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Supergirl: Katie McGrath Is in Love With 'Badass' Lena Luthor — Aren't You?

“So, so sorry to keep you waiting! But there were puppies.”

Supergirl’s Katie McGrath comes shuffling around the corner toward her setside trailer, having just made some furry friends over in hair-and-makeup. For someone so enigmatic both on-screen (Is Lena so different from brother Lex?) and off (Why doesn’t she have a birth date?), the Irish actress is wonderfully warm and welcoming, veritably champing at the bit to give her first in-depth interview since making her debut on the CW series last fall.

McGrath led TVLine on a quick iPhone tour of the puppies she just played with (peppered with some commentary on canine couture), before sitting for a cozy Q&A. Weeks afterward, she would earn a promotion to series regular for Season 3 — news she surely reveled in, given her girl crush on Miss Luthor, detailed below.

TVLINE | First of all, tell me what you’re shooting today.
What am I shooting today? We are on [Episode] 218, so it’s a storyline with Rahul [Kohli], from iZombie. He plays Jack Spheer, who is a love interest for moi.

TVLINE | Jack is Lena’s ex, though, right?
Yeah, but if there’s an ex, there’s still [with a flourish of the hand] frisson there, you know? We were together for a while. I feel very privileged that they thought enough of my character to give me a hot man to play with for an episode (airing Monday, April 24, when Season 2 resumes).

TVLINE | It sounds like a big episode for you.
It is, actually. What’s nice about it is you’re getting quite a bit of backstory for me as a character. You haven’t really seen storylines for Lena outside of her being a Luthor and all the stories to do with her family…

TVLINE | It always seems to come back to her mom.
Exactly. Or her brother… all of that kind of stuff. And this is separate to that, which is nice. It gives you more of an insight of her as an individual rather than her as part of her family.

TVLINE | But as Lena reconnects with Jack, Kara (played by Melissa Benoist) gets to investigating one of them…?
There is the release of some new technology that to Kara seems a bit suspect and seems to be connected to a few dastardly dealings going on. She’s attempting to investigate it, on one hand, because journalistically she thinks that it’s interesting. And then on the other hand, she’s investigating it because she’s worried about me as her friend. So, there’s both of those going on.

TVLINE | So, you think Lena and Kara are friends at this point?
They’re like bezzie mates.

TVLINE | Yeah?
Yeah! Yeah! See, everybody’s got this idea that…. It’s always hard when you’re playing a character that everybody thinks is going to go one direction. They’re convinced she’s going to go down the road of Lex—

TVLINE | I’m not. But the two of them have bumped heads a bit.
No, but they bump heads like anyone. Don’t you ever bump heads with your friends? But they always come back to, you know, a place of mutual respect of each other.

TVLINE | What might Kara’s investigation do to that dynamic?
I can’t give away the ending. [Laughs] But ultimately, we’ve spent 18 episodes over the season building a friendship between the two of them, and it’s not going to be able to be destroyed in one episode. That’s one of the things I’m most proud of actually on this show, and I didn’t think that’s where it was going to go, because when I came in, I only came in for a few episodes. And [the friendship] has slowly and very realistically, I think, built up over this season. We’ve all put a lot of work into it and I’m glad that they’re taking the time to get there, and keeping it.

TVLINE | You were talking about how everything always loops back to Lena’s mom or the whole Luthor thing, but is there a bigger picture to ultimately be revealed? Might Lena have a scheme of her own percolating that we’re completely oblivious to thus far?
I don’t think so…. I think Lena is a very genuine person. What you see is what you get with her. She is honestly trying to do the best she can, and she is honestly a good person. That’s not to say that other people don’t use her for ills, because she’s the head of this company, she has all of these other relationships that people can manipulate — like her mother — and get her into these situations that…. A normal person isn’t going to be b put in jail by, you know, Cadmus with giant green ray guns! It doesn’t happen to people that are not a Luthor, but it’s how Lena reacts to it differently than the rest of her family which makes her interesting to play. You think she’s going to “be a Luthor” about something, but then she turns around and completely surprises you, which I guess is what makes her an interesting character to watch — and definitely an interesting character to play.

TVLINE | So, at the end of the season finale she’s not going to let out a maniacal cackle and say, “At long last, Project Leviathan can be unleashed!”?
You know, she might! I haven’t read the end of the [season], so anything is possible. [Laughs] She could decide to move to a giant moon made of cheese. I mean, at this point, who knows!

