the voice recap live playoffs

The Voice Live Playoffs, Night 1, Recap: Comebacks, Blowups and Letdowns

In Night 1 of The Voice’s Season 12 Live Playoffs, a dozen vocalists took to the stage, half of them performing what would turn out to be their swan songs, and two of them previously eliminated competitors who were returned to the contest via the Coach Comeback, which made a comeback of its own. Who survived Team Alicia and Team Blake’s cuts? Read on…


Felicia Temple, “Defying Gravity” — Grade: C+ (eliminated) | Blake’s comeback artist bravely tackled Idina Menzel’s soaring Wicked showstopper, but unfortunately, it kinda never managed to achieve takeoff. Maybe I’m comparing it too harshly to the Broadway version I know too well? But without that rafters-rattling last note that Menzel famously nailed, what’s the point?

Casi Joy, “Parachute” — Grade: B+ (eliminated) | Though Casi sounded a little off a time or two, owing perhaps to her bopping around the stage more than was advisable, she at worst only ever sounded a little off. Mostly, she sounded kickass, packing her Chris Stapleton cover with enough vocal power that she seemed a shoo-in to make the Top 12. Plus, that glorious rasp of hers is just about impossible to resist.

Aaliyah Rose, “Brass in Pocket” — Grade: C- (eliminated) | The 14-year-old sounded her best when she hung out in her lower register during her performance of the Pretenders classic. But the overall impression she gave was at best above-average karaoke. When she sang “I’m special, so special,” didn’t at least a few of you think, “Hmm, are you, though?” And that last note… ack.

TSoul, “Knock On Wood” — Grade: B+ (saved by Blake) | Beyond the wildness of hearing a song that’s so familiar as a disco ditty redone in organic TSoul style, Mr. Originality put on a helluva show. Not only was he solid vocally, but he moved with such abandon that his coach declared it “what performing is supposed to be all about.”

the voice recap live playoffs night 1Aliyah Moulden, “Mercy” — Grade: A- (saved by America’s vote) | OK, now this was a well-chosen song! The Duffy smash suited the teen’s bombastic voice to a T, allowing her to start strong and finish even stronger. And, maybe because she was so in her element, she didn’t just sound great, she seemed like she could actually enjoy herself. That little laugh/sigh toward the end… adorable.

Lauren Duski, “Someone Else’s Star” — Grade: A (saved by America’s vote) | A typically gorgeous vocal from Lauren, whose understated, emotional delivery won you over from the start of the season and, I’ll admit it, has totally won me over, too. (Late to the party, yeah, but at least I got there.) Performances don’t get a whole lot more polished than this.


Chris Blue, “Love On the Brain” — Grade: A+ (saved by America’s vote) | Not only did the old-school vibe of the Rihanna gem play to Chris’ retro-soul strengths, he was able to sing it in Riri’s key, for Pete’s sake! The guy is just insanely good! If this wasn’t a star-is-born performance, it was for sure a star-is-made one. The stuff Chris did with his voice — the range, the inventiveness… insanely good! Just insanely!

Anatalia Villaranda, “Stand By Me” — Grade: B+ (eliminated) | Whoa — another singer killing it from the word “go.” This was a less frenetic performance than we’ve gotten from Anatalia before, and, in a way, it allowed her to shine more brightly, offsetting her big, showy notes with quirky little ones that highlighted her versatility.

Jack Cassidy, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” — Grade: B (eliminated) | Alicia’s comeback artist started off smoothly, began soaring as he got to the chorus and… OK, yeah, he seemed to lose control of his vocal now and again, and he pointed so much, he could have been helping someone navigate their way into a tight parking space. But the takeaway from his performance was that this was his strongest showing to date.

the voice recap live playoffs night 1Vanessa Ferguson, “Lean On” — Grade: A- (saved by America’s vote) | Vanessa sounded as cool as a freshly mixed martini on her version of the Major Lazer hit. And she managed to remain vocally flawless even as she went from playing the piano to working the stage. But I couldn’t help but wonder if she had the star quality to really break out. (Guess her save answered that question for me!)

