The Originals Spoilers

The Originals: Riley Voelkel Previews 'Turning Point' for Freya and Keelin

Freya’s icy Mikaelson exterior is finally melting on Friday’s episode of The Originals (The CW, 8/7c) with a little help from the strongest potion known to man: tequila!

“Freya never gets to go out,” Riley Voelkel laments to TVLine, adding that she’s thrilled about her character’s budding social life. “She and Keelin go out drinking this week, and being able to have one night — just one night to celebrate the next step — is huge for Freya. She deserves to be able to do that more than anyone.”

Though she can’t provide any specific details about how the two might be growing closer, Voelkel confirms that Friday’s episode marks a “turning point” in their relationship: “There’s obviously a connection there, of some sort, and it’s not for nothing.”

Voelkel says she’s “glad” that fans seem to be warming up to the idea of Freya and Keelin’s companionship, adding her own voice to the chorus of people thrilled to see Freya’s vulnerable side finally coming out to play.

“Freya’s normally so focused on getting things done and putting her family first that you never get to see this emotional side of her,” Voelkel says. “We’re starting to see her form a relationship with someone outside of the family, and we’re learning that there’s so much more to her than we knew. She has feelings and desires!”

Looking back at Freya’s antics at the beginning of last season, Voelkel notes, “Even the few guys she brought home, there was never really a connection beyond that night. So to have someone who can be a real friend or a real teammate is huge for her. She’s used to being on her own, so she’s not expecting it.”

Your thoughts on Freya and Keelin’s “connection”? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Serah Cheatham says:

    I am elated about this storyline. I think there is indeed some chemistry there. Both ladies are beautiful and Freya needs to be able to fall in love. I can’t wait to see their story unfold.

  2. Ladonna cavaness says:

    Absolutely love the idea that Freya is showing her vulnerable side,it’s sexy on that note Freya an keelin I can’t wait, there both sexy ,beautiful amazing women, iam so excited to see this episode, I love the originals,it’s the best show on cw!!¡!

  3. cjk51 says:

    I’ve been waiting for Freya to have a ‘friend’! It’s great that it’s somebody supernatural, that ring will make her powerful.

  4. Jon says:

    Freya kidnapped her, is holding her against her will. And that’s supposed to be the starting point for a relationship?

    What is it with this show and stockholming the crap out of people.

    • Weezy says:

      Oh look another sane person decided to comment. I almost didn’t after seeing all the crazy comments above, but it’s a brave new world I suppose. One in which a seemingly straight character all of a sudden changes her sexuality after 1000 years and decides that she wants a relationship with a woman she kidnapped and was ready to kill within a few minutes of their meet cute. People are just crazy these days. No wonder TV writing has become so weak and political.

      • Joymg says:

        OMG AMEN

      • Jane says:

        You are watching a show about a family of ancient serial killers. If you like any tvd universe couple, chances are, you like a very unhealthy ship, just unhealthy in a different way.
        And lately every show feels obliged to have a gay couple, especially a show that was criticised for killing gay charters. So here is your explanation for Freya suddenly becoming gay. But, to be fair, I guess smth like that is actually possible (e.g. Kristen Stewart if you know who it is).

        • Lucy says:

          I think it’s hypocritical as I’ve seen writers from TO brag about how their ships are healthier than the ships in TVD (mainly MN), only recently Carina has said that they are not and that there are barely any healthy ships on TV because the sad fact is, they don’t make drama or good TV. Carina pointed out that CK isn’t a healthy ship and got attacked by fans for it.

