2 Broke Girls Season 7

2 Broke Girls Boss Insists Monday's Finale 'Is Not the End for These Girls'

Is CBS about to cash out on its 2 Broke Girls investment?

The long-running sitcom is heading into its Season 6 finale without a renewal in its back pocket, and oddsmakers say the series has an even-money chance of returning next fall.

One thing’s for certain: Monday’s closer (9:30/8:30c) was not designed as a series finale, maintains co-showrunner Michelle Nader. 

“This is not the end for these girls,” the EP insists. “We’re not finished and we don’t want to be finished and I don’t think the audience is finished. Obviously there’s no guarantee that we will be back, but we did not write the episode as a series finale.”

That said, Monday’s outing — which revolves around the premiere of Caroline’s biopic — features a fairly momentous turning point for Max (which may or may not involve the return of her estranged ex, Randy). “This season for us was kind of… I don’t want to say a reboot, but we kind of think of the show as just beginning in a way,” Nader notes. “With the girls [becoming] successful and finding love, it’s opened up a whole new world for us.”

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Nader remains “hopeful” that CBS will commission a seventh season, adding, “We have creative urge to continue to do the show. CBS has been really supportive of us and so we believe that they’ll want to see more of these girls.”

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  1. A. Johnson says:

    Please bring them back! My favorite comedy on CBS.

  2. Jason Paul says:

    This show cracks us up every week.

  3. laurelnev says:

    Yeah, I’d kind of like the last season to be called “Two ^NOT Broke Girls” ;)

  4. Kevin Tran says:

    Hope 2 Broke Girls gets renewed for a proper final season at least.

  5. David Taylor says:

    I don’t mean to be that ‘internet’ guy but sweet sassafras this show is just horrid. I mean really, it’s awful. And yes, I would avoid it totally if it was up to me but other people I live with love it for some reason. But I will secretly dance if it’s cancelled. The dark haired lead is just a horrible actress. In fact, the entire cast is terrible. I think a bunch of 8 graders could do a better job with the material. Everything about this show is just so trite and udderly predictable. I could write an episode. It’s just a checklist of the same 10 situations over and over and over and over and over. I know it’s supposed to be a broadly played satire but the comedy is so dated. If feels like it should have been popular about the time “Threes Company” was on the air. It’s pretty much played just like that show.

    • David Hess says:

      Even if it gets canceled, it’s still in syndication so you’ll always have reruns!

    • Ava says:

      Yikes. Sorry Girl. DWTS will still be there for you. 😶

    • Yeah Garrett Morris and Jennifer Coolidge are horrible actors

      • Daya says:

        I don’t mind Garrett, but Jennifer just drives me crazy. (Seriously, I wonder if Poland hates us now for the BS that is Sophie!) In the five seconds per episode where she’s not being brash and making Poland seem like an alternate universe (come ON–they’ve had SEVENTEEN Nobel laureates! Marie Curie even won twice!), I’m always distracted by the bit of bra sticking out of her top–always a contrasting color. Whoever in the wardrobe department thought of that needs a Gibbsmack!

    • Sheila says:

      Are you tied to the chair when the show comes on? Go in another room & read a book. Take a walk. You don’t have to watch it.

    • A. Johnson says:

      I think you’re missing the point of the show. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously and the actors play it as such. It’s a fun happy go lucky half hour of fun full of silliness. Turn the channel the next time you hear the theme song begin.

      • mrsobie says:

        Exactly!! You guys have obviously never seen a Jennifer Coolidge movie or other shows she’s done if you think she’s a bad actress. You have to be good to play Sophie. Also the star Kat is a great actress too she’s been in other movies Avengers ect. If you don’t like don’t watch but if you dint understand the concept of the show you shouldn’t bash it. There’s no way it will be canceled we will get at least 1 more season it’s been a huge hit for CBS over the years plus if they canceled it someone like Netflix would pick it up in a heartbeat or CBS would make it an AllAcess series like The Good Fight.

      • Nikita says:

        Yes love love this show after a stressful day!

    • liame says:

      At least someone’s paying attention and not distracted by the b oo bs.

    • Theresa Wiant says:

      So go to your little cry babe corner and don’t watch it. Most of us like it.