TVLINE | Who have you been working with lately besides Melissa?
Besides Melissa? I’ve been working with Rahul. I have been working with Brenda [Strong], my mom, who is just so delicious.

TVLINE | And tall.
[Nods] God. I swear. But just, like, perfectly, elegantly in proportion. [Sweeping her hand from head to toe] She’s like a dancer. It’s unbelievable. I then rock up like an Irish potato going, “This is great. I am so not your child.”

TVLINE | Have you worked with Jeremy Jordan lately? You two have had a couple of fun scenes.
I haven’t worked with him since our little meeting underneath the stage. It’s funny because I seem to play these characters, generally, that are separate from the main storyline. So most of my stuff actually is just with Melissa, which is really nice, and it always tends to be real character stuff…. Us sitting down talking about things that are important…

TVLINE | And it always passes the Bechdel Test.
Yes! Exactly. It does. It’s proper scenes between two women, do you know what I mean? And it’s rare, generally, that you get to do that on TV. I think that’s why the relationship resonates with so many people — and it’s definitely why I love to play it.

TVLINE | Speaking of the Lena/Kara relationship, what do you think about the whole “Supercorp” thing? You’re not out there on Twitter….
I’m not on Twitter, no. But I’ve had people tell me about it.

TVLINE | How does a person who’s not on Twitter hear about it?
Well, Melissa will tell me, or anybody else on set. My brother mentioned it a few times.

TVLINE | Do you remember the first time you heard the term, or who from?
Who did I hear it from…? I couldn’t even tell you…. I think it was Melissa, actually, who first told me. I’ve played quite a few characters that have either been gay or they’ve had, you know, some very obvious gay undertones, and to be completely honest, this was the first time I was like, “Well, this role doesn’t have any!” You’re laughing now — how naive was I? And then after the first episode… I go back and I watch and I was like, “Oh, yeah, now I can see it. That makes sense to me.”

TVLINE | On Buffy’s anniversary, I read an interview where Joss Whedon talked about people who would see lesbian subtext between his female characters and he at first was like, “What are you talking about?” But once he looked for it, he was like, “Ohhhh, yeah.”
It’s funny because sometimes it’s so obvious when you’re playing it. You read it and you’ve got the characters and you’re like, “Oh, yeah, I know this is going to happen.” And then there are other times… and [with Lena/Kara] honestly, it just didn’t even enter into my head. But then you get the response and you go back and you’re like, “Yeah, I can see where that came from.” It doesn’t bother me at all. I think it’s great, because what really makes me feel good is that they can see the characters are working on more than one level. Do you know what I mean? It’s not just what we put into it. It’s what the writers put in, and the directors, and then what people can take from it. It means that the characters we’re playing are not just one dimension, they work on so many levels.

TVLINE | You’re stirring people’s imaginations. You want to do that with a character.
Exactly. Of course, it makes you feel really good to know that what you’re doing is quality.

TVLINE | What’s your dream casting for Lex? If Katie McGrath could grab anybody to play Lex for one episode….
One episode? Bruce Willis, the most amazingly, good-looking, bald man there ever is.

TVLINE | I just saw him at the end of M. Night Shyamalan’s Split.
Right? Was he delicious? He’s delicious. He’d be a good Lex.

TVLINE | If you could give Lena one piece of advice, what would it be?
“Keep doin’ what you’re doin’. Don’t stop. Don’t second guess yourself.” She’s honest, she’s true to Kara, she’s true to her friends, she’s doing her best…. She’s trying, in the face of all the things people keep throwing at her, and all the expectations that people have, and she’s defying them.

TVLINE | You’re in love with Lena.
[Cocking an eyebrow] Wouldn’t you be…?

TVLINE | [Stammering, some blushing]
[Laughs] There is only one answer to that, and that is, “Yes, Lena’s a badass.”

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  1. CC says:

    what a waste of screen time that could’ve gont to james or maggie

    • jls says:

      Oh yes, I agree so much screen time is wasted on Mon-el this season that should have been given to James or Maggie.

    • Mary says:

      I disagree. Lena’s added more to the show than Mon-El and she hasn’t pushed Kara aside in the process the way he has. And no, I’m not a SuperCorp shipper. Frankly I ship Kara by herself for a while since they keep messing up romantic relationships for her. Let her date, sure but forget trying for a serious relationship. I thought that’s what they would do for a while this season, but no. They had to rush and force one on her.

