'Stephen Colbert' Reacts to Bill O'Reilly Firing: 'Stay Strong, Papa Bear'

When the news of Bill O’Reilly‘s firing broke, there was only one pundit we wanted to hear from: Stephen Colbert. (No, not that one.)

The Late Show host resurrected his Colbert Report alter ego — one that heavily borrowed from O’Reilly’s combative broadcasting style — on Wednesday’s show, with “conservative pundit Stephen Colbert” appearing via satellite to eulogize the ousted Fox News host — or, as Colbert affectionately calls him, “Papa Bear.”

To set things up, Colbert explained that he spent nine years playing a version of O’Reilly, “and then twelve months in therapy to de-bloviate myself.” He then went live to “Bill O’Reilly’s biggest fan” — aka his Colbert Report persona — who quickly launched into a tirade against the PC culture that toppled O’Reilly: “Suddenly, sexual harassment is a crime?”

But he invited O’Reilly to come live with him in the remote cabin in the woods he shares with Jon Stewart: “We’ve got an animal sanctuary. Jon and I milk the goats… and soon, I hope, we’ll be milking you.” Colbert got faux-choked up, imploring O’Reilly to “stay strong, Papa Bear” before crying out: “Oh God, is this really happening?”

Press PLAY on the video above to see Colbert’s full reaction, then drop your thoughts on Colbert and “Papa Bear” in the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. peterwdawson says:

    This was inevitable. On the one hand, parodying the guy helped make his career, and despite it all they seem to have a decent enough-ish professional relationship. On the other hand, O’Reilly is an abrasive guy, thus making it fun to prod him when he’s down.

  2. Eric says:

    OK, Mary, Temperance, and Pedro, where are you? It’s time to come spew your liberal hate. Come on, come act like no liberal has ever done anything wrong. Please, this comment section needs your angry liberal hash and hypocrisy. I’ll help get you started: “Fox News is the worst, it’s propaganda, it’s so much worse than MSNBC and CNN.” OK, now it’s your turn. Note: Spare me any lecture, O’Reilly is disgusting and needed to go, but you three going bananas over him is wildly entertaining.

    • JScout says:

      Talk about spewing. Take a rest, Eric.

    • Pedro says:

      I had no idea conservative ideology was “people have done wrong things in the past, therefore no one should ever be punished for doing wrong things”. Conservatives seem to forget all morals when it’s one of them. Clinton was impeached. Trump was elected.

      O’Reilly was extremely racist on TV, extremely homophobic, extremely sexist and he sexually harass women.

      I have no idea why do you think he should be on TV. But even if you could muster a reason, advertisers no longer want to associate themselves with racism, homophobia, sexism and sexual harassment. Therefore, O’Reilly is no longer good for business, he doesn’t make business sense. Again, if you truly are a conservative, it’s all about corporations, so O’Reilly had to go.

      Colbert was too kind. He could do what Noah did and play clips of all the atrocities O’Reilly said on TV.

      • Eric says:

        So angry, Pedro, so angry. You also apparently can’t read (shocking). I literally wrote: “O’Reilly is disgusting and needed to go,” so quite obviously, I don’t think he should be on TV (and not just for the sexual harassment, by all accounts, he’s just a bad dude). But, thank you, Pedro, you certainly didn’t disappoint in the entertainment department.

        • Pedro says:

          I’m not angry at all. I was just reasoning. It might have come out angry because I was talking about a very angry man who said and did very despicable things.

          Or you are simply projecting and/or gas lighting. Given you are making personal attacks, while I am not, it doesn’t really check out that I am the angry one.

        • Pedro says:

          You are calling me angry, illiterate and a joke. And I am the angry one? You might look into what projection and gas-lighting are.

          I merely explained what happened and how it wasn’t “liberals” who took out O”Reilly. It was free market, a beloved conservative concept, and moral values, another. Plus five conservative women he harassed and a conservative company, who fired him.

          O’Reilly is the one at fault for taking his career. I was surprised he had one, given how blatantly racist he was on TV, but, while his audiences might not have cared about people of colour, corporations are still very keen on the green colour of money. He was bleeding millions in settlements and making advertisers flee.

      • Mary says:

        They call us snowflakes. Eric and Sarah doesn’t like it when the truth is pointed out. Ironic thing is this really isn’t about politics just ethics, morals and common decency but I guess they don’t comprehend the difference. Oh well I didn’t lower myself to respond to him because quite frankly he isn’t worth it. As you can see he is the angry one projecting because yet again spewing and labeling people who have a different opinion. I guess they are tired of being the loser yet again.

        • Pedro says:

          I have no idea how one can make sexual harassment political, anyway. What is it? Liberals are against it and conservatives are for it? I thought everyone in the political spectrum was against it. Regardless if someone in the past has gotten away with it, shouldn’t we all be happy that things are finally changing now? Also, given both parties have Black members and representatives, shouldn’t we all be happy one less person is spewing out racist remarks? I’m not angry at all about it. In fact, I’m very glad times are changing.

        • kath says:

          Everyone knew O’Reilly was sexually harassing women, including Fox who paid millions of dollars to the women he harassed. And yet he remained the golden mouthpiece of the GOP until the advertisers decided they could not support him.
          If that’s not politics, I don’t know what is.

  3. pickles says:

    Colbert forgets he was almost replaced few months ago.I will wait for evidence on The O’Reilly claims. Right now it is just a bunch of chicks saying it happened.

    • Pedro says:

      O’Reilly paid them 13 million instead of going to court and saying it didn’t.

    • meme says:

      O’Reilly was sued 12 years ago by Andrea Mackris, a producer at Fox News. She had audio tapes of him calling and leaving her disgusting messages on her voicemail. He told her his sexual fantasies about her, his having 3-ways with Scandinavian stewardesses, his going to Asian sex parlors, dreaming of rubbing her with falafels, etc.. She was just a work colleague, but the married O’Reilly was trying to get her to have an affair with him. He wound up paying her a reported $9 Million. Aren’t actual recordings and the payment evidence? What about all the other women who have also been paid off by Fox and/or O’Reilly due to his behavior?

      “Colbert forgets he was almost replaced few months ago.” Do you mean Colbert was almost replaced? If that’s what you mean, then you are mistaken. Colbert was never going to be replaced. Someone who loves Carpool Karaoke started a petition to switch the timeslots of Colbert and Corden, but the network never considered that. Colbert not only gets higher ratings than Corden, but he’s been getting higher ratings than Fallon. Colbert won the February ratings sweeps in late night, so why would they replace him?