The Walking Dead Season 8

The Walking Dead Promotes 3 Actors to Series Regular Ahead of Season 8

The Walking Dead‘s eighth season doesn’t launch for another six months, but this much we can already tell you: AMC’s zombie smash has big plans for Negan’s right-hand man Simon, Carl’s crush Enid and Scavengers leader Jadis. 

TVLine has learned exclusively that the recurring characters’ respective portrayers — Steven Ogg, Katelyn Nacon and Pollyanna McIntosh — have formally been upgraded to series regular ahead of Season 8.

The three promotions come in the wake of a seventh season that saw a number of pivotal actors depart, most notably Steven Yuen (Glenn), Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) and Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha).

Showrunner Scott Gimple recently revealed to TVLine that Season 8 will carry “a different momentum” than previous seasons now that the various factions — i.e. the Saviors, the Alexandrians, the Hilltoppers, etc. — have taken their conflict public. “It’s going to become a bit more kinetic and fast-moving, because that’s where the story is going,” he previewed. “The content is definitely going to be determining the form.”

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  1. Gina says:

    Ugh @ Jadis being promoted, I can’t stand her people/storyline. But I won’t get too excited. They announced Gareth/Andrew Wests promotion and he was taken out in the second episode of the new season.

  2. Natalie says:

    Hopefully this means nada. I can’t stand Jadis (what kind of mane is that anyway) and she needs to die a painful death.

    • Natalie says:

      and that should have been name. But mane works too. Wouldn’t her hair be all one color by now or is she doing that on purpose?

    • Her parents must have been fervent admirers of C. S. Lewis Or maybe she adopted the name later on to signal her new role in this wasteland.

      The actress is actually pretty good (you should watch The Woman). I just wish they give her something to do other than stand still and look apathetic.

      • Natalie says:

        I enjoyed her on Talking Dead.

        • chadcronin says:

          I’m sure she’s a nice person, but her character is too easy to strongly dislike. When Maggie was on Supernatural years ago I strongly disliked her character that it took me a long while to warm up to her on TWD because of her acting being so good. So in a way it’s a compliment. Unless they change her chracter just like Negan I will want her dead.

  3. Ugh is right … seals the deal — my husband definitely won’t be back next season

  4. Donna says:

    Still grasping at straws, trying to make us care for newbies, since they killed most of our favorites off the show this past season. This show isn’t going to wake up until it’s too late!

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      Simon and Enid have a ton of fans so I don’t see that as grasping at all. Not sure that the plan is with the garbage pail kids but pretty sure they’ll all be casualties before to long.

      • B says:

        LOL…Garbage Pail Kids! That’s perfect. But I can’t deal with her, and as petty/superficial as it is, I also dislike her simply because the actress’s name is so hipsterishly perfect for her look, too.

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          I really can’t stand them either but mostly because we don’t know anything about them and why they can’t speak, etc. If they would explain a few of these odd things then maybe we could warm up to them more. IDK. But as it stands now they are just annoying.

    • Kelly Medley says:

      Yeah killing Glenn was a HUGE screw up. We knew Abe had to go and that sucked but they whacked TWO of my favorites at once…they better not TOUCH Maggie… I want to marry that hot pair of legs☺😚

    • Keith says:

      They didn’t come close to killing off my favorites

    • You know the TV series is based on a book, right? And the book also killed all those people. And the book is still going and still the #1 comic around? Right? The show isn’t going to just go, oh, well…Donna likes Glenn so we should just stop adapting the book and do whatever it is she wants us to do.

      • dophamean says:

        Yeah, but didn’t Carol die pretty early in the comics? Like before the prison I believe it was and she’s still on the show. I guess it’s different with Glenn because Carol was only killed by walkers.

      • Sarah says:

        That’s right, the story is what it’s going by. I understand that. And all the people that we like, well go. I know that. But it’s hard to see them go. I guess I well watch until Rick goes. I watch all the other walking deads. Like z nation and 4 others. Thanks 4 coming up with this, film makers.

    • dophamean says:

      I already like Simon because of GTA5

  5. Simon and Gavin are better Negans than Negan. Hopefully we get to see more of both next season.

  6. Martha Day says:

    Love The Walking Dead ‼️
    Jadin is as evil as Negan –
    Want to see the bad guys lose some mean guys –
    Please keep Rick & Daryl safe❤️

  7. Nan says:

    OMG…I loathe that chick…hope she gets what is coming to her next season…Please start knocking off some more of these bad guys….