    • Angie Lepone says:

      I’m sure of it had anything to do with sports you would love it. Maybe it’s just to show that women enjoy. Probably because we understand their struggle. And they make it funny

    • Rose says:

      You are an internet troll @mike@david Taylor. It is a great show and it has brought my family, friends, and I joy when we watch it. It is a naturally good show due to the fact it doesn’t need the overuse of special effects to be entertaining and funny and it simulates some people’s real life situations. I hope you don’t cancel it! It’s a great show! Each actor/ actress is very talented and I truly hope they keep it on! People who trash it are people with no lives and have no friends. Just let the fans enjoy the show and shut up already!

  6. Ava says:

    I have always loved this show. I hope this isn’t the end!

  7. padraicjacob says:

    They showed Randy in the previews already…


    Please bring this show back love it very much watch reruns daily great comedy

  9. jhein23 says:

    Caroline’s new boyfriend is terrible and how is he even remotely attractive?

  10. b sulber says:

    I don’t know why but this show makes me laugh every week even though it’s so unrealistic. I keep telling myself this does not merit my watching it but it just makes me LOL. And Jennifer Coolidge is a treasure!

  11. maria says:

    I love this show and really hope they come back next season. The new path of life for them is just starting and I am hooked

  12. brandydanforth81 says:

    I hope it gets renewed -I need Max and Caroline in my life-but am not optimistic

  13. Gift says:

    How sweet!!! Of cause we want them back

  14. Nadia says:

    This show is not funny and offensive. Surprised it lasted that long.

  15. Ginny says:

    It can’t go of the air! It’s real life situations set in real day. It also makes the situations funny. Perfect for this day.

  16. Daniel says:

    I like the show because the premise is closer to my reality than most shows. The energy of the cast is top notch, and the girls ate radio on the eyes. One of my most favorite on tv.

  17. joanne says:

    No they can’t cancel it is love this show best adult girly show ever I get a kick out of max and her dirty mouth and Caroline rich to dirt poor and learning how to be poor .sofie I love she has the crazy out fix but they work earl, hann and olay are funny with what they thing please don’t take off the air love it

    • Daya says:

      I like watching earlier episodes where Caroline is still trying to hang onto her rich girl persona. I usually end up thinking, “Oh, you were so adorable back then!” xD

  18. Cheryl says:

    To bad. Hate this show. Stupid

  19. Nick says:

    Show is terrible. Just shows how bad sitcom tv has gotten. Not funny at all.

  20. Daya says:

    I can’t decide if making the S8 premiere revolve around the fact that the movie flopped (thereby starting them over–or nearly, with the bar still being there) would be jumping the shark, or if it would be perfect.

    • jj says:

      The movie floping is irrelevant. Carolina was paid for her story. How successful the movie doesn’t affect her.

      • fatalsin says:

        well it might depending on if there were residuals and/or profit percentage pay involved in the contract..

      • Daya says:

        Actually, it does. If a movie is based off a book, for example, I believe the author gets part of the residuals in perpetuity (or whatever the contract states). Depending on the nature of her contract, Caroline might get these, too. Ergo, if the movie fails, there won’t be any extra money from it airing on HBO (or another movie network) or anything else.

  21. Ice says:

    2 broke girls, 2 broke girls, 2 broke girls. CBS will lose a fan if they don’t renew my girls. Thats all I’m saying.

  22. This has always been a favorite of mine even when every feminist wanted this show pulled off the air. Whitney Cummings is a genius and one of my favorite female comedians.

  23. princewill says:

    Please bring them back!

  24. Litun says:

    Please bring them back! we love the show

  25. Theresa Wiant says:

    I love 2 broke girls please bring it back for many more seasons before it ends Max and Randy or Max and Deck need to get together I think Randy and Carole needs back with Candy Andy and a set of twins and her dad needs to be releasesed from jail and have his old life back like they find out it was all a set up and he was not guilty or something.

  26. Lisa Echerd says:

    Please cancel this awful show. I watched a little of the first season but never again. The premise was dated and flawed from the outset. Neither ‘girl’ can or will act. The blonde tries but the brunette thinks she is doing stand up. The supporting cast is one dimensional. It is shows like this that still give TV a bad rep.

  27. ChicagoDan says:

    The richest comedy syndication deal in history $1.7MM per episodes leads me to believe WB has plenty of incentives to get CBS to renew it.

  28. brandydanforth81 says:

    I’m going to be really p o Ed if Thers a cliffhanger cause it’s a bubble show,

  29. Jimmy says:

    It’s a good show but it is getting stale. It’s the same thing almost every episode. I’ve enjoyed it but wouldn’t be upset if it was canceled.

