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Update: Fox News Set to Dump O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly‘s vacation may last longer than he planned.

Fox News is currently leaning towards firing the O’Reilly Factor host, according to a new report from New York Magazine. [UPDATE: The mag is now reporting that O’Reilly is definitely out.] O’Reilly has been hit with a series of damaging sexual-harassment accusations in recent weeks, which have led to protests outside the Fox News building and advertisers dropping out of his primetime news show. “It’s worse than Glenn Beck,” a network insider tells NYMag, referring to the advertiser boycott that led to Beck’s Fox News ouster in 2011.

The decision to keep or cut O’Reilly ultimately boils down to Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch and his sons James and Lachlan. Sources tell NYMag that James and Lachlan want O’Reilly out, while Rupert wants to stick with him. “The three are fighting,” a source confirms. O’Reilly is still Fox News’ top-rated host, and Rupert reportedly doesn’t want to risk a steep ratings drop if he’s canned.

But the status quo isn’t working for Fox News staff — especially for female employees. “Morale is awful,” one female Fox executive says. “There’s been no word from management to calm the masses.”

Should O’Reilly get the boot? Cast your vote in our poll, then drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. MrMank says:

    It’s simple…if keeping him is going to start costing the network advertiser dollars, then he has to go.

    • dan says:

      Isn’t it funny how advertisers are so outraged over Bill being a letch but they aren’t pulling out of SNL over the writer who bullied 10 year old Baron Trump and said he’d be the first home school shooter? Either there are rules of conduct or there aren’t.

      • Pedro says:

        Are you comparing sexual assault to a mean tweet?

        • dan says:

          No. I’m comparing sexual harassment to a mean tweet. Though I have seen some salacious headlines saying “sexual assault” everything I’ve read, including those articles, never once described assault only harassment. All aimed at adults I might add.

          • Pedro says:

            So, if I intimidate you, grope you, and imply I’m proposing sex in exchange for job security, that’s equivalent to a mean tweet that wasn’t even tweeted at you? That tweet wasn’t sent to Barron himself and the person who tweeted it was immediately fired. So, if you want to compare those two, you should wonder why he even still has a job at Fox.

          • Billy Bob Johnson says:

            Hey, dan, last time I checked, sexual harassment is illegal in the workplace. Posting a tasteless and insensitive tweet is not. THAT is the difference.

      • maggie says:

        The SNL writer was fired for her tweet. What reason would advertisers have to boycott after they already fired the offending person?

        • dan says:

          No, she hasn’t been fired, she is still only suspended. The petition on to have her fired is just a hair away from 125,000 signatures. Though there have been several articles saying “fired” it is not the case and to date I’ve seen no evidence of even one single advertiser that has boycotted NBC. I am very happy to have seen resounding bipartisan condemnation though including from Chelsea Clinton. I have no love for adults who bully or abuse children or for bullies who try to coerce people into unwanted sex but it sure seems like there are different sets of rules depending on which Party you belong to.

          • Pedro says:

            Billy O’Reilly wasn’t suspended or suffered any consequences, so far, from his employers. Perhaps because the situations are wildly different, in that one had immediate accountability and the other didn’t is why advertisers have no qualm with NBC. Not to mention SLN isn’t called “The Katie Rich Show” and she doesn’t even appear on it.

          • Christopher says:

            That SNL staffer should have gotten a promotion.

          • Gina says:

            ONE single (tasteless) tweet does not come anywhere near countless (!!) accusations of actual emotional abuse.

          • Billy Bob Johnson says:

            Her suspension was listed as indefinite by NBC in January. She has been “suspended” for three months now. Her name was immediately removed from the writing staff list for this season. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

      • isn’t it funny how fox entertainment didn’t mind that he dragged his wife through the house by her hair in front of the child, yet they suddenly have scruples when advertisers jump ship[

      • If you really want to play that card, then isn’t it also funny that the same people outraged over the treatment of Baron Trump were no doubt laughing right along with Glenn Beck when he mocked Obama’s daughter asking her dad if he had, “plugged the hole yet?” Either children of politicians are fair game, irrespective of what side of the political spectrum their families fall on and what is said about them, or they aren’t.