  8. Happy about Simon, meh about Enid and annoyed about Jadis. I really had hoped she would die in the season finale. Her character is so annoying, the way she acts, the way she speaks are just the worst. There are characters you love to hate (SIMON!) and characters you just hate…Jadis. Please…keep her off my TV. Of course, Carol is a season regular and I hardly saw any of her this season, so….

  9. chadcronin says:

    I can’t stand Jadis. I was praying she would die in the Finale. I’m not really liking the thought of having to see her all the time. Well I can always hope that episode 15 or 16 she’ll get it. If she lives past this upcoming season that will be a shame

  10. Joey Padron says:

    Happy Simon and Katelyn got promoted to series regulars! Hate that Jadis will be seen more on the show next season. Hope Rick or Michonne kill her at the end of season 8.

  11. Angel says:

    I’m okay with Simon, I don’t mind Enid (as long as we don’t see her too much), but I’m so not okay for Jadis, she’s completely uninteresting.

  12. Cas says:

    Gosh I hope they get killed off fast.

  13. jless says:

    This series is now living up to it’s name. It’s truly walking dead. The ratings are falling but it’s still big enough to unfortunately, get it going for more unexciting, repetitious and pointless seasons. For the first few seasons it was a very well written show, now it’s stale and like the walkers, going nowhere slowly.

  14. kmayne says:

    Jadis???? Really??? i have been a fan from the very beginning of Walking Dead . But this last season was the hardest to watch

    Extended season episode that could have been easily cut to the hour.

    They could have at least killed off a couple Neganers that had made enemies of our ragtag team of good guys

    introduction of Jadis and the scavengers (sounds like pop band that way) felt like they were secluded long before the walkers started turning were so annoying and boring.

    3 stand alone episodes that did not matter what way you watched them (or if you did)

    Negan was interesting the first few episodes but soon got annoying.

    Ratings for the show fell this year and if producers and writers keep it up I think you will see a further drop in the ratings.

  15. Iris says:

    So after a season that spent way too much time on bad guys, they promote two of them. Genius move.
    I like Enid, therefore I’ll see the glass a third full.

  16. Jimmy says:

    Simon is a fantastic villain, and Steven Ogg portrays him perfectly. I hope he gets more story this season, but I have a strong feeling he’ll die at some point during the war, especially if they aren’t going to kill off Negan or Dwight.

    Enid has always been a “meh” character, and I could see her potentially being a casualty in the war because Carl ends up falling in love with a character named Lydia, the daughter of the leader of the Whisperers, Alpha, when they are introduced.

    Speaking of Alpha, I have a strong feeling Jadis and her group will morph into the Whisperers. It’s not that far of a stretch considering they already live in a garbage dump, and I can see most of them being wiped out during the impending war, causing the rest to run away and remake themselves as a different group, to reappear later on. Jadis would become Alpha, and her two sidekicks there (Brian and Tamiel) could be her version of what Dwight and Simon are to Negan.

    • Josh says:

      Maria Bello is likely gonna be Alpha

    • Jason says:

      @Jimmy: Do you really believe the show will make it all of the way to the Whisperers? I guess they can do the whole war with Negan during the entirety of Season 8 if they cram it in, but are you expecting them to do the whole 2 year time skip afterward? I figured that the end of the war with Negan & the Saviors would be an appropriate time to end the series while it’s still decent, before the audience gets tired of the show and they’re FORCED to cancel it. (They’re something to be said about going out on top and on your own terms, like BREAKING BAD did.) They can always have an “epilogue” episode after the war ends to show what life is like after the 2 year time skip. Maybe end it with the reveal of Negan in prison like they do in the comic. (Or hey, they can even veer from the comic storyline and have Negan get executed, if they want. The show has never been a faithful adaptation of the source material, anyway.)