      • Nty says:

        Wow…had this been a male lead in a rship, no one would be complaining but just coz she’s a woman everyone jumps on the “she doesn’t need a man” train…

        • Had this been a male lead in a rship, this would have never ever happened. But yeah, you can bet your @ss people would complain. Especially if a superhero show’s superhero main’s entire storyline became about a whiny idiot love interest, and almost nothing else all season. People already complain loads about Felicity on Arrow, and she NEVER ever came close to being as centric as Mon-el is, basically becoming a co-lead, even though he adds nothing to the story that any other character couldn’t do better.

      • elbakarina says:

        I totally agree with you. I wish they could let her be the strong woman she is without having a sentimental parner. And I do am a supercorp shipper, but also I am realistic. So, I know that ship will never happen. But that doesn’t mean i can’t enjoy the subtext. And i just LOVE Katie and how she’s playing Lena.

      • Gift says:

        What what what? U re talking about a guy all that matters to him is Kara. Push her aside u say, where is that coming from?

        • Josh says:

          All that matters to Kara is Mon el and her blog according to Kara. Its why I’ve grown to detest the way they are writing her

          • chaz says:

            Kara has become a shell of herself compared to how independent and strong she was in season 1. She’s regressed and i put all the blame on this poorly thought out push ti make this show about mon-el. It’s supergirl i came to watch not this dude. I also think his presence is the cause for the practical disappearance of the alex/kara relationship which was the heart of this show in season 1

          • Gift says:

            Season 1 was awful! Mon El isn’t to blame for Kara being fired nd decision to stay at home nd more time her love. In fact I live how he isn’t working for that paper anymore. Something should be different from superman’s story.

          • Gift says:

            In fact I love how she isn’t working at that paper again. She should have her own direction.

    • Bea says:

      Yeah Mon hell does waste a lot of screen time

  2. Erik says:

    God I love that woman. And I love Lena Luthor at least as much as she does. I’ll fight ya on that, Miss McGrath. And then we’ll go to the nearest pub, drink beers and sing Irish ballads.

  3. Isa says:

    Lena is far from being a badass. I hope they stop soon with the constant damsel in distress thing. It got old 10 episodes ago.

    Besides that, great interview!

  4. This was so good. Thanks Matt, you’re the best. Lena Luthor is definitely someone worth falling in love with. I’m glad the character is receiving the attention it deserves because it is really a very interesting character.

  5. sandy says:

    Thank you Matt for publishing this. You are our hero. Katie McGrath is the sweetest human being ever. I’m proud to stan her!

  6. Stacy says:

    Good interview but Bruce Willis is way too old to be her brother :)

  7. Kerry says:

    I love Katie McGrath. I can understand people interpreting Kara/Lena as a couple cos she has chemistry with every character who’s on screen with her. I’m so glad they made her a regular in season 3. Message to writers: keep doing what you’re doing with her character and more screen time please

  8. jason says:

    I am so interested to see how the writers respond to the whole “supercorp” thing. I’m not a shipper of them myself but theres no denying the fandom for it is huge and the actors are aware of it. Do they go for it next season?

    • Mike says:

      No of course not!! Kara is not gay she is with Mon-El too and both sisters gay would be ridiculous.. the show would be toast!

      • Kepler says:

        I agree Mike. I’m bi so I’m not against gay characters at all but it would be ridiculous to have both sisters have same-sex attractions. If they wanted to have Lena be bi and maybe explore her and Alex at some point but when those to make Alex gay they firmly shut the door on any Kara/Lena relationship

        • S. K. says:

          “there can’t be more than one gay character on the show, that is so not how real life works” … y’all hearing yourself? the logic you are using is farfetched

          • Nty says:

            It’s actually not far fetched…it’s realistic.
            Kara & Alex (sorta) are the lead characters of this show and both of them cannot be LGBT. They can have more gay characters on the show for sure, just not Kara.

          • elbakarina says:

            They could. But they just won’t.
            I could be interesting having a Lesbian and a Bi as main characters. And it doesn’t matter that they are sisters, in real life happens. Sadly im aware that ‘family’ shows are not prepared to do that yet.

          • Monty says:

            The only barrier is the will to do it.

        • Chrissy says:

          Clearly you haven’t seen The Fosters. The parents are lesbian moms. The son is gay and has a boyfriend at the moment. The daughter is establishing a relationship with a trans guy after ending an interracial relationship. It’s been on for seasons so to say having more than one LGBT ship will tank a mainstream/popular show is invalid.