          • Jane says:

            Problematic characters and unhealthy ships are usually entertaining to watch. But it’s funny when tvd/to fans call some ships unhealthy and then reveal they ship smth like ck. I saw Carina’s tweets and she made perfect sense. Ck shippers just got defensive, that’s all

          • Lucy says:

            Jane, it’s ok to get defensive about a ship, but they were attacking her for speaking bad about it, not trying to see her POV, a therapist-patient relationship isn’t healthy, not to mention that he compelled her to date Marcel in S1. Some were disregarding canon and when they couldn’t provide a valid defence they bring in other ships or go well you support abuse.
            They couldn’t handle that there ship isn’t perfect, no ship is, you have to accept the problematic side and the writers should feel that they can express an opinion, she was never hating on them, just pointing out the flaws, some were even putting words in her mouth by saying that she ships KC, when she never said that, she wrote the letter as a favour to Julie and her job is a writer.

            I just hope that the writers acknowledge the problematic side to Freya/Keelin but I don’t care about Keelin because at the moment she is introduced as a prop for Freya, she is just a love interest and she is defined by her sexuality – even when her casting was announced they announced her as a bisexual werewolf – clearly suggesting that she was going to romance Freya since Hayley is with Elijah and they wouldn’t of bothered with announcing her sexuality if it was one of the male characters. She is going to be like some of the former main characters that were clearly introduced only as a love interest and barely any development.

            I wish that she was introduced as a character first, so she isn’t defined by her sexuality or any future ship. Then reveal her sexuality later on, I think the writers did that with Lexa and she was well liked (until Clexa/Lexa fans got full on).

            Maybe it’s just me, but I believe that there is more to a character than their sexuality, it should be secondary, with their personality being the main thing. Often, I think a character’s sexuality overtakes a character’s personality and they end up being defined by it or not doing much.

          • Jane says:

            See, by attacking her, they finally got her to say what they wanted to hear instead of trying to understand what she was saying about unhealthy relationships. She ended the discussion by assuring ck fans that this relationship was important for Klaus, and I’m pretty sure that they missed her point that regardless of how Klaus felt about Camille, ck was unhealthy from the start – it was therapist (20-smth-year-old innocent girl)/patient (1000-year-old serial killer) romance that got so wrong that the therapist got killed, turned into a vamp and killed again. Sure it was sugar coated with all the lovey-dovey talk, but if you break it down to the actions, facts and outcomes you can see how bad this relationship was for Cami. This girl is dead without ever becoming a mum or having a family of her own. And Klaus? His family is alive and well, he’s a father of a kid who loves him dearly and now with Cami’s useful advices, he goes on happier than before. Well good for him. I’m a Klaus’s fan, so I’m okay with this outcome, but if they did the same using Caroline instead of Cami, I’d be so freaking mad. So I don’t know how fans, who like Cami can not see how unhealthy and unfair ck was for her character.

            As for Keelin, yes, you’re right, she was introduced as bisexual and it’s a weird way to intro a character. It’s things like this that make me think that she isn’t sticking around for long. Probably they will develop this Keelin & Freya thing just enough to make Keelin’s death somewhat noticeable. Lexa was strong as a stand-alone character, but I felt like somewhere along the way she got lost and overshadowed by Clexa.

          • Lucy says:

            I think Keelin will survive the season, I was talking to someone and they mentioned how Keelin was cast with an actress of a Julie Plec show and was named after one of the writers best friends. So that they will show more favouritism to them, remember they cast some containment stars for TVD S8 and they were rubbish – not them as actors but their characters, they didn’t contribute too much.

  5. Jane says:

    For some reason Keelin just doesn’t look like a character that will become a permanent part of Mikaelson’s family. They are probably trying to make fans care about yet another unfortunate Mikaelson’s love interest, just to make a tragic scene out of Keelin dying in one of the last episodes in S04. Well if it happens, you know what they say about karma. Freya killed Kol’s LI and this season might experience similar loss herself.

  6. Valerie Mendez says:

    I just want Freya to have that friendship with Keelin, I don’t think the writers should have them in a romatic relationship, It’s bad enough that Hayley and Elijah are messing around. Now I wonder when they going to kill off Josh hell they could of kept Davina even if she was annoying I liked to had seen how far Kol and Davina could of went.

