Fear the Walking Dead Renewed Season 4 AMC

Fear the Walking Dead Renewed for Season 4, New Showrunners Named

Fear the Walking Dead will live on: AMC has renewed the Walking Dead spinoff for a fourth season.

Along with the renewal, the show has announced a pair of new co-showrunners, who will replace the departing Dave Erickson after Season 3. Andrew Chambliss (Once Upon a Time) and Ian Goldberg (Dead of Summer) will take the reins in Season 4, and TWD showrunner Scott M. Gimple will also come on board as an executive producer.

Fear — starring Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis and Frank Dillane as a band of survivors at the start of a global zombie outbreak — has seen significant audience erosion since debuting to more than 10 million viewers in August 2015. (The Season 2 finale only pulled in around 3 million viewers last October.) But it still ranks fourth among all cable shows in the key 18-49 demo. Season 3 debuts Sunday, June 4 at 9/8c.

“We’re very excited to continue the journey of Fear The Walking Dead, and truly look forward to working with the talented team of Andrew Chambliss, Ian Goldberg, and Scott Gimple,” AMC president of original programming and development Joel Stillerman said in a statement.

Are you sticking around for two more seasons of Fear the Walking Dead? Cast your vote in the comments.

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  1. Wordsmith says:

    It’s not the juggernaut that the flagship show is, but they’ve created some really interesting characters and communities that feel very different from what TWD had done. I’m curious to see where they take it next.

    • Gina says:

      I agree. People seem to have a love/hate relationship with this show. I think too many came in expecting it to be TWD 2.0, but it’s just not that show. I think it definitely improved in season 2 and I’m also looking forward to what’s next.

      • Jamie says:

        Really? I actually feel sorry for you both, You rely on cable too much, seek a job promotion and get Netflix guys. It will change your TV life.

        If anyone I knew heard you were still watching this, they would laugh. I’m here for the lols though, like what the friggin heck??

        Fear the Walking Dumbasses is for lame brains because it is awful and DOES NOT deserve renewal. Plus they are jumping the gun bigtime, renewing it before season 3 even begins. Well maybe they just want to wrap it up quickly. I at the very least would like to see the whole cast killed and replaced if we are forced to see this on air still.

        I feel sorry for TWD. This spin off is muck and does it a great injustice, as to the people watching it. TWD FOREVER! Screw FTWD.

        • Gina says:

          Jamie, do you need some kind of help? Pretending to know complete strangers on a comment section of a TV story? It’s cute that you presume to know about the financial standing of people based on their TV likes. YOU think FTWD is awful. I don’t. It’s just that simple. I think plenty of long-running shows are awful but I’m not a jerk about it.

          • Marissa says:

            You do know FTWD is one of the most hated shows on the planet right? So many TWD fans and others detest it. It basically cheated it’s way to our screens and the sad outcome was it promotes lazy writing and bad acting

          • Amanda says:

            Gina, I don’t think he was pretending to know you, don’t flatter yourself. Netflix actually is awesome but expensive.

          • Jeff Lorenz says:

            I love how you guys talk about this show being bad when the main show got old a long time ago. All the TWD does is repeat its self in every season. I mean this show isn’t based off a comic book and can be told in anyway they want this show to go. The characters in this show are a lot better and unique in every way possible.

  2. jonshaas says:

    Yes, we will be watching Season 3 of FTWD. We enjoyed the first 2 seasons and are looking forward to the continuation of the story.

  3. jane says:

    why?it’s so boring

    • Maria says:

      Jane, have you watched the whole two seasons? Judging from your comment I guess you stopped watching after a few episodes.
      Yes, FTWD is very interesting, especially the second half of s2 was great.

      • Jamie says:

        Maria, I watched it all that length hoping it would improve and it got worse. That girl Alicia is like some pyscho murderer now, it is SO UNREALISTIC, she is such an idiot!! I think people actually watch because of the eye candy, that and I heard she played a lesbian in something else. But honestly her and the mother are ape-asses and the spin off is so badly written and badly acted. I will stick proudly with TWD and pray this guess cancelled because I want no future crossovers or for it to have any association with TWD.

  4. James says:

    Love the show its still better than most of the trash on the major networks

    • Jamie says:

      James dude, Fear the Walking Dead is King of the Dumpster, it is one of the most hated cable shows right now, lol. I look forward to more dropping ratings, bring it on, 3 million and plummeting.

    • Jamie says:

      James dude, Fear the Walking Dead is King of the Dumpster, it is one of the most hated cable shows right now, lol. I look forward to more dropping ratings, bring it on, 3 million and plummeting. Let TWD live on its own.

    • Amanda says:

      No it’s not, FTWD is worse than most cable shows. Even the like of izombie is 10 times better. Make that 100, Fear scraped the barrel in the end of season 2.

  5. Rick Katze says:

    I will watch it. Find it interesting unlike The Walking Dead which I have tried to watch but find it boring.

    • Amanda says:

      I can’t comprehend how anyone can think that about FTWD, it’s so bad and the characters are so unlikeable. I think they should just leave TWD alone, the majority prefer that and don’t want any association between the spin off.

