Outlander Season 3 Photos Jamie Claire Frank

Outlander Season 3: What Are Jamie and Claire Thinking in First Photos?

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but och, it’s also a right besom, no?

Exhibit A: These first photos from Outlander‘s upcoming third season, which show us Jamie and Claire Fraser the way we like them least: apart, with a healthy helping of Frank.

The Starz drama’s 13-episode third season will premiere in September; the exact date has not yet been announced. And on Sunday, Outlander‘s first trailer for the season will premiere just ahead of the debut of The White Princess (8/7c).  Until then, the photos below are our first glimpse of what awaits us when Droughtlander comes to an end.

So, we figured we’d have a little fun.

If you haven’t read the books and don’t want to be spoiled, just click on the gallery on the right — or visit it directly by clicking here — to see the two photos. If you’re an Oldlander or just don’t mind possibly hearing about some stuff that might happen in Season 3, keep reading.

Season 3 will begin with Claire’s difficulties upon returning through the stones to 1948, as her marriage to Frank deteriorates under the strain of her reappearance and her carrying Jamie’s child. In the 18th century, Jamie tries to rebuild his life after the devastating Battle of Culloden and Claire’s departure.

Beneath each of the shots, we’ve listed a few things (including plot points from Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager novel, on which the season is based) that might be happening in each scenario. Click on the ones you agree with most, or hit the comments if you’ve got your own pithy answers to the queries we pose. Ready?

Outlander Season 3 Photos Jamie Claire Frank


Outlander Season 3 Photos Jamie Claire Frank

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  1. Eliza says:

    If you’re only a tv show fan, you might not want to read…..

    I need to know how many episodes we must suffer through until Jamie and Claire are reunited. Even season 2’s first episode where we didn’t see Jamie right away had me incredibly sad.

    • Wordsmith says:

      I’m also curious whether we’ll now get Claire (and presumably Jamie) in old(er) age makeup for the remainder of the series, or if traveling can mess with one’s age, Narnia-style.

      • roan4tessa says:

        I remember Cat said in an interview that they aren’t focusing so much on “ageing” other than what we’ve already seen with a gray/silver stripe along her face. Men don’t age the same way…however, being from a Scottish family we have two types of male aging going on…one is male pattern baldness which all my uncles and brothers have, the other is turning totally white by the time they reach their 40’s. I’ve noticed a bit of receding hairline on Sam…but Claire only references some silver strands in “A Breath of Snow and Ashes”. I guess as in all things we must wait…patiently, and trust the producers and writers. We know given good scripts the actors will nail it.

        • Janean Bayer says:

          Remember that both Sam and Cait are in reality only 5-10 years younger than the ages they are in the book when they are reunited after Claire returns through the stones. They shouldn’t need to look much older at all.

          • roan4tessa says:

            Absolutely! What I was trying to point out is for me, they don’t have to do anything about aging. Just continue providing amazing scripts for our amazing actors to interpret, I and all of random will rejoice!

    • Sara says:

      Caitriona Balfe said back in December, when they were filming “printshop”, that she will be working with Sam non stop from episode 6 on…so I guess 5 episodes until J&C reunion.

      • roan4tessa says:

        What I am not looking forward to is Frank’s descent into who he becomes after he realizes Claire is not going to get over Jamie. Give weeks of that could leave me recording the series and not watching until the season is complete.

    • roan4tessa says:

      At that point I hadn’t read any of the books yet and I was like whisky tango foxtrot! At the last episode I had it figured out, but I was crying so hard I didn’t much care about Through A Glass Darkly any longer. That night I downloaded Outlander to my Kindle and started reading. I’m on A Breath of Snow and Ashes now, about halfway through and I am envisioning how it will look on screen.👌

      • LMK says:

        The books are better. I listened to most of the series while in the car. I live in Atlanta so I’m usually stuck in traffic. Diana said the next Outlander novel “Go Tell the Bees I’m Gone,” won’t be out until 2018. Its frustrating.

        • Ryan says:

          Try being a Game of Thrones fan too. At least she writes with some urgency. Ol’ Georgie boy is like “well I’ll get the next book out in the next ten-15 years”.

        • Muriel J Moore says:

          True, regarding George RR. I do watch the series, but don’t like the books at all. Diana has a truth in her writing that makes reading her books compelling. Her characters were “real” before they breathed air. I’m getting used to a September start…The White Princess starting tomorrow with a teaser trailer in it does help…then GoT in July this year…it all works out…I think.

        • roan4tessa says:

          Books are always “better” because we get inside the head of the voice. I love the characters Diana has created because, I think, my thought processes are similar to Claire’s. But it’s the acting in the series that blows me away.

    • roan4tessa says:

      I was only a TV series fan, until the last of Season 2’s episodes. After watching that I downloaded the first three books to my Kindle and started reading. So far I have read the first two books twice each and Voyager three times. Didn’t much care for The Fiery Cross…although there were some parts that were great, I’m reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes now and just over halfway through it. All of this to get me through this long Droughtlander. By the time I read the Novellas the last book in the series wll be out, I think. I do take out time from reading occasionally to do this…and read Twitter.

      • Barbara Paine says:

        I have the first book thru A Breath of snow and Ashes (which I too am currently about 1/2 way thru) also. I think The Fiery Cross is a crossover book – It congeals the story to that point – defining Bree and Roger’s Relationship gives us more insight to life on The Ridge. I love A Breath, you know something is going to happen, but not and when.

  2. Nerwen says:

    Gonna be so hard waiting for their reunion.

    But the photo with Frank and Claire, seems like it might be Bree’s graduation

    • LMK says:

      On Caitriona Balfe’s twitter feed, she said that Starz will run a teaser during the White Princess. So, we could find out then.

  3. LMK says:

    Its frustrating that Starz is waiting until September to release the next season. I know Voyager is a more involved book, but still. its too long of a wait. Get it together Starz.

    • roan4tessa says:

      I think, the problem wasn’t with Starz, it was the production requirements of moving everything from Scotland to S.A. I’m learning what a huge effort that was. Also taking the sets and ships from Black Sails and re-purposing them for Outlander. Also, there were pressing requirements to end shooting so the leads could have a break, and/or do other projects between seasons. I seem to remember that Sam actually found something he could fit in to his already burgeoning schedule. That will be an exciting add on.

  4. Liz says:

    Man I miss this show… Fortunately we have the books and Voyager is my favorite.

  5. Susan Stone says:

    Hopefully casting has seen the error in the casting of Bree and Roger. They are nothing like the book. I’m surprised casting didn’t see this for themselves.

    • Nancy M. says:

      I TOTALLY agree. Bri is supposed to be 6 feet tall and Roger taller….However, Clair was only supposed to be 5’7″ and Cait is 5’10″….oh well……

  6. Lisa Weeber says:

    Missing & loving Jamie but knows he’s gone forever???