Ashley Levin, “I Can’t Stand the Rain” — Grade: B (eliminated) | I really wanted to love Ashley’s country-soul take on the Ann Peebles oldie — it was a cool idea and is a great song. And there were definitely times when Ashley sounded badass. But there were also times where she sounded screechier than her coach could have possibly wanted. Maybe I’m just still irked that Alicia dumped Lilli for Ashley.

Stephanie Rice, “Every Breath You Take” — Grade: A (saved by Alicia) | Stephanie’s beautiful, spare arrangement of the Police ballad allowed her to show off not only her appealing soft side but also the sandpaper-rough rasp with which she’s so closely associated. The back-and-forth between the two was stunning — powerful and winning.

OK, your turn. Who did you think gave the night’s best and worst performances? Any eliminations that shocked you? Hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sofia says:

    I’m obsessed with Stephanie! Alicia was right, she transports you to wherever her heart and soul are when she sings. What a talent!

    • Majestic says:

      I totally agree. If it were a gospel song, I would be in the spirit right now.

    • davmon says:

      ALICIA TEAM: IMO, Stephanie, Chris, & Vanessa were best of night. So glad all three got through. Alicia seemed to exert some influence on the music quality for her team.

    • Temperance says:

      Stepahnie’s voice is pretty much everything. And she’s amazing every single time.

  2. Clare says:

    Lauren is so overrated. It should have been Casi instead of her. I don’t get why everyone is so in love with Lauren. Honestly, I really don’t and Im curious as to why.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      Because Lauren actually sang more on key and had an immediate connection and wasnt as restricted as casi was.

    • bluesman3535 says:

      I like Lauren’s voice. Didn’t care for the song. The chorus sounds ripped off from God Bless the USA. Chris blue won the night for me

      • Peggy says:

        I love that song, one of the few I actually had heard before (shows my age). It was a great song by Bryan White and Lauren did a beautiful version.

    • kevstar says:

      Because Casi was awkward and can’t sing as well as Lauren.
      If she wanted to sing Chris Stapleton, she should have picked a slower song.

    • Majestic says:

      I am yet to catch the Lauren bug. I’m not feeling her yet.

      • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

        She’s genuine about her craft. She may not be your exact taste, but you cannot deny that the girl can sing.

    • loisbea says:

      I didn’t like either of the performances. Lauren has a rich, soothing tone and can delivery emotion better than Casi Joy. Case Joy has a big voice, but I don’t think she connects with the audience or the song.

      • Carol celli says:

        CasinJoy should have been in for the long haul. She has a different voice with that slightly hot yodel. SHE PICKED THE WORST SONG AND RAN AROUND THE STAGE TOO MUCH. I believe Blake is out…. sorry , and InLove Blake and wanted him tomWIN AGAIN. Now I hope GWEN WINS!!!!!!

        • Erica says:

          Well, Gwen finally has a great team and a win would be deserving. She has Hunter Plake, who I predict will DOMINATE tonight!

        • Lee says:

          Alicia will win with Chris blue.

          • I had an out of body experience, listening to Chris Blue, Monday night. Totally euphoric! However, I’ve loved every song he’s performed. I can’t imagine anyone else winning The Voice this season. But, people take that for granted, and they don’t vote for the person they assume doesn’t need the votes. So, I’m on a personal crusade for Chris Blue! Please, VOTE FOR CHRIS BLUE!!

        • Temperance says:

          Blake picked a bad song for her. She should have been though.

    • Lizzie says:

      When Lauren starts to sing, I stop whatever I am doing and listen. She is one of the few that I played back a couple of times to hear her sing the song again. She’s got a little Alison Krauss, a little Tricia Yearwood, and a little early Faith Hill. I find her voice to be easy but pure, captivating in her intent. It’s good singing, without any blast.

      Chris Blue – good Lord, can that guy sing. Warming up to Vanessa Ferguson as she opens up a little bit – her reserve is about the only thing stopping her, because the talent is undeniable. TSoul – that was kind of all over the place with those runs – he needs to dial back his performance energy and sing so I can hear the vocals – he seems oddly overpracticed, like his performance style is set and it is interfering with the quality of the vocal, which I think is actually there. Aaliyah Rose shouldn’t have been in this round, still don’t see why Blake chose to steal her after she was eliminated. Anatalia’s voice was off in quality last night, like she had a cold maybe.