      I guess if the ratings are still up (they probably will be), and all of the main actors aren’t sick of having been doing this show for 7+ years (I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrew Lincoln wanted to venture off for other projects, though — I’m sure he’s made more than enough money), I guess they can keep plugging away into the Whisperers storyline. I must admit that I do want to see Alpha. And I agree with you about Jadis: they could definitely have her reappear after the post-war 2-year time skip with a bald head as the leader of the Whisperers. She’s already got a ready-made army of obedient followers in her Garbage Pail Gang. She’s already got them walking around doing flash mob formation walking for her, it wouldn’t be a big leap for them to start wearing walker skins in battle if she told them to.

  17. Jules says:

    Simon I get..he’s an interesting villain….Enid, I just don’t care for.
    Then a major booooooo to Jadis and her trash people…that group is horrible…This is not exciting news at all.

  18. LaTigreBlue says:

    Happy for Steven Ogg. Go Dirty Trevor!

  19. Tom says:

    Jadis is boring. Her people are boring.
    Once Negan is killed and I hope that is soon, the whole story line needs to evolve to something besides one set of humans trying to dominate another set of humans.

    • It was so funny when Jadis looked Michonne straight in the eye and said “I lay with him (Rick) after”.. I just can’t hate her simply bc of how bold she was in that moment! Lol

  20. Matt says:

    The writers of this show are out of touch with their audience. Jadis and the garbage people are not popular, and, quite frankly, their storyline make no sense. The world has been in upheaval for two or three years and they’ve forgotten the basic English language and talk like Eloi’s…please.

  21. Okay, so these are just my thoughts on this situation at hand. Simon: Love the craziness that is Simon and glad he is becoming a regular. I think he will end up splitting from Negan at some point or dying when he tries to NOT do something for Negan. Enid: Love that she is becoming her own person on the show and not just a ‘crush’ to Carl. She’s shown that she is part of the group now and not just a run away anymore. Jadis: There is definitely something mysterious about her and Negan and the way they looked at each other. I’m thinking previous fling and that’s why she has such leadership with the Scavengers because of what she learned from Negan. Would be interesting to find that little bit out. After all, the Scavengers weren’t part of the comics and were created solely for the TV show so that could be.

  22. Boomstick says:

    Oh please no… just give the garbage people the swift death they deserve.

  23. Mushhead says:

    So how about Aaron getting top billing too? After his bf Erick gets killed he’ll need a shoulder (I.e.friend with benefits) to cry on (my crush Jesus).

  24. Christopher says:

    Well thank the lord that Jadis is going to be a major character! Thank you TWD! I LOVE the completely stupid language that they have concocted for the Dumpster people, it really makes for riveting television. I wish that every show I watched had characters that just started talking like that had suffered a massive stroke and then built a new language out of it. Really good stuff! They should make a spinoff of just the Dumpster people, but have them work in an office or something, that would be super cool and would really highlight their amazing language skills. Maybe TWD will eventually explain that the Dumpster people are aliens that are impersonating humans because they think zombies are dope, or maybe they will reveal that the Dumpster people traveled from a parallel universe where there have been zombies for 100’s of years and civilization has been degraded for centuries hence the devolution of their language skills. Those are probably the best explanations I can think of.

    Thanks again TWD, for always making excellent choices! #sarcasm

  25. Darlene says:

    This Jadis character doesn’t fit in with the Walking Dead. She belongs in a Mad Max movie.

  26. Larry says:

    Jadis sounds too much like Judas, and that’s what she is. I’d love to see her swinging from a tree branch.

  27. queenbrat says:

    Not a huge fan of Simon but I guess he is ok, Now Jadis, I hate her after what she did but her 1 redeeming quality is, she can be funny. But the funny is offset by the dumb way they all speak.

  28. queenbrat says:

    Maybe I am the only 1 who wants someone to tell them to speak normally. Same goes for Ezekiel.

  29. Mer says:

    They promoted Jadis to a series regular but not Ezekiel???? They can’t even handle the cast that they have! At least if you’re going to promote someone to a series regular, make it count!

    Wow. I’m actually done with this show. I didn’t expect them to make it so easy for me to quit.

  30. Sue Chapman says:

    Series 7 was the weakest series to date. I hate the split story lines over weeks which means waiting for 3 to 4 weeks to find out what is happening to the main group. The entire series felt dragged out. I’m turning to Z Nation for my zombies!