      • Jeff Lorenz says:

        You’re an idiot. But, yet you will watch TWD which repeats its self in every season and call it good. I like the spin off much better; the characters are interesting and the show has a lot more to offer. I mean the show isn’t based off a comic and can be told in any way the writers want to tell the story. To me the FTWD had a much stronger story line then TWD.

  6. Joey Padron says:

    Good news the show got renewed for season 4 early! Good showrunners they got for next season and good news Scott from The Walking Dead will be an executive producer on the show. Can’t wait to watch season 3 this June!

    • Jen says:

      Considering those showrunners started killing TWD, I don’t think it’s good. And renewing season 4 before they even see the season 3 ratings plummet, it looks like they want to start wrapping it up a bit faster. Eric left because he was smart, Fear is a sinking ship, boom!

  7. Martha Grubbs says:

    I love that show

  8. Spence says:

    I highly recommended this show to everyone I talk to. It did have a very rough start, but it progressively became incredibly riveting and dramatic.

    • Amanda says:

      ???? Spence can I ask why? I am always telling people not to watch it. It doesn’t deserve to be linked to TWD at all, it’s so dull.

      • Jeff Lorenz says:

        You’re an idiot. But, yet you will watch TWD which repeats its self in every season and call it good. I like the spin off much better; the characters are interesting and the show has a lot more to offer. I mean the show isn’t based off a comic and can be told in any way the writers want to tell the story. To me the FTWD had a much stronger story line then TWD.

  9. SeanP says:

    I’ve been a hardcore TWD from the start and had high hopes for FTWD, but poor writing and casting choices have yielded a sub-par series. I want to like, if not love, the show, but our protagonists are generally unlikeable and/or annoying. I often find myself rooting for the walkers! And if a hardcore fan like myself is having such thoughts…The current show runners should be extremely grateful that they are still drawing 3 million viewers. This new show runners can’t do much worse, although with Gimple, I’m not sure how much we can expect the pacing to improve. Honestly, at this point I’d be happy if there was a single character I could root for…just one.

    • Lilly says:


    • Jen says:

      I agree Sean but I don’t see it getting better. Does anyone play TWD video game?? Omg the video game was an amazing extra story!! It’s such a sad thing though when I can actually bond and cry over video game characters but not give a damn about any of the spin off characters. #Clementine #Neverforget

  10. Micelle hicks says:

    Yes very excited.

  11. Micelle hicks says:

    There needs to be less commercials though.

  12. Jami says:

    Bummer I guess Lexa will not rise from the ashes on The 100 in season 5 of The 100.

    • Maia says:

      I guess Leashy Loo with the moany face in this could still get eaten by a zombie. In fact I hope she does for her own sake. Nobody prefers this character over Lexa. She never wins awards anymore and nobody wants to cosplay or write fanfics on ‘Alicia Clark’ who is dull as dishwater. Give me my badass Commander any day over this tripe. TWD is still ok though. But hey, I’m rooting for the zombies when it comes to Fear. Alycia messed up bigtime.

    • Jen says:

      What a farce! That Alicia wants to be the next Rey/Katniss. She is so brainless! I saw the actress in an interview and it looks like she isn’t even acting, she puts no effort in. Her and Madison definitely deserve to go. I don’t like Fear at all and don’t think it will last but Strand in the actual TWD would be interesting.

  13. Alex Mindev says:

    I gave up on the show sometime in the 2nd half of season two. I just couldn’t get into it…I enjoy TWD very much and it’s one of my current favorite shows but FTDW just couldn’t keep my interest. Not surprised at the declining ratings. I get that they want to capitalize on the main show’s success but there is such a thing as “viewer fatigue” when it’s not living up to the regular series.

  14. Craig says:

    True it’s not the TWD my only complaint with the show is that it should have slow down the story a bit the zombie apocalypse should have been more gradual will people turning into walkers and people not knowing how to kill them or if they are alive or anything I would have liked to see La casually go out of control and our cast and crew gradually learn how to deal with it as people around them are turning into zombies and they are grossed out as they watch them eat people the Napalm bombing of the Cities should have came after season 2 going in the season 3 that way you have our cast look and shock

    • Amanda says:

      I think my only complaint about FTWD is why is it not cancelled yet?? XD

      • Xcusu says:

        Because it’s the fourth most watched tv show on cable.

        • Jen says:

          Lmao but you are aware that’s only because it is linked to TWD name, it’s cheating!! It can’t stand on it’s own. It went from like 10 million down to 3 million and counting lower since. Most shows go up, Fear goes down. Even the reviewers are starting to admit it is a failure. I can’t wait for less ratings. Most watch just because it has ‘Walking Dead’ in its name but people are quickly learning.

  15. Lavonne Cole says:

    I am watching for Debman-Carey! Glad they were renewed!

    • Lillyann says:

      Are you kidding, you are literally only watching for one girl? She was actually way better on The 100, she is like cardboard in this, I didn’t think anyone still followed her. But Fear as a whole is garbage. I hope they put an end to it, literally don’t care about any of them. If Alicia and Nick gets eaten by zombies, great.

  16. allen fisher says:

    I will be viewing every week

    • Maia says:

      I will be viewing the falling ratings every week. Ps, I hope Alicia goes first, that actress ruins every show I see her in.