      I would rather not hear Staphanie sing any more. Her desperation level is higher than her vocal quality. Her voice is somewhat thin, and singing really loud doesn’t make it sound better, even if it disguises that aspect. Best thing about her is that she got rid of the wicked-witch-of-the-West hat.

      This was the best season yet of the background singers staying back where they belong – that overproduction and volume level on the background people has been a problem since the beginning, often overwhelming the vocal of the contestant. Several people seemed either freaked to be live, or that their earpieces weren’t quite working right, because either they have been editing out more of the off notes, or a couple of people were just a mess last night.

      • Team Can't Vote says:

        Well said, Lizzie. I’m on Team Lizzie for agreeing with your comments.

      • Temperance says:

        Stephanie was incredible as always, and her voice is stellar. Her voice isn’t ‘thin’ in any way. I’m not sure what you were listening to.

    • Yvonne Murff says:

      I don’t get the Lauren love either. And wth was wrong with Blake to send Cassi home? Hope she comes back next year. I think this decision just rigged the show.

  3. analythinker says:

    I would rank Aaliyah Rose higher than Jack Cassidy, though, not that it matters now. Jack is a pianist first, singer/vocalist second, IMO. I could already see what he’s gonna sound like when I learned he’s the comeback artist, no matter what song.

  4. Angie_Overrated says:

    Defying Gravity is the worst song ever written. It makes The Beatles’ Life Goes On seem deep, and that’s saying something. I can’t listen to that song without getting red with embarrassment for the person singing it.
    Alicia’s trio is great. The two who got voted through deserved it, and Stephanie is an interesting one. Her voice is not good, but she brings a raw sincerity to the stage with her. I can’t make up my mind on her, but I’m keeping an open mind.

    • Patrick Star says:

      Agreed on all points

    • Barry says:

      Agree, specially on Stephanie, I love her emotion, delivery and commitment to everything she sings more than her voice, I’m rooting for her at least for now. Did you enjoy Lauren Duski tonight?

      • Amanda says:

        Love love LOVE Stephanie she is one of a kind for SURE! !

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Hi there! I thought Lauren was fine. I’ve mostly forgotten her performance, which isn’t a great sign, but I remember it being ok.

        • Barry says:

          Hi Angie! You’ve been missed here, at least by me, how are you doing? Do you have a favorite that you are rooting for?

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I haven’t really been watching this season, but I did enjoy Alicia’s contestants. Blake’s team didn’t do much for me.

        • John Anthony says:

          Hi Angie. I haven’t been watching either because, once again, The Voice failed to come up with a wow performer. Other than that Casi Joy none of the others will ever be heard from again. Joy may be like Rae Lynn. Not worth my time watching a bunch of average performers being told their great again. Can’t believe how weak Blake’s team is! Take care Angie. I think this ends my Voice watching. Maybe next Spring.

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      I wasn’t familiar with the song but as she was singing it(and I really was glad Felicia was back, I really like her) but as she was singing this song all I could think was” my god this is one of the worse song choices in the history of the show.But then Jack Cassidy absolutely butchered DLTSGDOM to the point where the worse song choice in the history of the show was replaced by the worse vocal in history. A “B” grade for that, really??? Lauren, Stephanie and Vanessa will keep me watching for now but my observation on tonight’s performances is that you can force “moments ” into songs that don’t have moment opportunities built into them, such a Brass in Pocket and Stand by Me. When you do try to force that moment the train plows into the station. I haven’t been around in awhile what happened to Michael Slezak?

    • JK3 says:

      “Defying Gravity” is definitely not a reality show song. It only works in the context of the show “Wicked” and you just miss out on the build up to the end if you cut out the duet middle section.

    • Clare says:

      Stephanie cannot sing though, and this show is called The Voice. Her voice is not very developed at all.

    • analythinker says:

      I, too, still can’t make up my mind about Stephanie! But she’s very likable! I guess we’ll see how she goes :)

  5. Gorgonzola Matrix says:

    Everyone on his team is super great and is a winner in their own right, but Blake thought Tsoul should move on over Casi and Felicia? Guess he’s not set on ‘winning’ this season. Feel like America and Alicia did right by her team.