  2. Pedro says:

    It little matters if he’s top-rated if no one wants to advertise on the show.

  3. webly3 says:

    Please let him be fired.

  4. Jj says:

    One sexual predator down. Let’s do Trump next.

  5. april-ann says:

    LEANING towards? OMG – he’s still there?

  6. Jeff says:

    Time to move on cut ties bring in Dana Perino

    • bob says:

      I agree ! I like Dana too. She doesn’t have the big irish ego is fair smarter that O’reilly and easier on the eyes than that old sexual preditor !

  7. HAP says:

    He has been a self-absorbed douche bag his entire career.

  8. Carla Krae says:

    Zero credence to that. His show has the highest ratings of anything comparable.

  9. Liberals wake up this goes both ways, Hollywood has more pedophiles and rapists than any news station. Time to start boycotting actors and any award shows.

    • Kate says:

      Hey, “Randy,” it’s harder for people to realize you’re a troll if you don’t link to your insane Twitter page. Without it I would have just assumed you were another run-of-the-mill a**hole.

      • rose says:

        My oh my, poor Kate. Everything Randy said is 100% correct…regardless if he’s a troll or not ! I’ve worked in the TV and movie industry for 20 years I have seen and heard it all and it would shock the crap out of anybody who knew what was really going on each and every day. Hollywood is a bunch of immoral pervs who have been coddled and surrounded by a ton of enablers for so long they feel entitled to anything, and anyone they want. If I hadn’t signed agreement I would be spilling facts left and right, but I don’t want to get sued so I can’t, and I won’t. Get off your high horse, I don’t condone any of Bill’s actions, it is what it is. He should be asked quietly to retire early and just not return from vacation. Easy.

        • Katherine215 says:

          Trust me, I know all these juicy details about scandal after scandal in Hollywood, and I’d TOTALLY tell you if I was allowed but I’m really not but trust me, I know all these salacious things about actors in Hollywood.

          • dan says:

            Everybody knows….and yet the swat teams aren’t kicking in Bryan Singer’s door, arresting Woody Allen or deposing Corey Feldman about the horrific abuse he and Corey Haim suffered. If they were Republican however….

          • Pedro says:

            What would happen? Is the SWAT team kicking in Bill O’Reilly’s door? Donald Trump’s?

      • S says:

        Kate, it’s pretty well known that what Randy said is in fact true to a certain extent. I’ve always boycotted award shows anyway for the pure ridiculousness of these out of touch millionaires congratulating each other on who pretended the best.

        • dan says:

          I stopped watching awards shows after Jethro Tull beat Metallica for best Heavy Metal album and when they cut off Frank Sinatra while he was accepting his lifetime achievement award.

    • There are more pedophiles and rapists in churches than all of Cali.

    • Debbie Callison says:


  10. MSgt E. Denny says:

    O’Reilly has to go! To be caught up in so many scandalous accusations& payoffs….is not hurting O’Reilly other than he has no credibility or trustworthiness now…BUT the big picture is Fox will lose the audience & ratings & trust for perpretating the continuation of the pervert in a place that requires squeaky clean image and integrity above reproach. It is obvious O’Reilly has failed at every level of intellectual honesty and integrity. Why would Rupert want to associate Fox with a bonifide jekkyl & hyde media face that the viewers have zero confidence in and has been allowed to wallow in his own self aggrandisement….and get away with skirting the law & common sense with cash payoffs??

  11. Joey says:

    If you leave out all of the controversy surrounding him, he’s still just a terrible host. He rarely if ever lets his guests speak without interrupting them. It wouldn’t ruin my sleep if people like him and Chris Matthews went the way of the dinosaurs.

    • maggie says:

      So true. O’Reilly and Matthews are more interested in their own opinions than anything else. They rarely let anyone finish their sentences. The only way that Matthews is better than O’Reilly is that Matthews doesn’t cut off the microphones of those people who disagree with him. That, and that there aren’t scores of women making complaints about sexual harassment against Matthews.

  12. Dean E Jaynes says:

    Bill goes I go screw Fox

  13. Brian says:

    Get rid of him. He sucks and is a terrible human being.