          • Hallie says:

            I don’t think any ship makes or breaks a show but if they make both girls gay or bi is slams the door on the straight community and there would be no point for them to watch. I can see why the LGBT audience would like this but the streight audience would turn away and I can see the show being afraid of that I just don’t see it working

      • Jenna says:

        now why would having 2 gay sisters be ridiculous? believe it or not both my sister and i are gay. i’m a lesbian and she’s bi. and guess what else? we’re not the only gay siblings in the world either!!

        • Mike says:

          Are you Aware of COPYRIGHT! Kara is a DC character been straight in all her existence. Supergirl is a FAMILY show and the lead is STRAIGHT. Deal with it!

          • fern says:

            anyone aware that Lar gand in the comics is very different from the weird mon el version that the CW is giving thats copyright for u!

          • Mike says:

            He isnt different. He has been a Prince in comics too. And you are aware he is going through character development to become him in the comics right. How dumb can you get to not see that (rolleyes)

          • Crystal says:

            Mon El isn’t even his real name. And he isn’t a prince in he’s an explorer and then part of the legion of superheros.

            Google it if your mom hasn’t sent you to bed by now

          • Mike says:

            He has been a Prince in the comics. So you really have no clue what you are babbling about yet again, and right now he is in character development to become the person in the comics with the suit and all. Pick up a comic moron

  9. warsuitluthor says:

    Nice! Hope to see more Super/Luthor dynamic in the future episodes! would love to see some Lena lore from the comic books. They should lessen Monel’s time to let other characters shine, Kara and Lena have longer history in the comic books and it would be amazing to see how their path differ from their predecessor.

  10. Sam says:

    Love Katie McGrath! Lena is such a fantastic character and the Kara/Lena relationship is everything!

  11. darkangel200 says:

    What a great interview!! She seems like such a nice, genuine person and I love her insights. And I agree, Lena is a badass! Thanks.

  12. Joey Padron says:

    Great interview with Katie. She’s been good on the show in season 2. Can’t wait for Lena’s big episode when the show returns in 2 weeks!

  13. Dana says:

    I think I’m in love with Katie McGrath. After seeing her as Lena now I’m spending my nights watching Merlin on Netflix to see more of her. I’m so glad she’ll be a regular in season 3.

  14. Olivia says:

    Well, I AM in love with Lena. I just love having Katie on my screen and Lena is a character I thoroughly enjoy to watch so I’m super happy that they were smart about this and got her as a regular next season.
    “It just didn’t even enter into my head” – said Katie “you cannot make a show without lesbianism, in all fairness” McGrath. You troll :)
    Thanks for the interview Matt!

  15. In love with KM says:

    Awww, Katieeee, why are you so deliciousssssss… awhhh i love her so much

  16. Ysa says:

    Lena is the best thing of this season, and I’m very happy that she’s going to be regular in season 3. And Katie is so cute.

  17. Stacey says:

    I love Katie and Lena! Great interview, thank you! So glad she’s going to be a series regular next year. She’s been the best thing about Season 2, love her scenes!

  18. Nty says:

    I can’t wait to see Ravi on SG

  19. Cate says:

    Great interview, thanks a Matt! Puppies too! I love Lena and Katie is doing a great job, as are the writers making her such a fascinating character. They aren’t going to go there with the Supercorp I don’t think, but Katie especially seemed to play very much into it with the lip biting and twinkly eyes! 😀 With Cat Grant’s departure and Alex spending more time with Maggie, I’m glad Kara has another female character to interact with (Mon-El is fine in small doses but he’s had an excess of screen time for me this year).

    Looking forward to this episode and seeing more of Lena in the future

  20. Steve F. says:

    Great interview – and wow, Katie McGrath sure got you flustered there at the end, Matt!

  21. Steph says:

    The people in this thread disgust me with their blatant homophobia that they’re passing off as being “realistic”. My favorite one is the comments of how ridiculous it is to have 2 siblings who are both lgbt. Lol, y’all need to get out more. There are plenty of siblings where both are gay. Y’all are the ridiculous ones.

    • Mike says:

      No you are this is a FAMILY SUPERHERO SHOW. Not a cable lesbian show. Lena never been gay in comics neither has Kara, this is a show for all not just a small LGBT community

      • Jordan says:

        You have straight representation everywhere you look. Why should we be denied that so you get to see yet another heterosexual character?