    • Patrick Star says:

      No one else is like Tsoul though so i can appreciate Blake’s choice to save him.

    • OrionOnion says:

      Blake could only back one country girl to the end. He has Lauren and Aliyah for the win. Then I think he genuinely likes TSoul and wants him to have his shot.

    • loisbea says:

      Casi and Felicia were off tonight. Neither pitch nor performance somehow not quite right. TSoul was excellent in both areas.

  6. Barry says:

    For once I feel that the public got it right tonight, I’m really happy about Alicia’s top 3, It broke my heart to see Anatalia and Ashley go, I’d have put them through over everyone on team Blake besides Lauren. Chris and Lauren were the bests by a long mile, completely opposite poles, but really excited about them, hope they make the finals. Vanessa did a great job on an absolutely terrible song choice, and while Stephanie is not the best vocalist of the bunch, she pours her soul and heart into every song and I love that about her. So dissapointed with Casi, I loved her blind and YouTube channel, but she never lived up to the excelence she is capable of, I wanted her to move on, I really did… but I feel that Blake made the right choice, even if a I don’t enjoy TSoul at all.

  7. Smokey says:

    A little surprised tonight, but not shocked — I think although Blake let Casi go, on the save, it’s shown by the vote that Lauren has a little more appeal in new modern country, or cross-over genre potential. ……………………………………….

    I voted for Aliyah Moulden (best song choice) and Stephanie Rice (best delivery of a song, even though an overdone song on these talent shows) .

    • bluesman3535 says:

      He should have kept Casinand let TSoul go

      • Johnson says:

        Agree, nothing against T-Soul, but don’t think he will make it against the other 3 or 4 people that will all be doing R-B /Soul music, Chris Blue , Vanessa, probably J. Chosen and 1 or 2 more. Even Lillie Passero, Hunter Plake, etc., could end-up trying the Jazz/Soul, R-B avenue and they can’t all survive to the top 4.

    • kevstar says:

      That was an awful song choice for Aaliyah. Just because you like a song, and I do, Brass in Pocket is not a singer song. I’ll Stand by You is. She could have sung any of the songs on Learning to Crawl and it would have been better.

    • davmon says:

      BLAKE TEAM: I had Lauren 3rd behind Casi and Felicia. I had Aliyah in 5th–yet she’s Voted in. Blake’s choice was TSoul who I had 4th; his voice was ok, but lung power was weak. That Casi and Felicia are gone guts Blake’s talent IMO.

  8. Amanda says:

    Why was jack eliminated???? He has such a GREAT voice!!!

  9. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    Lauren & Chris REALLY Dominated tonight! Once again they are the frontrunners! Stephanie, Aliyah, and Vanessa really stepped up thou! Potential Dark Horses they could be. Although I am still shocked that Casi went home, I can see why it happened. That song choice alone was just not good, although she sang nice. Really hoping that Lilli, Brennley and Hunter SLAY it tomorrow night!

  10. Melaniem says:

    Alicia’s top 3 were spot on-Chris Blue has the best voice of the season, Vanessa is a great performer, and Stephanie sings with so much raspy emotion that Alicia had to save her. The only person on Team Blake who can come even close to competing is Lauren. Shocked Casi didn’t make it in the public vote and I think Blake was equally shocked. But he is a very strategic coach and, once Casi failed with the public, there was no way he was going to choose her to compete with Lauren. TSoul makes much more sense for his team

  11. Amanda says:

    VERY shocked Felicia was eliminated, she definitely deserves to be on this show, song choice may have not been the best choice tonight BUT she could have gone all the way..😞

    • Smokey says:

      Song choice is almost everything now, since most are good singers and/or performers at this point. Felicia’s song hasn’t touched itunes top 100, while Chris Blue and T-Soul are both in the top 100 R&B right now ————- Lauren Duski is at #22 in Country while Casi Joy and Ashley Levin are not showing, yet anyway —- so we see why Lauren got the live vote over Casi as well….