  30. Martin N. says:

    2 broke girls. I stumbled across this great show when I was trying to escape all the justice shows on every channel every night! Ugh! Help! Thank you. Please keep up their good work and yours.

  31. Mark says:

    I LOVE the girls (and Chestnut)..please bring them back..Every episode is laugh out loud with Oleg’s gross habits and comments to coming up with new ways to denigrate Han’s short stature, to Sophie’s “I’ll be in my booth” :)

  32. Mark Holub says:

    I LOVE the girls (and Chestnut)..please bring them back..Every episode is laugh out loud with Oleg’s gross habits and comments to coming up with new ways to denigrate Han’s short stature, to Sophie’s “I’ll be in my booth” :)

  33. Anthony Fiorino says:

    The must come back for a 7th season!! We love the 2 Broke Girls!!

  34. johnrcashfan says:

    Please CBS…..cancel this show ASAP. It has never been funny. You got rid of Mike and Molly and kept this monstrosity.

    • Linda Herrera says:

      Not nice not nice at all why are you even posting a comment if you don’t even like this show you could have just left the website without posting anything😝yuck to you!!! It’s a very hilarious vivacious show!!!😍Loves IT!!

  35. johnrcashfan says:

    Having said that I dislike the show, I do like both of the leads and hope they are at some point given much better material to work with.

  36. Andrew Hass says:

    I hope the show gets renewed for another season even if it’s just a shortened final season.Plus it could be interesting to see how the girls react if they become successful and aren’t broke.

  37. Amy S says:

    Please do not squash 2broke girls!!!!
    I love this show. I’ve watched since it first aired and will continue to watch. I own every season on dvd. There are so many shows that were renewed that are just bla bla bla…this show is awesome! Iknow so many who agree with me. So let’s roll out lot’s more 2broke girls. Nothing like a good laugh with max and
    Caroline and the gang!

  38. Another Poster says:

    After being on the air for several years; please bring back Two Broke Girls for only for a short final season to wrap everything up, similar to Mike and Molly. They deserve to go with some notice and a chance to bring the series to a satisfying conclusion. The ratings are similar to other CBS Monday night comedies already renewed.

  39. Another Poster says:

    After being on the air for several years; please bring back Two Broke Girls IF for only for a short final season to wrap everything up, similar to Mike and Molly. I left out the IF in my previous sentence. Two Broke Girls could be renewed for another season and I would be happy, just don’t end the series tonight, April 17, with no conclusion to the show. There should be some type of resolution.

  40. Steve says:

    Applying the numbers that really matter (ratings and $$$), the show is still a “safe bet” rather than even odds. There’s an overreaction to the lack of an early pick up in any other analysis. Midseason at worst, and still a possibility right after Thu NFL ends. Where do I place my bet?

  41. Maxsmom says:

    there are shows I will watch as long as they are on because I like the characters more than the show and so I hope 2 Broke Girls is not renewed because it’s outlived it’s usefulness

  42. Errin Hall says:

    My Favorite show ever!!! Please don’t cancel this wonderfully​ funny show.

  43. Regina B. says:

    We went through the 2 broke girls’ happy, sad, business failures, sleepless nights, rashes, etc. I would like to see them come back for one more season where they are successful and happy with a good future. So please bring them back for fall 2017.

  44. Sarina says:

    Do not cancel. Continue 2 broke girls please.

  45. Audrey says:

    I really like 2 broke girls and would like to see more

  46. Kelly says:

    The first and second season were great and then it started getting really stupid with the whole cupcake business and then going to Hollywood ( really stupid) and somehow they afford rent and keep a horse? Please cancel this show!

    • mrsobie says:

      Um yea they work their butts off with multiple jobs to pay rent and buy carrots for the horse. If you’ve watched the entire series you’d know that there have been times they couldn’t keep chestnut die to funds plus Carolyn has 1 outfit to save money is all in the show

  47. Jonathan Black says:

    I hope there is no season 7 of this crappy show.

    • Linda Herrera says:

      That’s not nice to say if you didn’t have something encouraging to say you should just keep your RUDE annoying comments to yourself!!!

  48. Saloni says:

    Please bring them back! We love our 2 broke girls.

  49. Tammy heckerman says:

    I love the show. I watch the reruns at night on Fox. PLEASE bring it back.

  50. Bill says:

    I like 2 Broke Girls! It is hilarious! I have been a fan since the show first started! Please don’t cancel 2 Broke Girls!