      • Micahel, just because you have a lot of internalised homophobia, and hate LGBT stuff despite the huge boner you have for Chris, doesn’t mean the majority does. Look at all the comments, it just you crying about both sisters being gay being unrealistic, and everyone else loving Lena and nearly everyone loving supercorp. It’s you, who is the minority here. So please take a walk, and take some time to think about why do you dedicate so much of your time to arguing with people about how important and amazing a mediocre male “”superhero”” is, and how his ship will be endgame, going so far that you go under the comments section of an article that is not even remotely about him, to fight the stans of another character.

      • Do you wanna know a group much smaller than than the LGBT community? Mongr-el’s fans.

        • Gift says:

          And that is an achievement? People everyone has their opinion. They don’t need to turn everything gay to make the show good. Alex is perfect playing that role nd I’m loving it.

      • chaz says:

        Please go away. Your implication that gay people don’t belong on a family show is blatantly homophobic. Gay people are not some shameful evil secret that you’re supposed to shield your kids from. We are human just like everyone else.

    • Gift says:

      But it doesn’t have to be on this show. Do u people want to turn every character gay to be satisfied? The show is doing well with one. If u re a fan focus on that.

  22. Great interview. I love Katie. She’s incredibly charismatic and I love her as Lena Luthor. Hope to see more of her on the show and I’m excited to see her with Jack.

  23. dansue says:

    Is Matt a bit of a Winn/Lena shipper ;)

    I don’t want straight up evil Lena but how about accidentally villainous scientist Lena? Like “where did there rampaging robots come from?” And she’s all sheepish like “sorry, that’s on me”

  24. Jahdai argueta says:

    Tell Katie I lover her ❤️❤️

  25. elbakarina says:

    Finally! Thanks so much for the Interview Matt.
    I must confess that I just met Katie thanks to Lena, but now that i have been doing some research in her past characters, I’m in love with Katie as an actress. And I’m so happy she will be a regular on S3. Can’t wait for it.
    Also, thanks for the Supercorp questions! I am a supercorp shipper, but like i said in another comment I am realistic and I’m aware that they will only be friends. But that’s okay with me. I’m really happy with their friendship (and the subtext) and i wish them to keep having a great relation where they support each other. And Lena can finally show how Badass she can be by helping Kara/Supergirl with her tecnology.
    Although if she becomes “evil” I still will follow her! haha.

  26. Kristina says:

    Aww she seems awesome. Definitely love what she’s brought to the show, glad they added her and that she’ll be around for a while! Thanks for the super entertaining interview :)

  27. Ashley says:

    I literally cannot describe how much I am so utterly in love with Katie McGrath, I have the most insane girl crush on her 😍😍
    Lena Luthor is the only reason I’m watching Supergirl, she’s such an enticing inteliigent complex character, not to mention insanely attractive and gorgeous.
    Loveeeeee the article! I would have written a book if I had the time to interview Katie ❤❤

  28. Gift says:

    Does everything has to be about gay couples? Kara is straight nd I love that very much. Alex is a lesbian it’s no big deal I like her relationship. Kara nd mon-El also re great together. All haters relax nd don’t distory the show by making all the characters (Kara) gay. She is not gay.

    • Mike says:


    • Jordan says:

      Why would that destroy the show? Why would Kara being gay change anything? Unless, say, you’re homophobic and don’t want to see a gay superhero….

      • Mike says:

        There Goes the homophobic comment again. No this is a FAMILY SUPERHERO SHOW. Its not only for the tiny group of LGBT watching. Plus Kara has not been gay or ever will be in her 59 years of existence. Go watch Lword now

        • Crystal says:

          What does being a family show have to do with it? Being gay isn’t NSFW or anything it’s just a part of a person. You can be a kid and be gay.

          FYI ppl are calling you homophobic because you are sounding homophobic by saying that gay ppl don’t belong in family shows…where gay families can see them

          • Mike says:

            You are a heterophobe. Get it in to your Brain Kara is straight has been Since she was first put in a comic. The same with Lena. The show already have her sister gay with Maggie. Kara is with Mon-El they are true love

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Hey, “Mike” — I am going to suggest you dial it down a notch. . Thank you.