  14. M colon says:

    This man is arrogant, does not respect woman or anybody. He thinks he right all the time and pretend to tell other how to lives their lives. Fox news is propaganda news channel, practically the official government channel.

  15. M colon says:

    A respected journalist is objective and try to inform the public instead of pure right wing propaganda. This guy should be fired along with Hannity.

  16. pickles says:

    Doubtful. O’Reilly is a ratings king , I personally like to watch some of his shows. Plus he always takes an Easter vacation.

    • maggie says:

      High ratings mean you can charge advertisers more to put commercials on that show. But, if advertisers don’t want to put commercials on that show, then ratings mean nothing because you aren’t making money. O’Reilly is costing Fox lots of money, so he won’t last there.

    • cuius says:

      Just hope it’s longer than three days and there’s no resurrection

  17. It’s always about the money and advertisers are leaping from O’Reilly’s sinking boat.

    • Katherine215 says:

      And, here’s the run of the mill misogynist come to hate women and tell us how they’ve ruined his life.

      • Pedro says:

        He didn’t speak about that at all. His “it’s all about the money” comment was about how they’ll drop him because without advertisers they’ll be losing money. Calm down on calling complete strangers misogynist for no reason. It’s you’ll who’ll come out looking as if you have it out for the opposite gender.

  18. Fleischer says:

    Nope. Don’t believe the accusations. If you say anything to or look at a female wrong. She’s out to get paid for the hell she can create if you dont.

    • Mary says:

      That theory is out the window because the last two accusers aren’t asking for money, try again to justify his actions. I know you might find this hard to comprehend but it isn’t always about the money for some.

  19. Carol says:

    I stopped watching him when he referred to M Kelly’s show as her little show. Way too boring, yet so full of himself

  20. Donna singo says:

    Shame on Fox for having no back bone caving to the so called women’s rights when someone speaks the truth you get a lot of sour grapes as for the comment from megan kelly well in my book she is a slut check out the interview with Howard Stern keep Bill O’Reilly

    • Katherine215 says:

      Yes, how dare women want a sexual predator punished for his crimes. We’re just getting too big for our britches these days.

    • Mary says:

      Seriously. Are you an abuse women or one with no self esteem. Ironic how women shaming is the go too instead of actually thinking that maybe someone in a high position can be guilty. I chalk it up to jealousy or many have never worked in a professional place. O’Reilly in my book is nothing more than a male Chauvinist bigot. If it was one case defending him might be excusable, but not paying off 5 and more are coming forward. Guess what it is not for the money because the new cases aren’t asking for any.

    • K says:

      Why would you bring up Megyn Kelly? Has she said anything about Bill O’Reilly? And why in the world would you call her a slut?

      If Fox does sever ties with O’Reilly, it will be because they can’t sell airtime during his show. If it was because of the sexual harassment allegations far more heads would have rolled after Ailes was let go. Instead the power structure there remains largely the same.

    • Billy Bob Johnson says:

      Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal. That is why Fox News is about to dump O’Reilly. His reputation there is well known to the insiders. It’s only now coming to light to the outside world.

      • Dena says:

        Ignorance has a woman ever falsely accused someone of rape a lot of innocent men in jail unless you saw it careful it could be you next

        • Mary says:

          How many guilty men walk free because Women are afraid to report it or they get a slap on the wrist – Brock Turner anyone. Ignorant is the statics are lower that a man was accused falsely. Seriously, you are one of the reason we have a sexual epidemic crisis in our nation.

  21. G. Finney says:

    He just thinks that he’s so famous that he can do anything. I wonder which of his personal friends also thinks that way? Murdock’s son’s at least puts morals & ethics over MONEY. Must have gotten those principles from MOM. WAKE UP DAD!!!!

  22. Frank says:

    It’s the typical left wing radicals who want bill to be fired, theyll prob. want fox to stop telling truthful news next. Btw, what’s going on with Cosby???

  23. Sheri Robbins says:

    OReilly is what makes the show so Great. Keep him!!!

  24. Tahina says:

    Meet Trump’s next new consultant..

