Scandal Ratings Episode 100

Ratings: Scandal Ticks Up With No. 100, Big Bang Theory Ties Low

Scandal‘s 100th episode drew 5.3 million total viewers and a 1.3 demo rating (per finals) on Thursday night, ticking up 4 percent and a tenth week-to-week.

Bookending the milestone hour, Grey’s Anatomy (7.2 mil/1.8)also rose a tenth, while The Catch (3.1 mil/0.7) was flat.

Over on NBC, The Blacklist: Redemption (3.9 mil/0.7) added a few eyeballs while holding onto its demo low. Opening the Peacock’s night, Trial & Error (2.7 mil/0.6) was two tenths below Superstore‘s previous outing, Powerless (2 mil/0.6) was steady and Chicago Med (6.4 mil/1.1) ticked up.


THE CW | Supernatural (1.55 mil/0.5) and Riverdale (870K/0.3) were steady.

CBS | The Big Bang Theory (11.9 mil/2.5) dipped two tenths to match its demo low. The Great Indoors (6.1 mil/1.2) slipped two tenths, while Mom (6.8 mil/1.3), Life in Pieces (5.4 mil/1.1) and Amazing Race (4.1 mil/0.8) each ticked down.

FOX | MasterChef Junior (3.3 mil/0.9) was steady, Kicking & Screaming (1.9 mil/0.5) dipped.

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  1. fernando933 says:

    The Catch must be renew, season 2 is amazing. Every person on the show is likable now and have great story. Love how everyone is interacting with one another. It’s finally a shondaland show. Just bring it back for midseason again.

    Looks like Riverdale will be held for midseason with those .3 demos, sad because I really like it. Maybe even place on fridays.

    Glad Med is steady but it needs to be paid with Fire or PD next year to bring up the ratings.

    • kn1231 says:

      I agree about The Catch! It is so good this season! Anyone who is reading this and not watching it should go catch (no pun intended) up right now!

  2. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    Even still, BBT outdistanced all other shows Thursday night. Live+3 and Live+7 will only add to those numbers.

  3. Gul says:

    Wow I was so sure Greys would rise with a plane ep. Its weird that it didnt. Maybe the inconsistent storytelling for the season is finally catching up to them. Japril’s ep onwards, every episode has been good but so many season long storylines are still no where close to resolution and thats very frustrating as a viewer. There’s only 4 episodes left in the season, I hope we get some answers and they dont start new things before addressing the older stories that theyve had most of the season.

    • Todd says:

      Completely agree. It is very frustrating. Nothing from last seasons finale has really been resolved. Having a handful of episodes (prison, airplane, OR room) isolating a few characters from the cast really hasn’t been interesting.

    • Ken says:

      What season long storylines, and which ones need resolution? I’m asking b/c I’m quite curious as to what has been considered a season long storyline. This season has been a disjointed mess and I don’t see any storylines that have continued all season except for the extremely long and drawn out ‘will they or won’t they date” for Mer and the new guy.

      And someone mentioned that ‘nothing from last seasons finale has really been resolved” – such as what?

      • Gul says:

        Well for me it was stuff that was introduced early this season or last finale. Like Jo being married was a big cliffhangery thing and they had her tell Alex only for neither of them to ever mention it again? Even if they werent going to introduce her husband, there should be some resolution there. Also apparently Deluca loves her? i dont even know… Dont get me started on Meredith/Riggs and the 87 times theyve decide to date/not date. That entire storyline was hinged on Maggie also liking him. That was dropped for like 10-odd episodes and I guess it’s going to addressed in the next. Owen & Amelia have been doing whatever the hell that arc is for more than half the season. They dont talk, fight one episode, then dont talk for another 3. Alex has averaged like 2 lines per episode since that lame resolution with Deluca. And to a lesser extent (because it’s relatively recent), Im pretty annoyed that they gave Japril their own ep, had them hook up, gave no explanations, only to not show them for the next 4 episodes. It sums up exactly whats bothering me about this season. The writing is choppy, it’s hard to keep track of arcs when they disappear(esp if you dont care as much about some of the characters/storylines). As I said, as individual episodes, the last few have been good but the season has been underwhelming at best which is disappointing because season 12 was pretty good.

        • Ashly says:

          Perfect summation of what’s happening! If I were binge-watching this show, the jumping wouldn’t bother me nearly as much, but watching and waiting for plot development has been excruciating. Especially with the randomness of new story lines like the whole Minnick thing and Maggie’s mom. Like she seems like a nice lady but are Japril back together or nah? What’s Alex been up to? Priorities, Grey’s writers, priorities.

  4. Brian says:

    Glad to see The Amazing Race is remaining steady. And good to see that Scandal rose. Last night’s episode was good. Hopefully the show is getting back on track.

  5. Greys says:

    Grey’s episode was one of the best in so long.

  6. Kevin Tran says:

    Can’t wait when Blacklist returns next week but the spin-off in Redemption was a disappointment and I’m wondering if it’s “one and done”.

  7. We love Supernatural in my home. And as a writer myself, I see it as amazing artwork from the writers as well as the cast and crew who work diligently to give us a great show. It’s very well deserving and understanding of Supernatural going strong into its 13th season.

    With that said, I feel as though they kind of took a wrong turn by reintroducing the Mary Winchester character, gave the British Men of Letters a bigger story line, and subtracted the Castiel, God, and the [monster of the week] characters.

    I understand and truly respect the ideas of the writers of any given show when they try to change up the story lines. But, the change up since the beginning of season 12 of Supernatural, in my opinion, didn’t quite go well or fit into the overall concept.

    It seems as though the writers are trying to write less of the Winchester brothers and in turn, introduce more new or expired characters as highlighted characters. Supernatural has proven to possess a great and very deserving fan base and the potential to remain on the air for many more seasons to come. But with the recent changes of story line since the beginning of season 12, I see this as possibly damaging their ratings before the end of its 13th season and possibly causing the cancellation of an otherwise great investment of the CW Network.

    The Winchester brothers, Castiel, and a few others, are and should remain the main characters and should remain in every story line. It’s okay to add in friends, enemies, and/or other characters who will help boost the ratings and keep the story line interesting, But the writers should never stray away from the main characters who make the show great.

    • Love Supernatural but I really hope Dabb and cie will let go of Mary and the BMOL in season 13. The Winchesters are the heart of this show, yet now they have to answer to the British psychos like lackeys and can’t even be comfortable in their own home. As for Mary, she can’t go back to Heaven fast enough for me.

  8. Boiler says:

    Nice for Chicago Med given all the other crap NBC had on last night. Where is Laura when we need her NBC??

  9. Bigdede says:

    I can’t believe Chicago Mes continues to beat Scandal in the ratings. Smh Shonda’s agenda didn’t work

  10. Cosmin says:

    Chicago med is awsome and this show deserve to have the biggest audience, every week, on Thursday.
    Riverdale it’s good too, and i hope the ratings blow up

  11. kmw says:

    Wow. I know most shows these days would kill for a 2.4 but TBBT is really dropping( with two years to go) Ah but syndication makes CBS happy any way. Nice that Grey’s stayed stable and good for Scandal and poor NBC. Nothing is working for them on Thursday except football

  12. Karen Lee says:

    Scandal has gone from the best behind the scenes politics & passions show to some kind of ridiculous far fetched daytime telanovela… Shocked that all of these flashbacks & adding complexities just for the sake of a confusing storyline are being written thinking that This is what viewers want. We Don’t.