        • Bryan87 says:

          Do you hear yourself? The fact that you claim this being a “family show” (which it never has been, btw) and “not only for the tiny group” serve as legit arguments against a superhero being LGBT is nothing but homophobia. Characters being LGBT doesn’t mean they only appeal to LGBT audiences. You may have that issue of not being able to relate to LGBT characters, but that’s your very own problem and not one shared by the rest of the audience. And there is really no argument whatsoever that supports the thought that LGBT characters are not family-friendly. That type of thinking is textbook homophobia.

          • Mike says:

            It is a FAMILY SUPERHERO show. If you say its anything else you are an idiot. Kara is straight And in love with Mon-El. Lena is straight to Katie even says it here

        • Sofía says:

          Dear Mike:
          Hi, I would appreciate it if you read my comment till the end please, also forgive any mistakes, English is not my first language. I have read some of your comments and I think I agree and disagree with some parts of them. First of all, my name is Sofía and I’m a straight girl who happens to like the Supercorp ship, I’m telling you this for 2 reasons:
          1.- To let you know I’m not part of the LGTBQA community, but I respect and support
          them, so I can’t speak on their behalf but I can try to understand their point of view. Also I would refer as them as LGB because I won’t include Transgenders nor Transexuals on any of my statements and making an acronym for all the sexual orientations would take some research because I’m honestly lacking in that department.
          2.- So everyone can see that the SuperCorp shippers aren’t all delusional

          First, let me tell you that the LGB community has very little representation in comparison to the straight community, if you don’t believe me pick any American TV show and count the straight characters, then count the LGB characters and compare the numbers; the L-Word and Glee might have more or the same amount of LGB characters VS straight characters but in most of the shows the numbers are outrageously different. Therefore, I can understand why the LGB community would want more representation, just think about how years away showing a white/black couple was scandalous but now no one bats an eye at that picture, I think the LGB community want that to happen someday. In the USA they are already progressing so that can happen, since these past years it’s very common to see LGB representation in the TV somehow, compared to a few years ago.

          Now, about your comment about Supergirl being a family show, you’re right, at least for me it’s something I would watch with my family but sadly I won’t be able to see the second season of Supergirl in front of my family, because they are very homophobic. I will have to watch it online in fear of my parents forbidding me from seeing it because of the Alex and Maggie romance (yes I still live with my parents and I have to follow their rules). It’s sad because I really enjoy the Sanvers storyline, the same way I love a lot of straight couples on TV shows, the difference in whether or not I can be vocal about it with my family. Also, it’s frustrating that the Supergirl show has had scenes that can be not safe for kids but it seems that the gay romance was what made the most impact on negative comments from parents watching with their kids (based on comments on social media).

          About your other comments about wanting the show sticking to the comics, I can agree to certain point with you, I can see why you would want two straight characters that have been written like that for years to stay true, not one would want their favorite character to change in adaptations; we fell in love with them for some reason and we have high expectations on how they will be represented. But also, it’s very different to change, for example, a character personality that their sexual orientation; in the first case you would get a completely different character, on the second one you would get the same character but with a different dating agenda. Still, changing something about a beloved character is a bold move to do, but we have to get the whole picture; imagine we have a character that is gay in the comics but straight in the TV and other character with the same situation but backwards, you would think that both cases are wrong, and at some point they are, but think about this: How many LGB characters there are VS Non-LGB characters just in the USA current TV schedule?. It would take a lot of time to count them all but at the end the ratio would be something like 1 LGB character for every 10 straight character, or even a more outstanding difference. Still, I agree with you that changing something about someone’s beloved character is not the best idea, maybe we can get more LGB representation through new original characters but it would take more effort to put them into the storyline without people complaining about the old characters not getting enough screen time because of the newbies.

          Hopefully you’re still reading this, I’m a SuperCorp shipper because I think Kara and Lena would be an interesting couple not because they are both women but because they have a lot in common (the same way Karamel also have some of these things in common) : they are both adopted, both have had an experience with someone they love turning to the evil side, they have suffered in their lives without deserving it, both have had their fair dose of family grief, they always try to do the right thing, they are very passionate about being a force for good, they are strong-willed. Also, Lena can be very wary of her relationships because usually they only use her for her name but Kara changed that conception, she and her friends and family made her see there is still good people out there. Another thing is that Lena sees in Kara a potential person that she can trust completely, she had had that before but she lost Lex, now Kara can prove that she can have that in her life. And you can’t deny that they have chemistry together, whether you see it as a friendship or something more, their scenes together are enjoyable. Lastly, they will make a cute couple; a Luthor and a Super, a CEO and a reporter, they would look adorable together.