  12. Bob says:

    I’m pissed and turned it off …… apparently we on the west coast can’t vote due to prerecord earlier

    • Greg Cantin says:

      And only Tweeters can now vote. What Bull Hockey! Oh sure. Get the “app” and you can vote before you even see/hear their performances. More Bull Crap! We West Coasters are Double Fooked.

    • Karen says:

      They do it this way in other countries, but they are all in one time zone. I think it definitely will hurt itunes sales, as usually the singers are placing in the top 100, but only a couple broke that, where as usually the majority break the top 50.


      If I can’t vote, not sure if I need to watch?? It will be interesting to see if it affects the ratings.

  13. dlraetz says:

    I love Casi. I’m so sorry she had her worst performance tonight

    • Smokey says:

      I don’t think Casi had a bad performance, she just chose a common upbeat song that did not separate her voice from others and was nothing special, she has a great voice but was just another singer running around the stage with a smile tonight. — she should have done a slower, more emotionally connecting song and used that voice and range to better effect. Some of these singers are getting bad advice.

  14. miss tigermilk says:

    Even though “Knock on Wood” was made famous as a disco ditty in the 70s, it was also a hit in the 60s as sung by Wilson Pickett. TSoul’s version, while plenty good, was more or less a re-do of Pickett’s take on the original by Eddie Floyd.

  15. So far, Chris and Stephanie are the most compelling.

  16. Laura Halfaker says:

    I’m in San Diego & was blocked from voting! It sucks! PST doesn’t count! Same thing voting for President. East coast calls it & it stinks. Thank you.

    • loisbea says:

      You can probably watch it online and download the app to vote, but I’m not going to do that. I’ll buy songs I like and vote online, but I’m not going to that much trouble. I think the voting numbers are restricted by the the method used. Hopefully, later on in the season, the voting app won’t control the outcome. But I though the outcome was fair.

  17. Yvonne says:

    Chris blue is my number one all time fav.has been from the top.
    Stephanie Rice is my 2nd or one n a half she’s right under Chris Blue for me,i love both soo much! I couldn’t believe that gwen let go,so glad alicia grabed ! I love gwen(maybe she was tired that day!)

  18. Voice Fan says:

    I hated to see Casi Joy go home but I understood why Blake chose T Soul so he doesn’t have two country singers competing against each other. He has always said Lauren can win.

  19. OrionOnion says:

    I don’t like Vanessa behind the piano–too stuff. Her energy is totally freed up when she gets out from it. Terrible song choice for Aaliyah. Brass in pocket is for a more mature voice, like Stephanie. Speaking of, her rendition of I’ll be watching you eas more screeching than singing. I’m a fan, but girls gotta sing.

  20. tonythetank says:

    The only reason I watch is for my wife but tonight is the last for me. First you have what 5 minutes for the last performer to vote. And this show has been scripted from the beginning. No way Casi doesn’t get the country vote and no way Blake doesn’t pick her. I told my wife no way I watch this show again. WE ALL KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. .

  21. Majestic says:

    Please can we talk about how good Stephanie Rice was? I am still having goose bumps. Chris blue and Stephanie did it for me.

  22. Courtney Washington says:

    The 14 year old

  23. Rez says:

    Casi joy was the best singer and sad to see her go. Figured he would save tsoul if it came to that. Rooting for Aliyah on his team now. Chris Blue has to be the favorite to win this. He’s really good

    • Smokey says:

      Chris has to be strong contender, but these people haven’t had to compete for votes outside of their own teams yet………………………………………..

      And there will come this itunes sales multiplier to hit top 10, where another player may chose the right song for strong appeal and edge out others considered to be front-runners. …………………..Like Casi Joy, who many thought was a strong contender and already been sent home on the bus. ………

      Tonight will be fun to watch as Gwen and Adam round-out their top 3. ………………………………..

  24. Annie says:

    Chris Blue, Vanessa and TSoul were the top ones in my book tonight. I really like Stephanie but I think I must be the only one who did not like her arrangement of “Every Breath You Take”.