    • Jason says:

      @Sue Chapman:

      I’m shocked you’ve held on for this long, because WALKING DEAD hasn’t been about “zombies” for years. They pretty much got that whole problem under control by around Season 4. They’re more of a “nuisance” now than a “threat”. Kind of like insects.

      Sorry. TWD ain’t primarily a non-stop, blood & guts horror flick. It’s a drama about people in a post-apocalyptic world (and it’s incidental that “zombies” are the cause of the apocalypse — it could’ve easily just been a plague) who are being pushed to extreme limits as they attempt to rebuild civilization and struggle against those who don’t want to rebuild it. Because some people — psychopaths and sociopaths like the Governor, The Wolves, and Negan/the Saviors — like what the world has become.

      And in between the drama, you might get a couple of walker kills here and there. But Robert Kirkman said from the very beginning. His idea for the book was to explore the question: “what happens AFTER the apocalypse? AFTER the two-hour movie that usually ends with all of the zombies killed?” There’s no cure, and everyone is infected, and the world is in ruins. The story is about people trying to live meaningful lives after the collapse of society. Some people choose to rape, pillage and kill; some choose to marry, start a family, and plant crops. That’s the drama of the story. It hasn’t been about “zombies” for a LONG time.

  31. Andy McDuffie says:

    Jadis and her people all speak like stilted sci fi mutants. It’s only been a few years and none of the other factions have lost the ability to use the English language properly. It ruins the naturalism of the show, feeling as if she and the junk yard gang have been transported in from another show altogether…..

    • oldphog says:

      That’s what happens when they lose their phones and can’t text, they forgot how to communicate vocally.

  32. Nancy says:


  33. Joan Whittingham from Canada says:

    I so hope kigon gets the death as Abraham bye ricks or Daryls hands with lucil I can’t wait for the new season to come back Since they are now all one team

  34. Eugene has to be killed of next season DEFINITELY!!!! He definitely proved he is a huge coward!!!! Kissing up to Negan makes me sick to my stomach. He should of been tossed from the group, when Eugene finally confessed he lied that he didn’t have antidote for a cure and made the bus crash on the way to Washington DC. All Eugene did and still continues to do is BETRAYING to the group that saved his pathetic life. He could never ever shine Daryl’s shoes. He is the true hero out of the whole group. He is strong minded, honest, a fighter, tough. Caring, a hunter and will defend his group no matter what the circumstances are. He would never give a second​ thought to protect the people in his group. Unlike Eugene that ungrateful unappreciated liar. He just gave up his “FAMILY” TO THE DEVIL “THE SAVIOR’S, NEGAN” HE DEFINITELY NEEDS TO DIE IN A AGONIZING EXCRUCIATING & PAINFUL MANNER.And to have his former group witness it. Either by LUCILLE or by Walker’s tearing hid flesh off.

  35. Samm says:

    Jadis? Dead. Soon.
    But I’m happy to see Carol up & ready to be her tcb self. I’m also thinking there might be something in the works between her & the King. People were saying that she & Daryl might move towards being a couple. At one time that might have happened, but it’s been too long.

  36. Beth Daughtridge says:

    Jadiis is promoted to a regular and not Jesus? That’s not right.

  37. Martha Day says:

    Jadis & group have no redeeming qualities – just reeking of evil – donot need these junk yard villains Please get rid of them & come up with some lovable villains to instill some hpoe❤️

  38. Gwen coatney says:

    My name is Gwen Coatney Im a fan since the show begain it took me 2 yrs to get my abuse ive husband of 45 yrs to take time with me go figure bugger movies werent. His type. Cancer slowed him down enough to see me he really got lost to fast money but now hes not here lov0e to talk bet I have a good none beleiverier story have Cancer and a bucket list but Maybe u all can help full fill list no simpithy just know Id be A. Great walker in season 8 not to ugly for 62 yrs lov 2 share my live with a. Celeberty by the way new Rick & Mashaun were going to be together from the start ai bet I can do cliser on movie if G od dont take me home first Since I was a little girl family of 13 God chise me to keep them entertained but I chose to keep up with my dreams go figure hooe you know I desire to meet one actor before I go home Love to share my life with someone who may care I love you all. No matter how this goes. But love to be a walker or a talker lov u all and praying u dont garbge my message