  25. Tony Lang says:

    Don Imus was dropped by advertisers and fired from his radio hosting job over racist remarks, and 3 months later he was back on the air throughout the country as though nothing had happened. In other words people will forget about this and he’ll back spreading lies in no time.

  26. readenreply says:

    14 years sitting on a bully pulpit in moral judgement of others while you sexually harass co-workers and your boss pays to make the problem go away.

    Good riddance to the hypocrite.

  27. Ron says:

    It’s time we stop rewarding and turning a blind eye to sexual harassment. Get rid of him. And then we can move on to the groper-in-chief.

    • MMD says:

      Precisely! No person of any gender should have to put up with sexual harassment. Sadly your groper-in-chief doesn’t think it is wrong however if it happened to Ivanka, he would be singing a different tune.

      • dan says:

        They are the last of their breed of lecherous old men who lived in an era when it was “ok” to act like a barbarian around women.

  28. griz says:

    I love fox news. but I really think it’s time for him to go. He is old and crude. He thinks he is irreplaceable, and can say whatever rolls off his tongue. Those days are long gone.

  29. Butch says:

    I think he should go but he will just end up somewhere else. So far Fox hasn’t lost money. The advertisers have just moved their ads to other Fox programs.

  30. Zac Mangel says:

    Dont buckle Fox. Keep Mr. O on. USA needs his voice of reason. I Bill watch every night.

  31. IGNATIUS VINCI says:

    The firing of Bill O’ Reilly is long over due.

  32. Yoko says:

    Good. About time.

  33. Pipes says:

    I stopped watching Fox News when Megyn Kelly left. I know she was a controversial host, but she was one of the few on that I genuinely enjoyed watching. I agree that Dana is great too. And I enjoy Trish Regan and Kim Guilfoyle(sp?). Fox has quite a few talented ladies and yet their primetime lineup is 3 ridiculous and obnoxious old white guys. Time to drain THAT swamp.

  34. Jim Reska says:

    It might be a real good idea to find out the truth. I find it curious with all the liberal bull in the streets that after all this time this problem comes to light

  35. K4 says:

    Would be a mistake. !!!$$$

  36. Rev Thomas H Herold says:

    Where is the facts. I am sick of these liberals wanting to bring down Godly Men,because their person lost the election. Bill is the face of Fox News and the number 1 in many years. No other person is like Bill. Stick with Bill he has made Fox News the #1 in the nation no one else gas done that

  37. The Big Man is ready to tumble. They don’t come any bigger than Big Man Bill O’Reilly. And what a mighty fall it is going to be. The higher they climb the harder they fall. And when he finally falls, no one will have ever fallen harder than Bill O’Reilly. He has been the King of Fox since his debut in 1996. And Fox has ruled the minds of an entire generation.

    We are told that Bill O’Reilly is leaving because of some sexual harassment allegations. Nothing, of course, can be further from the truth. Sexual harassment allegations have been leveled at O’Reilly for over a decade now and those allegations have done absolutely nothing to him. His ratings have been steadily on the rise and he has only gained in stature. And we must not forget that Trump conquered the White House after countless women made national headlines accusing him of sexual harassment.

    The bottom line is that sexual harassment doesn’t do you in unless the Establishment decides that sexual harassment will do you in. The Establishment wanted Trump in the White House and so nothing could ever get in the way.

    Not even democracy. Hillary likely won 90% of the vote.

    But now the Establishment has decided that it is time for O’Reilly to go. And sexual harassment is being used as the rationale for his departure.

    But no one can ever doubt that Bill O’Reilly has been a loyal soldier for the Establishment. A supreme propagandist for the Establishment. All the while pretending to be a conservative. (A “traditionalist” was the term O’Reilly preferred to use to describe himself.)

    But O’Reilly became too big. He became too respectable. He became too dignified. This is an Establishment that favors moronic puppets. That is why a college dropout like Sean Hannity makes a far better puppet than the Harvard-educated Bill O’Reilly.

    As a rule, no one on Fox can ever be smarter than Greg Gutfeld. O’Reilly was rather dismissive of Greg Gutfeld when he showed up on “The Factor.” And this was a weekly occurrence. Bill O’Reilly paid the price. Greg Gutfeld has now shown him who is the boss. We must not forget that Greg Gutfeld is Bibi’s man at Fox. You forget that at your own peril.