  25. loisbea says:

    The final 6 were correct, although I wish America had voted TSoul through rather than having to be saved. Also, I really didn’t care whether Casi Joy or Laura Duski went through. They were both fine, but nothing special, and sort of bore me. Alicia, though, has the best team and, except for Jack Cassidy, they were all good. I wouldn’t have given Jack a B. I love Stephanie, but I couldn’t have chosen her over Chris Blue or Vanessa. I’m very glad she did go through with the save, and I can’t wait to download her song. She has a wonderful voice and delivery, although it might just be me, but I think there were some imperfect pitch moments in her performance, which I hope I don’t hear on the recording. From where I was sitting, Casi Joy, Aaliyah Rose, Felicia and Jack Cassidy had some pitch problems. Maybe it was my TV since you didn’t hear it. But things seemed off.

    • Barry says:

      It’s not just you, those particular four were reeeeeally bad tonight, which is a shame because I was rooting for Casi and Felicia and wanted them to go through.

    • Johnson says:

      Y’all better look-out for what Aliyah Moulden can do on this ride, A super cute little firecracker that is likable, strong voice, brings the fun side in song.

  26. Popcultureprof says:

    Where is Michael sleazak? Let’s discuss the ridiculous voting. Systems shape outcomes. Tvline dropping the ball

  27. Anna Johnson says:

    I cannot BELIEVE that Blake let CASI JOY GO!! She is by far the most talented singer from this year’s group. Is it because Lauren is considered prettier? Casi is plenty attractive, and the show is supposed to be about the VOICE. Adam was right when he said Casi should advance. Blake chose a weak singer in TSoul. Although I do think that the Chris Stapleton song was not the best choice for Casi. Damn. Is there any way that Casi could be brought back before the final finale? I’m not going to watch anymore. This was a ridiculous decision.

    • Kbella says:

      I agree about Casi. Yeah, that song wasn’t the best choice but she’s been in my top 2 since the Blinds, along with Chris Blue. I actually enjoy watching them both perform. Lauren sings well but I just find her boring. All I could focus on during her performance was how big her nostrils are. But she’s very pretty.

      I think Adam has kind of a weak team. Mark Isaiah probably has the most potential to be a star. I love Hannah but she is still a baby. I still can’t believe he kept Josh over Johnny last week. I would love it if Adam brings back Johnny with his save and Johnny gets voted into the live shows. I like Brennley and Hunter (and Quizz) on Gwen’s team. JChosen is really good to but I think would be beat by Chris and TSoul.

    • Lizzie says:

      Hoping that Blake will look after Casi Joy – bring her out to perform at one of his shows, help her find her way to a record opp.

  28. Joanne says:

    So disappointed in Blake aside should still be there!

  29. Lee Jack says:

    Chris Blue Chris Blue Chris Blue! Oh, did I mention Chris Blue? For old school showmanship TSoul took the night.

  30. Lloyd says:

    I love that Vanessa went through by public vote. I was rooting for her since her blind, when other people said they didn’t understand why she got three chairs.

    • Lizzie says:

      For Alicia’s team, the two top singers went through on the East Coast vote, which is really great. I will give Stephanie one more week to show that she can sing well enough to justify Alicia’s saving her for the next round, because her voice isn’t in the same league at all as Vanessa and Chris.

  31. LoudMouth says:

    Chris Blue won the night. He was awesome. Lauren had a beautiful vocal on a boring song. Stephanie turned a song about stalking into a love song, so she gets negative points from me on that. But her vocal was interesting and she was totally committed to her vision of the song. I was glad to see Vanessa get through, I think she’s got potential. TSoul was fun. I was a little surprised Blake saved him instead of Casi Joy (who was off her game) but the consensus I heard last night is that he only wants one country artist, so Lauren will have a clear field.

    • John Anthony says:

      Blake hasn’t got a chance with three weak performers. Maybe that’s why he’s taking time off from this show. Rae Lynn didn’t need The Voice to succeed and neither will Casi Joy. The rest that are left will never be heard from again like most of The Voice performers after the show ends. Another loser season!!!!!!!!

      • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

        Lauren is one of the major frontrunners so theres no way that shes leaving anytime soon. Heck even Aliyah could have a Koryn Hawthonre Trajectory and make a huge wave on the competition.