          Now, I’m not delusional, I don’t see romance in every single scene Lena and Kara have together, sometimes I see a beautiful friendship that can blossom, and sometimes I see what a wonderful couple they could be; the same thing has happened to me with Winn and James. But I know SuperCorp has almost zero chance of becoming real. Also, I have nothing against Mon-el, and I hate when people hate on Karamel just because it’s a straight couple, that is not ok. Sure they have had their setbacks but together they can change to be better, hopefully they will realize they need to change in order to be a healthy couple. Something I understand is that everyone have opinions about the ships and there won’t ever be a relationship that all the fans approve, it’s impossible. Therefore, I can see why you are mad with some people, it’s obvious that you like Karamel, you don’t want them to destroy your ship, and that’s something ALL the fans can understand.

          Finally, in the end the worst thing that could happen to our favorite character is to get killed, sometimes we have to endure if we don’t get our way, if our ship is not endgame, it’s not the end of the world. In this case the SuperCorp shippers will have to enjoy their friendship while it lasts, and like I said I’m more than happy with them being friends and as long as the characters are happy (and alive lol) I have no problem with the ships.

          • Gift says:

            Ur comment is so long but I understood somethings u said. The 100 has gay representation, legends of tomorrow nd shadow hunter also do nd they re lead roles. One don’t just climb a mountain in a day, u have to take it step after steps. The world isn’t all open minded people but they will get there one day. Everyone is human nd they can be what they re nd do what they want but that doesn’t mean everyone will approve. The only complaint I may have with this fans wanting Kara to be gay is trashing some other character for their reason. Make ur point clear that u want gay leadrole representation nd one day soon it will happen. I’m a big fan of mon-El nd Kara.

      • Gift says:

        Think what u want Jardon like I care! I’ve made my point.

    • raireyes says:

      It’s the on-screen chemistry of Katie and Melissa that got people to think that. It’s fun to watch, but it’s not gonna happen. Hell, I used to like Mon-el’s character, but he became this arrogant/controlling guy. And come on, this season wasn’t about Supergirl, it became of him. I’m not a hater, but I’m not blind either.

      • Mike says:

        There is no onscreen chemistry other than friendship now. There is onscreen chemistry between Kara and Mon-El though!

        • raireyes says:

          Child, take a seat. Chemistry can mean friendship too. Of course Kara and Mon-el have chemistry as the actors are dating in real life. You clearly like Kara and Mon-el together, that is alright. You like abusive relationships, that’s your thing.

          And please, do you even know about body language?

          • Mike says:

            Abusive are you for freakin Real lol ??? So abusive to you is some one that cook for you, making breakfast in bed, praising, admires, adores. Good god you are clearly insane

      • Mariam says:

        Arrogant controlling guy? Are we watching the same show? Monel is practically Kara’s puppy at this point.

  29. Jordan says:

    Katie is such a delight! I love how she was late because of puppies. It makes me happy to hear her talk so openly and supportively about Kara and Lena’s relationship.

  30. Stacey says:

    I have nothing against Mon-El and Kara, but Lena’s scenes with Kara are so much more charged! They have so much chemistry together, so glad we’ll have more scenes with them together. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll ever go there, but regardless I still support Supercorp.

  31. Janeth says:

    Great interview! I love Lena, she’s been one of my favorite characters this season.

  32. GL says:

    Thank you for this interview. I’m a big fan of Katie McGrath and am so glad she’s been made a regular. I was considering not watching Supergirl after this season since Kara’s character seems to have been diminished this year but now that Ms. McGrath has been added to the cast I guess I’ll stick around a little longer.

  33. r says:

    I would watch her paint a wall. She is stunning and seems cool

  34. Anonymouse says:

    All the homophobes going nuts in the comments meanwhile I’m just drooling over Katie *hearteyes* Nice interview Matt! Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s in love with Lena Luthor.

    • Mike says:

      Homophobes no! We just see reality and know who Kara and Lena is Since they were created in a comicbook.

      • Crystal says:

        Felicity wasn’t in the comics with Oliver either and we got stuck with her. Also Alex didn’t exist and Kara’s name was Linda Danvers. Get a new argument you homophobic walnut.

