabeth

  6. Joyce High says:

    I love the show i got to wait for season 4 to come out on Netflix.

  7. ChrisGa says:

    I’ll miss this show, particularly my weekly dose of Megan Follows, who’s consistently given one of television’s great, unheralded performances over the last four seasons.

    • Jim says:

      So true. At times, when the writing got pretty bad and I wanted to stop watching, she was the only thing reeling me in to stick with it. Not that there aren’t some great performances by Adelaide and some of the others, but Megan is just outstanding and on another level.

    • James D Thear says:

      She sure has !! Deserves an Emmy nomination for sure !!!

  8. Joan Stelmaschuk says:

    Definitely will miss this show. Never missed an episode. However, knowing the history, l wondered when this would come about. Spectacular sets and costumes. Wish it could have lasted longer.

  9. Kristine LeGault says:

    This is my favorite show we watched it back to back to back on Netflix before we caught up and now watch it weekly.
    There are so many more storylines that they could use.
    So many Kings and Queens to explore.
    The cast ad costumes are fabulous.
    I am truly sad to lose Reign.

  10. Naeemah says:

    I know the his of Mary Queen of scouts and Elizabeth from history class, so I know the real ending, but no one wants the real ending that’s why it’s a tv show. You make it your own. No person who love this show will truly get angry, so why end with the real ending. When I watch tv I’m not in history class.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      There’s a YA novel called My Lady Jane that reimagines some of this 16th century British history with a happier ending. (Elizabeth I & Mary Queen of Scots are supporting characters) It’s great a historical fantasy/comedy/romance, very “Princess Bride” in its tone. I highly recommend it!

  11. I am a long time fan of historical drama and avoided this show initially because of the teenage cast but finally gave it a shot on Netflix. I watched season 1 and was pleasantly surprised by the young cast. While I know it has taken some license with the history they have kept to the main incidents in Mary’s life so while I always knew how it would end it was a good ride.

  12. Denise C Hall says:

    I love the show, good performances ny everyone. We all know what happens to Mary according to history. Can you do something different for Mary in the season finale?

  13. James D Thear says:

    I love this show and will truly miss it. The actors are wonderful and each episode is exciting and interesting. Good luck to all of you actors and actresses. Wish Reign could air for a few more years !!!!!!

  14. Patricia Dunn says:

    End it at Darnlys death. Mary lived almost 20 years in London Tower.

  15. Sandy says:

    Queen Mary deserves to live and get back with lord Blackburn. Darnley needs to lose his head he is rotten to the core