  32. Becky says:

    I agree with the choices tonight. But, I have to say, I am so tired of Stephanie’s sad story retold every week. Yes, she got a bum deal from her dad when she came out, but it is time to stop bringing it up every time. She is so talented! Focus on the future, not the past.

  33. Cheryl Owens says:

    The “VOICE” was sooooo great last night!! Chris Blue was outstanding ! He was the best of the night! Alicia was the “worst”. I don’t like when songs on Broadway are used in a singing competition. Surprise elimination Casi Joy. Superb singer!

  34. ahmed says:

    it was agood show not the best but ok

  35. ahmed says:

    oh and that chris blue is not human

    man he was born with agift .he can change the tune of his voice whenever he wants

  36. Donna says:

    Vanessa Ferguson’s performance did not move me last night, just seemed like more of the same that many other singers can do.

    • Lizzie says:

      To me, Vanessa has professional-level talent, and there’s a lot there for her future – I can see her making it as a performer and recording artist.

  37. Lizzie says:

    Probably my favorite performance of the night was Alicia during the mentoring session, singing so naturally and with so genuine connection to the song.

    As to the contestants, I hate sending so many people home in one fell swoop – it’s tough to see singers go who were almost as good as the ones that stayed, and the ones who are better than the youngster – that was tough.

  38. nancy bennett says:

    I thought Jack Cassidy performed great. There was a couple from both teams that was saved that should have not been.

  39. katsssblog says:

    Chris ruined Love on the brain, yes he has unique voice but he was singing for himself. It didn’t even sound like song I know, he changed it too much just so that he can scream in falsetto and show his voice. I was cringing through entire song. I liked him earlier but he ruined this song for me, and I really like the song.

  40. katsssblog says:

    Oh and I forgot, why they changed lyrics in Lean on, it’s blow a kiss, fire a gun, not blow a kiss into the sun.

  41. tonedef28 says:

    I thought Chris Blue was a bit over the top last week, but he gave a stellar performance last night. Lauren Duski, Vanessa Ferguson, Stephanie Rice and TSoul were all fantastic. I think the song Brass in Pocket was all wrong for Aaliyah Rose and that’s a shame. She has such a great voice, and her fun personality and individual style was entertaining. Pity she didn’t choose a song better suited for her.

  42. Smokey says:

    Here is what the itunes top 100 looks like today at 3:25 Central time —

    #58 Someone Else’s Star (The Voice Performance)
    Artist: Lauren Duski
    Released: April 17, 2017

    #65 Love On the Brain (The Voice Performance)
    Artist: Chris Blue
    Released: April 17, 2017

    #98 Every Breath You Take (The Voice Performance)
    Artist: Stephanie Rice

  43. Team Can't Vote says:

    When I watch The Voice the voting aspect always irritates me. Why? I just don’t understand why the only people who get to vote, live on the east coast. It seems unfair and I can’t help but wonder if there might be different “saves” if everyone could vote; or, is it that the “fix” in and votes don’t really matter…

    Am I alone in this?

    • Johnson says:

      the producers don’t seem to care about the voting problems. it’s really been mostly the coaches choices except for the 8 people that get through from the twitter/voice-app in the time zones pertinent to live voting. they may, however, get that fixed with a wider open voting window as the top 12 start live.

  44. As songs go, I really don’t like Defying Gravity. I’ve never heard the original rendition, but the best I did hear was when Rachel and Kurt battled over it in Glee.

  45. Dev says:

    Agree 100% with the three artists who moved on for team Alicia. They were solid performances. Had no interest in any of Blake’s artists and couldn’t even get through several of them. Pitchy, boring, and just uninspired performances. But as per usual, he’ll probably still end up winning with a less deserving artist than ones from other teams.

  46. Temperance says:

    I didn’t agree with the results here at all. Chris Blue’s arrangement was great, but it was in the wrong key. He had to strain to get there, and he didn’t always make it. It was awkward at the top, but great in the lower register. Stephanie, Vanessa, and Ashley were head and shoulders better – or more. Aliyah was literally terrible on Mercy… it was dreadful. I was shocked and disappointed that the utterly unremarkable and occasionally irritating TSoul was saved over the ready for radio Casi. It was weird.