        • Mike says:

          She has always been known as KARA ZOR EL so what are you babbling about. And the characters you mentioned is not property of DC Comics so they can do with them what ever they want. How you dont get that is insanity

  35. JG says:

    I wished you had asked Katie about her infamous death scene on Jurassic World.
    Katie, what was it like to be tossed around by a bunch of pterodactyls, and to be finally eaten be a ginormous dinosaur?

  36. fern says:

    I love Katie and her acknowledgement of us “small group of LGBTQ” as mention by a very straight and comically knowledgeable fan? her chemistry with Kara is amazing and even if there not canon as pointedly pointed out..shes a great representation of a strong and badass woman I aspire to be..there are NOT ALOT of shows that cater to woman who are empowering and not wrap around a man’s fingers especially for Superheroes.. I sure hope this one does not let us down!

    • Mike says:

      Karamel is endgame. They had a true loves kiss that doesnt get more endgame for any couple in a storyline or fairytale.

  37. Tatiana says:

    Amazing interview, thank you! I love Katie, she is a perfect cast for this role. Her chemistry with Melissa is mind-blowing, it’s almost unbelievable that these supercorp undertones were not intended and just happened in a natural way!

  38. Ann says:

    Lena Luthor is literally the best thing that has ever happened in season two. I am so in love with her and Katie plays her so amazingly. i LOVE her facial expressions. wow. her character is just so powerful and despite of the little screen time, she has a huge impact. She’s really one of the very few reasons why I still watch the show. while I miss Cat Grant, This is One Powerful woman and I love her so much and her relationship with kara is just heart warming and I can’t wait to see more of her!

  39. Narraboth says:

    Thank you for this lovely interview, Matt (especially the SC mentions)! Katie is so wonderful and I’m so happy she will be a regular in S3.

  40. Phun says:

    Nice interview Matt. Looking forward to episode 2.18.

  41. Jane says:

    Katie McGrath is an Irish Potato? Ha! Not a chance. Happy she’s doing well. Loved her as Morgana on Merlin.

  42. Nat says:

    Katie is a gift

  43. Luis Roman says:

    I say I cannot love Katie McGrath more, and then she makes me googly-eyed all over again! Bruce Willis as Lex Luthor – PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  44. Luis Roman says:

    Isn’t “Supergirl” the living embodiment of the Bechdel test, or am I thinking of Shonda Rimes?

  45. Such a great interview!! Thank you so much Matt for writing it!
    I am looking forward to seeing more of Lena and learning more about her backstory. I really do hope they don’t make her out to be the villain, because that’s pretty predicatble. Making her a regular has actually made me want to stick around for season 3, because I was very much considering dropping the show, since it has become all about Mon-el. (I reaaalllyy hope they course correct a bit between seasons and make this show more female centric again.)
    Lena is such an interesting character, because they can take her character so many different directions. She has, along with Kara and Alex, to be the most potential to be the most special, and Katie plays her really amazing.
    Anyway! Great interview with a great woman! :)

  46. chaz says:

    Matt, great interview! Sounds like katie is a great person to have a conversation with. I can see why you got flustered. :)

  47. SunnyStar says:

    Mom-El is the worst thing that has happened to this show and THE RATINGS JUST PROVE THAT! Sorry kids, but the actual numbers and facts don’t lie.

    • Anne says:

      Millions of followers of Season 1 lost interest in watching the show since it became a mon-el centric show.

      To this childish stan of mon-el/karamel who has tons of time replying to most of the people who commented here, don’t be blinded for being a fanatic. Facts will show that the ratings got low this season. It became even lower if the focus of the episode is mon-el. That’s a fact.

      • SunnyStar says:

        People miss the S1 dynamics so much, now is basically the Mon-El show and nobody is interested in that, WE DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS BS. That’s why most S1 viewers left and every time Mon-El gets too much screen time on the show the ratings go down.

        The writers would be blind if they don’t see he’s the reason the ratings are going to hell. If he does continue on the show for season 3, he needs to have way less screen time, he doesn’t add anything to the show more than being a love interest for Kara and that whole relationship got old so fast.

        I really hope they either kill him off by the season 2 finale or send him away for good. But if he is meant to continue on S3, I hope they at least reduce the screen time and give it to more interesting characters like Winn, J’onzz, Maggie, Alex, and of course Lena.

        PS: Nope, I didn’t name James up there, because his characer doesn’t add anything to the show either, he can show up or not in an episode and nobody notices, lol.

  48. Meg says:

    Katie is a joy and I appreciate how much she loves her character. I also love how supportive she is of her fans and fans of the show.