  7. Deborah says:

    Am I the only one who is still rooting for Klaus and Hayley’s relationship? I was all for them but then I realized that now since Stefan died in the Vampire Diaries and Cami died too maybe if Caroline came to the Originals Klaus and Caroline may have a chance. Also I hope Freya and Keelin do go out because they would make the most amazing couple. Am I the only person who loves Freya’s hair like I have never seen hair as beautiful as hair. Like talk about Flawless!! The only thing I am confused about is how Keelin is still friends with Freya because she kidnapped her and pretty much tortured her. I know this is a random topic but why does Elijah hate Marcel so much….like I thought he used to teach Marcel. Hope is pretty much oblivious to all this weird magical stuff so they should make her a more important character too. Who is that woman that Marcel keeps fooling around with is she or is she not evil. I hope Klaus and Hope become like a crime fighting team at least once in the show like I thought they would take down the Hollow together.

  8. Stacy says:

    Freya and Keeling all the way!!! Super happy and excited about the story line.

  9. Ryu says:

    To all the haters, please this is a tv show get over yourselves already. Freya and keelin all the way!!!!!

    • Lucy says:

      I’m not hating, I predicted that this would happen and was on board with it, I just didn’t like that they felt the need to mention her sexuality when cast because it often defines the character. I just hope that Freya and Keelin acknowledge the fact that Freya treated her as a lab rat with that mask thing, kidnapped her and Keelin developing Stockholm syndrome, also because of Freya’s character someone that doesn’t open up or care about non-Mikaelsons and because of the context of their relationship – Keelin was their prisoner – it’s important that it doesn’t get rushed, they should slowburn it and step it up in S5.
      But also part of me doesn’t like the hypocrisy of some writers in TO when they brag about TO having healthier ships than TVD, when they don’t and this is an example, I like it but I’m also aware that it isn’t a healthy ship and it’s important that this gets done slowly because if it’s rush, Keelin will always feel inferior to Freya in their relationship – it’s important that they are equals.

      I also see how Freya will benefit from Keelin in their relationship, it will develop Freya’s character, but I want to see how Keelin will benefit from Freya, often in relationships with TO and later seasons of TVD, the ships are very one sided, I see how the ship benefits and helps one character, but I don’t see how it helps the other – in reality the sane thing for the other person is to walk away but they don’t because they end up relegated to a prop for the other character.

    • Serah Cheatham says:

      Thanks Ryu….Team Frelin all the way!

  10. kar says:

    I think it is a very bad thing to turn Freya
    Into a gay character and the relationship between Freya and keelin should be
    Friends there is space to bring in some new gay characters but pls don’t turn
    Freya’s character into a gay

    • John says:

      They seemed to have rushed freya into some relationship, they just picked someone that was already in the script. As one of the only two mikaelsons that could possibly have a family of their own, that they would find someone else for freya. Especially since she so protective of family.
      But who could possibly be a suitable match for freya, they couldn’t just pick a mere mortal, vampires are out, a hybrid prehaps

      • Jane says:

        A powerful witch, like Vincent, or a werewolf. The only living male hybrids are Klaus (family), Marcel (prob can’t reproduce) and Kai (stuck in a prison world)

    • Serah Cheatham says:

      “Into a gay??” Just based on f2f he fact that she’s going to become involved with another woman….does not necessarily mean she’s gay….she may be bi, she may just be fluid.
      She’s a character who is always so ficused on her family that she hardly ever takes time for herself. She needs someone. If it’s Keelin…great.
      Granted they could have handled this storyline better.

  11. josh says:

    awesome….freaking awesome

  12. Margaret says:

    If Freya starts to have a relationship wit her a woman I will not be watching any longer! I am so tired of the TV networks throwing this in front of us all the time! You have kids that watch these shows and their is enough crazy already!

    • Jane says:

      So a tv show with countless murders, endless violence, tortures and female characters like a woman who’s been involved with two brothers or a woman who’s been involved with a man and his adoptive some is OK for kids. But a bisexual couple is where you draw the line?

  13. Jess says:

    I’m here for it.