    The notion of getting fired at Fox for sexual harassment is ludicrous. The women on Fox are hot and they are hired precisely because they are hot. The women on Fox know why they have been hired. They are hired to make the male viewer lust. And they are hired to make their male-coworkers happy.

    Every hottie at Fox knows how competitive the TV broadcasting landscape is. And she knows that there are a thousand women lined-up to replace her if she is not willing to spread her legs wide-open. These women don’t get paid their enormous salaries for their brain power. Their awesome flesh is the reason they make the big bucks.

    With the departure of Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly, Fox has arguably lost its brainiest man and its brainiest woman. No one on the network comes close to those two in their mental sophistication. No one on the network could challenge them on an intellectual plane.

    Dana Perino is the one who likely gains the most from the departure of Bill O’Reilly. She is Greg Gutfeld’s favorite woman on the network. She is intensely desirable. And she is petite. She is petite physically and she is petite intellectually. She has never been an intellectual threat to Greg Gutfeld. Now he will turn her into a star.

  38. Jason says:

    This is just more “fake news”, like Fox would dump their the highest rated personality they have.

  39. Jen Armstrong says:

    O’Reilly has a great show and this is just another political move by the left wing son’s of Mr. Murdock. Advertisers might want to pull out put the smart ones know how many people watch the show. This will pass. Bill does too much for humanity to kick him off the network

  40. because dragging his wife by the hair in front of their child wasn’t enough to get rid of him…

  41. larry says:

    I love Bill. He uses common sense and if anyone really watched him over the years, they would know he really is an independent. I saw him more than a few times defend Obama. The liberal controlled media lies and paints him as a right wing guy because he does have a huge following and huge ratings which takes away from their beloved CNN and MSNBC.

    My problem is not understanding what sexual harassment is in this case. Now if he used his position and threatened women with being fired or demoted if they did not give in, then by all means hang him. If he just made sexual comments and hit on them, well shocker here, but MILLIONS of us men do that every day.

  42. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    “Vacation” is just a nicer way of saying, “We need time to negotiate an exit strategy.” No way was he ever coming back.

  43. Wyngate says:

    IF O’Reilly goes, then I am through with Fox news. Only news show I watched on that channel.

  44. Jess says:

    lol. Where will all the a$$holes get their news if not from this scumbag. The poor things!

  45. Dena says:

    If you fire Oreilly you will lose a lot of viewers and I will be one to quit watching news,or your station

    • Mary says:

      That might be a plus – maybe you will start watching actually real news instead of the propaganda from Fox. This might be an extra benefit to all of us. Win Win if you all stop watching.

  46. Janice Williamson says:

    NotDana! Please

  47. The left wins again! This is a leftist move. They HATE O’Reilly, It has nothing to do with “sexual harassment”. These women all took a pay out. Whether he is guilty or not. I love him. He is great. The advertisers will come back if we let this die. Big loss for FOX. I will follow him where ever he goes.

    • Mary says:

      Not a right or left issue – sad you can’t comprehend that. These Women are conservatives not leftist so your statement is ignorant at best, not to mention the last two have not asked for any money. Try again to defend the indefensible.

  48. Ronald L Mozingo says:

    Murdocks are cowards. Leave asap if you work there. I love Bill O’Reilly he affected my life I’m 70 Not many friends Bill was one. Been to four of his tours and doing Las Vegas Dec
    COWARD Murdocks!!!!!

  49. Debbie Callison says:

    This development makes me heartsick! BILL is irreplaceable. The only real and factual news hour that I trusted. Megan Kelly’s departure was bad enough, but this is over the top! In my opinion there goes FOX. The SNOWFLAKESS win!

    • Mary says:

      No the Women who were harassed, who happen to be conservative, WINS. Seriously some of you need to do some self reflecting.

  50. Jack Lafontaine says:

    I have had women pinch my but and was told I had a As a man do you think that this is sexual harassment. I was in a poison of power and women flaunted them self at me and when it did not go there way they would saying he trying to take advantage of me. But it seams to only work one way in favor of women.

    There is a big difference between saying and garbing and touching??????????